Car Trouble

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I don’t know when it happened, but suddenly, there she was.

She was no longer the hyper child who used to draw on the walls and tried to hide the evidence by burying markers under her pillow. She wasn’t even the softball-playing kid who flashed a big smile after delivering another hit. Hell, she passed the stage of the awkward teenager in glasses who looked at me nervously in the rear-view mirror as I chaperoned her on her first date.

No, as we piled into my Subaru for the drive home, Vicky was no longer a child at all. She was 19, a rising sophomore at North Carolina State, and headed on a path to pre-law. Even though her mom’s infidelity had ultimately led to my marriage falling apart over the last year, Vicky still wanted to follow in her mother’s footsteps and be a lawyer. Of course, as she reminded me a few times, she would stop short of breaking my heart before she fully transformed into her mother.

It was hard not to compare the two even without knowing their mutual interest in practicing the law. Vicky looked like a younger version of Gina. I met her mother in college myself. I was never as smart as Gina, but she took a liking to me and we hit it off. I counted my blessings that she did because Gina checked off nearly every box for my ideal woman. She was funny, witty, and willing to laugh at my stupid jokes. Physically, fuck, she was – and largely still is – perfect. I always preferred women who weren’t skinny twigs and Gina was definitely not. Some might say she bordered on thick, though I preferred the description of “built to fuck.” She had strong thighs that perfectly wrapped around my head as I went down on her. My hands would often grip her – in her own words – “fat ass.” As they moved to travel up her tummy, they would find her large breasts that she often tried to hide in fancy dress suits. They were both topped with the most suckable nipples. They sagged more as her age increased, but were still quite a marvel. She has plump lips, beautiful brown eyes, and dark hair that was often cut shoulder-length and professionally.

To put it mildly – I missed exploring her body regularly.

Her daughter seemed to be cloned largely from her DNA. She blossomed late, but rapidly. On more than one occasion, I found out expensive bras that her mom bought her had to be replaced by even larger ones. It wasn’t until a trip to the beach last summer after her high school graduation – our last great vacation as a family – that I saw just how much she resembled her mother. Her breasts weren’t quite as large as her mother’s, but she hadn’t birthed a child yet either. Her statuesque body was ridiculed by a few clueless boys during her youth, but her mom wouldn’t let her engage in body-shaming. As a result, she wore her few extra pounds proudly in a bikini that had me thinking unpure thoughts.

Did she shave like her mother? Did she like her asshole played with like her mother? Did she enjoy a facial like her mother?

Those thoughts both led to immense guilt and an amazing fuck session later that evening with Gina. Later, during arguments, she mentioned how if I regularly shown the same passion for her that I had showed at the beach, maybe she wouldn’t have been so easily convinced to fuck one of the younger assistant attorneys at the firm. I didn’t know what to say. I mean, how do you explain that you were so excited because you were thinking about your daughter instead?

“All ready, Dad?”

Vicky’s question ended my reverie and I told her, “let’s roll.”

It was a six-hour trip back home. Because of her age, after the divorce, she could pick where she wanted to stay and she made it clear she wanted to stay with me for the summer. Her mother moved out of the house we once shared – and paid off early – and lived in a new housing division about 15 minutes away. I took some small enjoyment as Vicky told me of my ex-wife’s disappointment in her choice.

I smiled at that memory as I drove down the road. My Subaru is not a new Outback by any means. I’ve always been the type to not replace things until absolutely necessary. I’m handy enough with a car to handle most small repairs and one of my life-long friends owns a car shop for bigger projects. Besides, college tuition isn’t free and sure, Gina makes a boatload at her practice and I do okay managing the furniture factory I started at 20 years ago, but I grew up poor and the memories of what we had to do just to get by made me very cautious to spend when I didn’t have to.

We were roughly three hours into our ride home when I felt the car start to vibrate. I could hear my ex-wife in my head berate me for the same shit that bugged her during the times I drove long distances. I took back roads when possible – never liked the interstates or highways – and we were in the middle of nowhere as the car began to putter. I barely got it pulled off the road before it died with a whimper. Gina wouldn’t miss an opportunity to say “I told you so” if she ever found out about this.

For a few seconds, both Vicky and I were quiet. I tried Antep Escort Bayan the key a few times to no avail.

“Well, this sucks,” Vicky said with a half-smile.

I had to concur as I climbed out. Popping the hood, I tried to look for the culprit, but this looked above my pay grade. Even worse, we had a packed car and only forest surrounding us. Checking our cell phones, we had no reception in this rural expanse.

I always kept a map in the car and there looked to be a town 10 miles north. Telling Vicky that if we kept walking that way, we were bound to get some cell phone reception and get some help, we locked up the car and began our journey. A few times, we saw cars pass but none seemed willing to stop. Of more concern was the darkening sky and thunder in the distance.

Finally, the tree line ended and we saw fields of farmland. The first rain drops fell as we checked our phones. Still no reception. We could see the storm rolling in and we would be hit with it in a matter of minutes, maybe less. While it was still a warm day, I wasn’t anxious to walk through the rain in a lightning storm.

“Dad, what about that barn?” Vicky yelled over the wind that was beginning to pick up. Looking the way she pointed, I noticed a small, rundown barn about 50 yards away. It looked like it had been up since the Great Depression. Our options were pretty minimal and we both made a run for it. The rain hit hard only a few seconds after we started toward the structure and within moments, we were both drenched. Lightning struck only a few hundred yards to our left, scaring the hell out of both of us. Reaching the barn, we opened the door and hurried in.

It was dark inside so we took our cell phones out and turned the flashlight feature on. Fortunately, we found a battery-operated flashlight that doubled as a lantern and were able to save our cell phone batteries as we shivered in the barn. The storm had brought cooler air and with no heat in the barn, plus wind that regularly moved through the structure, we were both feeling much colder than you might expect. She found a couple of dirty blankets and with few options, we placed one on the hay-covered floor and prepared to get under a second blanket.

We took our shoes and socks off, hoping they would dry some as we hung them up. But our cold, wet clothes were not just making us shiver, but would prove a major deterrent to getting warm.

As if having the same thought, my daughter spoke up a few seconds after sitting down. “Daddy, I hate to say this, but this is our Naked and Afraid moment.”

I looked at her confused as she referenced one of the shows she liked to watch with me. I stopped bending down and stood upright.

“We’re only making matters worse if we drench the blankets,” she pointed out.

“Solution?” I asked through clenched teeth.

“Like I said. We get naked, cuddle together under the blanket for warmth, and hopefully our clothes dries some if we hang them up.”

“Um, honey, I don’t think that’s the best-“

“Oh, I know, this isn’t ideal,” she said. “But it’s what we need to do.”

I was still going to argue, but she was already getting to her feet and started to pull off her top that was clinging tightly to her body. I picked my jaw off the floor as her bra soon came off and I turned away. Slowly, I moved to follow my daughter’s lead – all the while, looking for any reason to stop this madness, but couldn’t formulate a real argument. Instead, I was unbuttoning my shirt.

Briefly I turned my head and saw, as much as I would let myself see, my daughter’s ass come into view as she pulled off her capri pants and panties. Fucking hell!

Turning back, I pulled off my shirt and hung it up on a nearby board. Unbuttoning my shorts, I exhaled and let them drop to the floor. Clad in only my boxers, I felt them. They weren’t too wet, I could argue.

But Vicky quickly dashed that away. “Off with them, Daddy. Plus, the body heat will be better.”

I don’t know if that was a fact, but it sounded true enough. I looked back and Vicky was already under the blanket. She turned away to give me some privacy and with a bit of courage, I pushed the boxers down and hung them up as well. I hesitated for a second, still unsure about climbing under a blanket with my daughter, but ultimately gave in.

Slipping under the blanket, I looked at the back of my daughter’s head and nervously reminded myself to breathe. If we were worried about body heat, I should move closer to her, but my dick was already thinking of what that might feel like and I didn’t want my hard-on rubbing against her.

“Come on,” she said. “Closer. I’m freezing over here.”

I’ve never heard my baby plead for help and refused to come to her aid, but this was one time that it made sense to me.

She turned to face me and smiled. “Let me guess,” she started. “You are afraid to have your frank n’beans touching your daughter.”

I laughed loudly, cutting the tension. “My what?”

“Ya know, your little buddy and his two friends?”

Laughing, I replied incredulously, “Who are you?”

She grinned and replied she was my daughter. “So I get it. But if this body heat is to work, we need to be touching so turn the other way and I’ll be the big spoon here.”

I stopped laughing at the reality of the situation. Instead, I nodded and did as she asked. I settled, using my arm as an almost pillow and awaited my daughter’s touch. I tried not to, but did jump a little when I felt her move behind me. It wasn’t so much her arm that came around my upper chest that shocked me, but the hard nipples and full breasts against my back that got to me immediately. I don’t care if the breasts belong to a family member, if they are pushing against you, it’s impossible for them to not effect you.

Especially when your daughter already turns you on.

We settled into place as the storm continue to rage above us. Small leaks in the roof were noticeable, but overall, the structure had probably seen worse storms and survived it so I felt safe. In my daughter’s embrace, my body warmed as well. Now if I could only will my cock to return to a soft state.

I could feel her breath on my neck, which wasn’t helping by any means. Neither was the way she would wiggle behind me, trying to get fully comfortable. I wasn’t a tall man, but I had a few inches on her. It made all the sense in the world for me to be the big spoon. But I couldn’t turn into her right now.

Finally, she made a sound of desperation. “Daddy, I can’t get comfy,” she said. “Can we turn the other way? I promise not to say a thing about your package.”

Again, that was the more logical move for the two of us, but I whispered back, “Sorry, honey, I can’t.”

“Daddy, it’s not a big deal,” she countered. “You have a penis, I have a vagina, and in anime, they sometimes have both.”


“That’s not important,” she said. “But we both have sexual organs and that’s nothing to be shameful about. So, come on, be the big Daddy spoon.”

I looked over my shoulder. “Sweetie, I really can’t do that right now.”

“Come on, stop being such a prude!”

Part of me just wanted to tell her. Another part of me wanted to run away from the barn and into the storm.

“I got my tits rubbing against you and I’m not worried about what you might think. I just want to be warm and comfortable.”


“Just be a man and hold your daughter,” she said in a voice that sounded way too much like her mother. She turned back over and waited for me to do the same, but again, I hesitated.

“Dammit, Daddy,” she replied.

Finally, I had to say something. “I can’t curl up against you right now because I’d be poking you with it.”

She was silent for a moment. “With…it? Like, what ‘it?'”

“You know exactly what ‘it’ I’m talking about, Victoria.”

For another few moments, she was silent. She turned over and again pressed against me. My body involuntarily reacted all the way to my groin. “I thought in the cold, everything – ya know – contracts. Gets smaller? Down there, I mean.”


Another beat of silence. “So…”

I know she wanted me to explain, but I couldn’t. I couldn’t explain that the idea of being so close to her naked form had me hard. That her nipples poking against my back was driving me crazy. That I’ve fantasied about her pretty regularly for a year now. And that a voice inside of my head kept telling me to turn into her and slip my now rock-hard dick into her pussy.

Once again, I said nothing instead.

Once again, she poked for more information.

“Are you thinking about Mom?”

Wheeling my head, I gave her a strange look.

“Okay, not Mom. What about…Scarlett Johansson? You love her in the Avengers.”

“Drop it.”

“Oh, that chick from Game of Thrones? The one with the dragons?”


I don’t know why I didn’t just tell her “yes.” I mean, obviously, that might stop the discussion or at least steer it away from its natural ending. But I wasn’t adept to lying to her. Even when it was smart for me.

“Then who?” She asked, her hand moving down to tickle my sides. “Who’s got my Daddy all excited?”

“Stop, Vicky.”

“Come on, we’re all adults here.”

“Victoria, I mean it.”

With a pout, she recoiled slightly. And then, as if testing me, her hand quickly move down to nudge at my cock. I moaned involuntarily and looked at her.

“Just checking.”

Before I could ask any further questions, she turned back away from me. For moments, we sat in silence. The storm continued to pound the area – the rain loudly hitting the roof as thunder ripped through the air after lightening briefly lit up the sky. Finally, my dick, with so many conflicted thoughts and no physical stimulus began to subside.

Finally, she spoke up in a near-whisper. “Is it me?”

I froze at the question – unable to speak or even breathe.

“Dad?” She asked in a meek voice. I could hear her turn back over and face me. “Can you look at me?”

After a moment, I turned over, my dick dragging against the blanket. As if this were a scene from a movie, a loud crackle of thunder punctuated the moment. My daughter looked at me and bit her lip nervously. The light from the lantern was barely enough to see her and the darkness from the blanket kept her breasts from view.

“So?” She said. “Are you…hard…because of me?”

I pleaded with her with my eyes for her not to finish the sentence, but once it left her mouth, there seemed to be no way out of this. I either lie, which I should have done from the get-go, or admit to this. But how can you admit to something like this? How can you tell your daughter she is so fucking sexy that your dick has been ready to split her into two for the last 30 minutes? How do you ignore the potential consequences of being honest?

Sure, she is an adult now. She has had sex before. I know it because my ex-wife told me after Vicky came to her for advice with her high school boyfriend ahead of Prom. She probably had sex at college. She wasn’t some innocent little flower that didn’t understand why a man wanted to fuck her.

But I wasn’t just a man. I was her father.

“It’s okay,” she said with a smile. “You can say it. In fact, I would like it if you did. Or said something. Like, now.”

“I’m sorry, honey,” I whispered. “It just happened. You’re so beautiful and you’re naked and…”

“…and the body reacted,” she finished the sentence for me. “Have you – ya know – gotten lucky since Mom?”

I shook my head. The closest I had come to sex since in the last eight months was the time that Gina and I nearly came to blows during a fight as she came by for some of her winter clothes. Somehow, we started to kiss instead of punching and I had my hand under her skirt before her younger boyfriend called from the car, wondering if everything was okay. Gina pushed my hand away and stood up. Ever since then, she has tried to not be alone with me.

“That’s a long time,” she pointed out. I thought she was done before she added, “…since you got your dick wet.”

I looked at her, shocked by her phrasing, and then laughed. She joined me and it helped with the tension. But once the laughter died down, we were still in this moment.

“So…” she said. “Is it just a naked, wet girl is close to you or…?”

This time, I finished for her. “…is it because my naked, wet hot daughter is close to me?”

It was not intentional that I ad-libbed “hot” into the sentence. Nor was the way my body reacted when she smirked in response.

“I think you already answered the question,” she offered.

“Yeah, maybe.”

We stared at each other for several moments. She licked at her lips and it drove me even crazier. I wanted to reach for her. I wanted to touch every inch of her body. I wanted so fucking badly to taste her.

But as was becoming a theme, I hesitated.

She did not.

I almost jumped when I felt her hand curl around my dick. The grip was soft at first before she tightened her hand. Not too hard, but just fucking right. I put my hand down on her wrist, pushing myself to pull her away, but ultimately, I just held her wrist as she pumped my dick.

Opening my mouth to speak, no words came out. She moved closer, though, and captured my lips with her own. I had kissed this young lady a million times, but never like this. I had never wanted to kiss her this bad, either. Immediately, I pressed my lips harder against hers, her hand pumping my cock faster, embolden both my response and the fact that my hand left her wrist to go to her hip.

Her lips were sweet with remnants of a fruity lip gloss on them. The voice telling me to “STOP!” was getting quieter with each press of our lips together. It damn well went mute as my tongue entered her parting lips. Soon, her tongue came out, toying with mine. Fuck, my daughter could kiss. And fuck, what an absolutely perverse thought.

She let her hand move away my cock, which felt harder than it has been in years. Meanwhile, she grabbed my hand around her waist and slid it to her ass. She also moved to press her full body against me, my dick becoming trapped between our two stomachs. I gripped her ass roughly, earning a moan from her mouth directly into mine. God damn, what had I done to get this lucky?

Her legs parted and my knee slid between. Vicky rubbed her pussy against my thigh as I used my hand on her ass to pull her harder against my body. Her tits mashed against me and her nipples – hard before – were like little bullets pressing against my chest.

Yeah, that voice that tried to get me to halt this gave up.

She surprised me by pushing me on my back with her rolling on top of me. During the move, my cock was no longer between our tummies, but standing up behind her pussy as she straddled me. All it would take is one right move to slide it into her welcoming hole that felt so warm as she grinded against me, groaning in my mouth as she continued to kiss me. I still gripped her thick ass with one hand, but found her breast with my other and smiled as she yelped after I pinched her nipple.

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