Card Game

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It really started because my twin brother Michael and I were hanging out with the wrong group of people. I guess I kind of knew, just never knew how bad they could be. At any rate, Mike and I were with this bunch of serious dopers. We enjoyed a little pot, but some of them did some really heavy shit, then fucked or gang banged any girl who either was willing or unconscious or didn’t fight back. I was never willing and never got that far gone.

One night Lance, said we were going to play a game and anyone who was there had to play. I wanted to leave then, but Mike didn’t want to go. Lance got a deck of cards and dealt one card to each of the five guys and each of the five girls. He said that the girl with the lowest card had to fuck the guy with the highest card. He then told the girls to turn over their cards.

The first girl turned over a queen, the next turned over a three. That made me breathe a little easier. The third turned over a seven, and the fourth turned over a ten. It was my turn, and I turned over a deuce. Lance had this really predatory look and licked his lips and my blood ran cold.

The guys began turning over their cards. The first guy had a four and the second guy had an eight. The third guy had a jack, then Lance turned over a king. Lance got this evil smile and I really wished Mike and I had left. Mike turned over an ace, and Lance looked shocked. I realized he had probably fixed the game, but slipped up somehow.

Lance looked at Mike and then me and said that if the guy with the top card didn’t fuck the girl – meaning me – then the guy with the next highest card could. Mike looked at me with a pained expression, so I got up and took him to one side. I told him that I understood he didn’t want to fuck his sister, that I didn’t really want that either, but that Lance would be much worse.

Lance was a bit of a sadist and seemed to enjoy inflicting pain on women when he fucked them. He was also more than willing to pass them around when he was done with them. I asked Mike to please do this for me. However bad it Escort Bayan Gaziantep might be having him fuck me, Lance would be a whole lot worse. He said okay and we went back to the group.

Lance said that the group got to watch and that Mike had to take me at least two different ways between mouth, pussy, or ass, and that he’d step in if Mike couldn’t do both. My heart was beating twice the normal rate, but I gave Mike a quick kiss on the lips and got on my knees. I unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock, which was already hard. Mike might not have wanted to fuck me, but his dick seemed not to have gotten that message.

I took the head of his cock in my mouth and began stroking it with my hand as I worked Mike’s dick further and further into my mouth. Mike began to moan and move his hips back and forth, pushing his dick even further into my mouth. Lance spoke up and said Mike had to come and they needed to be able to tell. All of a sudden Mike pulled my head tight to him and came in my mouth and throat. I pulled back enough so I’d have some of his jizz on my tongue.

When Mike finished coming, I pulled his prick out of my mouth and opened and stuck out my tongue so Lance and everyone else could see that Mike had come. Lance nodded, smiled and told me to take off my clothes, that the next was either my ass or my pussy or both, whatever Mike chose. I swallowed Mike’s jizz, then got a quick drink.

I took off my blouse and skirt, so I was just in bra and panties. I paused and Lance told me he would be glad to help me remove the rest. I unfastened my bra and let my boobs out, then slid down my panties. Mike was still standing there, almost in shock, with his dick hanging out. It had gone soft after he came, but as I stripped, it started getting hard again. Mike looked down at his cock, as though it was betraying him.

I walked over to Mike, unbuckled his belt and pulled his pants and shorts all the way down. By the time I had them at his ankles, his dick was stiff again. He stepped out of his clothes, and I pulled his tee shirt over his head and off. I took Mike’s hand and walked him over to the sofa. When we got there, Lance said they needed to be able to see Mike’s dick going into my pussy or ass. I got Mike to lie down on the sofa and straddled him.

He lay there almost in shock, looking at me as I put his cock in my pussy. Once Mike was all the way in, I lay down on him, so my erect nipples scraped across his chest. Mike still looked stunned as I pumped away, pistoning his hard dick in and out of my pussy. After a few minutes, Mike began breathing harder, moaning and pulled my ass tightly to him, as I felt his cock throbbing and coming in my pussy. I pulled back, so Lance and the crowd could see Mike’s jizz dripping out of my pussy.

Lance asked Mike if he was going to go for all three holes and fuck my ass. I told him his game only required two, and that we’d done two and that he could fuck off because we were going. Lance said that now that Mike had gotten me warmed up that we should make a party of it. I told him the only parties I was going to have that night would be private parties and he was not invited. I put on my clothes as Lance grumbled.

One of the other girls told Lance that she had what he needed, got on her knees and began sucking him off. Lance stared daggers at me as she sucked his dick until he came. When he did he shoved his dick so far down her throat, she almost choked on his dick and his jizz. Mike put his clothes back on and I told him I wanted to get out of there.

On the way home, Mike apologized and told me how sorry he was about what happened. I told him that he had no idea what sort of game that Lance was going to play, and at least he’d saved me from being fucked by Lance. I told him that I loved him and that even though I knew it was wrong, I didn’t mind. Mike said that what he hated was that he’d really enjoyed it, and he felt terrible about enjoying it.

I asked him to find a private place where we could talk. He found an unpaved road in a wooded area where we would not be disturbed. I told him that while I knew we should never do that, that what bothered me was that it was a public show and just fucking for the sake of fucking with no feeling or caring or affection. Mike told me that the worst part was that when he looked at me he wanted to do it again, but tenderly and passionately.

I asked him if he really felt that way. He looked embarrassed, but told me he did. I kissed him and he kissed me back, with his tongue tickling my lips. I leaned my car seat way back and he moved over on top of me. He began kissing me and stroking my boobs through my clothes. As we kissed, Mike pulled off my blouse and I unhooked my bra so he could caress my boobs directly.

After a while, Mike moved down and began kissing and sucking on my boobs. As he did, he moved his hand under my skirt and began rubbing my pussy through my panties. I stopped him and told him at this rate he was going to get both my panties and skirt soaked with my pussy juice and that our folks would know. I pulled off my skirt and panties and threw them in back. Mike took off his clothes and returned to sucking my boobs and rubbing my pussy.

Shortly after, I came with waves of pleasure rippling through my body. When I settled down, I told Mike that I’d sucked him off earlier, so I wanted him to eat me out now. I shifted farther up in my seat and he scrunched down and began licking my pussy and clit, while sticking first one and then two fingers in me. I had my second orgasm, and told him he deserved a reward.

I slid back down the seat a bit and pulled him up my body and took his hard cock and slipped it in my very juicy pussy. I told him that apart from being a public spectacle, the only thing I regretted earlier was that we didn’t kiss as he fucked me. He kissed me very long and tenderly as he began pumping his stiff rod in and out of me. It took him longer to come this time, but after he came in me, we lay there together kissing and touching each other until we realized that we needed to get home.

We tried to clean up ourselves and the car as much as possible, and put on our clothes and drove home. When we got there, we kissed again and agreed that we would do this again – very soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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