Carrie’s Story Ch. 02

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Anal Drill


Even though the expected call from Kim was brief, the contents of the conversation were more than sufficient to cause Tommy’s dick to rise. Of course, talking to Kim usually did that, since by agreement Kim was pretty much his for the fucking that year, but this was special, and much more exciting.

So Kim was going to deliver Carrie to him Friday night. It was still conditioned on the team winning the game, but that was not really in doubt, since Tommy had already promised Kim’s body to the winning pitcher and the top hitter for the game. Even though this was the playoffs, Tommy doubted very much that the other team had the kind of incentive that his boys did.

Susan’s graduation last year cost both Tommy and the school cheerleading team their ‘Head’ Cheerleader. Until Kim had approached him this year out of the blue, his balls had been blue for long periods of time. Days, even. As one of the top athletes in the county, he was unused to such hard living.

Kim was a hot, sexy, horny girl. He had always been a fan of petite Asian women, and Kim was all that, plus she was gorgeous, horny and enjoyed the significant lack of a firm moral compass.

In other words, she was perfect.

That first time with her, in the back of his mustang behind the old abandoned factory … well, everyone has good games and bad games. Nothing much you could do about those bad games. But occasionally, every once in a while, the receiver is always open, the basketball net looks as big as a swimming pool, your curve ball has an extra three inch drop; every once in a while, if you really worked it and the moment was right, you could give a woman an out of body experience.

That evening, he’d popped Kim’s cherry for sure, but he had also given her four orgasms, and left her begging for a fifth. You always strike when the iron is hot. That was a phrase his mother often used, although he didn’t think she intended for him to put her life lesson to use in the manipulation of women in moments of pre-orgasmic weakness.

Who knew that Kim wanted more than a fling? What had she said? Something like, “I want to be fully prepared for college. I don’t want to get to college having just had sex with one guy.” And she’d been apologetic about it! As if she had expected them to be going steady just because she had spread her legs in the backseat of his car.

“Worry about that later, babe. We’re just getting started on the evening.”

She had gone from one orgasm to the next under his tender ministrations, and he had gotten into her head with dirty talk. Soon she was discussing her Isparta Escort deepest fantasies, describing them to the first person she had ever met who could possibly make them happen.

Who knew that Kim Xu, that reserved, beautiful and elegant Asian princess, was secretly harboring slut fantasies? Detailed and naughty, very naughty fantasies.

Well, Tommy could certainly supply the cock. She just had to earn it.

Kim had been shocked by this turn of discussion and started to object, so he brought her to another orgasm … almost.

And it was there, and in the post-orgasmic bliss, and then the pre-orgasmic lust and tension, that Kim got the full picture and they reached their agreement.

Kim needed cocks, and she needed to learn everything she might need to get ahead in college, and she needed it now. Tommy needed to get the scouts’ attention and he needed to get his guys to concentrate and play harder.

It was perfect: Kim would fuck seniors on the team after each win. Good for both Tommy and Kim. Kim gets to tease and frustrate the guys who are assigned to her body after a win for the days before the next game.

Good for Tommy and Kim again. Kim learns the tricks of the trade from multiple men, and she gets to ridiculously, awfully torment those guys who were unable to come up with a win on their turn with her.

Tommy and Kim both loved that: Tommy got guys staying hours later for practices. When he called for a Sunday practice, it was not “Seriously dude? WTF you are taking this like it’s a job, man.”

No, it was “At 10? Why not start at 8 am and go to 5 pm? A few extra hours will help with our double-play mechanics.”

And for Kim, that manipulative little bitch, she got to get her rocks off teasing those guys. And when they won the next game and won her body, she also got the benefit of some angry and frustrated men taking it out on her. She’d been the recipient of some serious shagging these past few months.

But back on that fateful Friday, in the back of his mustang, Tommy had added a condition. He’d inserted the condition into the agreement right after he’d inserted his cock into her, as she was juuuuust about to crest on her fourth, or was it her fifth, orgasm.

She really had not been thinking too clearly at the time.

Too bad.

What mattered to Tommy was winning the State Championship. He needed Kim to really give it up to the team if they won the Championship, otherwise they would not have anything to really push them along. By that time in the season, Kim would surely have serviced all the Isparta Escort Bayan guys at least once, and they would need something new to the mix, something that they had never experienced before.

So on that Friday, right before he brought her to her final orgasm, Kim had agreed to fuck the whole starting team (all seniors), no holds barred in the private prom after party. He’d intended to say “No holes barred,” but changed it at the last minute because he realized that Kim might object to being the subject of an anal gangbang. It worked like a charm.

It was almost three months into the season, the team was charging through the playoffs and taking their turns celebrating on and in Kim Xu. It was the fucking moron catcher, Matty, who led Kim to the realization of what she had agreed to do, or more properly stated, take, for the team.

Matty maybe can be forgiven. His favorite past-time with Kim was always to spitroast her between his cock and whoever else had earned the right to her body. Evidently, he spilled the beans while fucking her from behind as Jimmy fed Kim his cock. After being subjected to Kim’s teases and taunts for over a week, he just had to go and tell her he was looking forward to fucking her ass after the prom.

It didn’t take long after that for Kim to figure out that the baseball team had an anal gangbang planned for her.

Kim had wanted out. She’d begged and pleaded, but Tommy was adamant. There was no way his guys were going to forgive him if he let her out of the agreement – they’d been looking forward to this anal after prom party even more than winning the fucking State Championship.

So Kim had started to work on the other players and had been giving them blowjobs in the locker room in exchange for them trying to intervene. Who knows what else the guys managed to get out of her, or more likely, into her, as the price for the intervention.

Tommy had finally agreed on one condition: you find an alternative that the boys accept as fair trade, and we’ll let you out of your deal. But it’s going to be either Ms. Burbeck, the newly-hired young and hot English teacher, or another senior girl from their class in their school. Nobody else was acceptable, and whichever hot female she got, she had to submit to Tommy before the final round of the playoffs started, and she had to arrive at the private prom after party.

Tommy and his boys would take things from there, and Kim’s anal cherry would remain intact.

Kim had spoken to a couple of the cheerleaders, and they had laughed in her face. Even if they had Escort Isparta wanted to help out, Kim was a snooty bitch and hadn’t made many friends. Her head was always in her books, and when not studying, she was worrying about the next Gucci line of sandals, or some other kind of stupid shit like that.

Being a nasty piece of work to the other ‘fashionable’ girls did not leave Kim any friends, and none was willing to lift a finger for her. At least one of the cheerleaders had offered to cheer the boys on during the event, but realized that being female in that room at that time was probably not a recipe for good things for her, and so backed out.

Kim was left with only one option: her best friend, Carrie.

Carrie was absolutely delectable: the perfect little Midwest farm girl – blonde hair, blue eyes, perfect body, virginal, innocent, and not the slightest idea that she was banging hot. She was smart and sweet, too. Marriage material, really, except that she was also one of those bookworms looking to get ahead and out of this farm town.

When Kim offered up Carrie’s virginity, her innocence and her friendship (with Kim) to keep 9 men from gangbanging her ass – no, just to keep Kim from welching on an agreement! Seriously, how would Tommy and the boys enforce such a deal?

Tommy couldn’t figure whether Kim didn’t realize this, or if she got her rocks off corrupting her best friend. Probably the latter, but what did Tommy and his boys care? They got to fuck the two hottest chicks in the school. Maybe they didn’t get Kim’s ass like they wanted, but the opportunities for fun with two girls instead of one were more than sufficient to make up for the lack.

So the call that he just received from Kim: “Win the game Friday and Carrie is yours. If you don’t win, everything is off, because that means you don’t get to the State Finals. If you do win, you get Carrie Friday night. It’s up to you to get her to the after party.”

“No, Kim. It’s up to me to fuck her so good she wants to be my date to the prom. It’s up to you to get her to my love nest for the after prom party.”

“Fine,” Kim had snarled, “I hope you fucking lose 100 to 0,” and hung up.

But his boys were not going to lose 100 – 0, and they were not going to lose in the finals either; there was just too much at stake. He smiled a predatory, lusty smile, and put a couple of other calls in to tell the guys of the change in the agreement. The news was going to spread like wildfire and tomorrow there would be calls for team meetings and practice times, and there would be a lot of high fiving and chest bumping in the hallways between classes. It would be an inside joke for 9 guys and one tiny, hot, ruthless Asian girl.

As he reached for the box of tissues he kept by his bed, he laughed, figuring that Carrie was unknowingly going to be the subject of a lot of wanking that night.

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