Christening the New House (More Roomate’s Dad

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Christening the New House (More Roomate’s DadDevin and I had moved out of the dorms and into a small, cheap house. His folks came down with some household supplies the weekend after we had moved.Devin was a groomsman in a friends wedding in Dallas that weekend, as well. Betty, Devin’s mom, was going, too. That would leave Don and me at the house most of Saturday and Sunday morning. Don and I had hooked a couple of times since our first encounter, and I was really looking forward to tangling with him again during this visit.After Devin and Betty left, we didn’t really do much of anything. It was just a lazy, do nothing day. Several times, I wanted to start something, but, except for our first time, Don had been the instigator. I watched him intently all day, becoming more and more horny with each minute. In my eyes, this man was perfect: well built, masculine, hairy, confident, and incredible sexy. At bed time, Don said goodnight and went to Devin’s room. I was more than disappointed; I was devastated. I crawled into my bed with a hard on, knowing that Don was in the next room in nothing but his bikini briefs. I didn’t know when we would have this opportunity again. As I lay in bed, I rubbed my cock and balls and played with my ass. I pushed my finger into my ass to the second knuckle. I moaned quietly. I added a second finger as I played with my cock. Gawd, I wanted my fingers to be Don’s cock. I closed my eyes and imagined the first time he fucked me. Another quiet moan.At first, I wasn’t sure that I had actually heard something. I held very still and listened intently. There it was again, a quiet knock on my door.“Yeah.” I whispered.The door quietly opened, and Don stood in the doorway in his bikinis. His silhouette was enough to make my ass twitch around my fingers. My knees were still raised; my fingers were still in my ass.“Uhm,” Ron murmered, “I was wondering…”It had been like this each time after the first. Each time it seemed he was unsure if I would want to play again. He seemed so hesitant, so vulnerable.“You never have to wonder with me,” I said quietly. “Any time I can help you out, I’m here for you.” He silently entered my room. As he made his way to my bed, he removed his underwear and tossed them aside. He pulled the covers back to crawl in next to me.“Looks like you started güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri without me,” he chuckled. “Go on, I’ll just watch for a little.”Don stood next to my bed as I slid my fingers as deep into my ass as I could. I held my nuts up so that he would have an unobstructed view. “Mmm,” Don sighed.I added a third finger. My eyes were glued to Don’s face; Don’s eyes were glued to my asshole. I continued to fuck my ass. Don continued to watch, mesmerized by my fingers and my hole.Silently, he lowered himself onto my bed. He placed his hand on my chest, then slowly moved down my body. As he neared my crotch, his hand moved sideways to my waist, then to my thigh, and finally to my ass. He moved his fingers around my own as I continued to slide them in and out of my ass. He exhaled laboriously.His touch was electrifying! I crammed my three fingers deep into my ass. I could feel his fingers exploring my ass hole where my fingers disappeared. I wanted him in me. I slowly started to pull my fingers out.He grasped my wet fingers in his hairy hand and squeezed. Then, he guided my fingers back to my butt.I allowed only one finger back into my ass, and began a long, slow fuck. I shivered as I felt his hand and fingers rubbing my hole.He used his finger to trace around my ass, circling my own finger. He placed a finger at my hole, along side mine. Gingerly, he pressed his finger to my ass, then pulled it away. I watched as he sucked his finger into his mouth. He looked so hot fucking his mouth with his hairy finger. I watched the spit dribble down his finger and run across the hair on the back of his hand. I watched him watching me. He removed his finger from his mouth. Ever so slowly, he brought his finger back to my ass. He again placed his finger at my hole. He waited until I had withdrawn my finger until only the tip remained, then, as I slid my finger in, he pushed his finger in with it.“Awww,” I groaned. “You feel so good.”“Yeah,” he breathed. “You, too.”We fingered my ass together. I could feel the hair on his finger with each stroke. The hair on the back of his hand and arm grazed my thigh with each movement.“Another one,” I asked. “Put another one in now?”He waited until only the tips of our fingers remained, then he added a second finger. He wrapped perabet güvenilir mi his other hand around our hands, holding our fingers deep in my butt. Now, he controlled the pace. He used his grip on our hands to keep us together, to keep us in unison. He continued to finger fuck me, pushing deep with each thrust.“Oh, shit,” I hissed. I grabbed his hand to stop him; I was about to cum.“You OK,” he asked.“Yeah,” I panted. “I was getting’ close. I don’t want to shoot, yet.”He smiled. Our fingers were buried deep. He wiggled his fingers; they tickled my prostate.“Stop! Stop!” I pleaded. “You’re gonna make me cum.”“Go ahead,” he cooed. “Show me what you got.”My hand was still on his. I pulled back on his hand, then slammed it back to my ass. I pounded my hole with our fingers. I raised my legs higher, granting more access. I pulled our fingers deep into my ass and pushed as hard as I could. My cum sprayed out of my dick onto my chest, neck, and face. I could barely breathe.“That’s the first time I’ve actually saw you cum,” he smiled.He eased his fingers out of my ass. He used his other hand to insure that my finger stayed in my ass. He traced my lips with his fingers, his fingers that had just been in my ass. The scent of his sweat and my ass juices filled my nostrils. Hesitantly, he touched the cum on the side of my face. He smiled. He scooped the cum from my face and neck with the fingers that had been fucking me. He brought his cum covered fingers to my mouth.I opened my mouth and sucked his fingers into it. I tasted my cum and ass juice. I tasted him, too. I bathed his fingers with my tongue, sucking them to back of my throat. I never took my eyes off of his face. I hadn’t even looked at his cock since he had started watching me.He fucked his fingers into my mouth. He twisted his hand back and forth as he fucked. He wiggled his fingers. He rubbed his thumb along the bottom of my chin.“Mmmm,” he moaned. “You’re beautiful.”He pulled his fingers from my mouth as he used his other hand to pull my finger from my hole. He placed his hand on my shoulder, then traced down my arm to my waist. He rolled me onto my stomach. Both hands now went to my shoulders.I felt his hands shaking as they moved down my back.They glided across my cheeks and onto my thighs. tipobet Then, back up to my cheeks. He pulled my cheeks apart, exposing my finger fucked hole. He used his thumbs to rub up and down my crack and to play with my hole. He had never been this adventurous. Except for our first time, our sessions had been hurried; a frantic fuck or a quick suck. He had never touched me so much. Still, he had never touched my cock or balls.He placed his hands on either side of my head. He slowly lowered himself onto my back, guiding his cock between my legs. His cock head nudged my nuts. His hairy chest and stomach now fully rested on my back, and he wrapped his arms over the top of my head. His lips brushed against my ear; they rested there. His labored breath blew across my ear and cheek.He moved his legs from between mine, to outside them. He pushed my legs together using the strength of his hairy legs. His hard cock was snug between my legs, continuing to push against my balls. He did not move.I relished the feel of his hairy body on top of me. The hair on our legs tangled together. I loved the way his hot, hard cock pressed against my scrotum and nestled into my balls. I pushed back to him, humping his cock between my legs.“Mmmm,” he groaned. He humped back. His cock head slid across my taint and back to my balls. His precum served as the perfect lube. His foreskin peeled back from his head as he humped; the skin on the shaft did not move between my legs, but I could feel the veins in his thick cock as it slid back and forth between my legs. He continued to hump against me.“I’m gonna cum,” he whispered in my ear, almost apologetically. “I can’t stop it. It feels too good.”He continued to slowly hump my ass. He did not increase the depth or speed of his thrusts. His arms tightened around my head, and his breaths became ragged.“Oh, yeah, Mike,” he whispered. “Oh, yeah.”He pushed his cock head against my ball sack. I felt each squirt as he shot onto my nuts. My scrotum absorbed each and every movement as his load pumped through his cock.When he was done, he collapsed on top of me. His entire weight pushed me into the mattress. His lips still rested against my ear and his breath whispered across my ear and cheek. His hairy body completely enveloped me.We lay on the bed for several minutes. Silently, he rose from the bed and returned to Devin’s room.I saw his underwear still crumpled on my floor. I quietly retrieved them and tucked them into my pillow case. I could smell his sweat in them and feel his cum on my nuts and between my legs. I nuzzled my face next to his bikinis and inhaled.

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