Cat’s Story Ch. 04

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Cat could not believe the incredible sight before her, its unbelievable beauty, the power of what nature had created, and the feelings of romance she now felt lie ahead.

Cat was mesmerized by the beautiful portrait nature had painted over thousands of years using the sun, wind, fire, ice, rain and snow as she was in search of an explanation for our surroundings.

“Burt, where are we? I have never ever seen anything like this in my life before, what happened to the top of this mountain?”

Cat inquired of me

“Sweetheart, we are at “CRATER LAKE”, and it lies inside the top of an ancient dormant volcano that is 420,000 years old, it is known as Mount Mazama, which is in the Cascade Mountain range of Oregon. I’m sure you have heard of the Pacific Rim’s “Ring of Fire.” Well this is a part of that. The rim of this ancient volcano is a twenty mile circle of cliffs, some of which drop almost 2,000 feet before reaching the unbelievably blue waters of the deepest lake in the United States and the seventh deepest in the world”

I enthusiastically informed Cat

Cat just continued to stare at the astonishingly beautiful view before us and then again questioned me by asking,

“Why is the water such beautiful colors? And if this is a volcano why is there an island out there?”

“Sweetheart, the water colors of vivid blues and greens are created because this is one of the clearest and purest lakes in the world. It has no water entering it other than pure rainwater and it also is just under 2,000 feet deep and five miles across. This water being so clear it kind of works like a prism, except that it absorbs the longer wavelengths of light better (reds, oranges, yellows, and greens) and reflects the shorter wavelengths of blue in the deeper waters, giving it the brilliant shades of blue, from dark blue, sky blue, turquoise, light blue and many more shades of all of those. The shades of bright green around the edges are from the green wavelengths being reflected back up in the shallows making them more easy for us to see.”

“As for the island, it is called Wizard Island and is a very old lava dome made up of black lava rock. Over hundreds if not thousands of years trees as well as other vegetation have found their way to the island and have taken root making it a true island paradise. There is also an assortment of wildlife on the island, though it is not inhabited by any people. Actually when this volcano blew up 7,700 years ago, it was a huge cataclysmic explosion, 50 cubic kilometers of magma, or molten rock… By comparison, when Mount St. Helens also in the Cascade Mountain range but in Washington state erupted in 1980 it was only about half a cubic kilometer of new magma; this explosion was a hundred times more powerful”

I answered Cat’s question and then laughing added,

“I sound like a damn tour guide”

Cat walked at my side as we both followed Sierra out of the parking lot and began our hike through the forest of the volcano’s rim trail, Sierra leading the way, as he could not contain his excitement sensing our plan to camp in the wilderness of the area along with his obvious need to explore.

The view from both sides of the trail was just stunning as we hiked along in the cool morning air, though the oxygen level at this high elevation was felt but not enough to be uncomfortable. Off to our right was the 2,000 foot drop of the shear cliffs falling away to the lake below, affording us many breath taking views of Crater Lake and Wizard Island under the warmth of a spring days bright sunshine filled sky. To our left was a view that extended out over the forests of the Cascade Mountain range that had the appearance of a dark green carpet highlighted by the protruding snow covered peaks as far as the eye could see.

Columns of light filtered down through the thick evergreens, lighting our way through the darker areas of the trail. Both sides of this small trail winding its way around the volcanic rim were covered with beautiful exotic wild flowers, berry filled bushes and large green ferns, many of them standing silent guard as we passed, like sentries on the path leading to natures hidden garden of romance, and that in fact was our secret destination. Cat was still not sure of the exact location of our so very romantic hidden hideaway, which I had kept from her since the very beginning of our adventurous journey, wishing to keep it a wonderful surprise as long as possible.

Peering over a small rise in the trail both Cat and I were very surprised to find what looked like an ancient crater in the rim that was approximately a hundred feet across. We decided as we descended down into this depression that it must have been a large vent that had erupted thousands of years ago leaving this huge void in the main volcano’s rim. This ancient secondary crater was now overgrown with vegetation of all shapes and sizes. Everything from large evergreens around its perimeter to ferns, flowered vines and meadow like Isparta Escort grasses around a clear, blue, small pond that had formed from the catching of rain water in the deepest part of this smaller crater.

Cat and I approached this pond and the beauty of this secluded spot struck us. The meadow like grasses coming down not only to the edge of the pond but spilling over into it, huge ferns also growing up from its edges as well as interspersed throughout the surrounding evergreens. Very beautiful splashes of color from many varieties of blooming flowers of floating aquatic plants on the surface of the blue waters of the pond, vines growing up into as well as draped amongst the evergreens, the many small bouquets spotting the carpet like green meadow grasses as well as unusually bright shades of the many unusual varieties of mushrooms encircling the shaded bases of every towering tree. This attesting to the fact that this most certainly must be a result of the very fertile volcanic soil and the abundance of moisture provided by the trapped seasonal rains of the clear, blue pond water.

“Sweetheart, let’s stop for awhile here and rest and maybe have a snack. What do you think?”

Cat suggested pleasantly

“I think it is a wonderful idea, let’s sit down in the warm sunshine at the edge of the pond”

I agreed with Cat as I watched Sierra drinking from the ponds cool water.

Cat and I shared a simple snack of fried chicken and potato salad that we had packed knowing at some point we would want a quick bite to eat. Sierra was running around, tail flagging highly as he explored every inch of this so very interesting new place.

After Cat and I finished our snack I took each of her delicate slender fingers into my mouth and seductively licked, sucked each of them clean.

As the warmth of the sunshine and the snack began to have that lazy effect on us both I offered,

“Sweetheart, let’s take our clothes off and enjoy some of this warm sunshine before continuing on?”

Cat just smiled at me as she lifted her tee shirt up over her head, revealing the supple-softness of her breasts. After tossing her tee shirt aside Cat leaned back propping her hiking boots up on my outstretched leg, inviting me to remove them for her. I unlaced and removed her boots, as well as her socks, it was then that I noticed the mischievous smile on Cat’s face. I then was pleasantly surprised to find Cat laying back enjoying not only the warmth of the sunshine upon her exposed breasts but also the movements of the hand she had secretly slipped under her shorts and over her smoothly shaved mound.

Leaning toward her I lowered her shorts down over her ass and legs, which she had lifted off the soft grass to assist their removal. After quickly removing my shirt, shoes, socks and shorts hastily, driven by the excitement building within myself knowing what lie ahead, I seemed to be mesmerized by Cat’s unchallenged beauty. Cat lifted her legs spreading them widely and then placing her heels up on my shoulders. Cat licked her lips seductively as she was obviously enjoying the teasing of me as she rubbed her fingers over her smooth mound, down over and into her sweet succulent nectar filled pussy. Cat then curled three of her fingers slowly, allowing them to slip into the wet folds of her beautiful pink womanhood, and then very slowly drawing them up through her spread folds and deeply into this so very warm, wet, sensuous and desirable meeting of her openly spread legs and inner thighs.

Cat dropped one leg down bending it at the knee so that her bare foot now began massaging my rock hard cock as she placed her collected thick nectar into my begging mouth. Cat spreading this same wonderful product of her building pleasure over my lips as well as at the entrance of my nostrils, knowing her sweet taste and scent would drive my senses wild. Cat slipped her fingers back into her steaming pussy collecting more of her sweet juices and then as I watched Cat raised them up to her waiting tongue and mouth, licking her fingers as well as sucking them into her mouth seductively, stripping them of her hot nectar, teasing me all the more with that mischievous cat like smile on her face.

I could not take anymore of her teasing as I leaned forward forcefully spreading her legs open around me as I dove down between her open legs. My face plunging into her wet pussy and kissing, licking and sucking on as much of her treasure as I could manage frantically. Cat had accomplished what she had intended all along, that being the teasing of me until I could no longer hold back my animalistic lust for her. As my tongue probed deeply into her I rubbed the hot wetness of her exquisite pussy over the entirety of my face, needing to feel as much of her wet scent as possible spread over myself. Cat sensed my wild passion and grabbed my hair with both hands and pulled my face sharply into her, swiveling her hips as to grind her hot, wet cunt into my willing face.

Just as I started to climb up between Cat’s invitingly spread legs she again surprised me, this time by lifting Isparta Escort Bayan a leg over me, and turning over onto her knees and then backing into me. When I started to raise up to guide my throbbing hard cock into her awaiting hot, wet cunt, wanting to fuck her hard, deep and fast like the wild horny animal she had driven me to become, I was shocked to hear Cat say,

“Burt no…Wait! Honey I want to feel you pleasure my ass, like we talked about the other night”

Cat and I had discussed anal sex several nights before and she had shyly revealed that it had been a long time fantasy of hers, but she had expressed her fear of it being painful. I assured her that if we experimented with this, that I would be very careful as not to hurt her.

Without really acknowledging her request I reached over grabbing our two backpacks, covering them with the large soft beach towel that I had brought out planning on taking a quick dip in the pond. Guiding Cat to lean over them as to allow her to relax as much as possible and then reaching in gently and spreading her legs with my hands and then spreading her ass cheeks apart as well. This gentle spreading of her ass cheeks apart exposing her quivering little pink ass opening. I could hardly contain my excitement of pleasing the woman I loved in this way, seeing all of her as being so very beautiful. Yes, there was something very primeval about pleasuring her in this so raw passionate way.

Leaning down and then over I let the tip of my tongue slip into the wetness of her sweet pussy and began to alternate from licking and kissing her delightfully swollen pussy lips and probing her sweet folds deeply gathering her sweet nectar as I worked my way up to her sensitive little hole. As the tip of my tongue tenderly circled her virgin orifice I felt Cat slightly tense causing her sweet quivering hole to pucker up at my touch. Sensing her uneasiness I widened the circles massaging this so very delicate area and allowing her time to experience the soothing tough of my tongue, lips and my gentle kisses.

Feeling Cat beginning to again relax I tenderly licked in smaller circles and kissed the edges of her slightly opening hole. Letting the tip of my tongue spread her own nectar which I had deposited with my tongue abundantly just between her now dripping wet pussy and her beautiful little asshole into and over just the entrance of her sweet ass. The tip of my tongue teasing her entrance with feathery little touches around and just slightly into her ass. Feeling her tiny bunghole relaxing even more, becoming accustomed to the soothing touch of my tongue and lips, I let my tongue slip through the deposited wetness and just slightly into her ass as I heard Cat moan softly.

Once again Cat surprised me by wiggling her ass against my tongues pressure as if wanting to help it slide inside even deeper. It became obvious Cat was now yearning to feel the pleasurable sensations of my tongue probing into her ass deeply as she contributed to my probing by reaching back and pulling her ass cheeks apart even further as she moaned even louder. My tongue now slipping as far as possible into Cat’s willing ass, I then began to let it slide in just a little further each time I moved it in and then almost all the way out, but never completely withdrawing my tongue from Cat’s sweet little opening.

My tongue soon slipping through the slippery, soft wetness of her now relaxing sweet, little hole as far as my outstretched tongue could possibly probe. Beginning to slide my tongue back and forth more aggressively now I also invaded Cat’s steamy, succulent pussy with three fingers of my right hand. While my warm tongue began devouring Cat’s sweet willing little asshole my fingers began their frenzied attack on her quivering with delight, wet pussy. Cat now gasping loudly as she fiercely pinched and rolled between her fingers her long thick erect nipples with both hands no longer needing to spread her ass cheeks open for me as my tongue was licking inside her tender little hole easily. Cat was now not only relaxed completely but open enough for me to actually slightly curl up my tongue inside her, licking the inner walls of her so very sweet little asshole.

“Sweetheart, are you ok? I’m not hurting you am I”?

I inquired out of my concern not to cause Cat discomfort.

“Honey I’m ok, really I am. Oh baby, it feels so good, I had no idea it would feel this good”

Cat assured me

With the relief of knowing not only was I not hurting her but also that she had found everything up to this point to be pleasurable, I found the small bottle of edible massage oil I had placed in a side pocket of my backpack knowing it being exposed to the rays of the sun would be warm and ready for use whenever I needed it to pleasure Cat, though as I packed it I was thinking more along the lines of giving Cat a nice warm oil massage at the end of a hard days hike.

I poured a good quantity of this warm oil down and into the crack of Cat’s still openly spread ass cheeks, quickly catching it running down into and over her beautiful Escort Isparta little hole with my fingers allowing the puddling of this warm, soothing oil over her relaxed, sweet hole. Setting the bottle aside I began to massage this oil over the cheeks of Cat’s ass, up the full length of her smooth crack as well as massaging her little hole’s entrance very well using the small soothing circling of my well oiled fingertips.

“Oh Honey, GOD, that feels so good”

Cat revealed as I Firmly massaged the warm oil into the entrance of her sweet hole.

Cat’s moans of pleasure excited me all the more as I Cautiously let the tip of just one finger begin its delicate probing of her unresisting slippery, soft ass orifice. Letting this one finger move around in very small circles and slightly back and forth, entering her ass in a very soothing and patient way, I could feel its acceptance as Cat’s sweet little hole began to almost suck on the tip of my finger up to the first knuckle. Back and forth and around massaging the inner walls of Cat’s ass deeper and deeper until my finger was buried deep into Cat’s ass, its full length experiencing for the first time the warm softness of being buried deeply into her sweet asshole.

Sliding this well lubed finger almost completely out and then burying its full length again and again, over and over and rubbing it all around inside her so very soft and tender asshole Cat cried out loudly,


Don’t stop that feels fucking incredible, Please don’t stop”

With Cat’s encouraging I then pushed up with the three fingers I had buried deeply into her hot pussy as I slid a second finger easily into the tender softness of Cat’s asshole, this allowing these five fingers to rub against each other, only separated by the thin film of skin dividing her anal channel and the inner wall of her fully wet pussy.

Three fingers inside her burning with desire pussy and two sliding back and forth deeply into her ass allowed them to create a wonderful feeling of being completely filled, completely exposed to my every desire. As my fingers in her pussy returned to their frenzied ramming deeply into Cat’s pussy the fingers in Cat’s delicate little hole began to more firmly massage the well lubricated inner walls of her ass by curling their tips slightly and then rubbing all around inside Cat’s ass. Spreading her asshole open wider and wider as it relaxed more and more by the soothing massaging motions of my fingers, which were buried deep into her softness.

Cat grunted and moaned with pleasure as I allowed a third finger to slip deeply into her willing ass as my other fingers continued stimulated her pussy in such a wonderful, deep way. Pumping my fingers into Cat’s ass much more aggressively now I again asked Cat,

“Sweetheart, you sure you’re ok? I’m not hurting you at all baby?”

Cat could hardly reply as my fingers pumped back and forth deeply into her now fully accepting delicate little hole. Cat breathlessly and in time with my driving fingers as they stroked deeply into her ass managed to reply,

“OH!…OH!…OH!…I…I…I’m ok!…OH GOD!…OH…I…Don’t stop!”

Hearing Cat’s unintelligible moans of pleasure, hearing her timed whimpering as my fingers pleasured her completely, filling both her seized holes, taking her any way I might please, Cat knowing she was completely vulnerable to my every desire, Cat freely giving herself to me, though having no choice at this so exciting point was driving both of us beyond control. My taking Cat like a wild animal, taking her completely anyway I demanded, Cat being totally at my merci, of which I was showing none. Rotating all around inside Cat’s ass and feeling that even these three fingers had plenty of room as they massaged the delicate inner walls of her ass, knowing that Cat was now completely relaxed, was completely accepting of my fingers possessing her ass, knowing Cat was all mine, knowing Cat was now ready.

I slipped my fingers out of her ass and pussy spreading their wetness over the erect rock-hardness of my cock, as well as pouring more warm oil onto and into Cat’s sweet little asshole by inserting just the very tips of two fingers into her sweet hole, tilting my hand up slightly and pouring oil very slowly onto them, allowing it to seep into her little relaxed hole. Taking my cock in my hand I began to rub its smooth well-oiled, swollen head over Cat’s ass cheeks, up and down the crack of her ass and finally around in small movements circling Cat’s delicate entrance to her ass. Teasing Cat’s asshole with the tip of my cock as I allowed it to tenderly spread her tight little hole open slightly, gently, just slipping my cocks head into her ass.

The head of my cock slipping into Cat’s ass so that her little hole puckered up around its shaft, just under the head, as if kissing, sucking and welcoming my cock into her as she pulled her ass cheeks apart with both hands once again. Moving my hips back and forth in very slight movements, allowing my cock to enter Cat’s ass just a little deeper each time. I leaned back just enough to give myself the beautiful view of watching my cock sliding into her sweet little pink asshole further and further with each movement of my hips, stopping long enough occasionally to gently swivel my hips using my cock to continue the soothing massaging of the inner walls of her delicate little asshole.

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