Common Interests, Part five

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I felt the covers that had lain over us stir and the absence of my lover’s body as I awoke. My eyes caught a glimpse of her bared buttocks as they disappeared into the bath room’s door. I stretched out my arms and legs luxuriously to drive the sedentary muscles of sleep from my body, it felt so good to simply relax. To know that soon Brenda would come to greet the morning with me, even though I doubted we would make love, the thought was nice to conceive. I let her have the time she needed to wake up and take care of whatever morning rituals she called her own. As she returned I smiled and laid as I had been, flat on my back with my head propped onto a pillow, hands gently clasped behind my head. My waist and lower covered with the bed‘s pale yellow comforter as again my manhood swelled with her gaze. I feasted my eyes on her as she swayed gently towards me, still naked as the day she was born. The only thing she had on was a broad smile very similar to the one that graced my face as well. “What?” she said in a low sultry voice that went straight to my gut. I sighed softly and watched her stop a few feet from the side of what was now her bed, our bed. “Nothing Brenda, just enjoying the view,” I replied with a faint chuckle. “Jerry,” she said with a teasing glint to her eyes and twist to her perfectly bowed lips, “I can’t believe how easy this is. Well, except that I’m a little sore; you know where,” and giggled. “We shouldn’t be able to feel the way we do, share the things we share. But I can’t seem to help it; I’ve never done something like this before. It’s so wrong, but it‘s so good too.” “It’s okay Bren, we’re both adults and,” I paused to gather the right words, “we have found what so few people ever do. You’re right, what we’ve done is so totally wrong since we’re both married to another, but we’re just so right for each other Beylikdüzü escort in every way but that.” I held my hand out to her and beckoned her to join me; I needed to feel her beside me, at least. She stepped the two steps and slipped into bed beside me. Her arm draped over my chest as she cuddled sweetly against my bare flesh. I quivered at her touch and kissed her forehead gently. “Jerry,” she cooed, “I can’t believe how much I crave your body, Brian and I have sex a few times a week, but it’s not the same. I don’t think it’s because you’re so much bigger than he is; you just do things to me that make me so hot and cum so damned hard,” she shuddered against me, “so damned hard.” I turned on my side to face her, our faces close, my lips brushed over hers gently before I whispered a reply. “Bren, we share a bond somehow, that has to be it. Kind of like in Feehan’s stories of soul mates, ya know? We complete each other with more than just sex.” Tears welled in my eyes as the thought of losing her crossed my mind; thankfully only a fleeting thought as her hand slid over my side and cupped my butt to pull my hips closer to hers. Our lips met, just past gently, and pressed harder and harder still until our tongues danced within each other’s cavity, warm, wet and filled with desire once again. My cock swelled full between us and we groaned harmoniously. She fidgeted against me, the moves causing my arousal to send hot thick blood through my veins, my rod a searing poker ready to dip into the well of soothing fluids if she would allow it. She glanced at the clock on the bedside table, 8:14 read in bold red digits. I saw the smile paint her face with desire as her face returned to mine. Our lips came together with a heated need as we ground our bodies against each other. When our mouths parted Beyoğlu escort bayan she whispered, “I have to be at work by noon. Care for a quickie,” and laughed knowing that more often than not our love making took far longer than we had available. I slid my hand over her hip and down her thigh. Pulling it up and over me I could feel the warm moist heat of her pussy calling to me, beckoning me to satisfy her request. “Yes,” was the only word I could muster as I rolled her to her back and kissed her with deep passion and heated command. My body lay half over hers and my hand traversed her torso to her breasts, one and then the other I caressed and kneaded with my desire to further her arousal. She gasped as my mouth fell along her neck and to her tit, sucking in the hardening nipple with greedy desire. “Oh yes,” I groaned sending vibrations into her fleshy orb. I sucked her nipple in and half of all she had as she replied with coos and panting breath. My hand stole downward and cupped her hot moist mound curling two fingers into her flower. Her breaths ceased and her hips rose to meet the invading digits eagerly. I plunged them into her sheath and she gasped with delight. My fingers pushed into her sheath, hot and wet now with want. Her heart raced as her arousal grew from one moment to the next, mine did as well. My lengthy prong painful with the swell of desire ready to sate her every need as well as my own. I felt her body contract as her juices flowed to fill the snug walls of her pussy; she groaned and thrust her hips to meet my hand and fingers with an eagerness to be satiated fully, quickly and with insane haste. My body moved over hers as my fingers plunged deep into the wetness of her well. One thrust after the other as my body aligned with hers. One thrust with my fingers was replaced Escort Bomonti with my thick hard shaft on the next thrust. Deep and hot was my commanding push. She screamed out as she found climax, “Fuck me; damn you fuck me hard!” I did as I was told as I lifted her knees to my ribs and pounded deeply into her sheath as her hips flailed to meet my every thrust. Her orgasm full, her need absolute, I fucked her as hard as my body could do, as deep as my lengthy prong would reach. She screamed out my name as her body convulsed and then fell still, numb to anything but reverie of the peaks she had found without end. My need was almost as quickly found as one thrust after the other took me to her deepest recess, the head punching at the inner wall of her womb with each entry. I grunted and could do no more as my sack tightened to a knot prepared to release my hot sticky seed into her yet again. My cock swelled as I restrained my release, she knew I was close and thrust her hips in a circular move to complete my needs as I had completed her. Savage was our lust, hot carnal desires fulfilled as her body convulsed yet again sending her fluids to meet my own. We came together and cried out or joy in harsh harmony. I collapsed to her side and drew her with me unwilling to lose the connection of our sexual high. We gasped and moaned as the fiery thunder ebbed, as our hearts slowed, as our body’s convulsions faded. I pulled her face to mine and kissed her, she kissed back with equal need as our passions were shared much as had been our lust. “I can’t believe how fantastic you are,” we both said in perfectly synchronized words and tone. We laughed together causing the erection that still filled her to slip from the wonder of her sheath. I could have cried except that I knew we still had time to share before Brian and Jane would return. “Baby,” I cooed, “I think we need a bath before you can get ready for work.” She laughed softly and whispered, “Not if I call in sick,” and winked with sultry invitation knowing that would possibly be the worst thing she could do. “Seriously?” I asked. “No Jerry, but it sounded good at the time,” and laughed again.

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