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“Big Tits, Big Dicks and Fantasy Fucking”

(o )( o) (o )( o) (o )( o) (o )( o) (o )( o) (o )( o) (o )( o) (o )( o)

“Buh, buh, Billie Jean, would you go out with me this weekend?” he asked in a quavering voice.

“Oh, sweetie, no. Thanks, but no.” She leaned close enough that he could smell her perfume. “The guys I date have to be able to give me nine inches of steel hard cock and I don’t think you can do that, do you?”

“No, no.” he responded sadly. He shambled down the hallway to his next class, AP Calculus.

Two weeks later he approached Billy Jean again.

“Billie Jean, I talked to my doctor. He thinks it can be done!” The excitement in his voice was obvious.

“Can do what, Sweetie?” She called everyone Sweetie. “What are you talking about?”

“Remember? Two weeks ago you said you only dated guys that could give you…” he stumbled over the words. “You know, nine inches? Well the doctor says he thinks he can take five inches off so I’ll only be nine inches long!”

“Oh, Sweetie, that’s … Wait. What? Take off? Only? To be nine…” It was her turn to be flustered. “Are you trying to tell me that your dick is fourteen inches long? That’s insane! No one outside of a wank story has a fourteen inches long cock!”??”Well, yeah, fourteen and a half actually the last time the nurse measured me. But if you’re looking for nine inches I could have the operation and be recovered in a month or so.” He sounded hopeful now.

“Come here!” she demanded as she pulled him into the nearby Girls Room. Pushing him into the first stall she stuck her finger in his face and almost shouted: “Show me! You can’t possibly be that big! Prove it!”

He fumbled nervously with his belt before she pushed his hands out of the way and knelt in front of him.

“You’re too slow! I’ll do it!.” Moments later she ripped his pants and underwear to his ankles. Pulling back in surprise she examined what she had uncovered. “Well, its big, but I don’t think it is nine, let alone fourteen, inches long!” her tone was dismissive.

“But I’m not erect,” he pointed out. “You’re so rough, you are scaring me!” he complained. “Wait. Let me…Just watch.” He closed his eyes and began to stroke his dick. Within moments his dick responded, growing longer and thicker, it was soon throbbing upright between them Already it was the largest dick she had ever seen! And it was clearly not yet fully erect.

“Oh, Sweetie, let me,” she purred as she reached out. Using both hands the excited High School Senior soon had him at full extension. She could feel it throbbing in time with his heartbeat. It bobbed up and down in front of her as she stared, stunned, at the gigantic dick! It looked to be at least as long as her forearm!

“Jesus! This, you… I can’t believe …” she stuttered. “Fourteen inches!”

“Fourteen and a half,” He corrected her. Nurse Suckett had measured him three separate times on his last Doctor’s visit. She had drained his balls each time and then brought him back to full hard-on and remeasured him. The average, she informed him, was fourteen and one half inches long and between eight and nine inches in circumference. Nurse Suckett had seemed to be very impressed. She had been reluctant to let him out of the examination room.

“Fucking unbelievable!” Billie Jean mumbled. “Dweeb has the largest dick I’ve ever imagined! Dweeb!”

Her hands were still running up and down his shaft, making foot long trips between his ball sack and the head of his penis.

“Golly,” Dweeb said. “I never thought I’d see the prettiest girl in school giving me a hand job! It feels so good! So good! And in the Girls Room!”

“Not just a hand job,” she responded before sliding her lips over the head of his dick. She slurped up the precum that had begun oozing from his dick head and then started to push herself further and further down his rock hard cock.

He groaned and panted as she worked. She was looking up into his eyes as she tried to go further and further toward the root of his massive shaft. After getting about five inches down she had to pull off.

“Too thick,” she complained. “Too thick and so fucking long! I’ve never seen the like!”

“So Bayan Escort will you go out with me this weekend?” Dweeb ventured. “Can I see you this weekend?”?

“Oh, yeah, Sweetie, we can go out this week end!” she responded before starting to run her mouth up and down the side of his erection. Extending her tongue Billie Jean licked him from the ball sack to the tip of his gigantic dick.

“But you have to follow my rules!”?

“What rules are those?” He asked.

“The first rule is that after you leave here today you don’t play with yourself until you come to my house! I want it all for myself! So don’t jack off. Don’t fool around by yourself or with anyone else, hear me, Dweeb?”

“Yeah, I hear you. I can do that!” he vowed.

“Make sure that you do! Now give me your load!” She grinned up at him as she began to stroke him faster and harder!

“Oh Billie Jean! Oh, God, that feels so good!” he moaned. With a gasp he began to shoot rope after rope of cum into her mouth as she sucked it all down with relish!

“So good!” she told him as she licked up the residue. “You taste so good, Dweeb!”

“What are the other rules?” he asked. He was panting, having cum harder than ever before.

“Take a shower! I like my men to be clean and fresh!”

“I shower every day,” he responded, hurt that she might think he didn’t know basic hygiene.

“Fine, I’ll see you Friday night, okay?”

“Oh, yeah, Friday night,” he promised. “See you at eight o’clock?”

“Eight it is, Now pull yourself together and get out of here.”

Moments later he was back in the hallway and on his way to his next period. Billie Jean stayed in the stall long enough to finger herself to a climax while she tried to imagine what it would feel like to have that enormous cock pounding between her legs. She realized that she had no idea at all. None of her previous experiences came close!

That Friday night her door bell rang just at eight o’clock. She waited just long enough to answer the door that he thought she might not be home.

When the door opened his breath was taken away. She was wearing a sexy outfit, dressed to show off and tease her visitor. A skin tight denim mini skirt showed off her magnificent legs and tight butt, accentuated by the tall stilettos that graced her feet. Her large but perky Double D-Cup boobs were on display, hoisted by a push-up, red bra that was just visible under her skin tight crop top. It bared her shoulders and allowed the mounded tops of her breasts and the start of her cleavage to be seen. Her bra straps were under considerable tension! She looked fabulous!

“Come on in, Sweetie. I’m glad you’re here.” She smiled radiantly at her visitor. “I see you’re glad to be here, too!’ She had noticed that he was fully erect and that his bulge preceded him by several inches, stretching almost all the way to his hip under his slacks. ‘How did I never notice that at school?’ she wondered.

Some what uncomfortable, he shuffled in and they sat on the sofa. A few minutes were passed talking about school before she asked;

“Did you mean what you said the other day? About me being the prettiest girl in school?”

“Oh, my yes! Everyone knows that you are the prettiest girl in school!” he enthused.

“Even prettier than Marge Keller? Prettier than Barb Fulman?”

“Marge can’t hold a candle to you, Billie Jean! And Barb may be, umm. fuller figured than you but she’s no match for your good looks.”

Barb was also a member of the cheer squad. It was rumored that attendance had spiked when she joined! She had what most people thought were the biggest breasts in school. There was much speculation about just how big she was but there weren’t many girls that even came close to what she was toting around under those tightly filled sweaters that she always wore.

“Well that’s very nice of you Sweetie.” She leaned over and lightly kissed him. The light kiss quickly became hotter and deeper. Within minutes the two teenagers were necking heavily. His hands wandered over her shoulders and breasts while she was stroking his thighs and groin. His dick was now steel hard and pushing his pants out of shape!

“Enough fooling around,” she told him as she pulled back. “My parents are out of town until late Sunday, so we have all the time in the world to get to know each other. And I can’t wait!”

Quickly she had his pants pulled off. As she tossed them to the floor she stroked the huge tubular lump barely covered by his tighty-whiteys. “So big!” she moaned. “SO long and thick! How did you manage to keep all this under wraps all this time?”

“Don’t know!” he gasped as she squeezed and caressed his fully hard dick.

“Well, I know about it now, and I’m going to want to take advantage of it as often as I can! I’ve never seen anything like it! Now stand up and drop trou so I can get to it!”

Once again she ripped his underwear to his feet.

“Goddamn! What a dick! Fourteen and one half inches long and too thick for me to wrap my hand around! Truly you have been blessed!”

She leaned forward and licked her way up the shaft. She made the same trip several times before she let her lips part to take in his cock head. Slurping, liquid sounds could be heard as she bobbed up and down on the first couple of inches. She was going to try to take as much as she could but first she wanted to get used to his girth.

“Oh, be careful, Billie Jean. I haven’t cum since you treated me so well in the Girl’s Room. I’m right on the verge!”

“That’s fine, sweetie! If you cum I’ll get you right back up in no time, I’m sure. So feed me your cum, Dweeb! I’ll eat it all up!

And true to her word moments later she was gulping down every drop of his cum! Nothing escaped her vacuuming mouth as he emptied his balls for the first time in several days.

“I love that you cum so much! It tastes so good and I love the way it feels as it slides down my throat,” she exclaimed. “Sit down!” She pushed him back onto the sofa and sucked his still hard dick into her mouth!

Savoring every moment Billie Jean slowly licked and sucked Dweeb’s hard on back to full strength. She used his dick head to caress her cheeks and forehead while gazing into his eyes. Holding his dick head in her mouth she slid out of her skirt revealing that she had been panty-less. Pushing her top down over her breasts she wore only her bra as she slid up into his lap.

“Oh, look! Your dick reaches so far up!” she exclaimed. His dick head reached beyond her navel as she wiggled back and forth. “This is going to be epic!”

She raised herself up over his cock and socketed it into her weeping cunt. Wriggling to and fro, she managed to push his dick head between her pussy lips as she groaned in excitement and a little pain. It was so thick!

Once she was securely impaled she reached back to release her bra. While bouncing up and down, about one third of the way onto his gigantic dick, her Double D 34’s wiggled firmly, jouncing up and down above him.

She pulled his hands to her breasts and encouraged him to squeeze and fondle them to his heart’s content. “I love having my tits played with!” she admitted. “My nipples are so sensitive and feeling your strong hands on my tits really gets me going. I’m going to cum any moment! With a dick this big it’s not going to take long! So GOOD, so BIG, so EXCITING!

“Oh, FUCK, I’m cumin now! Oh, GOD, I love that! Love it! I”m only about half way on and I’m already creaming! I’ve never cum so fast! Or so HARD! What a fuck! I love it! More! Do me more!”

Dweeb was pinching and pulling on her nipples as she rode him to another quick orgasm. “Suck ’em honey, Suck my nippy’s! I love that feeling! You’re so good! So GOOD! So big! Biggest I’ve ever had! What a huge dick! Are you going to cum again for me? I want to feel you blow a load deep into my cunt, Dweeb!”

Moments later that’s just what he did! By the time he was done her cunt was overflowing with his seed, dribbling out of her it made a real mess of them and the sofa cushion.

SIghing in contentment Billie Jean slid off him and nestled up against him. Her hands roamed over his chest and stomach as she tucked herself next to him. He was panting, trying to catch his breath. The first time he had sex the prettiest girl in school had ridden him to multiple orgasms while praising his size and prowess. His ego was feeling a significant rise!

As was his cock. He could feel the blood returning to his shaft as he stroked Billie Jean’s boobs. They were so big and firm! His fingers stroked her nipples which rose in response, becoming more and more prominent as he kept on caressing her.

After snuggling for a few more minutes Billie Jean drew him to his feet and pulled him up to her bedroom. She had an en suite bathroom with a shower. Together they cleaned each other up. Billie Jean made sure to pay particular attention to Dweeb’s genitalia which she washed again and again. Not that she needed to. He sprang back to life with in moments.

He in turn was fastidious in cleaning her pussy and breasts. They were both panting with passion when they fell across her bed. Pushing the stuffed animals off the bed she wrapped her legs and arms around him and made sure that he was kissed thoroughly!

“I didn’t get to feel all of you, you know. So climb on board stud and let’s see what you’ve got! I want to feel you pound me into the mattress!”

Dweeb didn’t waste any time. He slid over her and positioned himself between her legs. ??”Oh, that’s so thick and big, honey!” she gasped as she felt him push into her. “It’s amazing how that feels! Do me, do me, dooooo meeeee!”

Deeper and deeper he forced himself into her.

It took him quite some time to get to his half way point. By then Billie Jean was panting and yipping with happy little sounds. Climax after climax washed over her as her lover drove himself deeper and deeper while at the same time driving her higher and higher. Each orgasm was stronger than the last. And she loved each and every one of them.

Time and again he retreated, using shallow strokes while he caught his breath and regained control. He didn’t want this to end! It was too good! Watching Billie Jean react to his huge cock was such a turn on! He reveled in watching her react as his massive dick was driven deeper and deeper. She couldn’t believe how much dick he was feeding her with each stroke!

On and on he went! Further and further into her! His thick shaft forcing her pussy walls to stretch around him, causing her to experience feelings that none of her other lovers had ever been able to provide! He was fucking her harder and better than she had ever imagined possible!

Shifting his hips left and right he drove into her from different angles. Leaving no part of her pussy ignored he was now giving her foot long stokes that forced the air out of her lungs with each massive impalement!

Finally Dweeb was bottoming out and grinding his groin against hers. There was nothing of his immensity to be seen. She had taken it all. But not before having reached more peaks of ecstasy than she could count. His loving left her panting and gasping beneath him.

With a roar of completion he began to cum. Spurt followed spurt. Ropes of cum lashed out to over fill her cunt and then to seep out onto the sheets beneath the rutting couple. Finally, with a groan of exhaustion Dweeb collapsed onto Billie Jean’s panting body.

She twined her arms around his neck. “You are the best fuck I’ve ever had,” she whispered tiredly. “You are such a stud! We can do this any time you want. Any time at all! God, what a lover! And what a set of balls! So big, so potent! You make everyone else seem insignificant!”

Dweeb just lay there. This had been his first time but he wasn’t going to tell Billie Jean that!

The two young lovers stayed in bed for hours. Billie Jean introduced him to every position she knew. Fucking was interpreted with blow jobs and titty fucks. And the occasional cat nap. Every time he seemed drained she was able to entice more from him.

They both enjoyed it all. But Billie Jean really enjoyed doggie style because it felt like he was going even deeper in that position. Dweeb, for his part, liked having her on top so that he could play with her tits as she bounced up and down on his rampant dick! She could control the depth and how fast the went. Mostly, she liked to have as much of him as deep as she could get him!

But eventually, late Saturday afternoon, they parted,

Billie Jean fell asleep almost immediately while Dweeb made his way home and took two days to recover.

End Chapter One.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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