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Computer RepairI had finished 2 years of tech school and took a job with my dad fixing computers. It was easy work that paid good money, and I was good at it. I would work a lot on my own running the shop so that dad could do things he wanted to do, and I liked being there on my own. Most of the time people would bring stuff in and I could fix right then and there and send them on their way. On this day a very sexy, very classy woman drove up in a BMW-the 7 series. She came in, reddish blonde hair, low cut top and a short skirt and heals. Her boobs were just the right size. I am guessing in her late 40’s to early 50’s. She smelled of money. “Can you fix my laptop, it just stopped working.”she said with a smile. I looked over the machine and decided that it was going to need more time and told her to check back in a few days. She said her name was Kelly and would check back. Later I had finished fixing a desktop unit and moved to the strawberry blonde’s computer. I worked with it and determined it had a very nasty virus I which I got that fixed and then was doing some other updates and cleaning. As I finished up I noticed that there was a DVD in the drive. For some reason I started to play it thinking that it might be the source of the virus. It was a home movie of sort, It started with Kelly walking in with a robe on and another woman, alot like Kelly in build and looks was with her. I figured it was some kind of family thing but then Kelly and this woman started to make out on a bed. Then they had their hands all over each other and the robes came off. Kelly was stunning naked as was the other woman. I was transfixed by this video and these two women going down on each other as I would not have guessed either to be the type. Both women had toned kuşadası escort bayan bodies and were shaved and looked really good for their age. I had never been a granny chaser but I would happily bang either of these women. Then four men walked into frame, naked. They were not porn stars by any stretch, they were chubby and older than the two women. They divided up two men to each woman on each end of the bed. The guy running the camera was doing a good job keeping going back and fourth between the two groups. The guys took turns fucking each of the women, within minutes each woman had had all four guys in her pussy, bareback. Then the heavy fucking started. then the camera zoomed in Kelly’s cunt as the man came inside her. He pulled out and the camera got up close to show his cum inside her. Then another mounted her. Then they did the same for the other woman and then back to Kelly and then back to the other woman. Each woman took a load from two different men. There were a couple of other videos on the disk, showing Kelly with another woman and several other men having sex. I had to rub one out after watching the video. I got the computer ready to go home. The next day Kelly showed up with her husband, he was not one of the men in the video and picked up the computer. They paid the bill and left. Working on computers I find videos like this alot but they are mostly of a married couple fucking and are not much to look at. But Kelly was rich and attractive and did not seem to be that type plus she was fucking a lot of men. Any way a week later Kelly came in with another computer for me to fix. After I closed the store I went to the back to fix Kelly’s laptop and see if another video was there. And there was.This video was escort kuşadası a rough cut or unedited one. It was full of several shorts takes and then a couple of the group sessions. The short takes were of Kelly being impromptu, she was in a parking lot with a man who was all over her then he bent her other the hood of a car and entered her from behind, banged her, filled her full of his jizz and walked away. The camera zoomed in on a large glob of jizz dripping from her cooch. Then another of her with an old guy on the golf course giving him a quickie. Again a closeup of her cum filled pussy, just as two other old guys walk up and want in on the action. Another scene with her and another lady at a night club fucking two guys in a booth. This DVD she must have fucked twelve different guys, but they were all old guys. This time when Kelly came in to pick up the computer she paid and when she grabbed the computer she must have pressed the DVD tray and it opened. Kelly looked at it with a look of shock and asked me if I had seen what was on there. I told her yes that I had to check it for virus and that I would like to see the finished product after edit. She smiled and left. About a week later kelly popped in and handed me a DVD and left with a big smile. After hours I went to the back and played the DVD. It was the same video but had been edited. I watched it all the way thru then had to go relieve myself. I could not believe that I had the hots for this woman who was older than my mom. A few days later Kelly came n again and asked me how I liked the video. I told her it was great but she should get some younger guys. Then she said they were made with members from her swing club group and some strangers for their own fun. I told kuşadası escort bayan her I would be up for it if they ever needed a younger guy. She just smiled and left. Next day Kelly came in and gave me a card with her address and a time. I told her I would be there. Next evening I showed up at her house. There was another lady there, from one of the videos and a lady with camera. I was horny as a guy could get and was ready to show off. We quickly went to work, Kelly took off her clothes and so did I. We started in a sixty nine, my buried in her fine muff and my cock down her throat. Then Kelly rolled over on top, my cock planted deep inside Kelly’s tight cunt. She was trying to work me over but I got the jump on her and with in a minute or two she was screaming as she had a massive orgasim. I rolled her over so that I was on top and went to town banging her good for another few minutes before I went as deep as I could get and drained my balls inside her womb. After a five recovery time I went for the other woman and made her cum too before filling her full of my dick snot. A ten minute recovery then I moved on the old woman running the camera, she said her husband would not approve and I reminded her he will never know as I slid my cock deep into her wet hairy snatch. She came easily and I soon flooded her womb with a sticky load of my ball juice. The ladies were pretty satisfied and I got requested back. About a week later. This time Kelly and three other older ladies. But these ladies were not the one in the movies. They were some others that were not as pretty but wanted some cock behind their husbands back. I banged these old rich ladies with gusto till everybody was happy. I did get some parts in their movies. But Kelly mainly had me fucking some of the older lonely cunts from around the neighborhood. I mean they were great fucks, just not much to look at. I was okay with that as along as I got to hit the good looking ones too. Since I was getting plenty of free pussy I would fix their computers for no charge!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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