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Subject: Dad Loves Me Part 133 Dad Loves Me Part 133 James hoo) I heard the alarm go off and I felt someone reach to turn it off. Then I remembered I was with Mike last night. We got up and both used the bathroom together. Standing next to him we started pissing and I started to reach for his cock to feel it as he was pissing. Mike grabbed my hand and said “Don’t do that or you will make me hard and I’ll end up pissing everywhere including on us.” I remembered daddy telling me he was into piss but I understood. Mike continued “Besides, we don’t have time for you to take care of my hard on this morning.” He winked at me and continued “You know where everything is in my kitchen so go get coffee started and get the oatmeal ready while I make sure the other horn dogs are awake after last night.” We finished and washed our hands and he gave me a quick kiss before I went to the kitchen. He went to their rec room and kicked each teen’s foot. He spoke loudly “Up and at ’em studs. Get up and do your business. Breakfast in 10.” They were all bleary eyed and Larry spoke up “He means we got 10 minutes to use the bathroom before breakfast will be ready.” They got moving rather quickly. When they walked into the kitchen they were moving kind of slow. I looked at them and said “No need to ask why you guys are moving so slow after what we heard last night.” Mike was grinning and Larry asked “What do you mean?” In a loud voice I said “OH MY FUCKING GOD! BREED ME JIM!” then Mike and I started laughing and Larry and Jim both turned red causing Tim, Paddy, and Nick to start laughing too. After we all finished eating, we brushed our teeth and got dressed. Paddy and I were the first ones done and when we walked back into the kitchen Mike was scatching his balls. Paddy decided to be a little cheeky and said “Next time let me scratch those big balls of yours.” Mime grinned and replied “Think you can handle what that would lead to boy?” Paddy just smiled back and said “After being with Benji’s family, for so long, I think I could. Besides we’ve had sex before.”—“But with limits, you start something and I might not hold back.” Paddy stepped behind me and said “You’ll protect me won’t you Benji?”—“You’re on your own this time love.” We were laughing as the other boys walked in. Nick asked “What did we miss?” Mike replied “Private joke.” About 30 minutes later we were all kissing Mike goodbye, and of course Larry’s kiss lingered. We all piled into Larry vehicle and we’re on our way to school. School was just the same old stuff and I really only had fun when I went to my home ec class. It was mostly girls but there were three other guys and the four of us always tried working together on group projects. Two of them were white and the third was African American. I thought they were all good looking and sometimes I found myself distracted by staring at them, especially Nathan, the African American student. He was a junior. He was very striking and reminded me of Dana, but only in the face. He was built like JJ. The four of us talked frequently and they şişli travesti knew I was gay since I came out last year in my last year at junior high. They did not care about that, but they were impressed by my cooking abilities and how quickly I picked things up. Dad (Sean) picked Paddy and me up from school as I was going to stay at his house tonight. At dinner, it was their tradition to talk about their day. We all talked as we ate and I always felt like I belonged because they included me in their discussions. After dinner we three kids cleaned up and did all the dishes. Susan stayed downstairs so mom and/or dad could help her with her homework, while Paddy and I went to our room to do our homework. I must have seemed distracted because Paddy asked “Is something wrong love? Benji?”—“Huh?”—“I said what’s wrong. You seem distracted and distant.”—“I was just thinking.”—“But not about homework. I know you too well and your mind isn’t here.”—“Sorry. Lately I’ve been working in my home ec class with another guy student named Nathan. He’s African American, and in the face he reminds me of Dana, but his body is more like JJ’s.”—“You think he’s cute and sexy don’t you? It’s OK if you do. Maybe talk to the family and ask him over one day some weekend. Get to know him better. Who knows, he could be another member of our extended family.” I looked at him and pulled him into a kiss. “Are you sure about this hun?”—“Benji, when we met last year, we seemed to connect right off because you were so friendly and offered your friendship to a total stranger knowing how lonely I must have been. You have such a big heart and a great capacity of caring. I will never be threatened if anything happens between you, with or without me.”—“What did I do to deserve you?”—“Just lucky you sexy boy. Now make love to me.”—“You bet.” We made love and I fucked Paddy for almost an hour using every trick I knew to prolong our sex play. After we both finally orgasmed and were all sweaty, we took turns showering and then we ended up staying awake longer than we thought we would to finish our homework. We finally crawled into bed together around midnight. We’d be tired in the morning but it would be worth it. I woke up to Paddy nuzzling my neck and ear. “MMMMMM. Good morning.”—“Good morning love. Time to get up.” He moved in to kiss me and I said “I have morning breath.”—“Who cares.” He pulled me in for a kiss not caring about my breath. We threw on some morning clothes and went down for breakfast. Mom looked at us and said “Are you boys OK? You look tired still.” I replied “We had a late night last night, that’s all. We’ll be alright.” I saw dad look at us and smile, then he winked at me. I’m sure I blushed thinking he knew that we had sex last night. Susan came in humming kissed mom and dad and hugged us. We all ate breakfast then Paddy and I went upstairs to brush our teeth and get dressed. Within the hour, dad had dropped us off at school. My mind kept wandering at school because I was still a little tired. After lunch I felt beylikdüzü travesti recharged and raring to go. Finally home ec class came and I found myself thinking about Nathan before he even walked in. He finally walked in and the teacher announced a free day. It was almost like a study hall, I decided to talk to Nathan. We started chatting and talked the whole class period. I asked which lunch period he had and it turned out he had the same lunch hour as me and Tim. I asked if he would like to join me and my cousin for lunch tomorrow. He accepted and I told him where we normally sat. Class dismissed and he put his hand on my shoulder and said quietly “See you tomorrow at lunch stud.” I was struck by that comment and it was in my head the rest of the day so I made some stupid mistakes in my other classes. When school let out, Larry, Jim, Tim, Nick, Paddy, and I met in the commons and we went out to Larry’s vehicle and he drove us over to the gym and we sat waiting for the dads. Larry left us there as he and Mike had other plans. Marcus and Max arrived first and then daddy and finally Wally. We all signed in and went to our lockers and as we changed the dads asked us about our night with Mike and Larry. We told them and when I began telling them about my night with Mike, I could see a little chubbing in everyone’s cocks. After we finished changing, we all went out to the main area. Jim and Tim decided to go swimming this time, the dads went the the area of machines and free weights they always used, and Nick, Paddy, and I went to meet Scott for our program. As we waited a moment for Scott to finish a phone call, we saw the dads talking to two extremely hot men. They kept looking over at us until Scott walked up and gave us each a bro hug. As we followed Scott, I looked back and the men were smiling. We had a real good workout and when the time was over we walked by the pool where Marcus told his boys it was time to go. As we waited for the boys to shower, Scott talked to daddy and Wally about our progress. When the boys walked over by where we were waiting, Scott finished his progress report and we all headed to the locker room. After we all showered we dried off and walked back to our lockers with our cocks all swinging in front of us. I noticed all eyes were on our dads, of course enough men were looking at all of us boys too. After we dressed we went out to the cars and rode home in our mini families. Paddy and I rode with daddy, Nick rode with Wally, and the twins rode with Marcus and Max. It was Wally’s turn to get dinner and he and Nick stopped for pizza. When we all got home we stripped and waited for Wally and Nick. After they got home, they stripped and we all dove into the pizza. While we were eating, I brought up Nathan and that I would like to invite him over some weekend to meet the family and get to know each other better. I also thought we could talk more freely away from school. Everyone agreed and daddy said “I guess we will all have to be dressed until we know him better and know how he’d istanbul travesti react to being around am all male nudist family.” We all agreed and after we were done eating, we talked about who was sleeping with who. Paddy was going to be with the twins, Nick was going to be with daddy and Wally, and I was going to be with Marcus and Max. When we got to the room we were going to use, we ended up swapping kisses and then sharing some three-way kisses. After a short while, I dropped to my knees and started sucking Marcus while I stroked Max’s cock. Then I switched cocks and sucked Max while I stroked Marcus’ cock. I was going going back and forth sucking and stroking my uncle and my future uncle (I hoped). I looked up and they were making out and tweaking each other’s nips. Finally they pulled me up and Max layed me on the bed. Marcus reverse straddled me and lifted my legs and put his ass right in my face, so I freed my arms so I could spread his ass cheeks and stuck my face in and start tonguing his hole. While I was tonguing Marcus, Max started eating my ass, and Marcus bent down to suck my cock while holding my legs up for Max. I wasn’t sure exactly who was going to do what to who, but I was excited and horny for anything. Max stopped eating my ass, and Marcus let my legs go and took his ass away from my tongue. Marcus laid down on the bed and Max “Now fuck your uncle.” Marcus raised his legs and I got behind him and pushed in and thrusted a few times then Max pushed me from behind making mu push as far as I could into Marcus’ ass. Then I felt Max’s cock at my ass and he slowly pushed his big cock into my ass. We got a rhythm going and we’re fucking real good, then Max pulled from my ass and Marcus rolled on over until he was sitting on my cock. Max walked behind Marcus and I could feel his cock pushing against mine and I knew Max was going to get his cock into Marcus’ ass too. Max pushed until his cock started sliding in next to mine. It was so erotic. Max started to fuck and he and Marcus were doing most of the moving. After about 30 minutes I started breathing heavily and Max picked up his speed. Soon they were breathing as heavily as I was and I said “OH God, I’m cumming.” Then Max said “Give him your load little man.” As soon as I started cumming, I felt Max’s cock start to throb and he grunted loudly. We were both cumming filling Marcus’ ass and then he sat upright and started shooting his cum and it was shooting on his chest and also splattering on my chest. Max reached around and started pinching Marcus’ nipples. When we all came down from our orgasms, Max slid out of Marcus’ ass then Marcus lifted his ass from my cock and our cum gushed down onto my cock and balls. Marcus and Max both went down on my cock and balls licking and sucking the cum off of them. Then Max started eating Marcus’ ass. We finally got up and showered and I sucked them both in the shower and got some more cum from them. After we were done, we got in bed and I was between two hot men that I loved dearly. Max made sure the alarm was set and Marcus turned off the light and I went to sleep content and I knew my bed partners were just as content. MORE TO COME…… –Please remember to help support the Nifty Archives to keep it free. You can submit your donations by clicking on the link on the main page.

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