Double Networking Trouble

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Mike checked his watch and was relieved to see he still had about fifteen minutes to arrive back at the office to meet the technician. The network had been down all day and finally someone was being sent out on a service call. Due to the networking issue, the office was completely empty, no one could work until it was resolved. Mike just happened to be the privileged first to arrive that morning, he dutifully let his co-workers know about the outage and they rightfully chose to work from different locales where they would be connected to the life blood of the Internet.

As he approached the front door to the office, he noticed that something was slightly different than how it was left. The sticky note attached to the door for the technician in the event that he arrived back later than he intended had been moved to a different spot. Mike moved the note back to it’s original location and then used his security key card to unlock the front door.

Entering the office, he immediately heard female voices and turned in their direction. Neither voice was recognizable so his first thought of co-workers was tossed out immediately. Mike first came upon a young woman with blond hair and blue eyes, she was holding a clip board in front of her shapely chest, arms crossed in front of it. Behind her glasses, she caught the glance of Mike eyeing her up and down in a way that she found enticing. She instinctively smiled and said “Hello”.

Mike immediately returned her smile and tried to not let his glance linger on her body. “Hello, may I help you?” he asked politely. “Are you from tech support?”

“Oh no sorry, we are architectural grad students doing a project on office planning and square footage…” She motioned towards her female colleague who was just down the hall. Upon hearing conversation she had turned and approached the two of them slightly. Mike caught a full glimpse of her and was stunned. She was tall, tan skin, long dark brown hair, beautiful face and amazing body.

Mike became aware of himself staring at her, he hoped that no one noticed but had a feeling that he didn’t look away in time. “We were let in by building management, I hope that was OK. They told us you had been sent an email explaining the situation.” The shorter blond continued with a sly smile that said she caught him looking.

“Oh, that may have been the case.” Mike was quick to avert his gaze. “Probably was sent to the office admin, she’s not here today.”

She let her smile linger and her eyes catch on his gaze.

“We actually were wondering why no one was here in the office. What do you do here?”

“We are consultants, which means we work on quite a few different types of projects. Everything you can possibly think of and quite a few more you’ve never even heard of, just today I learned we worked in a brand new industry vertical. Is there anything specific I can help you with?

“I think we have what we need for now, is it OK if we just look around a bit more?”

“That would be fine, my name is Mike. Please let me know if you have any questions or need anything.”

“Nice to meet you Mike, I’m Amy and this is Cindy”.

Both women thanked Mike with a smile and he turned around heading back to his desk. He had to pinch himself to be sure he wasn’t dreaming. Amy was hot, but Cindy was exceptional, she looked like a model instead of a grad student. He couldn’t believe he found himself alone, in the office of all places, with two beautiful young women. But what could he really do in this situation? “I have to ask at least one of them out…” He looked through the emails that had accumulated while he was out at lunch, looking for a specific status update to the ticket on the request for the support engineer. They were due to arrive any moment. Computer was still down, but his phone worked.

“No updates from the tech yet…” he thought to himself, “glad I hustled back here as fast as I could.” He let out a small sigh of annoyance while the two young women continued their survey of the office. Now that they were front and center, he was having a very hard time keeping the women out of his thoughts. His gaze continued to seek and watch them from afar. Mike wasn’t always a fan of the open office floor plan, but the way it was laid out gave him a way to look while appearing to work at his desk. Amy continued to make notes on her clipboard while Cindy walked around and took measurements. There were times when both of them got down on all fours to look at something in the office. Mike’s gaze immediately became acutely aware of two very amazingly shaped asses on display. Both wore casual clothing, jeans that carefully outlined the tight curve of their backsides. Mike’s thoughts turned naughty, it had been a long time since he had sex and this was too much for him to contend with. He thought of coming up behind them for a much closer look. He wondered what sort of panties might be hiding just out of sight underneath the thin layer of tight denim. Thongs? Full white cotton briefs? No panties at all? His mind raced, bahis siteleri continuing into areas of raw carnal desire. Their panties on his mind, he thought about what lay underneath, the folds of sensitive skin, wet to the touch, sweet to the taste. Both Amy and Cindy had amazing breasts, but Mike could think of nothing else but sliding his tongue deep inside each of them while they presented their apple shaped rears on the floor.

As they stood up, Mike quickly realized he had completely turned towards them and was no longer casually observing. He quickly hid his gaze and slid his chair back underneath his desk. The last action being most important, his thoughts delving so deeply into lustful desire, his cock had become rock hard and was visibly tenting his own denim. He needed to change this situation, he was nervous and also sporting something that didn’t exactly hide his thoughts. Mike got up and quickly made his way to the kitchen hoping they wouldn’t take notice. Once there, flinging a few cabinets open until he found them. Up high on one shelf were a few shot glasses, he found the bottle of whiskey left over from the last office party and poured himself a hefty shot. Nerves calmed slightly, Mike returned to his desk.

“Shit, here they come.” Mike made sure that his erection was not to be seen as they approached. Cindy hung back a few steps while Amy walked right up next to him. Having Amy so close and his cock fully engorged but hidden made him nervous but excited at the same time. A deep dark voice in the back of his mind suggested he yank his pants down and let Amy see his member pushing a thick outline through his boxer briefs and asking her what she might like to do with it. Mike tried to rid himself of that image in his head, put on his best smile and asked “Hi again Amy, what can I do for you?”

“Hello Mike, a couple of things.” Amy’s voice was very nice and Mike was having a hard time making eye contact with her, she was so close, smelled lightly of a flowery body wash and he wanted to look her up and down closely. Being in a seated position it proved difficult to keep his eyes focused and not creepily ogling her very nice mid section. The voice in his head now filling his mind with images of undoing her zipper and sliding those jeans down over her shapely hips, and burying his face right into her crotch while she stood there before him.

“Can you verify the square footage of your office space for us? We calculated it out at approximately 3400.”

“I don’t actually know off the top of my head, but that seems reasonable based on the number of conference rooms and open floor space we have available.” Mike responded, happy that the question was able clear some of the dirty thoughts in his mind.

“OK, thank you… Also we noticed you have a lot of hardware for your office networking setup. Do you know if this is a mesh network or more traditional?”

“It’s been recently updated as a mesh network, however, our primary networking appliance is down. I’m expecting the technician to arrive any minute.” Mike responded, eyes drifting to Cindy who was clearly trying to capture his attention by leaning against the nearest wall, fiddling with her clothing ever so slightly. She was pretending to look out the window very nonchalantly, but the way her hand softly caressed the outline of her breasts there was more in her actions than mere absentminded fondling.

“I see… thanks for clarifying that.” Amy mentioned and scribbled some notes on her clipboard. “It seems there was also just one more room we were unable to open, could you come take a look?” Amy asked with a smile beaming toward Mike. She noticed he was having a hard time focusing on her eyes while they talked, she felt his gaze drifting up and down her body and it made her feel sexy to know her presence was affecting his concentration.

“Sure, let’s take a look. I’m not sure why any of the doors would be locked…” Mike said casually as he got up. He let Amy take the lead to direct him to where she needed some help. Cindy followed from behind smiling at Mike as he passed, her hand still hovering around her breasts. Mike took notice, it seemed her top was slightly more open than before showing off her ample cleavage. While following Amy, his eyes were fixated on her ass, happy he could openly stare without anyone knowing, but his mind was torn between imagining Cindy’s breasts pressed up against his face and him burying his face between Amy’s ass cheeks. The walk to the shut door seemed all too quick, not letting either scenario play out in his mind.

“Here it is…” Amy turned slightly and motioned with her hand to point at the door. They had walked back towards the front of the office and were standing at the mediation room. “Oh yeah, this door sometimes sticks…” Mike mentioned as he approached. He grabbed the door handle and gave it a twist and a firm shove which broke the door free from the jamb. Simultaneously, Amy and Cindy both roughly pushed Mike into the door, banging it wide open. Redness starting to form on his face canlı bahis siteleri where the door caught him, Mike turned around, half stumbling as he did trying to understand what just happened. Amy stormed through the door very forcefully and put her hands on Mike’s chest, she pushed him again backing him up against the wall in the small meditation room. Cindy followed into the room, closing the door behind them and then spinning around to reveal a huge grin on her face. She said nothing but eyed Mike up and down, enjoying his facial expression trying to make sense of the situation. Mike caught a glimpse of Cindy and couldn’t understand her knowing smile.

“Did you really think you’d get away with that?” Amy’s voice commanded attention immediately from Mike as he stood there, puzzling what in the world was going on. “You are such a little pathetic worm, we caught you looking at us the entire time. You think that little cock in your pants is impressive?” Amy looked Mike up and down with a tight fist gripped around a clump of his dress shirt, wrinkling it and partly un-tucking it from the front of his jeans. Sheer terror immediately rushed over Mike, he felt like all of his private dirty thoughts were exposed for both Amy and Cindy to read through like a diary locked away and hidden under his pillow. Amy looked into his eyes with a commanding look, but also took a step back, loosening her grip on his shirt. Cindy still looked on, smirking with delight at Mike’s obvious embarrassment.

“What makes you think you are even worthy of such thoughts?” Amy asked, again looking Mike up and down.

“I… uhh…” Mike tried to stammer out a response. Amy’s hand caught him by surprise, striking his cheek not terribly forceful but strong enough to leave a little redness. “You will address me as Mistress Amy…” she cooed with pleasure and pinched his cheek where she had just slapped it. “Yes…” Mike began, Amy raised her hand again and Mike added a quick “Mistress…” to the end of his statement before she could strike him again.

“That’s much better… maybe you aren’t a worthless worm after all. I do like a quick learner.” Amy turned and walked away from Mike approaching Cindy who hadn’t moved from blocking the door. There was a hunger in Cindy’s eyes that Mike now noticed. She seemed to be enjoying this situation very much and wasn’t trying to hide it. “She’s gorgeous isn’t she?” Amy questioned while looking Cindy in the eyes. “Yes. Yes, Mistress…” Mike quietly responded remembering to properly address her.

“She belongs to me, make no mistake. But if you please me, I may let her have you. For some reason she seems to like you although I think you are just like every other waste of a man that is out there in this world. Strip naked…” Amy’s voice left no uncertainty to the command.

“Excuse me? What?” Mike wasn’t sure he heard her right. But barely got the words out before Amy gave him a hard slap across his cheek.

“You heard me, and you forgot to address me properly. Maybe you don’t learn so fast after all?” Amy left the question in the air and raised an eyebrow indicating she was studying Mike’s next moves very carefully.

“Yes Mistress.” Mike slightly bowed his head in acquiescence and started to kick off his shoes while pulling up his shirt over his head. His heart was racing and his mind was trying to process if this was some sort of crazy dream or if this situation was really happening to him right now. Cindy seemed to get more interested as his clothing started to come off. Shoes and socks gone, shirt removed… Mike was left unbuckling his belt when all of a sudden Amy reached out and pulled his belt free from the loops of his jeans.

“This might do nicely…” Amy cooed while folding the belt around in half.

*CRACK!* There was a loud snap in the air as the leather belt made contact with itself. Mike froze for an instant unsure of what to do. “Did I say to stop?” Amy questioned. Mike continued undoing his jeans. “No mistress.”, and slid his jeans down to his ankles. Stepping out of his jeans, all that remained from complete nakedness was the very thin fabric of his black boxer briefs.

Cindy strolled over and got down on her knees to look closely. She was intent on pulling the fabric down. You could see what she wanted to do in the expression of her eyes. “Not yet my sweet pet, we need to see if he is even worthy. Remember?” Amy told Cindy who sort of acted like a young child in the way the disappointment was easily read across her face. Slightly pouting, Cindy sat backwards, leaning back on her hands, legs open spread apart, looking back up at Mike. She wanted to see him get rock solid, she undid another button on her shirt and her white lace bra was clearly visible. Being very sheer, it left little to the imagination and Mike found him staring at outline of her pink nipples. In this little battle of sexual confrontation, Cindy was the clear victor. Mike’s manhood got rock hard pressing against the fabric of his briefs. The outline of his thick cock was clearly visible, canlı bahis bent slightly due to the constraints of it’s prison, begging to be set free. The elastic band pulling away from his waist straining with all it’s might to contain his throbbing member.

Amy glanced down and enjoyed seeing Mike’s arousal. “Guess your cock isn’t so little and useless after all… Let’s see if you might earn the right to use it.” She reached down and slid her hand in the gap between the elastic band and Mike’s skin and tightly squeezed his shaft. Mike let out a half moan, half yelp as the sensation was a mix of both pleasure and slight pain.

“What do you think Cindy? Does Mike have a nice thick cock?” Amy smiled as she held Mike firm in her “kung-fu” grip. Cindy intensely stared at the situation, licking her lips in anticipation of what may be given to her by her stern mistress. Cindy had been very good recently, she loved to please her mistress and craved the satisfaction knowing she was worthy of Amy’s attention. They had been together for almost two years and Amy knew exactly when Cindy was craving a nice real cock. Sometimes the foot long black dildo wasn’t as exciting as a real live man, bent to her mistress’ will. Unbeknownst to Mike, this was a special treat for both of them.

Mike stood there tense while Amy held him fast. Cindy looked up at her mistress with a question on her face though she spoke no words. Amy looked over and nodded, “Yes you may get closer, I know you want to examine it.” Amy cooed in a loving way to her pet. With her other hand, she yanked Mike’s boxer briefs to mid thigh, exposing his cock and her tight grip on it. Pre-cum was slowly starting to ooze out the tip.

Cindy moved closer while on her knees until her face was a mere few inches from the tip of Mike’s bulging hard-on. She studied the wetness forming at the tip and her right hand instinctively went to her thighs where she started rubbing her warmth through her jeans. Shocked to find how already wet she was at this situation, she felt warm sweetness just beyond the layer of denim separating her fingers from her pussy. As she never wore underwear at the request of her mistress, she wondered if the denim was visibly darker while her fingers caressed the outline of the area Mike had been fantasizing about earlier.

Mike’s thighs were burning from holding this position, he was afraid to move without being commanded by Amy, unsure what she might do if she found his actions displeasing. Sensing his discomfort and preparing for what she wanted to see next, Amy pushed Mike backwards so he was leaning up against the nearest wall. Cindy frowned slightly at the increased distance between them, but followed closer. Mike relaxed his posture and was grateful for the support. He actually now felt an incredible sense of excitement from this situation. He was only just earlier dreaming of being with either of these two beautiful women and now his cock was out and on display for both.

Amy motioned Cindy closer and then milked Mike’s cock a little, increasing the amount of pre-cum that was present on his tip. It beaded up, glistening in the light. The sweet wetness was about ready to drip, just barely hanging there by sheer consistency of it’s thickness. Cindy eyed it eagerly and re-actively opened her mouth. “Get underneath my pet…” Amy directed as Cindy quickly got upside down and directly underneath Mike’s large cock, he looked down and could see the hunger and excitement in Cindy’s eyes. Her hands never left her crotch and she was now vigorously rubbing her pussy up and down through her jeans.

Amy gave a slight tug and a squeeze to help, and the pre-cum finally acquiesced, leaving a small rope as it fell to Cindy’s open mouth. Mike moaned at the sensation and was so incredibly aroused by what he was watching he felt he might explode all over Cindy’s gorgeous body right then and there. Cindy moaned… “Mmmm yummy, thank you mistress.” as she swirled the little bit of cum around her tongue. “Get on your knees.” Amy commanded to Cindy as she righted herself, just infront of Mike’s raging hard on. With a firm grip on the base of Mike’s cock, Amy slapped Cindy across the cheek starting on the right and then again on her left. Amy took her left hand and grabbed the back of Cindy’s head, yanking on her hair and holding her still. Two more similar slaps of Mike’s cock graced Cindy’s beautiful face and pre-cum was left as a result. Cindy gasped a little at the roughness Amy inflicted on her, but she loved having a big dick in her face. Her reward for loyal obedience was so very worth it.

“Open your mouth wide pet.” Amy said very slow and deliberately and Cindy followed her command while looking up at her mistress. Amy still held a tight firm grip of her head. Guiding Cindy’s mouth ever so close to the tip of Mike’s cock. Amy let them linger near but agonizingly still far away. Amy could sense the anticipation of their eagerness to touch through them both. Mike’s eyes closed, just waiting for that first feeling while Cindy continued to rub the now soaking wet spot of her jeans. Amy gently pushed and Cindy’s mouth finally gained the satisfaction of tasting Mike’s cock. Both of them moaned while Amy guided the entirety of Mike’s cock all the way into the back of her throat.

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