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Face to FaceThe party was just beginning to wind down. This was the first time that most of these people met face to face, instead of video chatting over Discord or Skype. Everyone knew each other, which was a saving grace, but when you are introduced to a live person, a person you may have talked to through the miracle of the internet with, the game changes a bit, and anxiety sets in.This was never the case for Thomas, or Mac1800 as his online friends knew him. He was always the life of every group call the gang had. Always armed with a new joke or a witty comeback, Thomas was an all-around good guy.The party was the first meet-and-greet for an anime community of YouTubers in the country, and Thomas had saved up for months to afford the airfare, hotel and rental car that would turn a 3-day jaunt to St. Louis into a nice vacation. He had met so many people for the first time, in person, he almost forgot about the looming anxiety that almost paralyzed him from going in the first place. There was one person he was most anxious to meet, Erin, or MadameXTC, as YouTube knew her. The relationship between Thomas and Erin started off innocently enough. They had met through a mutual colleague and immediately clicked as friends. They talked for hours, collaborated on projects together and played video games with each other on a regular basis. But then the relationship got more intimate. The conversation grew steadily more erotic, and video chats soon turned to masturbation sessions where the call would not end until both of them came.They were both very excited for this event and Thomas made doubly sure Erin would be attending, but up until this point, he had not seen her. Did something happen at the last minute? Was she just conning him the entire time? What if something happened to her on the way here? OH GOD! Where is Erin? He stood up quickly, accidentally spilling Germinator2000’s Beer all over his jeans, leading some to chuckle and Germinator2000 to curse at Thomas.“Dude, what the fuck?”“Shit, man.. I’m real sorry… I just have to…” Thomas was out of the room before he could even finish. He left his phone in his room, so he wasn’t tempted to be distracted while he conversed with all of his friends and colleagues. He didn’t want to get his suit all sweaty, so he decided to wait for the lightning fast elevator, powered one five-hundred year old tortoise.The MUZAC piped down through the lobby’s intercom was not as relaxing as it should be while the elevator ambled down the shaft. Thomas could feel his beard grow while a jazz fusion version of Ozzy Osbourne’s Crazy Train drifted through his frantic ears. He was about to make a mad dash to the stairwell across the marble-floored lobby when he heard the resonant DING from the direction bahis firmaları of the elevators, and realized it had finally arrived. The doors were barely open when he barreled toward the cabin and ran face first into a woman attempting to exit, tackling her in the process as they both collapsed to the floor of the elevator.Thomas attempted to clear the cobwebs from his head and apologize at the same time.“I god, miss… I am so so sorry, I…” “Thomas?” came a very familiar voice. He shook the last of the fog from his head and rubbed his eyes a bit, forcing them to focus on the blurry figure in front of him. It was Erin. She did come to the event. There was no need to sprint back to his room, and now he felt like a fool.“Erin! I was just running upstairs to…”“If I known you were going to tackle me as soon as we saw each other tonight, I wouldn’t have worn something this… complicated.” She smirked.Erin’s beautiful figure was adorned with a lovely teal summer dress that salaciously formed to the shape of her curvy hips and full breasts. He had seen her many times through his webcam, but there was something about the added third dimension of being face-to-face that was beginning to drive him feral.“Erin y..,” Thomas stammered “y-you look absolutely ravishing!”“Thank you very much Tommy. So I know I am late, how’s the party?”“You missed most of it, everyone’s starting to leave.”“Aww, damn. I was really looking forward to meet some of those guys.” Erin sighed, “Well… Looks like I got all dressed up for nothing. Isn’t there anything else we could do?”At that moment, Thomas’s anxiety vanished, it was replaced with a feeling he hadn’t possessed since the last time he and Erin had a sweaty and passionate cybersex episode. But this time, his brutish lust for her that was kept in check by the simple barrier of geography was now washed clean, and Thomas had a look of pure venereal aphrodisia in his eyes, and her naked quivering body was the only thing that could quell that appetite. He maintained his composure as best he could, and brought Erin closer to him gently. He pushed her wavy autumn hair from her ear and crept in closer. Erin began to feel the warmth that was emanating off of his body, and her knees began to buckle in anticipation. She has wanted Thomas for ages, but it wasn’t in her nature to crumble, but she felt that whatever Thomas was about to whisper in her ear was going to be the final crack that would shatter her dam of self control.Thomas breathed in deeply and tossed care aside and uttered the words he had been holding in his stomach for months since he found out that Erin was attending the event as well.“Erin, I know exactly, what we could do.”The two could barely wait until elevator doors closed before their lips kaçak iddaa locked and their tongues tangled. All of the waiting, all of the anticipation, all of the tension exploded into a fury of nibbling lips, groping breasts and stroking cock. Thomas’ tie was dangling around his neck haphazardly, and Erin had to pin her wrist to her dress since both her straps slid off her shoulders by the time the elevator rambled up the shaft and the doors groaned open. They completely ignored the fact that five other people wanted to enter the elevator to travel down to the lobby and continued to paw and caress each other as they spun and tottered down the hallway to Room 507.Thomas had to battle Erin’s roaming hands and his own inhibitions to get to the room key buried deep in his front pants pocket. Once the door lock clicked open, and Thomas stole Erin inside the dark room, all restraint was left out in the quiet and lonely hallway. As Thomas slammed Erin up against the wall, she passionately gasped, then bit her bottom lip as Thomas tore off his sport jacket. She had been miraculously holding her flowing dress up without the assistance of the shoulder straps, but as soon as her back impacted with the wall behind her, she released her grasp, allowing the dress to fall to the floor, revealing her full heaving breasts that Thomas had only thirsted for through his computer monitor for so long. Thomas felt the surge of sexual energy immediately affect his body, and his cock throbbed and grew inside his pants, which were now becoming a little tight. They would have to come off soon or he would eventually burst out of them.Erin, still winded from the collision, stood there silently, as the dress clung to her ankles. She stepped out of the crumpled dress and pressed her palms up against the wall, her chest still heaving. She curiously enjoyed being forced up against the wall, and wanted more.“More, Tommy. I want more.” She motioned for Thomas to return to her body. Thomas pounced at the chance and their lips tackled each other. Thomas moved his down to Erin’s neck and begin to kiss and lick roughly. Erin moaned and clawed at Thomas’ back, her one leg now wrapped around his thigh. Thomas continued to move lower, and Erin’s internal screams were increasing in power, soon she would not be able to restrain herself. Thomas’ mouth quickly found Erin’s round and full breasts. He’d been dreaming of this moment for a long time. With one hand, he kneaded the left and with the other, he held her other tit from moving, and sucked at her now erect nipple. Erin’s mind was a whirlwind of ecstasy, she might have even blacked out for a second or two before she realized that Thomas had switched sides. The right tasted even better than her left breast and he kaçak bahis wanted more. Continuing to move lower, his hands slid to her ribs, and consequently sending sharp shivers up Erin’s spine, resulting in a high squeal to escape her lips. As thomas’ tongue traced the contours of Erin’s tone stomach, his hands glided lower and his thumbs hooked around the lace trim of Erin’s panties. Erin began to squirm and to control her movements, she found her hands rolling through Thomas’ locks of bronze hair. Erin’ lifted her hips from the wall to allow Thomas to slide her panties off to reveal her bare pussy. Thomas released the lace underwear, slowly placed his hands under her ass and poked his tongue between her labia, searching for her clit, which was beginning to swell. The moment his tongue made contact, Erin’s hands clamped down in Thomas’ hair, and she lost all air in her lungs. The movements of Thomas’ tongue were random yet precise. He would first tickle the tip of her clit, then quickly begin to penetrate her pussy softly, then glide along the edge of her lips, then back to fuck her with his tongue. Erin didn’t know how to react, she was a hot mess of quivering jelly in his hands. Her breathing became more and more erratic the longer he stayed down there and continued his attack upon her folds.“God dammit Tommy,” Erin stuttered “Just fuck me, I can’t take this anymore!”Thomas was a man who knew when a woman was serious, and if Erin didn’t get what she wanted, there would be Hell to pay. Thomas immediately stood up, unzipped his pants, pulled his boxers off with them, hoisted Erin up by her thighs and forcefully thrust his fully erect dick deep into her hot cunt. Erin wrapped her legs tightly around Thomas’ back and pressed her back up against the wall. Thomas held Erin’s hips firm as he plowed himself deeper and deeper inside her. The feeling was so comfortable and stimulating that he almost came immediately, so he pulled out to stop the sensation.Startled by this, Erin looked at him in confusion.“Tommy, what did… why did,” Erin was attempting to grasp the situation. “What’s wrong?”“I had to,” Thomas breathed heavily. “I was gonna cum. I don’t want this to end.”Erin took Thomas’ face into her hands, and kissed him deeply.“Oh baby, even if you did, we’re going all night long. I didn’t come down here for them and all this bullshit. I came here for you.”Thomas smiled. He kicked off his pants and stood before her, his cock still swinging from exiting her body so quickly. Erin stepped away from the wall leaving an imprint of sweat on the wall and took Thomas by the hand and led him to one of the two queen beds. Thomas removed his socks as Erin began to play with herself. Thomas knew, that all of the hours chatting, all of those months waiting, and all of that sensual conversation was going to result in two bodies lying on that bed, both having exhausting all of their sex on each other, and neither was going to leave that bed unsatisfied.

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