Birthday Wish

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Female Ejaculation

Warning: You will drive yourself crazy if you focus too much on the grammar, so with that being clear out of the way, I hope you enjoy the story.


Today is Rachel’s 18th birthday. She has been waiting for this day since she was 15th. This birthday was going to be different from all of her other birthdays. Rachel wanted this birthday to be special for her and her father. She didn’t want no presents, or any materialistic things. She knew exactly what she wanted from her father, and she plan on getting it tonight on her birthday. She has turn down so many boys at school, and all because she want her father to be the first. Her first sexual intercourse, her first kiss, and even her first lover. She couldn’t wait to turn her fantasy into a reality. She knew it’s going to be a big risk, but she’s hoping she will be able to change the way her father looks at her after tonight.

Dad: “Rachel, are you sure you don’t want anything for your birthday? I even offer to buy you a car, and surprisingly you turn it down.”

Rachel: “A car is nice, but it’s not what I want for this birthday.”

Dad: “What kind of daughter wouldn’t want a car for her 18th birthday? What could you possibly want more than a car?”

Rachel: “Daddy, I know you’re confused right now, but tonight I will reveal all to you.”

Rachel smiled.

Dad: “What does that even mean? Why can’t you just tell me now, so I can give it to you by tonight.”

Rachel: “I really hope you do give it to me by tonight, but daddy, you have to promise me that no matter what, you will give me what I ask for.”

Dad: “I can’t give you what you’re asking for if I don’t know what it is.”

Rachel: “Just promise me, daddy.”

Dad: “Ummm, I guess.”

Rachel: “I need to hear you say, I promise.”

Dad: “I promise.”

Rachel: “You promise what?”

Dad: “I promise I will give you whatever you want tonight for your birthday.”

Rachel: “Daddy, tonight it the night is where we become very close.”

Dad: “I don’t know how we can get any more closer than we already are.”

Rachel: “Don’t worry, daddy. You will see what I mean by the end of the night, and who knows, we both might like it.”

Dad: “Like what? You’re confusing me, sweetie.”

Rachel: “Daddy, just relax for now, and when the time is right, I’ll let you know when I’m ready for my present.”

Dad: “I haven’t bought anything for you, yet, because you say you didn’t want anything at the store.”

Rachel: “I don’t, daddy. All I need is you to be here for my birthday. I’m also giving away something for you, daddy.”

Dad: “What! Why are you giving me a present on your own birthday?”

Rachel: “Let’s just say, that it will benefit the both of us.”

Dad: “You have completely lost me. When you’re ready, let me know, and I’ll give you whatever that you want.”

Rachel: “Remember, you promised”

Dad: “Yeah, yeah, yeah, I promised.”

He was so confused about the whole conversation that he just had with Rachel. How could he giver her a present when he haven’t even bought anything at the store? What kind of present is she talking about? Whatever the present is, it seems like Rachel is really excited about it. He couldn’t imagine anything that’s better than a car as for a birthday present. She never mention anything about concerts, or traveling, so what could his daughter possibly want that he doesn’t possessed. He was watching TV then all of sudden he hear his daughter Rachel calling him. He walk down the hall way, and stop in front of her bedroom door.

Dad: “Sweetie, are you in there? Did you want something from daddy.”

Rachel: “Daddy, I’m in the bathroom, come in, and sit down on my bed.”

He walks in, and sat down on the edge of her bed.

Dad: “Sweetie, are we going out because if so, you should’ve told me, so I can get dress.”

Rachel: “No, daddy, we’re not going any where tonight. I just need you to relax, and be ready to give me my present.”

Dad: “I still don’t know what I’m supposed to give you. Can you at least give me a clue?”

Rachel: “Just sit, and wait. I’m almost done, daddy.”

He have no idea why he feel so nervous, but he couldn’t wait to get this over with. His daughter was acting strange today, and he couldn’t figure out why. Then he heard the bathroom door opened, and he saw Rachel walks out.

Dad: “Rachel, why are you Escort bayan wearing a bath robe?”

Rachel: “Daddy, before I tell you what I want for my birthday, I want to tell you that I appreciate everything you’ve done for me. I know it wasn’t easy raising me as a single father. You bought me food, and clothes, and kept a roof over our head, and I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Dad: “Is that what you wanted to tell me this whole time? You don’t have to thank me, sweetie, it’s my job as a father to take care of you.”

Rachel: “There’s more, daddy. I love you very much, and you have shown me how much I can trust you, and tonight on my 18th birthday, I want you to take my virginity.”

Dad: “Are you out of your mind? I can’t do that, I’m your father.”

Rachel: “Well, maybe this will change your mind.”

Rachel drop her bath robe, and she was completely naked. He couldn’t believe his own eyes, and not because his daughter was naked, but because of how beautiful she looks naked. For the first time, he saw his daughter as a grown woman, and he have to admit, she looks very sexy. He wonder to himself, how did he not notice how beautiful she was before, or maybe he did, and he just chose not to acknowledge his own lustful feelings toward his daughter.

Rachel: “Do you like what you see, daddy?”

Dad: “Um, I think I shouldn’t see you like this.”

Rachel: “See me like what?”

Dad: “You know, like this.”

Rachel: “I think you see more than just your daughter. I think see me as an attractive woman. I think you see me as some one that you want to have sex with.”

Dad: “No, I don’t.”

Rachel: “Then tell me why you have a boner in your pant? I think you want me, daddy.”

Dad: “Rachel, can you please put some clothes on?”

Rachel: “Don’t you think I’m beautiful, daddy?”

She walks closer to her father.

Dad: “Rachel, please don’t come any closer.”

She continue walking closer until she was at a close enough distance between herself and her father.

Rachel: “Daddy, give me your hand.”

Dad: “Why?”

Rachel: “Daddy, I’m not going to hurt you. Just give me your hand.”

He don’t know why, but he did as she said. She took her father’s hand, and put it on her right hip. His heart was beating so fast. He couldn’t believe he was touching his daughter naked flesh.

Rachel: “How does that feel, daddy?”

Dad: “Umm, it feels nice.”

She took her father’s hand, and move it behind on her right ass.

Rachel: “You can squeeze it if you want to, daddy.”

He gently squeezed his daughter ass, and it feel so wonderful in his hand. She moved her father’s hand up to her right breast. This was becoming too much for him to bear.

Rachel: “Do you like how my breast feel, daddy?

Dad: “I do. It’s so soft and tender.”

She took her father’ hands once again, and slowly move it down pass her belly button.

Dad: “Stop. We can’t go there.”

Rachel: “Yes, we can, daddy, and we will.”

His hand was on his daughter’s pussy. For a second, his heart dropped, and he forgot to breathe then he slide a finger inside of her pussy, and he heard his daughter let out a moan. He couldn’t believe how wet she is. Did I made my own daughter wet, he wonder to himself. He look at his daughter, she looks so beautiful to him. He gently kissed her on the lips. It wasn’t a father and daughter kiss, but then again, maybe it is. Each kisses became more passionate. He can tell this was his daughter first time kissing, but she was doing pretty good for a first timer. All of sudden he feel his daughter untying his belt, and unzipping his pant. Rachel started stroking her father’s dick with her tiny hands. He was hard as a rock. She stop kissing her father, and got down on her two knees.

Dad: “Sweetie, you don’t have to do this.’

Rachel: “I want to, daddy. Please, let me do this. Daddy, I wanted to suck your dick for a long time now. I’m not a child any more.”

Dad: “You are definitely not a child any more. You have grown into a beautiful sexy woman.”

Rachel didn’t have any experience on sucking dick, all she knew is what she learned from the internet. The sight of seeing his own daughter sucking his dick was really turning him on. He was amazed how good she is with her first time. She must have watch a lot of porn, or she just have a natural Escort gift. He couldn’t believe that she was also sucking both of his balls. He had to stop before he came. He pick up Rachel, and put his daughter down on the bed. He started kissing on her lips, and her neck then he made his way down to her breast. Rachel closed her eyes as her father caress her breast with his tongue. Rachel’s father kisses and touches have never ever felt so good to her than it does now. His daughter’s nipples tasted so sweet in his mouth as she holds him close. Now it was time for him to work his way down. He started kissing on her navel. He licked both of his fingers, and slide it inside of his daughter’s virgin pussy. After he gets her wet enough, he started kissing her inner thigh as he gets closer and closer to her clitoris. Rachel moans for her daddy again and again as her father licks her pussy.

Rachel: “Oh daddy, oh, yes daddy. I love it. It feel so good, daddy. Lick your baby girl’s pussy, daddy. I think I’m ready for you to fuck me, daddy. I want to feel you inside of me.”

Dad: “Baby, I don’t want to hurt you.”

Rachel: “I know I’m a virgin, but I want you to the first to fuck me. I trust you, daddy.”

Dad: “Let me know when you want me to stop at any time.”

He slowly put the tip of his dick head in first until he was all the way in.

Dad: “Okay, baby. I’m in. Now daddy is going to start thrusting. Let me know if it hurts you.”

He started thrusting slowly in and out.

Dad: “Does it hurt, baby? Do you want daddy to stop.”

Rachel: “It hurts a little bit, but please don’t stop, daddy. I can take it.”

Rachel wanted to show her father that she was a strong girl. Her father was bigger than she thought, but she was not going to back out now. As soon as he feel her walls started to loosen up, he started to thrust faster. They were staring into each other’s eyes as they made love for the very first time together. It was a very special moment for both father and daughter. She was losing her virginity to her father, and he felt proud that his daughter chose him. At that very moment as they stare into each other’s eyes, father inside of his daughter, they knew exactly what they mean to one another. They both was smiling with passion in their eyes. He was getting closer to bust, and right before he did, he whisper to his daughter.

Dad: “I love you, baby.”

Rachel: “I love you, too, daddy.”

He came inside of his daughter with so much cum. Rachel have got what she wanted for her birthday, and honestly, it was better than what she imagined.

Dad: “That was so intense and so amazing. I’ve never felt any thing so powerful. I’ve never known sex to feel this good.”

Rachel: “That was the best birthday present ever, daddy. You made my first time very pleasant. I knew you would be gentle with me. Daddy, please tell we can do it again.”

Dad: “Baby, we can do it as many times as you want to. That was the best sex I ever had.”

Rachel: “Was it really that good? All I know is that I want you to be the only man making love to me.”

Dad: “I can’t believe I was going to give away the best pussy in the world. This pussy belongs to daddy.”

Rachel: “Daddy, I promise I won’t give my pussy away to any body if you promise me that you won’t give your dick away to any body. I want you for all myself, daddy.”

Dad: “I promised you, baby, that you will be the only one sucking daddy’s dick.”

He woke up in the next morning, and he can smell breakfast in the kitchen. He can’t believe what just happened last night between his daughter and himself. He knew he need to have a serious conversation with Rachel about their new relationship. He walks down the hall way, and into the kitchen. He saw his daughter singing, and cooking by the stove wearing a big white shirt that appears to belong to him. The white shirt was up to her thigh covering her ass, but was still showing off a lot of her legs.

Dad: “You sound like a woman who’s happy that she just lost her virginity to her father last night.”

Rachel: “Daddy, you’re awake.”

Dad: “Is that my shirt you’re wearing?”

Rachel: “Yes, it is. How do I look, daddy?”

Dad: “Very hard to resist.”

Rachel walk over, and stand on her tip toe to give her father a french kiss.

Dad: “Somebody is excited about kissing her father.”

Rachel: “Daddy, Bayan escort I really like the way you kissed me last night. Can we kiss like that all the time?”

Dad: “You don’t like the way daddy kiss you before.”

Rachel: “I do, but daddy, I’m a woman now. I want you to kiss me like you mean it. I want to feel like I’m more than just your daughter.”

Dad: “You’re more excited about this new relationship than I am. How long have you felt this way about me?”

Rachel: “I’ve felt this way about you for three years, and trust me, daddy, it wasn’t easy hiding my true emotions. I wanted to wait until I was 18, so you wouldn’t feel so much guilt after we have sex. Daddy, you made me a woman.”

Dad: “You plan this whole thing for a quite awhile now. How did you know I would agree to us having sex?”

Rachel: “I didn’t.”

Dad: “Baby, you are so crazy.”

Rachel: “People do crazy things when they’re in love, and daddy, I’ve been in love with you for three years. Not only do I want you to be the first, but I want you to be the only man I ever love. I want to give all of myself to you, daddy. All those years, I’ve never kiss, or had sex with any one. I never even dated any one. Daddy, I wanted you to be the very first, and the only one. I knew how precious my virginity is, so I wanted it to save it for a special day. Can you see, daddy? I stay as a virgin all these time, so you can be the one to take it from me, and it was worth it.”

Dad: “But why me?”

Rachel: “Because you’re my daddy. Because you raised me. Because you care about me. Because I trust you. Daddy, The question you should be asking is, why not you?

Dad: “Are you telling me that you trust your daddy so much that you’re willing to let me take your virginity?”

Rachel: “No, daddy, I’m saying that I trust you so much that I want to spend the rest of my life with you, and maybe one day, have babies together.”

Dad: “You want to have my babies?”

Rachel: “Absolutely, but now let’s focus on being lover first.”

Dad: “I don’t know what you see me in me. I’m just an average guy.”

Rachel: “No, daddy, you’re not. You’re the most kindest, and the most unselfish person that I know. You love with all of your heart, and you care more than most people do. Daddy, you’re perfect to me.”

He saw a look in his daughter’s eyes that he has never see before. There was so much truth, and passion in her eyes that it was almost magical. He knew there will never be any one that love him as much as his daughter does. The more he look into his daughter’s eyes, the deeper he was falling in love with her. It was the same blue eyes that he fell in love with from the day she was born. He look at his daughter’s beautiful face one last time, and he softly kissed her. Both of their heart was filled with love as father and daughter shared a romantic kiss. He picked her up with both of his hands grabbing on her ass. Her arms and legs wrapped around him like a snake in a tight father and daughter bond. He took her to the couch, and sat her down on top of him in a sitting position. He kissed his daughter’s neck and breast. She closed her eyes, and moans for her daddy. He finally got all of his clothes off, and she starts to ride her daddy like a pony.

Dad: “You like riding daddy’s pony.”

Rachel: “Daddy, you’re pony is so big, but I love it. I love fucking my daddy.”

Dad: “Show daddy you’re a big girl now.”

Rachel: “Daddy, you’re so deep in my pussy. You make me so horny, daddy.”

He finally cum inside of his daughter with everything he have. They kissed for a few seconds, and then they smiled at each other.

Dad: “Baby, your pussy feels amazing.”

Rachel: “Thank you, daddy. It means so much coming from you.”

Dad: “You know what this mean, right?”

Rachel: “What does it mean?”

Dad: “It means, I’m going have to be your daddy, and your man too. You’re going have to be my daughter, and my woman too. It’s more of a responsibility for the both of us. Do you think you can handle it?”

Rachel: “I know I can.”

Dad: “I just remembered, you need to get a job now since you’re 18. I did not raise a lazy daughter.”

Rachel starts to laugh.

Dad: “What’s so funny?”

Rachel: “Even after you just came inside of me, and I’m sitting on your lap naked with your dick inside of my pussy, and you’re still the same dad. Maybe we should have more conversations being naked.”

Dad: “That’s not a bad idea. I can give you advice about life after I fuck you.”

They both laughed.

Rachel: “I love you, daddy.”

Dad: “I love you too, pumpkin pie.”

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