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She couldn’t believe they were finally doing this. Three years of saving every penny they could had finally paid off. They were in Hawaii! They had planned this trip, talked about it and came up with every little detail for the whole of the last three years. They would leave a few days before Christmas, frolic on the beaches, hike in the lush forests; make love in every place imaginable and the best part wake up Christmas morning to the sound of the ocean and the warm breeze of the tropics. Rose and Rick had been married for almost 10 years now, and together almost 15. She had told him no the first two times he had asked her to marry him. Mostly because she was afraid that it would change things. They were high school sweethearts and as far as she knew those never lasted. They had met one day in the library when she was trying to study for a particularly difficult math test and he was goofing off with his buddies. Leaning over her desk she had “shh’d” them with a stern look and gone back to studying. Suddenly there was a shadow across her paper.

“Hey there sweet stuff what are ya doin?” He drawled. He had the cutest country boy accent she had ever heard and for a moment she had forgotten she was mad at him.

“Leave me alone I’m trying to study.” She had retorted

“Well maybe I can help, lemme see.” With that he had snatched her paper away and sat down backwards on the chair next to her.

“This is easy sweet stuff, you just have to add here and divide this by this one and poof there ya go!”

“Wait, what? That makes no….oh… I see now”

That was it, a simple math problem and they were practically joined at the hip. He wasn’t a goofball like she had originally thought, in fact he was a straight A student on his way to a great career in whatever he wanted. That was senior year 1996, it was so strange to think about how far they had come. He asked her at his graduation from the local community college almost 3 years later to marry him the first time. She had said no that time because she was so frustrated with him for not having a clue what he wanted to do with his life. He was brilliant and seemed only to want to draw and play on his computer. He had been devastated. Funny enough about an hour later he had charmed his way right into her pants yet again. Charisma had always been his strong suit. She would joke with him that he could talk his way into any situation and charm his way back out. After three hours of some of the best sex ever and the realization that she was going to have to rewash the sheets, he had asked her again. This time she said no because she thought he was joking. He just Gaziantep Escort laughed and went to find something to eat He was always ravenous right after sex. It had been about six weeks later and she was just getting home from work, exhausted and wanting nothing more than a hot bath and a glass of wine. She walked in the door and almost fainted. There were candles everywhere, soft music playing and a path of rose petals that she could only imagine were for her. On the table where she put her keys there as a little sticky note.

“Love of my life, please follow the path I have laid for you, further instructions await.”

She was stunned. He was not normally so romantic, she racked her brains trying to figure out if it was some special occasion or not. The only thing that came to mind was that it was Christmas in a week. But that made no sense. They had already agreed they wouldn’t spend anything on each other and instead make the trip back to New York to see their families. Dropping her purse and keys and kicking off her shoes she started following the path amazed at how wonderful it smelled. About half way down the hallway towards the stairs she found another note on one of the small reading tables.

“You are the most beautiful and sexy girl on the planet. Please kindly remove all your clothes before ascending the stairs. P.S. there will be more instruction to follow…”

She actually blushed. She couldn’t believe he had thought this up. Removing her clothes one piece at a time and running her hands over herself once, enjoying the feeling of her soft skin which she took meticulous care of she started up the stairs. At the top there was indeed another card waiting on the top of the railing.

“If you would my dear come into the bedroom and close your eyes as soon as you touch the door knob. I promise it will be worth it.”

She giggled, this was getting fun and she was actually getting a bit aroused. She had no idea what waited on the other side of the door but she was dying to find out. rushing down the rest of the hallway to the bedroom door she placed her hand on the doorknob and was stunned to find it shaking with anticipation. She swallowed the knot in her throat took a deep breath, closed her eyes and turned the knob. Stepping into the bedroom she heard more soft music and smelled even more flowers. She closed the door and stood there trembling waiting for some clue from him as to what to do next. She had just opened her mouth to ask him what to do next when she felt a finger on her lips

“Shh, my love, All in good time.”

He took her hand and Gaziantep Escort Bayan guided her to the bed. When she felt the top of the bed hit her upper thighs he gently pushed her down on the bed. Kneeling next to her, always keeping a hand on her he poured some form of warm liquid all over her back. It caught her off guard she started to protest, but just as she opened her mouth to say something she felt his strong hands start rubbing the liquid in. she realized it was warm massage lotion and felt silly for freaking out for a moment.

“Mmmm” she mumbled as she relaxed under the gentle yet strong hands of her wonderful man. “A girl can get used to this.” She thought to herself with yet another sigh.

When she was just about sound asleep and he had covered just about every square inch of her body Rick suddenly stopped and rolled her over, pinning her to the bed and planting the biggest kiss on her shocked mouth. She instantly melted into him, embracing him and pulling him that much closer wrapping her legs around his waist. His hands wandered over her body as his mouth ravished her willing lips.

“Please.. fuck me.” Rose begged when she couldn’t stand another second without him inside her. He grinned that boyish grin at her before reaching down between their legs and guiding his already rock hard cock into her practically dripping pussy.

“Ahhhh..yes” She cried out in pure ecstasy as he began pumping in and out, both of them moving in perfect rhythm with each other. Rose exploded in pure orgasmic pleasure, arching her back and crying out as Rick increased his speed. Pumping her with every inch of himself. Without warning he pulled out and flipped her over, grabbing her hips and raising her pelvis up so he could take her doggy style. Without so much as waiting to make sure she was ready he thrust into her balls deep and went to town setting a pace just for himself. She backed her pelvis into him right on beat thrust after thrust moaning so loud he was sure the neighbors were going to call in a noise complaint. When he couldn’t wait another second he let go, emptying himself into her and slowing down until he was shaking with sheer exhaustion. She crumpled under him, completely spent and he followed her down to the bed moving to lay next to her, he pulled her into his arms and held her tight.

“You…are… the .. .most.. amazing… woman.. I have…ever.. met. Oh …my god.. I love you…Rose.” Rick whispered trying to catch his breath.

“Mmm you are pretty special and awesome yourself there hot stuff. That was fantastic, I mean that was absolutely the best Escort Gaziantep sex we have ever had. WOW!”

“You think so? Rubbing on you like that I couldn’t wait another second. I just had to have you.”

“I love you Rick.” With that Rose kissed him one more time and bounded out of the bed.

“I’m so hungry I gotta get a snack, do you want anything?”

“No babe I’m just going to lay here and rest,”

“Ok I’ll be right back.” Smiling at him from the doorway for just a second more she couldn’t believe how lucky she was. She grabbed her snack as fast as she could, not wanting to miss another second with her amazing man and rushed back up the stairs to find him in the same position she had left him. Propped up on a pillow still lounging on his side he looked like the most handsome man ever created. Again she was struck by how lucky she was to have this man in her life. As she started munching she couldn’t help but feel like he was hiding something. He was sitting there looking like a cat with a canary in his mouth.


“What do you mean what? I don’t know what you’re talking about” He exclaimed with a big grin on his face.

“Oh yes you do, come on out with it.”

With that he reached under the pillow and pulled out a small red shiny package with a beautiful silver ribbon and bow tied on it.

“What is this, it’s not Christmas yet?”

“I know but I can’t wait any longer. Please open it.”

Rolling her eyes at him she carefully undid the package, untaping the wrapping and folding it back up, just going as slow as she could. She winked at him and looked back down slowly opening the little black box that was underneath the pretty paper. She almost fell out of the bed when she saw what was inside. It was a little piece of paper that read simply.

“Will you finally marry me?”

She practically threw herself at him, grabbing him tight she started crying.

“Why are you crying sweety? I really mean it, I love you will all of my heart and soul. You are the light of my life. Please…will you marry me?” Rick asked her whispering in her ear as he held her while she cried softly.

“Yes, yes I will.” She said as she looked up from his tear soaked chest. After a moment of looking deeply into each other’s eyes they held each other again, feeling the connection, the warmth between them. After a few moments a though suddenly popped into her head.

“Hey wait a minute… where’s the ring?”

“Sweety, Christmas isn’t for another week, you are just going to have to wait to open the rest of your presents.” Rick said and they both laughed at his response.

Rose couldn’t believe that day was almost 15 years ago. To a point it felt like a lifetime ago and it also felt like it was just yesterday that they had made that commitment to each other. Now they were on their dream vacation, even more in love than they were that day when she finally said yes.

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