Daughters best friend becomes my cocksucker for ca

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Daughters best friend becomes my cocksucker for caThe week before my daughters highschool graduation she asked me if she could have a sleepover party with her girlfriends. It was going to be their last hurrah together before summer jobs and college seperated them, the girls would stay the weekend, and she promissed that they would stay out of my hair, also they would cook all the meals for the weekend. I was kind of excited by the idea. I had been depressed the last few years because my wife or I should say ex, abandonned me to raise our daughter alone. She had a miscarriage a few years ago and started doing heroin with her junkie sister. I couldn’t deal with her disappearing and lying. One day I came home and all of her stuff was gone as was she. My daughter was a strong girl and even though i tried my best to be there for her, she was the one there for me most often.It would be a joy to have all that teenage girl excitement around me for the weekend. Plus who doesn’t like the look of an 18 year old hottie in a swiming suit, let alone 9. The weekend arrived and I watched the girls play around in the pool and tan as well. They all loved to flirt with me, I think Mia encouraged them to because she knew it made me feel good about myself. I noticed one of the girls who was supposed to be here hadn’t shown up with the rest. She had always been my favorite. Maybe it was because she came from a messed up family and her parents left her with her grandma to raise her.”Mia, I thought Gina was coming here as well.” “She won’t be here until late tonight, her grandmother has been sick and she has to take care of her until her Aunt get’s off of work at 11pm. I told her we would leave the door unlocked for her and she could quietly come upstairs when she gets here, if thats ok.” ” of course its fine honey, you know our door is always open to her.”We had a nice dinner, and I allowed the girls to have a couple of wine coolers each, I poured myself some scotch and joined them outside by the pool for awhile. Watching some of those girls in their skimpy bikinis, made me long for pussy. It had been way to long. I haddn’t notice Krystal, the bad girl of the bunch sneak up by my side. “Looks like someones enjoying the view, she said staring at the bulge in my crotch, why your wife ever left you is beyond me, look what she gave up.” she said smiling seductively at me. “Don’t worry I won’t call you out on it.” “Stop teasing my dad Krystal and get back in the pool with us.” She walked back towards the pool shaking her tight little ass as sluty as she knew. then laughing dove in the pool. Not wanting the girls to notice my tented trunks. I decided to tipobet365 güvenilirmi make a break for it and leave them to there own devices.I had a nice buzz and laying on the bed listening to the girls through the window laughing, i’m sure it was Krystal sharing what she saw. Oh to be 18 again. I passed out for a few hours, and must have been snoring because I heard the girls sneaking out to the pool again, since they thought i was sleeping they thought it would be fun to go skinny dipping as a dare.I left my light off and looked through my window blinds and the sight of those naked bodies had my snake writhing in my shorts. I stroked it for about a minute when I heard them decide to head back inside. I jumped back in bed and pretended to be sleeping. Soon they had wandered upstairs and I finally had a moment to get myself off. I decided to put on a video of teen girls sucking older guys cocks. I grabbed my cock and jacked off as I watched these young sluts slurp several guys cocks. My ex- was such an amazing cock sucker. It is torcher to go from having your cock sucked regularly for 15 years and now it’s been about 3 without one.Figuring the girls were upstairs and I could run to the bathroom quickly and grab some lotion, even though I was naked, I would make it without the girls knowing. I ran as quietly as I could and after a good 5 minutes found what I was looking for and began to head back to my room. I forgot about Gina and just as I was heading back to my room, semi hard cock swinging in the air. “uhhhh!!!! Gina” ” Oh my god, Jack, I am so sorry.” I noticed her eyes were glued to my bouncing cock as we both were frozen to the floor. I ran back towards the bathroom to grab a pair of shorts I had left in their earlier and she went to the kitchen for a drink.As I headed back this time at least half dressed, she called to me and in her sweet girl voice asked if since she missed out on the wine coolers could she pour herself a glass of scotch, she had been having a tough time latley. I will pour you one as well, if you don;t mind having a quick drink with me.We sat down and talked about her life for awhile, she was sad because with her grandmother being sick and her having to care for her and not be able to work an afterschool job, she didn’t have cash to go to the massage school she wanted badly to go to, and hadn’t had time for a boyfriend, or get to experience all the fun things the other k**s were doing. Soon they would all be away at college and she would be alone, taking whatever classes she could at the local community college and still be the only one willing to care for her grandmother. tipobet365 yeni giriş i poured her another drink.She mentioned how sucky it was that all the other k**s would get nice graduation gifts and she would not even be able to have a party. My heart sank for this girl she was so sweet and pretty. I said that I could talk to Mia about you two having a combined party, thats sweet but, it would be mine like in theory but everyone knows it would be Mias in reality. I’ll tell you what, I can throw you your own graduation party at your grandmas house, and I will look around, i’m pretty sure Mias Mom left one of her old massage tables here, its probably buried in the garage some where. I will dig it out for you, but in return you have to give me some massages and since Mia will be gone most of the summer you can come help me around the house and cleaning the pool, maybe run some errands when you can and I will pay you money to put towards getting you to massage school. She leaned over and gave me a big hug and kiss on the cheek and I could feel her breast rubbing against my chest and i always loved the way she smelled.I will try and give you a few massages a week if you want, i’m going to need the practice anyway. I actually have massage oil with me I brought for giving the girls massages tomorrow, if you would like one now. I would love one, where should we do it. I guess on the living room floor, i said.I would kind of feel weird if one of the girls walked downstairs and I was massaging you on the floor, she giggled. Would it be ok to just do it on your bead, that way I will have room and if anyone comes down they wouldn’t know I was here and think we were up to no good. I guess that would be fine.Sweet, she said why don’t i make us one more drink and she would go get my bed ready. You got a deal girl. I was lost in the moment and poured our drinks and as I walked back to the room, I remembered that the porn was still on. Since the volume was off i had forgot about it.As I entered the room, she had dimmed the lights and had some incence burning and pillows situated for me, maybe she hadn’t noticed it. As I entered she was sitting on the edge of the bed blushing and watching it.Gina, I am so sorry, I totally forgot it was on, this is so embarassing. Oh stop, it’s not like I haven’t seen a porno before, maybe not one like this, what’s it called. I’m not telling you that. Just as I said that The title flashed on the screen between scenes. Teens sucking mature men for money 4.I went to turn it off and she asked if I would wait a minute, she turned up the volume so just we could hear it. I just want to tipobet365 güvenilirmi see how the talk these girls into this. I will turn it off before anything to naught happens.Here I was sitting in my bed with my daughters best friend sipping scotch, watching porn and waiting for a massage. Awkward!!! If it only were so easy, she said. Why can’t I run into someone who would make me an offer like that, then at least I could get a car and have money to sign up for school.What, you would do something like that. Well most likely not, but you never know maybe i would be attracted to the guy. you would give some strange man a blowjob if the price was right. Do you have much experience with this sort of thing. With what giving head? or Getting paid for it? she teased me. I don’t know either I guess. I’ve given some bjs back in the day, with a couple of boys, I kind of liked it, but it was always to quick or we had to stop so not to get caught. I don’t mind doing it but I haven’t had the chance to give one as good as these girls can.I bet you’ve received some porn style blowjobs in your day. It must have been the alchohol that had opened the usually sweet, quite Gina up. Mia’s mother was amazing, but unfortunetly I haven’t gotten one in 3 years. I felt her hand slide into mine and saw her glance at my bulging shorts.What would you give someone, to come by and give blowjobs to you regularly. I wouldn’t do that. Oh come on i’m just playing around, just humor me, what would be a fair payment.Hmmm… would I be paying her daily or weekly or all at once. Ummm…. how about weekly. Would I be getting multiple a day or just one, depends on the girl I guess. Ok then if I had the budget, i’d say 100 bucks a day so $700 a week. With having to pay for Mias college, car and summer trip, I would only be able to afford half of that.So $1400 for a months worth of getting your cock sucked. Massage school is going to cost me $2700 minus the table if you find it, and school doesn’t start until the end of September. Would you be willing to make that deal with me Jack.I stared into her eyes as she was smiling at me and slightly blushing. Are you serious? I mean if you are ok with it i am. you have always been there for me and I know how down you have been, and its not like you are some weirdo or I am some whore. No one will question me coming over often, especially if i’m to already be giving you massages. Mia will be away. I will get to finally learn how to become as good as these sluts you are watching, I think it’s a win win for both of us. unless I’m not your type or something. No Gina you are beautiful, I have always thought that, i have fantasised about you doing that to me. I just can’t believe it may be happening. Well I need to put a down payment on my tuition for $100 dollars by Tuesday, so how about instead of throwing me my party you just put the money towards that. If you do, then we can begin tonight, her hand carressed my thigh.

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