Double Feature

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What a day.

It was Friday, which meant two new movies had premiered. However, it also meant that J.J. had to deal with all kinds of headaches. From being short-handed to having to make caramel popcorn to people complaining about the sound or someone on their cell phone, she was tired and just glad that she had two days off before starting it all over again.

She walked to the side parking lot, digging for her car keys in her purse, when she heard him.

“Hey, J.J.” And there he was, leaning casually against his car with his hands stuck in his pockets. It was pretty obvious he was waiting for her, but part of her actually liked that. He smiled, and even though she was tired, her pussy started to get a little wet. God, does he know the effect he has on me sometimes?

“Hey, Jack … you stalking me now?” She walked up to him and he took a step closer to her. They stood there for a second, that same sexual tension from before starting to hum and thrum between them.

“Something like that … I’m actually here to kidnap you.” His broadening smile took away any threat behind the words and that wetness between her legs got a little stronger. She sighed, though, and shook her head.

“I can’t … today’s been hell and I just want to chill out and relax.”

He touched her arm to stop her from turning away, causing small goosebumps to rise on her skin. “No worries … but why not do that with me? Remember that drive-in I mentioned? It’s about an hour away and I’ll drive so you can relax.”

He ran his hand softly over her arm, stroking her skin and making it heat up. She looked at the sun low in the sky, considering the offer. She looked back at him and his blue eyes were serious, but kind … and he looked good and his touch felt so good. Her resolve weakened and she had to laugh when he winked at her and smiled.

“You’re gonna let me relax? No funny stuff?” Her words betrayed what her body had started to yearn for, but the part of her that was tired ruled for now.

He held up his first two fingers pressed together. “Scout’s honor. I promise that you will be feeling relaxed and good in no time.” He opened the passenger door to his Toyota Avalon and looked back at her. She shook her head at the double entendre and his slightly knowing smile, but she couldn’t help start to think about how well Scouts tie knots … and this just led her to think about him tying her up. Oh, man, he just knows what button to push, doesn’t he?

She sat in his car and he closed the door. Whistling softly, he climbed into the driver’s seat and they were off …

One thing she had to admit, his car was really comfortable. The leather seat started to leech away her stress and worries a little at a time. He had turned the music down low, but smartly didn’t try to make conversation. After a few minutes of his confident and easy driving, she leaned her head back and closed her eyes.

He snuck little looks at her from time to time as he drove the country highways to the drive-in. She had colored her short hair recently, turning the light blonde locks into a dark pink that he really liked and matched the color of her glasses. Her face was turned slightly away from him, making the soft curve of her neck more prominent. His gaze moved down her body, covered by the work T-shirt and dark slacks she wore. He watched her breasts fall and rise slightly and his cock started to get hard … he hoped he would get to see more of her than the last time now that they wouldn’t have to rush.

As they got closer to the drive-in, the night took over and he reached over to adjust the temperature on her side. Kicking the temperature up a few notches to keep her warm, he couldn’t help but let his hand fall to her knee. His cock hardened even more and he shifted in his seat to ease the pressure. I wonder if she knows what she does to me?

She had actually almost fallen asleep and his hand on her knee was so soft and natural that she didn’t really feel it at first. The car slowed and turned onto a side road, making her more conscious of her surroundings. His hand had shifted when they turned and she noticed it now, liking the way he left it there and didn’t rush things.

She turned her head to him and smiled through half-closed eyes. He looked back, returning her smile and gently stroked her knee in small circles. She sighed and closed her eyes again, enjoying his soft touch. The more he circled, the more relaxed she got. At one point, she shifted in her seat and opened her legs a little wider, implicitly giving him permission to explore.

He noticed and started to slide his hand softly from her knee to her inner thigh and back. After every four or five strokes, his hand would end up a little higher. It was becoming maddeningly teasing to her and she opened her legs even wider. She kept her eyes closed, wondering if he was watching her. As his hand ever so slowly worked its way up her leg, closer and closer to her heat and wetness, Escort Etimesgut she bit her lower lip gently. His soft chuckle answered that question, which made her wetter still.

Suddenly, his hand was gone and they were slowing and turning into a gravel driveway. She opened her eyes and saw that they had pulled into the drive-in and were now behind three or four cars waiting in line to enter. When she looked at him, half-upset and half-horny, he was smiling back at her with obvious lust in his eyes.

“Sorry about that, guess I should have told you we were there.” She looked down at his lap and couldn’t help but see the large bulge in his pants. She smiled back at him. Two can play that game. Surprising herself a little, she boldly reached over and stroked two fingers up and down his hard cock. He groaned low and long and his pelvis stiffened at her touch, thrusting his hips a little.

She gripped his pants-covered cock in her hand and squeezed, making him growl now in pleasure. Squeezing and pulling gently on his cock, she smiled sweetly at him. A horn suddenly sounded behind them and they both jumped, realizing that the space between them and the drive-in’s entrance was empty now. She took her hand away and laughed softly as he cursed under his breath.

He drove forward, paid the man and pulled into the large open area. Driving down the rows, he searched for a spot that wasn’t too close to anyone else but close enough to the screen. Finding a good spot and pulling in, he shifted the car into park and tuned the radio dial to the FM station shown on the signs throughout the lot. The sound for the preview on the big screen floated into the car and he turned it down just a bit. Rolling down his window a crack, enough to let in a gentle breeze but not enough to make the car cold, he turned to her and flipped the center console up and out of the way.

She smiled, slid closer to him and he laid his arm across her shoulders. As they settled in comfortably together, she felt relaxed and warm. The short nap had actually done her a ton of good, it seemed, and his stolid presence took away any lingering stress and thoughts of work. In fact, her thoughts kept turning back to the day he had snuck her in the kid’s party room to have his way with her.

Remembering the passion and heat of that encounter, she couldn’t help but shift her legs and clench them together. As the movie started, she snuck a glance at him and realized he wasn’t paying any attention to it at all. He was looking right at her, a wry grin on his face.

“What ya thinking about?” The spark in his eyes told her that he probably already had a pretty good idea. She looked at his lap and noticed that the bulge there hadn’t gone down at all – damn, I think it’s even bigger – and then back at his face. The grin was gone now, replaced by a scorching look of lust that shot straight into her pussy and made her catch her breath.

“Ummm … probably the same thing you are, obviously.” He reached over and tucked an errant strand of hair behind her ear and she shivered. “That day …”

“What day was that?” He slid even closer to her and gently kissed her neck right behind her ear. He slipped one hand down, gently pulled her T-shirt loose from her pants and stroked the soft skin of her stomach.

“Mmmmmm … you know what day, don’t tease.”

He kissed down her neck and then turned her face to look at him, his own mere inches away. “I want you to tell me, though.” His hand had inched higher under her shirt and her back arched a little. She wanted him to touch her, touch her all over and her heated need made it hard to think.

“The … the day we fucked.” He kissed her hard and strong right after the last word had escaped and she groaned into his mouth. Their tongues danced for a minute until he finally broke away from her, resting his forehead on hers.

“You mean the day you asked if I could keep ‘up’ with you the next time?” He gently pulled his hand out from under her shirt and took her hand in his. Before she knew it, he had put her hand on the bulge in his pants. She moaned at how hard he was and started to massage his cock through his pants again. “What do you think? Does it feel like I can keep up?”

She shot back a wry grin of her own at him. “It feels like you’re going to miss another movie, Jack.” He smiled and kissed her again, the car starting to heat up.

She had to see his cock again, especially now that she didn’t have to worry about getting caught or missing work. She pulled his zipper down and slid her small hand into the opening, pushing the soft cloth of his boxers up and to the side until her fingertips touched the soft skin wrapped around his hard cock. She moaned as she could feel his cock twitch with every quickening beat of his heart.

“Mmmm … yessss ….” She wrapped her fingers as well as she could around his cock and started to squeeze and stroke it. She pushed her hand even deeper Etimesgut Escort into his pants and ran her fingertips over the throbbing head of his cock. They slipped around it, over and under it, and she felt her fingers getting wet with his precum. “You feel soooo good.”

He groaned at her touch and unbuckled his belt and pants instead of replying. Besides, he didn’t trust his voice wouldn’t crack with the passion she was building in him. He lifted his ass off the seat and pushed his pants and boxers down enough for his cock to pop free.

“Oh, yes …” she murmured as she wrapped her fingers around his cock and started to pull up and down on it. She could see the thick purple head glistening in the dim light of the car and licked her lips in anticipation.

He was watching her intently and ran his hand up her back to caress her neck and the back of her head. Even after that first time, he wasn’t quite sure how forceful she liked it, so he gently pushed her head down slightly, but didn’t force it.

She adored it when a man took control and she had wanted to taste him since the first time she saw his cock. She slid down her seat until her knees were against the passenger door and her face was level with his cock. She wrapped her forefinger and thumb around the base of his cock and squeezed, watching the shaft jump and thicken even more.

She leaned in and licked the head of his cock, feeling him exhale long and low yet push his hips up. She swirled her tongue around the head, enjoying the salty taste of his precum … enjoying it so much she had to have more. She captured the head of his cock between her lips and sucked hard.

He growled loudly and tangled his hand in her hair. His other hand was gripping the steering wheel tightly as she started to bob up and down on his cock, her tongue dancing around the shaft. He didn’t know if she was teasing him with the slow pace, but he really didn’t care as the waves of pleasure shot through him.

His growl laced right into her pussy and she clenched her legs together again. She enjoyed sucking cock, especially when her partner was vocal about his appreciation. His whispers of “God, yes”, “Oh, fuck …” and “Oh, baby …” only made her wetter still and she started to suck even harder even though his girth was already making her jaw ache a little. She felt his legs open to give her better access and she moved her hand down to play with his balls, squeezing them gently and feeling their fullness of cum. Cum she wanted to explode in her mouth …

When one of her fingertips grazed the sensitive area between his balls and his asshole, he jumped so hard that he almost made her head hit the steering wheel. “Damn, baby, how did … oh shit …” He couldn’t finish the rest of the sentence as she started to stroke and scratch lightly at that spot.

He started to thrust up into her willing mouth, gripping her head tightly as he fucked it. She had found that special spot and was mercilessly driving him crazy with it. He couldn’t speak any more, only breath hard and fast as she worked him into a frenzy. He could feel his orgasm building up, but couldn’t stop it even if he wanted to.

She felt his cock start to thicken in her mouth and that made her suck him even harder, bobbing up and down faster still. “Baby, baby, baby,” he said quickly, “… I’m getting close.” He moaned and she pushed her finger hard against that special spot, still sucking him fast and as deep as she could go. He knew then that she wanted his cum and he couldn’t hold back any longer. The spasms in his loins melded into one long one and he felt the first explosion of cum shoot into her mouth. His whole body tensed as he shot again and again into her mouth, his head thrown back on the seat’s headrest.

She held her head still as he exploded into her mouth, filling it with his salty sweetness. She swallowed spurt after spurt, her reward for her work. When he finally started to relax, she let his softening cock slowly slip out, but not without swiping her tongue across his head one last time. She smiled when he jumped and wiped a dribble of cum from her chin, licking it off her finger.

She snuggled tight against him and looked at his face. Catching his breath, he smiled softly back at her and kissed her long and deep. She didn’t expect that, but moaned into his mouth at his willingness to share with her. His hands moved back under her shirt and this time didn’t stop until they found their target and squeezed her breasts through her bra. She lifted her arms up and let him pull the T-shirt over her head.

He threw the shirt on the back seat and reached around her to undo the bra clasp. When the bra came loose, she held the cups in place with one hand and looked at him. Reveling in his undivided attention, she slowly pulled the bra away to reveal her firm breasts. Slowly reaching out his hands to touch them, he traced intricate patterns around their fullness. The more Etimesgut Escort Bayan he traced, the harder her nipples got and the faster her breathing became.

He pushed her against the seat and leaned in to capture her left nipple in his mouth. She moaned loudly as he sucked on it and lashed his tongue across it. She tangled her hands in his short hair and pulled him tighter against her, filling his mouth with her breast. After a minute or two, he roughly pulled his mouth off her and captured the other nipple, giving it the same attention. He started to switch back and forth between them, suckling and kissing one nipple while he squeezed and pinched the other one, electric shocks shooting through her.

He finally pulled his mouth off her breasts and leaned back slightly to catch his breath. They just looked at each other for a long moment, the heat between them building and building. Suddenly, she grinned at him and pushed herself up off the seat. In a move worthy of a gymnast, she pushed herself over the top of the front seat and into the back seat. All he caught a glimpse of was her soft ass swinging in front of and past his face before he could even make a move to grab it.

She laughed softly and started to pull her pants off. “What are you waiting for, an invitation?” He looked back at her and just smiled, but with such passion and lust it made her bite her lip.

He shot a look out the windows to see if anyone had parked near them, but thankfully the nearest car was three spots over. Just to be on the safe side, he only shucked his pants and pulled his boxers back up. Anyone paying any attention would see the tent in his boxers, but he didn’t plan on being outside that long … and honestly didn’t really care if they did.

He jumped out of the car, whipped around to the back door and opened it. Starting to climb into the passenger seat, the vision before him stopped him halfway through with one knee on the seat and the other leg still on the crushed gravel. In that short time, she had pulled her pants and panties off and was leaning back against the other door in front of him.

His view of her was breath-taking, mouth-watering and speech-defying … shadows played against her pale skin, but only accentuated her sexiness and beauty. She had started to rub her pussy in anticipation and he could just barely see the glistening juices around her pussy lips and on her fingers. He watched as she slipped one finger deep into her pussy and heard her moan throatily.

His rapt gaze was turning her on so much she ached … she pinched the nipple on her left breast, making it harder still as her other hand slipped and slid around her pussy. Propping her legs up slightly to give him a better look at her sex, she slowly finger-fucked herself and remembered when he had impaled her on the folding table. She couldn’t really see what state he was in now, especially after he had already cum in her mouth, but she fervently hoped he would impale her again and again and again

He growled softly without even knowing he had, making her moan even louder. He closed the passenger door and pushed down his boxers, kicking them to the floor. Now she saw just how excited he was and her eyes widened. So big again so soon. But he didn’t move closer to her for some reason …

When he wrapped his fingers around his cock and started to pull slowly up and down on it, she moaned at the realization of what they were going to do. When he spoke next, low and almost in a growl, she almost came right there.

“Play with yourself … I want to watch you.”

He knew he could probably hold back from cumming again for a while, but she turned him on so damn much, he had to be careful. He wanted to fuck her good and long and hard, so he slowly fisted his cock and drank the sight of her in …

She slowly pulled her wet finger out of her pussy and brought it up to her mouth, sucking the juices off it. He groaned at this erotic sight and she smiled. She moved her hand in a slow caress down her body, stroking her breasts and stomach before returning to her drenched pussy. She toyed with her hard clit, rubbing her juices against it, and she closed her eyes as the pleasure shot through her.

Eyes still closed, but feeling the heat of his stare on her, she slipped two fingers into her pussy and started to work them in and out. She pressed the heel of her palm hard against her clit and felt her pussy clench around her fingers. She knew she could cum easily if she kept doing this, but she so desperately wanted his cock in her pussy, filling it and giving it something so much thicker to clench around.

Her eyes shot open in surprise when she felt his hand grab her wrist. He had quietly scooted closer to her until he was kneeling right in front of her, still stroking his engorged cock. He gently pulled her wrist to him, sliding her fingers out of her pussy. When he put her hand on his cock and wrapped her fingers around it, she smiled lustily and rubbed her juices around his shaft, coating it. When he put his hand on her pussy and mimicked the actions she had just been doing – his two fingers sliding in and out of her easily and his thumb rubbing her clit – she stopped smiling and threw her head back in intense pleasure.

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