Fake It to Make It Ch. 02

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As I continue, I’d like to thank my volunteer editor, adelante39, for her assistance. Aside from some glaring mistakes, she helped me breathe some life into the story as well as providing some direction for where it goes next, if it does.


Dave and Vanessa met again a week later at Dave’s invitation, this time for lunch during a break at school. She came to his classroom just as it was letting out. She stood outside as the students filed out and when the last one was gone, she made her way into the room. Sonia was bent over Dave’s desk, as he was explaining something, presumably about that day’s lecture.

“My goodness, she’s a cutie,” Vanessa thought. “This might make things a bit easier. But I think I’m gonna have some fun.”

“Darling, are you ready for lunch?” she called out, surprising Dave and Sonia.

Dave was a bit shocked. He had no claim on either woman, nor vice versa, but still, having two women he was attracted to coming face to face was unnerving for him.

Sonia felt her heart sink. “Girlfriend? Wife?” she thought as a bit of anger and jealousy started to form.

“We have to get going. I have plans for the night so I can’t stay late at work,” Vanessa continued, laying a bit of groundwork for the lunch discussion.

Dave got it together enough to introduce the two: Sonia as his student of course, Vanessa as his friend.

“Pleased to meet you, Sonia. No wonder I have such a hard time trying to get him away from the school,” she stated with an exaggerated but sincere leer of appraisal of Sonia.

“Pleased to meet you, Vanessa,” Sonia greeted, relieved that maybe this Vanessa woman wasn’t serious competition. Still, Sonia left a little dejected – or was that rejected?

Vanessa and Dave made their way to a nearby café, passing Sonia in the hall as they left the school. It wasn’t lost on Sonia that they didn’t touch in any way.

Dave and Vanessa chatted a bit until their food arrived. Then Vanessa dropped the bomb. “We have to talk,” she stated, those four words settling like lead in Dave’s stomach.

“Yes, I know you might not like it. Then again, this is only the second time we’ve seen each other. Anyhow, let me cut to the chase: I won’t be going out with you again.”

Dave tried to be anything but crest-fallen.

Vanessa continued, “I won’t go on about being friends, not that I wouldn’t like to be. But it would only work if we started that way.”

Dave consulted his bag of tricks and replied, “You know, I wanted to talk to you about that too.” However, his expression belied his feigned disinterest.

Vanessa chuckled. “Dave, I can see we are from the same school. I am just a few grades ahead of you, that’s all. I had great fun with you, but I am not in this to be a leader. You well and properly treated me like a whore, but only after I told you to. I really think you’d have a hard time handling me, and honestly? I would much rather keep the fond memories of you than go down some path we might regret. Does that make sense?”

Dave knew better than to plead; that would only justify her position. He responded only with, “That’s exactly Escort Bayan Gaziantep what I was thinking. Maybe we’re just a bit different.”

Vanessa understood exactly what Dave was trying to accomplish and it would be easy to dismiss him. But somehow, despite their impending parting, she felt a kinship with this man so she decided to continue.

“See, right there. ‘That’s exactly what I was thinking’: you know how to keep something like this in your control. I like that. And maybe in a couple of years, we might meet again and you will own me. I think you can.”

Dave didn’t know exactly how to take that. It seemed back-handed.

“I’m really serious Dave. It sounds silly, but you’ve got a lot going on and I would only ever be satisfied with you as a lover, just not right now.”

Shifting her approach, she got onto her next topic. “Now, as far as lovers go, what’s with you and that sweet l’il thing in the classroom?” she leaned in conspiratorially.

“She has nothing to do with this. She’s a student,” said Dave, holding back the urge to snap back at Vanessa.

“Ease up, Tiger. I am not just trying to let you down easy and move you along. That girl has the hots for you. I could see it in her movement and behavior. And have you noticed her skirt? It’s a lot shorter than the other girls’ in the class. You want my opinion? She would submit to you in a minute, if you guide her there. That was me not very long ago.”

Dave looked astonished, stating wryly, “Really.”

“Look hon, I was serious about a couple of years from now, if the stars align. This girl could be an excellent teaching aid, if you play your cards right. Come to think of it, she could spoil my future chances. Whatever, let’s not worry about what if’s and maybes. Just know that I didn’t play that encounter in the classroom for my benefit. She’s going to be squirming about you just a little more. Girls just love to know that other women dig their man.”

Lunch was done and Dave and Vanessa parted with a kiss. Dave held her figure in his gaze as she walked away.

“Damn. Seams,” he complained as he focused on her stockinged legs.

It was late November and the semester was winding down as final exams were upon the students. By this time, most had figured out that there was a difference between high school and Fulton and they were buckling down pretty well.

Except Sonia. She was taking liberties in class, always attracting a group of young men and holding things up by having to disperse that crowd before class could begin. And Vanessa was right; her skirt was very short. Nothing was revealed other than her delicious, creamy thighs above her knees…

“Dave! Get a grip!” he reprimanded himself.

It was apparent that despite Sonia being the center of attention, she was constantly seeking Dave’s attention as she shooed the orbiters away. Vanessa was a wily woman and Dave was grateful for her wisdom.

Today, Sonia was late to class for the second time in as many weeks.

“Miss Chase, see me after class,” he directed as she made her way into the room.

“Yes, Mr. Hunter,” she responded a bit sheepishly.

After an uneventful lecture, Sonia approached his desk.

“You wanted to see me, Mr. Hunter?” she asked nervously. Meeting his eyes, she held his gaze hesitantly, not sure if she had gone too far and pushed him towards anger.

Dave was surprised at her reaction to how she presented herself to him. Despite her anxiousness, her eyes were bright, and she maintained that demure appeal her recalled from the coffee shop.

“Yes, Miss Chase,” Dave said sternly. “You’re a very bright girl and you’ll have no problem passing this course. You don’t seem to understand, though, that there are other important lessons outside of what I teach here.”

She hoped she knew where this was going. “He’s noticed,” she said to herself.

“Maybe you think that just because you’re smart, that you can get away with anything. But I am not going to tolerate it in my class,” Dave said.

Inspired by Vanessa’s statement about “owning”, Dave continued. “In this class, you are MY student. And I expect MY student to behave with respect for this class and the school,” he reprimanded, attempting to deliver another message to her with a smoldering near-leer.

“Oh my god. ‘MY’ sounded so hot coming from him,” she confessed, blushing.

“Really? He said that?” Carol whispered to her friend at the coffee shop.

“You don’t know what it did to me! I wanted to jump him right there,” Sonia confessed.

“But he’s your teacher. What can you do about it?” Carol pressed.

“All I know is, I have one shot here. He’s only a sub for this semester. He’s done in two weeks.”

Sonia was pretty open with her best friend, but she had not revealed the true depth of the manner in which she wanted to be owned by Mr. Hunter. Sometimes she scared herself with the confessions she made aloud while cumming to the fantasy of his power over her. She loved a playful, even painful swat on the ass but she craved discipline in those moments when she was alone with her fantasy teacher. Crouched on her bed, she could almost feel his correction on her bottom as she buried her fingers inside herself. She would orgasm at the thought of his lust being taken out on her.

“If you really think you’re out of his life after he leaves the school, is it worth it?” Carol was concerned.

“That’s the part that worries me too. I know there are, or have been, other women in his life. But I just know he’s attracted to me. There’s risk for both of us. He’s a teacher and he could get fired, you know.’

“Fired for a little corporal punishment, Miss Spankypants? Or is that Miss Spankypanties? I’ve seen how you’re dressing. The guys at school are all over it.”

“Yeah, I know. They just all seem so, ummm, I dunno. Saying they’re immature seems immature,” Sonia admitted. “The teasing is fun though.”

“Sonia is a daddy’s girl. Sonia is a daddy’s girl. Hey! I know someone who works at an old folks’ home. Maybe you can set off some pacemakers there!” Carol teased, giddy with caffeine and her friend’s proclivities.

“You’re pushing it, you little tart! But help me out here. I think I have a plan.”

Sonia thought the last day of class was a reasonable time to execute her plan. Risky, to be sure, but she didn’t want to have to face anybody after, except hopefully Mr. Hunter. Christmas break would provide time for her classmates to forget the outrageous plan she was considering.

Sonia recalled the Vanessa woman and noted that she hadn’t been around since that one time. She also remembered how she was provocatively dressed and those seamed stockings were a very striking touch. She wondered if Mr. Hunter liked that kind of stuff. She decided to find out.

She only had 4 classes left with him. It was getting colder outside so she started conservatively with a pair of nude pantyhose under her skirt the first day. They would be warmer than bare legs and socks and test the waters with Mr. Hunter. It was hard to tell if they did anything for sure, but she did catch Mr. Hunter staring at her legs. Was it the heels or the hose? Some of the other students seemed to like it.

On her third to last class she moved it up a notch, finding some pantyhose with back seams sort of like what Vanessa wore. She felt divinely slutty sitting on the edge of the bed and raising her leg to see herself in the mirror as she pulled them on, ensuring the seams were straight. She made sure she entered the class after Mr. Hunter arrived, so he would get a clear view as she walked to her seat. After class, there didn’t seem to be a real reason when he asked to talk to her, but he did anyway. And there it was: that intent gaze when she turned back toward him as she left the classroom.

Her second to last class was the same as the previous two. She was satisfied that Mr. Hunter noticed her and that he was becoming aware of her desire for him.

Sonia’s little displays also made the male students’ hormones rage. The crowd of hangers on was getting tedious to Dave. “Just one more class after this,” Dave thought, “then the stupid little shits can get to jerking off over whatever porn they look at.” He was struggling mightily at this point. Was Vanessa correct in her assessment of Sonia? He was even jealous of the attention she was getting. How could he manage to work out a way to keep contact with her after he was done at the school?

Then it struck him: more authority game. She had definitely responded to his reprimands before. He would need to bring it to another level but he had very little time.

That last class couldn’t have been more chaotic. When Dave walked in, there was the usual crowd, draped around Sonia. One of the students was bold enough to lift her skirt as Dave walked in, revealing white fishnet stockings. Sonia glared at the guy and actually slapped him, making everyone else laugh..

“Class! Take your seats,” was all he could choke out. After all, he was only a few years past that unbridled, immature lust. But it was ridiculous that all through class, he caught various students trying to get a glimpse of Sonia’s legs. When he would ask a question, no one volunteered. When he singled someone out, they always answered, “I don’t know”.

Finally, the bell rang. As the student’s filed out, wishing Dave a Merry Christmas, he called Sonia aside.

“Miss Chase, I need to see you in my office. Five minutes. Don’t be late.”

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