Friday night alone for Rachel part 3

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Big Tits

**I just want to say that I in know way approve of any form of non-consensual sex.

He held his weight on his arms as he hovered over me. He moved one of his knees up between my legs until he was rubbing my pussy with his hairy, fat knee. I was still wet from my earlier orgasms, that now seemed forever ago. Even through everything that happened, as he ground into my wet pussy, I could feel my body spark with recognition of the stimulation. After all, only thirty minutes or so had passed, so I was still riding both my orgasmic- and marijuana-induced highs. Mentally, I knew that I had not enjoyed anything that had happened, but after a life-time of zero action my virgin body was slowly being driven to a familiar frenzy. He smiled his smug grin again when he saw the effect he was having on me.

“Give Daddy a kiss to show him how much you love him,” he said as he leaned down. He pressed gentle kisses against my lips. It was almost loving and totally bizarre. Why can’t he just fuck me and get it over with? Why is he doing this to me? I hated his soft touches more than when he was beating me; it felt more wrong somehow. He ground his pelvis into my hip, and I could feel his still hard cock.

He moved his weight to one elbow and gently cupped my jaw and pulled my mouth open slightly. He slipped his tongue in my mouth, softly exploring inside. He shifted his knee away and, without warning, thrust two of his fat fingers into my pussy.

“Daddy’s little girl has such a nice little girl pussy. You already got it wet for Daddy, didn’t you?”

“Yes, Daddy,” I squeaked out as he playfully wiggled his fingers in me.

“Daddy’s little girl is a little slut, isn’t she?”

“Yes, Daddy,” I replied meekly.

“That’s okay because Daddy knows that his Good Girl is still a virgin. That you have been saving yourself all for me.”

I gasped. Was that part of the game or does he really know I’m a virgin?! I knew in my gut that he somehow knew that. He had been watching me for God only knows how long, and he knew that I had never been with a man.
I screwed my eyes shut, hoping to just disappear. Like if I waited long enough to open them again, I would be somewhere else. His mouth returned to mine. He thrust his tongue gently against my own, in and out of my mouth in time with his now thrusting fingers, my still wet pussy letting him easily glide in and out.

He quickly began speeding up both his fingers and his tongue. As hard as I tried to mentally separate myself from what was happening, I was helpless to stop my body’s reaction. He added a third fat finger and started rubbing my clit in small circles with his thumb. My pussy felt so full, and I released an unexpected moan. I felt him smile against my mouth, and I cringed when I realized my mistake. I felt so disgusted with myself. His mouth met mine, and he licked a trail down my jaw back to my ear. I could hear his labored breathing as he worked my pussy.

“Does Baby Girl like what Daddy is doing to her pussy?”, he asked.

“Yes, Daddy,” I replied, hating myself a little.

“If you ask him nicely, Daddy will let you cum.”

That was basically the exact opposite of what I wanted to do. But, it didn’t really seem like it mattered tonight what I wanted to do. As much as I hated it, I couldn’t do anything about how good he was making me feel. I clamped my mouth shut for fear that I might let another embarrassing moan out. I locked up all of my joints and tensed my muscles, just trying to keep my hips from rising into his hand. I could feel my pulse rising as I started breathing harder and harder. He started pushing his fingers in and out of my cunt faster and faster. He wrapped his lips around my ear lobe and sucked hard, making me let out an involuntary squeal. His mouth then moved down my neck to my collar bone, which he started bathing with his tongue.

I couldn’t keep it in anymore, and I let out a long, loud moan. As the sound left my mouth, it was like all my resistance with it. I relaxed my body and bent my neck towards his tongue. I without a doubt hated this man. I hated him touching me, how he talked to me, the way he was making me feel. I hated that my first time with a man would be with this hairy, overweight bastard. But, the mind is a tricky thing. It does strange things to protect you from emotional trauma. Illogical things. My logical thoughts on the situation were that I wanted to rip this man’s dick off and make him eat it. However, deep in my mind where I hide all of my darker desires, I had always fantasized about being taken just like this. I would touch myself and think about some unknown man of the tall, dark, and handsome variety tying me to my bed and having his way with me as I pretended not to like it. And, in this most harrowing turn of events, it was this fantasy that my mind latched on to in an effort to keep me from going crazy. I was openly panting now, and I just allowed myself to feel what was happening.

He was very skilled, and I knew that I was only a few moments away from cumming all over his hand. I could feel him smile against my throat. şişli bayan escort My hips began rising to meet his hand. He quickened the actions of his plunging fingers even more, and his thumb pressed harder on my clit to the point of bordering on pain. He switched from gently laving my neck with his tongue to alternating between sucking hard and racking his teeth across my skin. At the first feel of his incisors, I groaned and bucked my hips. He chuckled. I could feel my blood humming in my veins. I allowed my body to completely take over. And just as I felt myself climbing towards ecstasy, he stopped all his movements. I whimpered loudly and brazenly humped at his motionless hand that was still buried in my pussy before giving up.

“Now, now, Baby Girl,” he admonished as he moved to look me in the eye. “I told you that you have to ask Daddy nicely to make you cum.”

“Please. . .” I begged, knowing that my pride was really hanging by a thread at this point.

“Please, what?” he said. He smirked. I hated his damn smirk.

“Please, Daddy.”

“Please, Daddy what?” He said, losing his patience a little.

“Please make me cum, Daddy.”

“Hmmm. I don’t know if you really want it. . .”

He pulled his fingers out about half an inch, but it was enough to have me shout, “No!”

“You have to make Daddy really believe that you want it, Baby Girl.” At my hesitation, he continued to pull away his hand, and I panicked.

“No! Please, Daddy! Please make your Baby Girl cum! Please, I want it so bad, Daddy. I’ll be such a good little girl. Please, Daddy, make me cum!”

“Such a good little girl. . .”he said softly, before resuming his ministrations on my aching pussy. He stuffed his fingers in and out of my pussy roughly, and I fucking loved it. He began pumping his hard cock against my hip. I moaned, feeling waves of sensation crashing down on me. I knew I was close. Just as I felt my pussy tightening against his fingers, he leaned over and bit my nipple. I came all over his hand with a shout. I stared up at the ceiling and tried to catch my breath. My mind was swimming, and I felt lightheaded. I barely registered his movement before he was positioned between my thighs.

“Oh, you make Daddy so very happy, Baby Girl. Daddy loves you so much.” Before I had time to tense up, he had thrust into me to the hilt. He cock was a monster, and it knocked the damn wind out of me. He gave me only seconds to adjust, before he began slowly sliding it out until only the head remained, and then thrusting all the way back in. Though I may have been a virgin, between my own fun with my vibrator and his finger fucking, my pussy had little problem accommodating him. There were a few moments of discomfort as my body stretched to adjust to this new invasion, but they passed quickly, leaving me feeling delightfully full.

He started building up a slow momentum, and I could see sweat gather on his upper lip and at his hair line. Every few thrusts he would pause to grind against my pubic bone, driving me wild. He bent over my body and slipped his mouth over my nipple. He sucked hard, and I moaned unintelligibly. He bucked especially hard into me once.

“Say my name, Baby Girl,” he demanded.

Happy to oblige at this point as long as he kept doing what he was doing, I said, “Don’t stop, Daddy!”

I received a simple, encouraging, “Good Girl,” before he returned to my breast. He picked up the pace now, continuing to pull in and out almost all the way. I had never been so full, had never had anything so deep in my pussy. I felt absolutely stuffed with cock. He moved away from my breast, much to my disappointment, and lifted his head up to look me in the eye. He slid his arms under my back to brace my shoulders and, while still maintaining eye contact with me, started pummeling me with his dick. The unexpected increase in speed and power had me groaning loudly. If I had any presence of mind still left in me, I would have recoiled from the look of triumph on his face. My hands ached to grab and hold onto him; his hold on my shoulders was the only thing keeping him from fucking me off the side of the bed. My hands, still being tied behind my back, settled for fisting themselves in the comforter beneath me. He was pumping into me so fast and hard, I started having trouble trying to catch my breath in between moans and pleas. The lower half of his body pinned my own to the bed, keeping my hips from rising to fuck him back. The hair on his belly and thighs scratched me, the sweat on his body dripping onto mine and making me itch. In that moment, I was only aware of the feelings of pleasure he was evoking in me, wanted or no. Not how under normal circumstances the feel of his bulbous body pinning me to the bed or the sight of his middle-aged face leering just above my own would have caused me to recoil. I just knew that I need him to keep going.

“Oh, please. Please, Daddy, I need to cum again. Please, Daddy, make me cum,” I begged. I was right there, I knew. I just needed a little more. I needed to cum badly, and I knew I needed him to make me cum. I şişli escort needed to feel his hairy belly and thighs on me, his rough hands holding me, his round and weathered face looking down at me with hungry, possessive eyes. I need all of it, all of him, to make me cum.

“Yes, Baby Girl. That’s it. You love your Daddy, don’t you?”

“Oh, yes, Daddy! I love you so much! Oh, your little girl loves you so much.”

“I know, Baby Girl. I knew when I first saw you that you were such a good little girl, and I was right. Do you know how I know you love me? How I can feel it?”

“How, Daddy?”

“Because I can feel how much you want me right here,” he said, punctuating his point by pulling out completely and then pushing back in exaggeratedly slow before resuming his vigorous fucking once again. “You’re so wet for your Daddy. Daddy could fuck your little girl pussy for hours. Oooh, and you were such a good girl and kept your pussy so tight for your Daddy. You like Daddy fucking your little pussy?”

“Oh, yes, Daddy. Fuck your Good Girl. Please make your Good Girl cum! Please, Daddy!”

“Mmm. You want to cum on your Daddy’s cock, huh? You gonna cum all over your Daddy?” As he spoke, he subtly picked up more speed. His movements became more frantic, and his face was screwed up almost into a grimace from the effort he was exerting in fucking me. His left hand moved under my back and arms to grab onto the opposite shoulder while he right hand headed for my breast. He roughly squeezed and pinched my tit. He leaned his head down to rest his sweaty forehead in the crook of my neck.

His monster cock was drilling into and stretching my pussy to the point of pain. My brain was all over the place trying to keep up with the sensations. I felt caged in by his bulk, but my body was flying high. I was right on the cusp of my orgasm.

“Don’t stop! Don’t stop! Please, don’t stop, Daddy!”

“Cum for me, Baby Girl! Cum for your, Daddy!” With that, he bit into the flesh of my neck where it met my shoulder. I screamed in pain even as my orgasm peaked. It was incredible, like lightning flowing through my veins and shooting sparks of electricity across my skin, coalescing where his teeth were sunk into my neck. He didn’t slow his pace at all, fucking me through it. I could feel my pussy clenching his dick in waves as well as my girly juices gushing out of my cunt and down my ass onto the bed.

He continued fucking me as my body came back down. At that point, I was limp like a cloth doll. For a moment after my climax, I was relaxed and hadn’t a thought in the world. Then it was like my brain was switched back on and pushed into overdrive. I remembered that I was supposed to be hating this, that I should have been fighting him. I remembered that I was being raped, and I wasn’t supposed to like it. One moment I was having the most earth-shattering climax of my existence, the next I felt like crawling into a hole from the shame.

He saw the expression on my face and abruptly stopped. He leaned forward on his elbows and stroked my face with both hands.

“Wasn’t that good, Baby Girl? Do you like what Daddy did to you?”

“Yes, Daddy, I liked it,” I replied weakly, my voice sounding peculiar in my own head. I was done. I was just ready for it to be over and for him to leave. I was so exhausted.

As if reading my mind, he said, “I know you’re tired, Good Girl. Daddy’s almost done.”

I was confused when he backed up and pulled out of me. He got off the bed and gingerly flipped me over onto my stomach. He lifted my hips so that I was on my knees with my face buried into the comforter and my ass towards him. I just let him move me how he wanted and hoped that he meant what he said about this almost being over.

He plunged back into my pussy at the same break-neck stride as before. Though I was very wet and had loosened up some, the new position made his cock feel even larger. I wasn’t into it anymore. I was indifferent and uncomfortable. His hands held onto my hips as he rode me.

“Uhhh. You feel so good, Baby Girl. Oh, I may just never stop fucking this little girl pussy. And look at that pretty little ass. So lovely.” He smacked me on the ass. I squeaked.

“You’ve been such a good girl, Baby. Daddy loves you so much.”

His grip on my hips was starting to hurt, as was the tension in my shoulders and neck from my awkward position. “Oh, pretty little girl ass,” he groaned right before pulling out. For a moment, my hopes lifted and I thought my ordeal was through.

I could hear him behind me, jerking his cock with his hand. He caressed my ass a couple times with the other hand. I then felt him move back in close, but this time I felt his wet cockhead on my still-virgin asshole. Somehow, my brain had forgotten to register my ass as a viable fucking hole for my rapist.

“No! Please not my ass, Daddy! I can suck your cock again! Please no! ” He spanked me hard, and I cried out.

“This is MY ass, Baby Girl! And I can do what I want with it.” He leaned forward, and he pushed forward agonizingly slowly into my asshole. mecidiyeköy escort I held my breath to keep from crying out. I tried to relax as much as I could, but that only helped him out. It didn’t lessen the burning pain. It felt like my ass was on fire. And he was going so slowly. I wasn’t sure if that was better or worse than him just ramming it all in. After what felt like an eternity, his monstrous head finally popped into my bottom. I shook slightly with a silent sob, but was determined to not move or make any noise.

To my surprise, he didn’t start fucking my ass with wild abandon. Instead, I could feel him jerking what of his cock was not already in my ass. My mind flashed to my face-fucking from earlier, and I felt that the end was in sight. Then he spanked my ass again. And again. And a third time. He leaned forward over me and whispered, “Did you know that every time I spank you this pretty little ass squeezes my cock?” With that, he rained blows on my ass, which was already bruised from his previous spanking. I couldn’t keep silent anymore.

“Please, stop! Please! It hurts so bad! Please stop, Daddy!” I howled.

“OOoooo, I’m gonna cum. Gonna cum in your tight. Little. Girl. ASS!” He roared as he came. His cock spurting in my bottom disgusted me. He pumped twice in my ass, very shallowly, and then slowly pulled out. His cock hurt just as much going out as it did going it. I was openly sobbing again. My ass was in agony. He gently moved me so that I was lying on my side, then laid down in front of me.

“Daddy’s got to leave now, Good Girl. You did so well. Will you be good while Daddy’s gone?”

“Yes, Daddy,” I said so softly that I wasn’t sure he heard me.

“I know you will,” he said, smiling kindly. He leaned forward and kissed me on my brow. “Daddy loves you.” And with that, he was gone. No “Count backwards from one million” and no “Don’t call the police or I’ll call back and kill you”. He just slipped out, presumably back out whatever way he came in.

I laid there for a while after he left, just staring into nothing. I hurt all over, but I had neither the energy nor the will to move. I knew there were things I needed to be doing, but I felt like I physically was incapable of doing anything except lay on that bed. I felt dirty. I felt like there was something wrong with me for me to like what happened to me. But, I did like it. And I couldn’t deny it. Not even too myself.

Eventually, the light in the room got brighter, and I realized it was morning. Refraining from looking in any mirrors, I made my way down the hall to my desk to get my scissors. After awkwardly slicing through the duct tape on my wrists, I stretched my arms in front of me and rolled my shoulders a few times. I wasn’t prepared for the blood to rush back in, causing a pinprick sensation in my arms, hands, and shoulders. I gritted my teeth in pain and started flailing my arms around like a crazy person, as if I might just shake the feeling out. I went into the bathroom and turned on the faucet in the shower. While waiting for the water to warm up, I finally looked at myself in the mirror.

My lips were swollen. My bite mark on my neck was very prominent. He didn’t break the skin, but you could still easily make out his teeth. I turned and gasped when I saw my ass. I knew that it hurt like hell and would be bruised, but I wasn’t prepared for how big of a bruise. It covered my whole ass practically and was a dark, angry purple. I opened up my medicine cabinet and took out three max strength Aleve, swallowing them down with a handful of water from the sink. After hand-testing the water temperature, I stepped into the shower. The water stung my inflamed skin at first, then soothed all my throbbing body parts. Well, most. The shower could do nothing for my sore pussy and ass.

I knew what I should do. I should go to the police. They could sweep the house and take a rape kit. But, I already knew that’s not what was going to happen. I had drugs in my house and in my system. And I had orgasmed twice. That alone was enough to make me want to at least wait before telling anyone. But the truth of the matter was that I had liked what had happened too much. Being taken and forced against my will comprised basically all of my sexual fantasies. Without any conscious input or thought, it seemed I had already decided to keep my mouth shut.

I stayed quiet about my rape, but people noticed changes in my behavior. I started wearing more revealing clothing, going out more. About three months later, I started getting prank phone calls. Only a few, but they were in the middle of the night from a blocked number. Whenever I would answer, no one would respond. I could hear breathing, so I knew someone was there. I just thought it was some kids playing around. The fifth time it happened, I had had enough.

“Hello! I know you’re there! Look, if you don’t stop, I’m going to report this to the police. They can look up your number and address!” I said in my most menacing voice. Then, I listened to the breathing on the other end. I closed my eyes and really listened. I had heard that before, also low and in my ear. My heart sped up, and I could feel my skin warm all over.

“Daddy?” I whispered.

A chuckle, then a sigh. “Baby Girl. . . “

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