Gran Meets Me Halfway

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Gran Meets Me HalfwayIt might have been a scenario I conjured up on my way to the bathroom for my firsthand crank of the day but would certainly have made a quick retreat had I knownmy mother’s mother was topless the other side of the open airing cupboard door.Had often pulled off looking at a picture of her I removed from Grandpa’s collectionI had found in the loft but, ‘wow’ this was for real.The door closed. “Oh!’ exclaimed Gran standing there holding a bra in one hand andthe door handle in the other. Neither of us moved. For me no problem; theexpectant half hard waiting for my hand was tucked well into my briefs.Tits that were full and did not hang as much as you would expect breasts that sizeon a woman her age kick started my erection like jump leads attached to my balls.The circles and nipples that normally did their best to make themselves knownthrough her blouses and jumpers were as good as advertised. Always showing a fairamount of cleavage she often had me imagining a hand down the front of her dressfeeling a big soft tit.In an ideal world this was a scenario I would have wished with one or two of mymate’s mums. I’d be coming onto her strong, telling her how good she lookedinstead of standing there like a dumb idiot.’Oh,’ Gran said again. Although her eyes did not settle on any part of me for morethan a few seconds I saw them take in the roll my burgeoning cock made; she couldhardly have been unaware of my open mouthed stare at her chest.Of course Gran knew of my obsession; I’m a tit man. I stood there transfixed, theywere amazing. I always thought her attractive, always liked wholesome, and she is,but never in a month of Sundays have guessed she had a chest to die for.She had often caught me looking, which was why she now brought her shouldersback to lift the breasts she was proud of, to pause while I studied them, to lick herlips after a quick look at the roll in my briefs and to say, ‘Good morning,’ as if it wasthe most natural thing in the world to be half naked with her half dressed grandson.I went into the bathroom and stood at the sink. Sometimes you can have a wankthat is more effort than it is worth and sometimes they are so memorable you’resoon into another.After a shower I sat in the drying chair, balls on the cold woodwork, teasing myselfto make it last, stroking a rock hard cock thinking about those tits, wondered at thechuff outlined atop those chunky thighs. Wishing I had the picture of her lying nakedin the hammock I had that memorable wank that suddenly had me standing at thesink pointing Percy at the porcelain.Ten minutes later, doing a reccy to make sure she was not around, I walked back tomy room proudly waving a pole in front of me slowly tossing watching her out in hergarden until I spread cum on the windowsill; two for my beautiful grandmother intwenty minutes.* * *’Good morning, again, my lovely boy. Breakfast?’ no sign of the embarrassment ofour earlier meeting. Calling me her ‘lovely boy’ was her favourite expression. Withher chatting so casually I felt slightly ashamed; would she still be thinking of me asher lovely boy if she knew I had been standing with my cock in my hand looking ather bent over her roses, studying the outline of her bum, imagining lifting her dressover it before I closed my eyes.’I’m so used to wandering around half dressed I forgot I had a guest,’ she said,turning to reach up for mugs, the backs of her shapely legs showing smooth andfirm, ‘sorry you found me standing there like that,’ leaning over the table to passme coffee to watch my gaze work its way up from her low cut dress until it reachedher eyes and me blush. She did not appear to be as sorry as a grandmother shouldhave. Any shame I felt went feeling my cock stir.’You can stand there like that before I go into the bathroom whenever you like,’ Ireplied, not expecting her to recognize the double entende. She shook her head, alook of wonder settled on her face. Her eyes sliding from mine to my chin, to wheremy body disappeared below the table, and back to my mouth.’Did you?’ raised her eyebrows, ‘is that why you were in there so long? Wereyou…,’ her face bloomed into a smile, ‘imagining I was…,’ her eyes lost focus for asecond or two, imagination doing overtime, ‘I was….?”Standing next to me like you were outside,’ I interrupted finishing the sentence forher, ‘like that, half dressed.’ Gran watched me closely when I said half dressed.’Just….half dressed?’ she asked, raised eyebrows.I looked into her eyes, ‘probably doing a little more.’A throaty, ‘couldn’t be much more than I was earlier…..oh,’ it dawned on her what’doing a little more’ meant, where seeing her like that might have taken myimagination, turning to the toaster to cover her blushes, ‘sorry,’ she giggled, ‘tooinquisitive.’* * *During breakfast we made the bahis şirketleri usual small talk; all the time trying not to look ateach other in that deliberate way people do who are itching to move theconversation in another direction, subtly, without being caught. We did the washingup in pensive silence; it was so bloody obvious what we both wanted to talk aboutyet knew the subject was forbidden.’Same time tomorrow, then?’ I asked, hanging up the tea towel, nodding towardsthe hall.Gran frowned, ‘same time tomorrow?’Then her face suddenly looked like a rabbit caught in the headlights. Had someoneseen into her dark corners; seen her secret thoughts? The ones she was going tohave tonight lying alone on her bed? Had she said something to imply….what? Thenher expression cleared, she’d been to the fair, on rides that scared her but createdan excitement that made her want to be frightened again. Her face lit up, ‘Oh, yes.I see. Okay.”And that will be?’ I asked.The look that crossed her lovely face I shall always remember; looking straight atme, her pupils dilated, ‘Normally I get up about seven,’ she replied.* * *We carried on our day in the usual way. Usual except for the fact Gran, during thecourse of the morning, appeared to encourage my obsession with her tits by notwearing a bra. I tried to think back, to remember if it was something she normallydid. Was wearing the cotton blouse that showed her nipples off so beautifullysomething she had done before? So obsessed with the promise of the next morningstryst I could imagine anything. Then the incident with the garden hose told me itwas deliberate. There was a scream from the greenhouse.I rushed in to find her struggling to reconnect a hosepipe that had parted. Granwaited for me to turn off the water. No embarrassment; her top soaking wet,nipples announcing themselves with a vengeance; diaphanous cotton stuck tobreasts. Whatever else was planned that was not.I got a good look at tits cradled in folded arms when she made to walk by me givingthe opportunity of another look at a wobbling cleavage when she shivered, ‘Brrrrr!’That was deliberate. Reappearing in a sun dress that did nothing to dispel the factshe was not ashamed off her body and was comfortable in her own skin.I shut the door to the bathroom and recalled Gran with her wet top; imagined herletting me help her change into a dry one and give me another good look at herchest. Another good wank followed. I love tits.A few minutes after seven, the next day, the unbelievable happened.* * *Nothing more was said about the greenhouse incident or our promisedarrangement. No innuendo, we got on with the rest of our day. Gran was her usualhappy, beautiful self; very touchy feely. Was my cock affecting my judgment orwere the touches more frequent, the feely feelier, the braless body deliberatelycloser, more lingering?I got on with the jobs I was there to do while Mum spent three nights at the Hospicewhere she regularly took Granpa to have treatment.Apart from the occasional, ‘Stop looking, you’re making me shy,’ whenever shecaught me glancing at her swaying chest, and the continuous half hard, the day wasjust the same as all the others spent at my grandparents. With all the complainingat my looking she continued bra-less which, although it got me hoping, I was notseriously expecting anything to happen.Nevertheless I was awake early enough to be sitting on the end of the bed, dooropen looking down the hall, waiting. By the time she appeared I had quite a hard onhaving thought through several scenarios; all of which ended with me at thebathroom sink staring at the picture of her propped against a tap I had hidden inthere the previous night.On the stroke of seven her door opened, there she stood, panties no bra.Like a flash I was on my feet; never once thinking how peculiar it must look, eitherend of a hall, one just in panties with bobbling tits, the other just in his briefsshowing an excited bulge. We met half way.Aware she knew she was in this to heighten a jerk off it was only the fact who it wasthat actually stopped me getting my raging cock out and showing her what effectthe whole thing was having on me.Dragging her eyes away from my roll up that was nearly peeking from the top ofmy briefs her flushed face looked up at me, asked, ‘and isn’t this where I hidebehind the door?’ Her amazing chest heaving slightly, nipples bigger and softerlooking than when they were wet, her neck red with the excitement the rest of herbody must have felt she nodded towards the bathroom, ‘and then you go in thereto……”Isn’t this where I say “Good morning, Gran” I interrupted, ‘and cuddle you?’The space between us closed in an instant. Her head was on my shoulder; an armaround my waist. I reached for her and deliberately touched her breast in passing.We bahis firmalar both looked down at my open fingers paused in mid air – the slightestmovement from either and her tit would be in my hand. With an almost inaudiblesigh Gran put an arm around my neck to pull me closer and bingo! – I had a handful.Gran stayed perfectly still while I squeezed and felt the warmth of her. At the sametime being amazed at what we were doing I was thrilled by the feel of her heavybreast; felt her twist to consciously press her other under my ribcage. They feltwarm and soft and surrounded me.Her fantastic body scent wafting up was driving my cock ballistic; I had theoverbearing need to have her touch it. Something flipped in my head. This waswhen my hand released her tit and thumbed the front of my briefs down to releasemy cock.’Oh’, Gran said, feeling the movement, parting to get a look, ‘my lovely boy, he’sbeautiful.’No hesitation she lowered my briefs further down my thighs; long fingers cradledmy balls, ‘and so full.’ She squeezed and fondled for a few seconds before wrappingher other hand around my shaft, ‘are you going in there now,’ nodding towards thebathroom before looking up into my eyes, ‘or staying to let me do it for you?’ Iwatched four fingers and a thumb push my foreskin down my stiff cock to furtherexpose an engorged helmet leaking precum. No contest.Without waiting for an answer Gran rested her forehead against my chest so shecould see one hand slowly masturbating while the other rolled my balls around inher long fingers. The sensation was amazing.The way her head was slowly sliding down my body I guessed her next move wasdropping her mouth over my knob end; I let the thought of a warm mouth washover me while I waited.A few moments of gently massaging each other I had the urge to kiss her. Gran feltmy body tense as I leant to get my mouth on her shoulder; second guessed wrong,looked up at me, ‘Let me know when,’ she breathed.’When?’ I asked stupidly.’When you’re about to… want to, don’t you?’ looking deep into my eyes, ‘forme?”Want to?’ I asked just as stupidly.’Make it come, darling boy. You want me to make it to come, don’t you?’To add to the amazing moment hearing my church going grandmother say “come”she went straight into seriously tossing me off.Watching the foreskin being pulled up until it reached the helmet and down againuntil it appeared through her fist tight and shiny I thought I heard her whispering,’Oh, my goodness he is so ready for it.’ I wanted this to last longer. Wanted ascenario fulfilled where I was sucking a nipple when my balls kicked off.’Let’s go somewhere more comfortable,’ I suggested, now holding a heavy breast ineach hand, ‘so I can kiss these.’Gran brought her face nearer to mine to say something; tasting the sweet breathescaping her open lips I thought she was asking me to kiss her. Shaking her headwhen my mouth closed on hers looked down at breasts cradled in my hands, at theknob peaking through her fist. With the slightest nod she turned toward herbedroom, one step then she stopped.’Oh,’ I said, ‘stay here if you prefer,’ trying to hide my disappointment at herchange of mind and trying to rethink how I could get her hands back to work.’It’s okay, don’t worry.’ She smiled, her chest heaved at the sight of her grandsonstanding with pants around his knees. As she went by she pecked my cheek thenpaused to saucily touch my erection, ‘I’m still going to do it, but, if all goes well,’giving a girlish giggle, ‘it should get a bit messy.’Grabbing a towel from the cupboard she made for the bedroom; bending to recovermy briefs her wholesome round bum cheeks, moving saucily under the silk panties,passed close enough to kiss. At that moment it looked the perfect size but what Ireally wanted was the uncovered version.On top of the duvet, never once taking her eyes off my solid erection, she laidlicking her lips while I struggled to step out of my briefs without falling over.Ignoring the fact her tits were no longer impressive globes I paused to get a goodlook at her, she held her hand out, ‘Darling, boy, it is so lovely you doing this foryour Stella.’I wasn’t doing anything for my Stella, she was doing it for me; was she expectingmore? I quickly got beside her waiting to see which of us should take the lead. Itwas Gran. Immediately reaching for my cock she paused to watch her thumb wipeprecum away then began a nice gentle, no hurry, kind of stroking.Occasionally looking up at me her eyes told of the wonderment of whose cock shewas kind of stroking. The slowness told of reverence that said ‘make it last for aslong as you can, girl, because he’ll come and it will be all over’ kind of stroking.Tossing off had so often included her I had always known she was capable of this;always.I tried to kiss her but she only kaçak bahis siteleri allowed pecks. No mouth to mouth developing kind ofstuff that takes a female mind off what your hands are doing. But her nipples, ah,those nipples they tasted so sweet. Not the little hard ones I was used to on tits sosmall you got the whole lot in your mouth but so large you could roll them in yourlips, hold them in your teeth, suck them, and run your tongue across them all at thesame time.Once I had gathered her tits up and started on both of them she could no longer seewhat her hand was doing so relaxed her head back on the pillow. I love tits.The hand that had held a tit steady while I sucked a nipple now rested on hertummy, and, like every other time in this situation, without thinking twice it seemednatural to run it over panties to feel for a mound. These panties were silk.Wandering over them I could feel the tight curls of her muff, found myself cupping apronounced mound, feeling for the valley lower down.As with every other time I had spent with older women there had been noargument, there was none now. The fingers wrapped around my cock stoppedmoving and tightened. Coupled with a shudder a wave of contentment seemedflowed through her body until it reached her toes.The delicate atmosphere was almost shattered when Gran said, ‘Darling, we onlycame for this,’ lifting the hand that held the towel.After a few seconds it dawned on me my grandmother had indicated what we hadagreed to, a wank, but not uttered a word of recrimination at the obvious attemptat seduction. Nor did she tell me to remove fingers that were trying to pushbetween her closed legs. Instead her breathing increased; her thighs rolled open.Instantly making fanny lips known to my fingertips. Instinctively I molded themthrough the fabric. Gran suppressed a moan.I rose on to my elbow to look down at her, to take in the scene, waiting for her totell me to stop. Eyes lids fluttering, her lovely boy had a hand between hisgrandmother’s legs, she had hold of his cock yet her face was a picture ofexpectation and serenity.You could cut the tension with a knife. Her hand had stopped massaging me but herhips rose to meet my middle finger that continued sliding along the valley made inthe silk. A valley that her moving hips allowed a middle finger to push the silkdeeper into; deeper into a warm and damp crevice. She gave a little shivered and along sigh.Even though we had already stepped over the line, well over it, I expected her tostop me when I slipped a hand under the leg of the loose panties in an attempt toreally get to know her. As if to say ‘go on, I’m ready’ she moved her free leg away.Fingers caressed the soft hairs around the contours of swollen fanny lips. A gentlemumble sounded behind her tightly closed lips.Now it was my turn, ‘Stop me,’ I thought, ‘Gran please stop me, because I’ll keepgoing until I have a finger in you. And then…..I’ll expect….you’ll expect…..’ Farfrom stopping me Gran raised her knees making her damp pussy more accessible.Puffs of air escaped her flaring nostrils in response to fingertips delving into her juicyfolds.Frowning at her own throaty ‘hurggah’ she rolled against my hand inviting me tokeep going; then her expression cleared when she became aware I was still lookingdown at her. In a sort of recrimination, maintaining eye contact, she was shakingher head from side to side but it did not stop her hips moving. Her tongue lickedacross her bottom lip, her breathing got heavier, her chest heaved and herexpression turned to a positively pleading frown. I knew the signs.A sliding finger searched for her clitoris and when I found it moved it in circles likemy latest girlfriend had said all women like. A puff of air escaped from flaringnostrils. A knee lifted, a leg rested against mine, thighs rolled flatter; inviting.Invitation accepted a middle finger found her hole and slid in.’Oooo, my dear,’ Gran whinnied through clenched teeth. It was warm, it was juicynot wet and different to others I had played with; smooth for the first inch or so. Allthe things I should not have known about this woman. The pressure on mythrobbing cock was becoming unbearable. I distinctly remember the cool morningair on my damp finger and Gran’s frowning disappointment when I removed it topush hard on her nearest leg to flatten it to the bed. The look was replaced with oneof relief when my fingertips returned to caress a silky mound.From the very moment since seeing my cock her body language had changed. Nowit said don’t stop until I tell you to stop.Half leaning over her I made it obvious I was waiting for an invite.Gran murmured something, biting her bottom lip, keeping eye contact she releasedher grip on my cock and made a half hearted attempt to stop me climbing over her.She didn’t say no when I got there, just a half nod of acceptance, flattening herthighs to prepare herself for her grandson. No doubt in her mind that spreading forhim she was advertising her wantonness she still asked, ‘my darling boy, are yousure?’

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