Danny becomes Danni. Part 2

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Jodi stared agasped seeing Danni worship Kristin’s member. As Lynn arrived on this sordid scene…hearing Kristin’s moaning, and the muffled sounds of Danni as she worked her cock from her panties…stroking it as Danni took Kristin’s shaft deep..glisting with presex and saliva in the light…Lynn saw Jodi…unzipping her jeans. Her pink panties were moistened from the sounds of her son who is a brazen transvestite…who now found a willing follower…who had become the transvestite he wanted to be. Jodi’s fingers drenched from her sex oozing out hearing the moaning of both Kristin and Danni…was replaced by Lynn’s tounge.

Soon the sounds, and aroma of sex filled the air on both sides of the wall. Kristin began on Danni’s shaft..slowly running her tounge on the opening of Danni’s penis. Danni’s head flopped back and forth…giving out a loud “ohh”…which was followed by Jodi who let out “yes….yes…” as Lynn pushed two fingers into Jodi’s hot, steamy quim….as Lynn pulled her panties aside..to run her finely manicured middle finger across her pussy. Danni’s cock was shinning in the light as Kristin slid her lips…down down to the base of the shaft of Danni…her cock found Kristin’s throat…Danni…arching in the air…clutching the rug got a surprise of Kristin…in the form of her fingers in a condom…invading Danni’s most private area. Ankara bayan escort Danni started convulsing when Kristin’s fingers found Danni’s P-spot..the scene was about to get real. Jodi was in the throes of that herself…as Lynn…pushing her fingers in and out of an already saturated Jodi’s vagina…as Lynn found Jodi’s G-spot as Jodi started trembling..


All of sudden like dominoes falling…climax was in the air…as Danni trembling herself…stomach arched…her anal muscles pulling Kristin’s fingers deeper sent Danni into the point of no return as Danni let out with an incoherent moan….her sex hit Kristin’s bare shoulder leaving Danni shaking in the afterglow of his first prostate massage. Meanwhile…in the hallway…Jodi let out “I am going to sqquirt…” As Lynn pulled her fingers placing her open mouth for the flood that came..as Lynn’s finger moved away for a rather creamy episode. Danni went back to Kristin’s cock…grabbing a vibrator…which apparently the apple didn’t fall far from the tree as Jodi went and got hers for Lynn….only she had two…one she placed on Lynn’s clit…and another she pushed in and out of Lynns moist quim. Lynn was having smaller orgasms through this…the vibrator coated with Lynn’s girlcum…Lynn giving out laughing as she was being sent into nirvana.

As that Lesbian scene went on..Danni’s intusion Escort bayan Ankara of Kristin’s ass witha vibrator was making her squirm doggie style as Kristin stroked her rod…moaning…and heaving her ass on the rug clutching it with her left hand. The sounds of lurid wanton need to orgasm fed both sides of the wall. Lynn was totally lost…the vibrators putting Lynn into auto pilot…neither Kristin or Lynn wanted to stop…the unstoppable…the involuntary motions inside both were too beautiful to stop as both were on the road to earthshattering orgasm bliss. Nothing could stop this…it had to happen.

Lynn…began…as she clutched the rug in the Hallway as she said..rapidly “I’m gonna cum” three times…as the vibrator popped loose sending a river of sticky wet girl semen up against Jodi’s cheek…which Lynn needed more as she took the vibrator on her clit…sending out another creamy climax.

Kristin began to tremble…hearing Lynn’s release as Danni could feel the throbbing of Kristin’s cock…as Kristin yelped she shot load after load of her dick cream into Danni’s mouth…dribbling out onto Danni’s cheek…

This very erotic scenario Hallway and Bedroom was draining enough…As Kristin helped Danni clean up from this hurricane that took place…Lynn came in with a pack of Capri 120s…with a note attached…saying…you might Bayan escort Ankara need these..going to get some dinner…Love, Jodi and Lynn. Kristin and Danni endulged…as Kristin let Danni wear a petite tailored wig after they showered. Danni was no longer Danny anymore.

Going home from dinner…Danni’s Aunt said that the summer JUST got started. Danni confessed to his aunt seeing her use her vibrator…and she said she wanted to stay enfemme from this point on. His Aunt cried…turning to see her nephew…now for the time….her niece…she reached over…in the car…hugging Danni…kissing her on the cheek and lips…saying “I know..” Lynn took Danni upstairs to her bedroom. Along with her a shopping bag full of cosmetics…and a long small box…in which Danni saw a note..”Now you can enjoy this while I enjoy mine..”

The box was with some batteries, lubrication and Danni’s own prostrate massager and some condoms. “You saw me?” Lynn said yes…I was shocked…but this is why you came to be with me. Your mother knew you were masturbating…and she found some make up and lipstick in your bedroom. You learned alot in two days…and you can admit it to her.” Danni had his aunt take a picture, several in fact trying on Lynn’s wigs. Lynn took several pictures on her phone…then called Danni’s mother Marti…Danni confessed…tears running down her face…and likewise as Marti saw her new daughter. Marti, recently divorced said simply “It will be nice to have another woman in the house…

To be continued…


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