Christmas with the Cleaning Lady

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(special thanks to Pennlady for editing and to cleaning ladies everywhere!)


Steve found himself the last person in the office again. It was another late night, and Christmas was fast approaching but he just had to finish the sales proposal. It was a huge account and could make or break his bonus for the next year. It was all going to be worth it in the end, he told himself.

He girlfriend, Beth, had been bitching constantly about the late nights that Steve was putting in. On that the other hand, she had been pushing him hard all year to go for this promotion. Steve sighed; the holiday season wasn’t supposed to be this stressful.

He had met Beth at City College and they had moved in together after they graduated. He was the star football player and she was an aspiring model; everyone assumed that they were meant to be together. Beth had been in a couple of magazines, but was far from famous and her income was minimal. She was amazingly beautiful though, and he often wondered if her constant complaining and obsession with money was worth it. He just knew that this winning proposal would garner him a promotion and get Beth off of his back.

One good thing about staying late at the office was that he got to see the cleaning lady. Her name was Nadine and she was in her early- to mid-fifties, but she looked much younger. She came in at seven o’clock and always greeted him with a big smile and cheerful hello. She had dark hair without a trace of grey, and she was pleasantly plump and very busty. Steve shook his head and silently chided himself for noticing the cleaning lady’s chest. Work must be getting to me, he thought.

When it was close to nine, Steve decided to pack it in for the night. He made sure to track down Nadine and tell her goodnight; it was part of his routine. She was so pleasant that it was usually a highlight of his day.

“Alright, Nadine, I’m out of here. You have a great night,” he said.

“Oh, thank you, Mr. Smith. You, too,” she said, smiling widely at him. Her voice had only a slight trace of a German accent, that he found very sexy.

“Please, call me Steve, and I will,” he replied.

“Alright then. Goodnight, Steve. Merry Christmas,” she said, and then Steve was out the door and heading home to Beth.

As he lay in bed recovering from a hot sex session with his girlfriend, Steve’s thoughts turned to the office and to Nadine, the cleaning lady. He wondered if he should get her something for Christmas this year. It would be a nice gesture and she sure did deserve it for all the hard work she did and how pleasant she was. As he pondered gift ideas, Steve fell sound asleep.

It was a week before Christmas and the holiday season was in full swing. There were trees and wreaths everywhere and Christmas music was wafting out of every store and building that Steve passed on the way to the office. He stopped at a little curio shop a couple of blocks from his building and started walking the aisles looking for something that Nadine might like.

When music from the Nutcracker Suite came over the speakers, he realized he had often heard Nadine humming the same music as she cleaned the office. Steve spied a little music box sitting on the counter near the register. It was labeled “Nutcracker.” He took a closer look at it, noticing how finely detailed and beautiful it was. Nadine would love it, he decided. His girlfriend Beth, on the other hand, would have hated it. If it didn’t have a designer label, then it wasn’t worth having in Beth’s world. God, he needed this promotion.

“Would you like it gift wrapped?” the clerk asked him.

“Yes, please,” Steve said with a smile.

A few minutes later, Steve had the music box wrapped and topped off with a beautiful bow and he was on his way to the office. Once there he placed it in the bottom drawer of his desk and got to work. It felt good to be playing Santa.

It was another long day full of sales and marketing meetings. Steve couldn’t remember when he was this busy during the holiday season, but at least he had a job, so he didn’t complain. It was going to be another late night, so he called Beth and let her know not to stay up for him. She told him it was ok and that she was going with the girls to her office holiday party.

He was annoyed that she hadn’t even mentioned the party, let alone invited him, but he decided it was just as well. He didn’t want to hang out with a bunch of people he didn’t know. It was another thing that irritated him about Beth. He didn’t fit in with her modeling friends and associates and she seemed embarrassed about it. It’s not like he was bad looking or anything and he still worked out, when he had the time.

When he got off the phone, he checked his calendar to see when his party was scheduled for. It was Christmas Eve. He jotted down the time and date in his personal planner and then got back to his proposal. It was coming along nicely, but he had so many meetings that it was frustrating he couldn’t get more canlı bahis of it done during normal business hours. He was missing so many basketball games, it was making him sick. Thank God for SportsCenter. He questioned himself for a second, wondering why he was missing basketball more then his beautiful girlfriend, but he dismissed it and went back to work.

Steve heard the familiar sounds of nightly cleaning, and glanced at his watch. It was just past seven o’clock. Smiling, he pulled open his bottom desk drawer and took out the package he had purchased earlier that morning. Then he walked out of his office looking for Nadine.

She was out in the reception area dusting the pictures. She was humming to herself and didn’t notice Steve standing there watching her. She was wearing snug-fitting jeans that really accentuated her full, wide hips and as she stretched to reach the top of the pictures, his eyes moved up to her large breasts straining against the white blouse that she had tucked into her jeans. He felt a little stirring in his pants as he stood there watching her.

Steve shook his head and cleared his throat.

“Nadine?” he asked.

Nadine stopped her dusting and turned around.

“Hi Mr…. I mean Steve,” she said with a smile.

“I hate to bother you while you’re working,” he said.

“Oh, you never bother me,” she replied. Steve thought he detected a slight blush in her cheeks.

“I got you a little something for Christmas,” he said and held out the box.

“For me?” Nadine asked incredulously.

“Yes,” Steve answered. “You can open it now if you like,”

Nadine reached out and took the gift. Steve noticed that her eyes were tearing up.

“Mr…Steve, I mean,” she said, full of emotion. “This is one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me,”

“Oh, I doubt that. Go ahead, open it,” he said, feeling a little embarrassed. Perhaps he shouldn’t have gotten the gift after all.

Nadine sat down on one of the oversized lobby chairs and unwrapped the present. When she pulled out the music box, she gasped.

“Steve, this is really beautiful. You shouldn’t have done this. I don’t know what to say,” Nadine said, and then she got up and gave Steve a big hug.

Steve wasn’t expecting that and hugged her back awkwardly. He did, however, enjoy the feel of her huge breasts mashed against him, and her musky perfume was incredible. Steve was starting to get an erection. Luckily, Nadine broke the embrace and stepped back before she noticed. Had she glanced down quickly as she stepped back? Steve wondered.

“Thank you so much,” she said.

“You are very welcome. I’m really glad you liked it,” he responded.

“I didn’t get you anything though,” she said, biting her lip.

“And I don’t expect anything either,” he assured her.

“I’d better get back to work,” Nadine said, still smiling shyly. She picked up the music box and the wrapping paper and went back down the hall. Steve went back to his office and put in a few more minutes of work before leaving. He yelled his goodbyes down the hall to Nadine and left for the night.

Later, back at the apartment he shared with Beth, Steve lay in bed exhausted. They had just finished fucking, and all he could think about the whole time he was nailing Beth was Nadine. He kept picturing her large breasts wobbling on her chest as he was fucking her. He had been so horny. What was wrong with him? He felt like a cad.

Beth was beautiful, thin and model like. Sure, she was a little small in the boob department but she was still hot. She was the most beautiful girl he’d ever been with, and not only that, they were planning on getting married next year. Why was he thinking about the cleaning lady during sex? He shrugged it off as a harmless fantasy. It was healthy to have fantasies. At least that’s what he had read in Beth’s latest copy of Cosmo. He had also noticed that nearly seventy percent of the magazine was nothing but ads for more stuff for Beth to spend his money on.

The next morning he felt like himself again, kissed Beth goodbye and headed off to the office. It was another grinding day full of end-of-year meetings and crunching numbers. He was going to have to put in some extra hours yet again, but he didn’t mind. He also wanted to make sure that things between him and Nadine were ok. He never thought that she’d react like that to his gift, but it made him feel good to make such an impact with a something so small. It really was the little things in life that mattered most, he thought. How come Christmas was the only time of year when people realized this?

As he was working on a spreadsheet with an endless array of pivot tables and complicated functions, Steve heard the familiar sounds of Nadine moving around the office. He was pleasantly surprised when she popped her head into his office a few minutes later.

“Hi Steve. How are you doing?” She beamed at him.

Nadine wore a tight sweater that showed every curve of her bahis siteleri massive chest. She looked amazing. It was all he could do to not drool. She was becoming an obsession for him.

“I…I’m doing great, Nadine, how are you?” he managed to reply.

“Oh, I’m doing great, too, thank you,” she replied and then left.

This woman was really doing a number on him. He was attracted to her, he realized with a shock. Was she flirting with him? “Snap out of it, Stevie, you fool,” he said to himself and then got back to his spreadsheet and presentation.

Later that evening, Steve wandered into the break room to get some water and Nadine was in there replacing a roll of paper towels.

“Thanks again for the music box. It’s beautiful,” Nadine said.

“I’m glad you liked it,” he said, and then changed the subject. “Are you all ready for Christmas?” Steve asked her.

“Yes. It’s just going to be me this year,” she responded. “My daughter is in the army and stationed in Iraq, but she’ll be home for a month in January.”

“Oh, I’m sorry Nadine,” he said.

“It’s ok, Steve. I have all my decorations up and I’m going to spend the day drinking hot chocolate and watching all the holiday shows on TV,” she said smiling. “I just love Christmas.”

“That sounds pretty good actually,” Steve said. He knew that Beth would bitch all day about what she didn’t get and complain that her soap operas had been preempted. Beth hated hot chocolate too.

“Are you going to the Christmas party here on Friday?” Nadine asked him.

“Yes, I am. Are you?” he asked surprised. Usually they didn’t invite any vendors or the cleaning crew.

“Yes. Donna invited me personally yesterday. I’m excited,” she said, eyes wide.

“Well, that’s awesome. I’ll see you there,” Steve said and then headed back to his office. A half an hour after that he left for home after saying good bye to Nadine. He had to fight to keep his eyes from drifting down to her amazing chest. If she caught him looking, she never let on. She was really sweet.

The next day was the same. Donna, Steve’s boss, had found some errors in Steve’s spreadsheet and gave him a list of corrections to make. He called Beth to let her know that he was going to be late again. She gave him an earful and then hung up on him. She was getting worse the closer Christmas got, he thought.

Steve buried himself in his spreadsheet until his eyes got blurry. Sometime after five, he stepped out to the break room to get a drink of water, and as he was leaving, he turned to go through the doorway and literally ran right into Nadine. His cup flew out of his hand, spilling water all over the floor. He found himself pressed against Nadine, who had grabbed the doorframe to brace herself.

“Oh, shit!” he exclaimed. “I’m so sorry. I wasn’t paying attention. Are you alright?”

“Yes. My fault Mr…I mean, Steve,” she replied. “I didn’t know you were in here,”

Neither one of them stepped away though, and Nadine looked up and started to laugh.

“What’s so funny?” Steve asked.

Nadine just pointed to the top of the doorway. Steve looked up and saw that someone had hung some mistletoe there. Nadine stepped closer and put her arms around Steve and gently pulled him closer. He could feel her hard nipples through her bra and sweater. Steve didn’t need any more encouragement and he leaned forward and kissed Nadine. She returned his kiss hungrily and soon their tongues were exploring each other’s mouths. Steve tightened his arms around her and he knew that she could feel his erection pressed against her this time. He backed up just a little so that he could get put his hands on her amazing chest. Nadine moaned into his mouth as he gently kneaded her breasts.

Steve pulled away panting. “I don’t know…we can’t do this.” He stared at her. His cock throbbed, telling him that, yes, they could do this.

“I want to,” Nadine answered and moved forward, renewing their embrace and kiss.

Steve couldn’t resist and he couldn’t get enough of her. Nadine’s full lips and hips and oversized breasts were a new sensation. It was the most amazing thing he’d ever felt. Grinding against him, Nadine sucked his tongue into her mouth and placed a hand on his raging hard on. She wasn’t as sweet and innocent as she appeared. She had a little nasty side that turned him on all the more.

They both pulled apart abruptly at the sound of the lobby door opening. Nadine scampered down the hall, and Steve ran into the men’s room to straighten himself out and splash some water on his face and adjust his member.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” he said quietly. “What am I doing?”

Feeling like he was back to normal, and his cock deflating and adjusted, Steve took a big breath and opened the men’s room door to see Beth standing there scowling at him.

“Did you forget?” she asked. “I knew you were staying late but I thought you’d be home in time for dinner with my parents. What’s gotten into you? Come on.” she bahis şirketleri said.

“Sorry.” Steve said meekly.

“Wow.” Beth said. “You look a little pale. Don’t get sick on me.”

Steve went into his office, shut down his computer and grabbed his coat and briefcase and followed Beth out of the office. He looked for Nadine the whole time, but she was nowhere to be found. Would she be angry at him? Should he even care? She had started it, after all. He was so confused.

Steve had completely spaced the dinner date and it was too late now. Once home Beth had decided that she wasn’t angry at him any longer and tried to make it up to him. She was like a split personality some times. At home, Beth proceeded to give him a wonderful blowjob to make him feel better. He had to admit that she had the sexiest mouth and lips of any woman he’d ever gone out with, and she gave incredible blowjobs. She always swallowed every last drop of his cum. After his make out session with Nadine, he was definitely in need of some relief.

Steve looked down at his beautiful girlfriend has she worked her sexy mouth and lips up and down his shaft. She had one of her dainty hands wrapped around his cock stroking him as she sucked him deep in her mouth. He never lasted very long when she worked his cock like this and tonight was no exception. Steve tensed up and started shooting his load into her mouth. Beth moaned around his cock as she started to swallow and when he was done, she pulled her lips off of his deflating cock.

“Yummy. That was fun,” Beth said smiling, and went to get a drink of water.

Steve felt like a fool. Here was a beautiful girl, who enjoyed sucking his cock and swallowing his cum. Sure she was bitchy, materialistic and unromantic most of the time. On top of that she really didn’t like Christmas unless she got something really expensive — but nobody was perfect right?

Later in bed, Beth asked Steve what he was going to wear.

“Wear to what? Bed now, or to work tomorrow?” he answered, still lost in his thoughts.

“No, silly. What are you going to wear to the office party on Friday night?” she asked again, rolling her eyes at him. “I swear babe, sometimes you can be such a dumb ass.”

He cringed a little, knowing that Beth had spent a couple hundred dollars on a dress that she would only wear once. She did that every year. He kept thinking about his upcoming presentation and the promotion that would follow, knowing that everything was going to work out just fine.

He had forgotten all about the office party. Would Nadine be there? Would she blurt out in front of Beth and the whole office that they had had a make out session? No, that would be ridiculous; but Steve had a fitful night of sleep thinking about these questions.

On Friday, Steve was distracted the whole day thinking about all of the possible outcomes, and when five o’clock came, he left the office to get changed and get Beth. The girls from the accounting department were already hanging up decorations and setting up tables. It was always a nice party at the office every year. Usually he really enjoyed them. They held it in the lobby and general office area and there was music from a DJ, a makeshift dance floor, door prizes and food and wine and beer.

About two hours later, Steve and Beth arrived at the party. Everyone and their significant others were there. Steve introduced Beth to all of his co-workers and bosses and they settled into the party with a couple of glasses of wine and some appetizers. Beth knew a few of them, including Donna, Steve’s boss, from previous office parties and after- work social events. They were having a great time, except for Steve’s nervous looks around the office every time someone entered or left. After a while the DJ got the music started and Beth and Steve took the floor for a nice slow song.

“This is really nice, Steve. Thank you,” Beth said. “But I think someone else would like to dance with you,” Beth continued, smiling at him and pointing behind him. Steve turned and saw Nadine standing there. She was smiling shyly at him and looked incredible in a long skirt and tight red sweater. Her dark hair was loose and hung to her shoulders.

“It’s Christmas, baby, besides, she’s creeping me out, looking at us. Just do it,” Beth whispered and then stepped back.

Beth pushed Steve forward and told him she saw someone she knew. Before he could protest, Beth was gone and Nadine was in his arms and Steve was dancing with his new partner. Her massive breasts were pressed against him and Steve felt the beginnings of an erection forming in his pants.

“This is nice,” Nadine whispered in his ear.

Steve knew it was common to dance with people you worked with at parties and even slow dance with co-workers. He wondered if Beth and Nadine had spoken when he wasn’t paying attention; maybe when he had gone to the bathroom.

“We need to talk,” Steve said. He had to stop this madness right here, tonight. He would go nuts if he didn’t.

“I know,” Nadine answered, looking down. “We can talk in the your office?” she asked.

“Yes,” he answered. “Let me tell my girlfriend that I have to step away.” He emphasized the word girlfriend.

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