Erica’s Sexual Transition 2

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Erica’s Sexual Transition 2Mike and I continued to date for about a month after we first had sex. Our relationship changed afterward. A stronger emphasis on sex grew and I felt like I had to give myself to him whenever he wanted it. If I was not in the mood and tried to say no he would get upset. I also wanted to give sex a try because I just did not feel how great it was. All my friends were saying how sex felt great and I was bombarded with images in movies and books.Numerous times I would just go through the motions of faking orgasms or letting him cum and then saying it was okay if we stopped. I would always choose a position in which I did not have to face him. I tried to make this work and would research different positions to try. No matter what I just did not find myself having fun.I also noticed that I was not displaying any signs of arousal. My friends and jokes would talk about a girl getting wet or nipples getting hard. None of these things happened to me. After a while I just figured it was because Mike was not the right guy for me and I was upset that I gave myself to him when I was waiting for marriage.In early March, I planned to go on a vacation with Tara and her boyfriend, George. They had a friend who lived in the Outer Banks in North Carolina. They invited Mike and I to go too. I was excited. Maybe this was what Mike and I needed to restart our relationship. I was just not happy with him anymore and a nice vacation would turn that around.At first Mike seemed to be really into the idea of going, but on the night before we were to go, we got into a huge argument. Mike thought that going was a dumb idea and that we would have more fun if we just stayed at the Dorms instead. Was he crazy? This was Spring Break of my freshman year. I didn’t want to spend it sitting in the Dorms when the entire campus would be empty. I was not stupid and knew this to him was going to translate into a sex filled weekend. Of course he would probably just end up leaving me alone at night because he would have to go home for one reason or another. I told Mike I was going to go with or without him. He chose to stay home.The ride was almost 12 hours long and I cried most of the way. I did get to talk about my situation with Tara and George. Getting it out helped but I was still devastated. I had a feeling that this was the beginning of the end for my relationship. It made me sick. Mike was my first boyfriend and the first person I had sex with. The idea that I had sex out of wedlock haunted me. I felt like it made me a slut and that I was doomed to go to hell. I dreaded what would happen if my parents ever found out. They would probably shun me from their home and drown me in Holy Water.We finally arrived in the Outer Banks and it was gorgeous. For a few minutes all my troubles left me. The air was fresh and warm and the ocean was beautiful. Our first stop was to George and Tara’s friend’s condo. It was amazing. It was right on the beach and the best part was that there was an extra room for us to stay there. Of course I would be sharing that room with Tara and George. We entered the condo on the first floor and then you had to immediately take a set of stairs up to the living area. As I climbed the stairs, that was when I first saw Steve. He was standing at the top, looking over the rail with a large smile on his face. He had short spikey hair and was also shorter than me by a few inches but damn he looked good. Tara and George said hello to him and gave him big hugs. It turns out Steve was Tom’s roommate. Tara had never met him before but George met him a couple of times through Tom.After filling us in that Tom was at work Steve gave us the grand tour of the home. He was very easy going and was always cracking bahis siteleri jokes. After the tour of the house, the 4 of us went out to dinner to a local seafood joint. For the first time in weeks I felt happy. The next day Tom had to work so Steve hung out with us. The day began with a trip to the gym. George is very into working out. He goes 2 to 3 times a day, 5 days a week. Steve on the other hand does not. While he is not unfit by any means, you can tell he is not a gym rat. When Steve and George arrived back from the Gym, I thought George tried to kill him. Afterward the 3 of us went out to the beach.We set blankets out and just laid in the warm spring sun. I kept glancing at Steve and I could have sworn he was checking me out. I found myself oddly very self-aware of my bikini body. I had been so worried over Mike and upset over the situation I was forgetting about the fact of where I was. It then hit me, I was out on vacation and I was with a hot guy. So I started to flirt with him.I moved next to Steve and started up some small talk. I discovered that he was 5 years older than me and that he used to live in the same city. We had actually met a long time ago when I was 12. I used to play softball on a church league. Steve used to fill in on occasion. It was so awesome that I traveled 800 miles and met someone that I once knew. At the time though I was only 12, why would a 17 year old be interested with me? He did recall seeing me though. We talked for hours and it was very easy going. I even asked if he was single and I was surprised to find out he was. Later that night we had a huge party in the condo. Music was blasting, drinks were pouring, and laughs were flowing. It was a great time. We stayed up until 2am just partying. Throughout the night Steve was hitting on me hardcore. I loved the attention that he was giving me. I went to bed that night with a smile on my face.The next day was the end of our three day weekend. The 4 of us hung out by the beach and just relaxed. As the day grew closer to an end, I realized that I was starting to feel sad. I had a heavy sinking feeling in my gut. I did not want to go back to school and back to Mike. Most of all, I did not want to leave Steve. The final night there I did not sleep very well. Soon 6am arrived and it was time to leave. We all said our goodbyes and I climbed into the car. As we pulled away I was on the verge of tears. I did not want to return home to Mike.On the drive home I had a long hard conversation with myself. I decided that there were other guys out there and that I need to be rid of Mike. He was toxic in my life and he did not treat me well at all. Having sex with him was the worst thing I could have ever done and it was time to be rid of him.A week after we returned, I dumped Mike. Ironically, the next day Tara told me that Steve had been contacting her trying to get in touch with me. She told me that he was asking for my phone number. My heart jumped out of my chest. I almost peed my pants I was so excited. I told Tara that she could give him the number and a few minutes later, a text message landed on my phone.This started a long distance relationship. We talked on the phone every day and at night would web chat. We were very close and he made me extremely happy. Being 800 miles away was hard on our relationship. It was difficult not being able to have that contact but we made it work. Steve was very sweet and occasionally would either drive or fly up to see me. He never pressed the issue of sex. I was the one that brought it up.Three months into the relationship Steve bought me a ticket to come to NC for a weekend. My flight came in late on Friday. Steve met me at the airport and brought me to the condo. We went to bed and held canlı bahis each other while we slept.The next day we went to the beach. A strong storm was off the coast and the waves were really rolling in. We went out till it was about chest deep. I saw Steve staring at me and I looked down to see my nipple. The current had pulled my top down. The look on his face was so sweet and innocent that all I could do was pull him close so that my chest was up against him and kiss him. After a few minutes of making out, I put my top back on and Steve took me into is arms and carried me out of the water. We laid down on the blanket in the sand and relaxed. At this time a sinking feeling started in my stomach. Up until this point we had barely talked about sex. This was the first time that he had seen any private area of my body. Steve treated me like a princess. He bought me anything I asked for and he was always attentive to me. He was the complete opposite of Mike. We had already exchanged our I love yous. I determined that tonight was going to be the night to have sex with Steve. I always thought that my lack of interest in sex was because of how Mike treated me. Having sex with Steve would have to be amazing. Steve then reached over and grabbed my hand. I sat up and looked over at him. He turned to me, smiled, and said “You are so beautiful babe, I love.” While he said this he always looked into my eyes. Mike always just looked at my body.That night we went out to eat then back to the condo. I took a shower and readied myself for sex. I knew that I loved Steve but I still was not completely into having sex with him. The stories I heard from my friends were not how I was feeling. I knew though that since I was going to be leaving tomorrow, tonight would be the best night for it. The condo had bathrooms connected to each bedroom so after my shower, I dried off and took a look at myself in the mirror. I was ready for this. After making sure that all was well down there and I was dry, I simpley stepped out into the bedroom. Up until this point Steve had only seen my breasts after the wave took my top off. He had never seen me naked and we never talked about sex. I stepped out of the bathroom and called his name. Steve turned to look at me and did a double take. He was shocked. “Holy fuck” he exclaimed. I walked over to him and climbed up on top of him. He wrapped his warms around my back and continued to look into my eyes smiling. I could see the love in them. I immediately started to cry. I saw the tears land on his chest as he asked me if everything was okay. I was overwhelmed with how he had treated me. All I could do was lay down on top of him, kissing him, and pressing my naked body into him.We continued this way for several minutes. While kissing him, Steve ran his hands all over my body softly. I could feel the love in his touch. He rubbed my back and then down to my ass cheeks and squeezed them. He then ran his hand to the front and touched my vagina. He ran a finger through the slit of my mound. He then stuck a finger into me. It felt great. A tingling sensation started in my vagina and at that moment I wanted him in me. I looked him into his eyes and said, “take me now.” Steve signaled for me to get up. He stood up, still in his boxers. I had never seen him naked and had no idea how large he was. I could see it poking into his boxers and it looked huge. As I was doing this, Steve reached into a drawer and took out a condom and a bottle of lube. I pulled his shorts down and soon realized that I was going to need the lube. He was thick and stuck out about 7 inches. I had no idea how his penis was going to fit into me. Steve slid the condom on and then I took the lube and poured some onto his cock. I had güvenilir bahis never given a hand job before and Steve knew this. He knew about my limitations with sex and never pressured me. I took his large penis in my hand began to massage the lube into it. I looked up at him and saw his eyes roll up into his head and he started to moan. I stroked it for about a minute and made sure that every inch of it was covered with lube. Knowing about my past experience with Mike, Steve asked which position I would like. I chose to be on top so that I could control everything. Steve laid on his back and I straddled over him. I took his penis in one hand and guided the tip into my vagina. I tried to lower myself onto him but I was too tight. Steve thrust his cock up into me as hard as he could but the tip would barely fit in. Steve took his penis and wiggled the tip around at the entrance to my hole. Eventually he started putting just the tip in and out. Once he was able to get the whole head into me, he thrust as hard as he could. With a popping sensation in my vagina, he filled me up. I cried out in pain as his penis was much larger than Mikes. This was only the second thing in me and I could feel it stretching out the walls of me. I never used dildos or stuck things in me to masturbate with.I grabbed onto his arm and begged him not to move. I could feel his pulse in his penis inside of me and even that caused much pain. He grabbed my arms and pulled me down closer to him. He took a nipple in his mouth and gently bit down. The pleasure from my nipple spread like electricity throughout my body and eventually cancelled out the pain in the vagina. For the first time I could feel myself getting wet. While biting my nipples, Steve started to rub my clit with a finger and before I knew it, he was able to thrust in and out of me. I rode his cock and he matched my speed. As I would move up, he would move out and as I came back down he would me in. The effect was we would meet halfway and his penis would pound into me. We started to move faster and I could hear his sac smacking against me. My eyes rolled up into my head and I could feel something building in my loins. It was taking my breath away and all my senses were starting to disappear. My vision was narrowing and my sense of touch was only focused between my legs. My abdominal muscles started to tense and then… and then he came.Steve winced, thrust up into me hard and came. After he was done his penis shrank and came out of me. I could not believe it. I was just about to cum for the first time and he couldn’t finish me. I could tell that Steve was embarrassed and upset but I didn’t care. I wanted to feel an orgasm and I was about to.I rolled over onto my side facing away from him. He went and cleaned up then came back and held me. We fell asleep naked. The next morning came and it was time for Steve to take me back to the airport. On the way there I told him that I think we should have waited for sex. I told him that now I feel like every time we see each other that it will be about sex. I also told him that I was upset that I couldn’t cum when he did. I got on the plane and left. That was one of the worst things I could have done.Our relationship began to unravel after that. Our phone conversations became shorter and we fought a lot. Steve came to visit me a few times and we did attempt to have sex a couple of times but I could not get him back in me. I was tense and would not relax my muscles enough for his thick penis to go into me. I soon met another guy who fulfilled my emotional needs of needing someone close to me and I eventually broke up with Steve. The new guy was Mark and would eventually become my husband. We dated for a few years and our sex life together was less than exciting. I never had an orgasm and it was only about pleasing him. I never let Mark go down on me and I never gave him head. Our relationship was volatile at best and our marriage was worse. To be continued…..

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