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CherylIt all started innocently enough last Friday afternoon when my boss announced that he wanted me to work late that evening. This announcement came as something of a surprise because although we frequently work late at my office, Friday night had always been the one night we would leave at 5:00. My boss explained that a certain client of ours needed a particular financial statement early Saturday morning, however, and so I resigned myself to a late night at the office.Unfortunately, I had previously promised two friends of mine that I would meet them later that evening for drinks at a local bar. Bill and Steve were former college fraternity brothers of mine and we had remained close friends since graduating from college ten years ago. My wife, Cheryl and I had first started dating in our freshman year of college and so Cheryl is also good friends with Bill and Steve. Both of them are still single and my wife, and I frequently have them over to the house or join them for drinks at one of the popular night spots here in town. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I was a virgin when Cheryl and I met, but I really get a vicarious thrill out of watching the guys picking up women. Cheryl, too, enjoys our nights out and in fact, she frequently calls their attention to beautiful women who look available, saying such things as, “How do you like her legs?, I think she likes you, why don’t you ask her to dance?”.I knew Cheryl was looking forward to a night out and so I rather reluctantly dialed our phone number, faced with the unenviable task of cancelling our plans for the evening. When I finally reached my wife on the phone, she didn’t seem too upset at the cancellation of our plans. Instead, she suggested that she join my friends without me. I guess I was feeling sort of guilty about the whole matter and so I agreed, telling Cheryl I would see her later at home. “Okay, I’ll see you later. I love you.”, reMikeed my wife as I hung up the phone. I spent the next few hours diligently completing the set of financial statements I had been working on and around 11:00 I finally decided to call it a night. As I drove out of the office parking lot, I made a snap decision to stop by the bar on my way home in the hope that Cheryl was still there and I might have a drink before heading on home.It was quite crowded at the club and I spent a good ten minutes driving around in the parking lot looking for a place to park my car. I was just about to give up when finally spotted a place near the very back end of the parking lot. I had just closed the car door and was about to head into the club when I happened to glance over towards the far corner of the parking lot. I couldn’t quite tell in the dark but it appeared that it was my two friends, Bill and Steve talking and drinking a couple of beers. I started to walk over towards my friends and I was just about to call out their names, when suddenly I heard a muffled cry coming from the back of Bill’s van. I guess it was quite nosy of me, but I couldn’t help but quietly sneak past the front of the cars until I was kneeling right in front of Bill’s van. Bill and Steve were just finishing their beers as I overheard Bill say, “What the hell is taking Dan so long? I knew we should have left earlier. It’s been two weeks since I last got laid and my balls are so swollen they hurt!”. “Come on Bill, give him a break. Just be glad she didn’t invite all his friends along too.”, laughed Steve, “Hell, why don’t we join in. I’m sure she can handle more than one cock at a time.”. When I heard the back of the van close, I waited about thirty seconds before I cautiously raised my head to peer in the front window.As I looked through the window, the feeble glow from a nearby light illuminated what had to be the most erotic sight I’d ever witnessed! A guy who I took to be Dan was positioned with his back to me between the splayed legs of a woman, Bill meanwhile had removed his pants and was kneeling by her head so she could suck his cock. Steve had also removed his pants and he was softly massaging his prick while waiting his turn. From my viewpoint all I could see of the woman was her juicy pussy stretched wide around Dan’s unusually large prick as well as her black platform shoes d****d over Dan’s shoulders.As I watched their frenzied screwing, I realized my own cock was hard as a rock and so I hurriedly unzipped my pants to relieve myself. I still had not yet caught a glimpse of the woman but there did seem to be something quite elazığ escort familiar about the way she was enthusiastically responding to Dan’s thrusts. I was really quite envious of my friends and although I had never even thought about cheating on my wife, I did consider announcing myself and asking if I could watch the fun. I was really enjoying the show, when suddenly I saw the woman reach down with her left hand to playfully toy with Dan’s hairy anus. However, it wasn’t the sight of her slim middle finger slipping inside his ass that caught my attention, but instead it was the very distinctive ring around her finger. Even in the dim light of the van I was able to see that this was the same ring I had placed on my wife’s finger at our wedding eleven years ago! I was utterly shocked at what I was seeing. Here was my sweet innocent wife of ten years unashamedly fucking and sucking three men, including my two closest friends! What made it all the more bizarre was the fact that although I felt a tremendous sense of betrayal and jealousy, instead of rushing in and breaking it up I continued to pump my cock with even more enthusiasm than before. It took only a couple of seconds before I reached a tremendous climax, spewing my cream all over the front of my pants.My mind was filled with questions as I continued watching my wife fucking. Was I some kind of pervert to enjoy watching Cheryl with other guys? Or was Cheryl intending to leave me? One thing I did know for certain, and that was that I had just had the most powerful orgasm of my life and strangely enough my cock was beginning to stiffen once again. I had just started to masturbate my erect rod for the second time, when suddenly Steve moved towards the front of the van. I was quite worried that I had been discovered, but fortunately he instead rolled down the two front windows. “That’s better. Man, it’s hot in here.”, exclaimed Steve as he made his way back to the rear of the van. I couldn’t believe my luck in that now, not only could I watch my wife fucking but I could hear every detail as well. Cheryl’s moans and groans were somewhat stifled by Bill’s cock buried in her mouth when Dan suddenly clenched his buttocks together and buried himself to the hilt in Cheryl’s pussy. “Oh yeah, that a girl. Squeeze my balls, Oh Yeah! I’m coming!”, cried Dan as his cock jerked wildly, flooding my wife’s cunt with his creamy seed.As soon as Dan had finished coming he rolled off my wife and Bill moved into position between her legs. Before Bill blocked my view, I was able to momentarily glimpse Cheryl’s face as she looked over at Dan and cooed, “Oh God, that was great. When you asked Steve to bet my panties in that game of pool, I knew that if he lost, I would win!”. “Oh man, you are one nasty girl! There was no way I was going to lose that bet!”, responded Dan as he sat back against the side of the van grabbing a beer and finishing half of it in one swallow. “You know Dan, if Bill and Steve hadn’t been around, I just might have taken on your three friends too.”, giggled Cheryl. Just seeing Cheryl’s glowing expression was enough to convince me that she was having the time of her life and I began to jerk off in earnest, thrilling to the sight of Cheryl reaching down between her legs to grasp Bill’s erection.”Oh Yeah, Bill, Stick it in me! I love it!”, cried Cheryl as she guided Bill’s rod into her juicy hole. “You do love to fuck, don’t you Cheryl?”, questioned Steve as he knelt by my wife’s face so that she could suck his cock. Since my wife had Steve’s huge prick filling her mouth she couldn’t respond, but from her frenzied movements and her moans of pleasure, it was obvious Cheryl was climaxing almost continuously.After about five minutes, Steve threw his head back in pleasure and began pumping streams of semen into Cheryl’s mouth. My wife kept her mouth glued to Steve’s prick as she swallowed every drop of his creamy treat. It was only a couple of minutes later when Bill cried out, “Oh Yeah!”, while unloading deep in Cheryl’s cunt. By this time they all needed a break and so Steve grabbed a couple of beers from the ice chest while Cheryl lay between Bill and Dan, her creamy thighs d****d over each of the guy’s bare legs.No words were said for a couple of minutes as all four of them savored the luxurious feel of sexual satisfaction. Soon, Cheryl began to gently run her fingers through her soaking pubic hair, rubbing the semen leaking from her pussy all over the erect knob of her clitoris. Dan’s cock escort elazığ twitched at this sight as he exclaimed, “Damn, are you ever satisfied? Hell, I can’t believe your husband ever lets you out of the house alone.”. “He doesn’t suspect a thing. Mike’s a great guy and I really do love him, but he’s not the best lover in the world, you know what I mean? I just love guys with big cocks and Mike’s dick is not even 6 inches. I don’t know, I guess I’m just a slut.”, giggled Cheryl. “Hell, both Bill and I have been fucking Cheryl ever since she and Mike first met back in college. You wouldn’t believe it but I think she fucked almost every guy in our frat house over our four years in college and Mike never even caught on. Mike’s a great guy, but if you looked up the word naive in the dictionary you’d find his picture.”, laughed Steve while reaching over to playfully pinch one of Cheryl’s nipples. Bill joined in saying, “Yeah, I can’t believe Mike’s never figured out how Cheryl is sharing her pussy with all his friends. Hell, you won’t believe it, but even at their wedding reception, Cheryl and I snuck off for a quickie and I later found out she’d done it with a couple of other guys too!”. “Yeah, I guess that was naughty of me. I had wanted to surprise Mike on our wedding night and so I wore sexy lace thigh high stockings with no panties under my wedding gown. But when Mike’s best man, Kevin reached down and felt my ass on the dance floor, I couldn’t help myself. He just looked so cute in his tuxedo that I knew I had to have him. You should have seen his expression when I dragged him into a back room, pulled up my dress and let him fuck me then and there! God, that was sexy! Just knowing that anyone could walk in and see me bent over a table, my wedding dress up around my waist while the best man fucked me silly, was enough to give me multiple orgasms. It was so good that I ended up screwing Bill and another guy over the course of the afternoon. Yeah, that night I had Mike lick me before we screwed and he didn’t even notice that my pussy was filled with his friend’s come!”, giggled Cheryl. Watching my wife continue to finger herself while describing how she had fucked three other guys at our wedding reception was incredibly erotic and I had to stop jerking off to keep from coming too soon.The sight of Cheryl running her fingers in and out of her juicy pussy was too much for the guys and so Steve lay back on the carpeted floor while directing my wife to straddle his waist. Cheryl immediately swallowed Steve’s large cock with her juicy pussy while leaning forward to give him a wet kiss, mashing her swollen tits against his hairy chest. “Mmmmm, that looks good.”, moaned Cheryl as Dan knelt to the side of Cheryl so that she could turn her head to suck his cock. Just seeing my wife rocking forward to engulf Dan’s thick cock and then rocking back to impale herself on Steve’s stiff rod prompted my second climax of the night as I knelt down and shot my load onto the pavement in front of me.When I finally stood up to peek into the van, they had switched positions and now Cheryl was on all fours as Dan fucked her swollen pussy and she alternated sucking Bill and Steve. They kept at it for almost ten minutes when suddenly Dan cried out, “I’m coming, Yes!”, thrusting his cock deep inside my wife and gushing his semen into the furthest reaches of Cheryl’s body. As soon as Dan pulled his limp cock from my wife, Steve removed his cock from Cheryl’s mouth and moved behind my wife to insert his cock in her juicy opening. “C’mon Cheryl, I want you to beg for it.”, joked Dan as he slapped my wife’s ass before placing his swollen cockhead near the entrance to Cheryl’s pussy. Cheryl had to momentarily remove Bill’s cock from her mouth to beg, “Please Steve. Fuck me, please. I want to come.”. Suddenly, Cheryl pushed back with her hips burying Steve’s cock balls deep in her gaping opening. Laughing, Steve just held still while telling Cheryl fuck herself on his rod. Bill, too, got into the act as he also held still and had Cheryl rock back and forth impaling herself on their two hard cocks. I had never known my wife to respond to dirty talk but Bill and Steve had Cheryl coming almost continuously while slapping her ass and telling her what a slut she was and how they intended on taking her to their friend Eric’s stag party the following weekend. “There’ll be over ten guys there and you’ll get to fuck every one of them”, laughed Bill as he reached down to pinch Cheryl’s elazığ escort bayan erect nipples. Suddenly, Cheryl removed Bill’s cock from her mouth to whimper, “Oh god yes, you know how I love gang bangs. I’m coming, Yes!, Yes!”, while bucking her hips uncontrollably, savoring the sensation of Steve’s hard cock in her pussy. My wife’s orgasm triggered Steve as he, too, began to climax. Cheryl’s gyrations during her climax resulted in Steve’s prick slipping out of her snug pussy and as he released his load, he spewed streams of semen all over pert ass. Bill didn’t give Cheryl a chance to catch her breath as he immediately moved behind her and shoved his cock deep into her juicy opening. It only took a couple of strokes before he too pulled out and unloaded all over Cheryl’s cute ass cheeks.”Oh God, that was great, but I better get going. I told Mike I’d be home early.”, cooed my wife while reaching back to rub the warm come into the smooth skin of her buns. Hearing this, I quickly made my way back to my car and carefully pulled out of the parking lot. All the way home, I pondered what to do. Should I tell Cheryl what I had seen? Or would it be better if I just kept quiet about the whole thing? I finally decided to keep quiet and as I drove into our driveway I was starting to feel quite pleased with my decision. After all, Cheryl had never refused me sex and although she had indicated that my smallish cock wasn’t big enough for her, she was always very enthusiastic whenever I licked her pussy. So if my wife wanted to fuck other men, how could I complain. As a matter of fact, I was really pleased to discover that Cheryl was able to give full rein to her sexual desires.Cheryl returned home about thirty minutes later and as she walked into the bedroom, I was able to see her in a totally new light. No longer was she the sweet and innocent girl I had married, but instead I saw her as a sexy, desirable woman, reveling in her sexuality. When I asked if she had a good time, she said, “Yeah, it was okay. I really missed you though, honey.”, while leaning over to give me a kiss. When Cheryl had undressed she started to make her way to the shower but I stopped her and led her to the bed where I immediately reached down between her legs to fondle her juicy cunt. I whispered, “You feel really wet tonight, would you like to make love?”, as I ran my fingers in and out of her come soaked pussy. “Oh honey, I love you so much.”, lied Cheryl while reaching over to massage my stiffening penis. Remembering Cheryl’s comments about my inability to satisfy her with my small member, I decided to make my way down her body until I was looking directly at her well fucked opening. There was a small stream of come seeping out of her pussy, but that didn’t stop me as I proceeding to lap up the semen from her juicy snatch. In fact, as I sucked the come from her pussy, I realized that this tangy flavor was not unfamiliar and I laughed to myself as I realized this wasn’t the first time I had been served a creampie. As I worked my tongue over my wife’s clit, she became more excited until finally, she reached an incredible climax. Cheryl’s orgasm caused her pussy to spasm sending a gusher of come from her three lovers into waiting mouth.When Cheryl’s orgasm had subsided, I looked up from my place between my wife’s legs and I saw how content she looked. I started to move up to enter her pussy, but she stopped me saying she was tired. “Honey, why don’t you just pay with yourself tonight, okay?” cooed Cheryl as she ran her fingers softly through her satisfied pussy. I still don’t know why this turned me on, but I was soon frantically beating my meat as Cheryl looked on with a smile on her lips. Just remembering how sexy my wife looked while fucking my friends induced me to promptly orgasm, covering my hand with my hot semen. Later that night, when Cheryl had fallen asleep on my shoulder, I looked over at her and realized that regardless of what she does with other men, I’ll always truly love her.The next weekend Cheryl made up a lame excuse about spending the night with one of her girlfriends but I know she was the featured attraction at Eric’s stag party. I, meanwhile, spent the night masturbating to one orgasm after another as I imagined my pretty wife taking on a large group of horny guys.Since that time, I’ve become even more comfortable with my wife’s infidelity and I’ve even thought to confess that I know of her promiscuity. Maybe someday Cheryl and I can have an open relationship where I will allow her to fuck and suck any guy she wants so long as I get to watch or join in on the action. Frankly, I couldn’t imagine a more perfect marriage and I’m hoping to get up the nerve to bring it up with Cheryl very soon.

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