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Electra sat on the edge of the sofa waiting for Benito to return from the bathroom.

She had met him in a local bar where she, and two friends had gone for a drink with a couple of lads that clearly had hidden agendas, and who constantly ogled the three girls breasts, and backsides. She couldn’t bare to sit with the group as the topic of conversation turned to football, and the pairs cars. She made the excuse that she was going to the toilet, and that she’d thought she had spotted someone she knew over the other side of the bar.

She left the four bragging, and giggling in the common way that people do when they are trying to get into one another’s pants. She made her way to the other side of the busy bar, and tried to find a seat. It was heaving with people, and after a minute or two she resigned herself to the fact that she would have to stand at the end of the bar where it was relatively clear.

She had been standing there for several minutes, and was enjoying her drink and entertaining herself by people watching when she noticed a man looking at her.

Initially she had the usual feeling of dread that she was about to be chatted up by a lecherous idiot, but the man smiled warmly at her, and seemed to know what she was thinking, because he didn’t stare at her like a dirty old man, he just took a sip from his drink, and turned back to a conversation that was going on between two men that were at his table.

She continued to watch him for a couple of minutes. He was attractive, but not in a classic film star kind of way, more of a dark, and dangerous way. He had short cropped black hair, and incredibly dark eyes that themselves looked almost black. He had a hard looking oval shaped face with a roman looking nose that she concluded would look unattractive on anyone else. He looked tall, and strong, she could make out a fit well toned body under the snugly fitting black T-shirt that he wore. The overall package was temptingly brooding.

As she stood there contemplating what delights he might hold he looked up at her again. She felt herself flush as she realised she had still been staring at him. She turned quickly back to face the bar, and hoped that he hadn’t seen her blush. A few minutes later just as she was about to finish her drink, and head back to her friends someone tapped her shoulder.

Electra turned expecting to find one of her friends coming to check up on her, but no, it was the man. He stood a full head taller than her, and his broad shoulders seemed to fill her vision. He smiled again and in a smooth deep slightly accented voice he said, “Hello, may I buy you another drink? You appear to have finished that one.” She looked at his face for a second before shyly accepting. Whilst they waited for the drinks he introduced himself as Benito and they began to chat.

She was nervous, but his easy manner, and unobtrusive attitude made her relax in no time. The drinks arrived. She asked him where he came from, and after joking that he’d just come from the pub down the road. He told her that he had been born, and lived in Rome in Italy until his family came to England when he was fourteen. It turned out that they were the same age, and in fact their birthdays were in the same month.

The pair had chatted for over an hour, and were getting on tremendously well. They had flirted, and there had even been some cursory body contact. Each of them had discreetly eyed the other, and liked what they saw. It was only a matter of time before Electra was saying good bye to her friends, and heading back to his flat.

That was over an hour ago, and Electra was now nervously sipping from a glass of deep red Bordeaux wine. She thought back to the bar, and the moment they stood to leave for Benito’s flat. She had noticed him look her up and down, his eyes portraying flickers of desire as he drank in her curves.

She got a lot of attention from men. Although she didn’t think she was anything special, she did have generous round breasts. She knew that was mainly what they were interested in. She had a curvy, well proportioned figure that along with her height of around five feet eight inches made her size eighteen frame very desirable. She had an open friendly face with a full wide mouth and a neat nose. Her large almond shaped eyes were a rich hazel colour, and her shoulder length hair a warm tawny brown.

At that moment Benito walked into the living room. His lean toned body looking sleek in the subdued light. Electra watched him approach. She took in his dark eyes, strong jaw line, and broad shoulders. She couldn’t resist a glance at his groin. She looked once but then had to look again because she wasn’t sure if the light was playing tricks on her. She could clearly see the outline of an impressive cock pressing against the almanbahis fabric of his trousers, it didn’t look hard, but more as if it was semi erect.

She took another sip of wine as she anticipated taking a cock that size, she had after all, only ever had as much as seven inches. Benito joined her on the plush leather sofa, and took a couple of sips from his own wine glass. After chatting about the flat for a few minutes the subject turned to sex. Benito complimented her on her eyes saying that they were beautiful and alluring, and he asked, “did you know that you have ‘come to bed’ eyes?”

Feeling a little emboldened Electra replied, “well, if I’ve got ‘come to bed eyes’, then you have definitely got a ‘come to bed bulge.'”

Initially he seemed a little shocked at her sudden confidence, but he recovered quickly, and with a playful smile said, “ah, that may be, but I am really quite shy, and need a fair bit of encouragement.” Electra was surprised at herself, and after a moments hesitation she leant forward, and kissed him softly on the lips. Benito responded by taking her glass away, and putting it on the nearby stainless steel coffee table along with his own, then, he moved in closer to her, and returned her kiss.

His tongue probed deep into her sweet mouth, his lips were warm, and soft with the slightly fruity tang of the shiraz that he had been drinking. Their kisses became more passionate with every passing second, and they each began to caress one another’s body’s. At first they were tentative but soon they became more, and more driven by lust.

He cupped her left breast, his large hand feeling warm through her thin cotton shirt. Almost instantly her nipples stiffened as he rubbed his thumb across the surface of the clothing. She ran her hands over his firm torso. Over his round muscular shoulders, and down his chest until she reached his taught stomach where she dragged her nails from left to right.

This seemed to encourage him further, and he slid his right hand up her shirt to release her bra, whilst he did this he moved his free hand up behind her head, and grabbed a handful of her soft hair. Electra became putty in his hands. She groaned, and sighed as he firmly caressed her heaving globes. She ran one hand up the inside of one of his legs, and gently massaged around the upper thigh for a couple of minutes before creeping her exploring digits up, and across to his groin.

Her hand never reached it, because as it drew closer she felt the tip of his cock a good eight inches from the top of his thigh. She paused, shocked, and nervous she ran her palm up and down its length. Her stomach felt like it had a million butterflies fluttering around inside it as she closed her fingers around its girth. It was so much thicker than any cock she had ever felt before. She almost thought it must be fake, but no, as she caressed, and stroked the impressive member it swelled, and lengthened. She could hardly believe it, was she actually going to get to be screwed by this monster? She never usually had sex with people she’d only just met in a bar, but my god, she wanted it.

Benito was clearly enjoying the attention, and was eagerly removing Electra’s shirt, and bra as they began to kiss again. He leant down, and nuzzled his face into her beautiful heavy breasts. She felt his hooked nose pressing into her smooth warm flesh, she arched her back making her firm DD’s thrust outward . He groaned as he began to lick and suck around her rock hard nipples before gently biting over the entire surface of the fabulous pair. She enjoyed his mouth for long moments until she couldn’t wait any longer.

She put her hands on his chest, and gently pushed him away so she had enough room to peel his T-shirt up over his head. She very nearly screamed with delight as she took in the vision of his firm sculpted body. He was gorgeous, and she wanted him right now. She jumped to her feet, and with one movement kicked off her shoes, and began to pull off her skirt to reveal the smooth black satin french knickers that she wore beneath.

Following her example Benito stood, and took his shoes off. and began to unbuckle his belt. Seeing this Electra stopped him by grabbing his hand, and gently pulling it away. She looked up into his dark eyes, and with a shake of her head and a wicked smile said, “oh please, let me.” With that she dropped to her knees, and slowly unbuckled the belt, unbuttoned the trousers, and then with agonisingly slow deliberation she unzipped them, and let them drop to the floor.

She looked at the massive bulge in his boxer shorts, and a shiver of anticipation ran through her. She could just see the tip of the cock poking out the bottom of the shorts, it had to be at least nine inches long now. After admiring the bulge for several almanbahis giriş long seconds she looked up into Benito’s face. Looking up through her lashes knowing that her eyes would be looking huge and innocent she said, “Mmmmm, yummy.”

He looked down at her, a smile curling his lips, and said, “suck it.” She needed no more encouragement. With a hand on either side she pulled the shorts down inch by inch.

The base of his cock was about three fingers wide, as more of it became visible she could see that it was as thick all the way to the tip. As the shorts cleared the member it sprang outward, and hung at a forty five degree angle. It looked heavy, its head a deep purple red, and its long thick shaft ridged with vain’s. She reached forward with one hand, and gripped it firmly.

It felt hot beneath her fingers, and seemed to pulsate with her every action. She leaned forward on her knees, and took the tip in her mouth. She had to open her lips almost completely to accommodate the shiny glands. Benito groaned as she flicked her tongue over the head, and concentrated the tip on the eye of the dome. She reached up with her other hand and began to wank the massive specimen double handed as she attempted to take as much of it as possible.

She moaned hungrily as she sucked, and forced her head down on the monster, but she could only take around five inches because its vain covered girth filled her mouth so completely. She drew back from the meaty organ, and gasped for air. Seeing that it was now fully erect and pointing proudly skyward she said, “Its the most beautiful cock I’ve ever seen. Its enormous, how big is it?”

Benito smiled broadly down at her, and with a devilish glint in his eyes said, “Why don’t you measure it and find out.”

Electra bit her bottom lip, and looking up through her lashes again she said, “yes please, I want to see what I’m going to get!”

Almost immediately Benito kicked the trousers from his ankles, and headed to the bedroom calling over his shoulder, “Don’t move, I’ll be right back.” A few moments later he reappeared holding a rolled up tape measure. Electra watched his massive member bob from side to side as he returned to where she knelt.

She took the tape measure from him, and uncoiled it as he repositioned himself in front of her. She licked her lips as she placed the end of the tape at the base of the cock, and then holding the end in place with her left hand she glided her right up the length until it reached the tip. Electra took in a sharp breath as she saw how long it was, she blinked and checked again in disbelief. She could feel her mouth go dry and she had to swallow before she looked up into Benito’s dark eyes and said, “Its just under twelve and a half inches long! That’s just, well, its just, huge!”

Benito chuckled and asked, “But do you like it? Do you want it?”

“Oh my god yes!” Replied the now almost salivating Electra. “But I want to see how thick it is first so I can tell my girlfriends just how big it really is.” With that she released the tape from its base, and wrapped it around the thick pulsating shaft. Again she could hardly believe what her eyes were telling her. The tape measure read, just over seven and a half inches where it met its end.

She could feel the pussy juices cool, and moist on her pouting labia as Benito’s strong hands took her by the shoulders, and guided her to the sofa. She let the tape fall from her hands as her peachy backside sank into the welcoming cool leather. He pushed her gently backwards so she was almost laying down with her buttocks at the edge of the seat. He knelt in front of her, and opened her legs to reveal her sex before he began to lean forward, but she put a hand out to stop him, and said, “Wait. Tell me what you think of mine?” She was a little embarrassed, and couldn’t really believe she had asked him. She could feel her cheeks burning but she was just so aroused, her pussy was dripping.

Benito sat back on his heels, and tilting his head to one side and with his rich voice heavy with desire he whispered, “come on then, don’t be shy now, show me. Spread your pretty little legs wide, and reveal all.” She felt herself redden further as she obeyed. She eased her smooth thighs apart to expose the wet folds of her womanhood. Her lips were puffed up, and trickles of sweet liquid ran down to her buttocks. He grinned as he said, “touch yourself. Touch that beautiful cunt. Show me how you play.” She was shocked by the word he had used to describe her pussy, but strangely, it made her even hotter.

After wriggling on the edge of the cushion for a moment, she slid her right hand down her smooth stomach to her mound. With one slender finger she traced the outer lips spreading the juices around making them glisten. She could feel almanbahis yeni giriş that they had already begun to open as she slid one finger over her swollen clit, and down towards her tight entrance. She could hear his breathing deepen as her own fingers passed her lips. He was slowly wanking as he leant in closer so as to scrutinize her quim.

He was so close she could feel the heat of his breath tickling the exposed parts of her most private place. She groaned, and wriggled as she slipped first one then two fingers into herself. She moved her other hand to just above her mound, and began to rhythmically rub her protruding pink clit with excited urgency. Within moments Electra felt an intense tingle spreading from her clit through the whole of her pussy, and spreading outwards until the entirety of her body was alive with lust. She began to rock her hips up to meet the two fingers that delved within her. The world became a haze as her pussy throbbed increasingly until finally her mind went blank as her body took over.

As the waves of convulsive pleasure washed over her she suddenly felt Benito’s hot tongue lap at her slit, and it just made her explode. She didn’t know what to do with herself as he continued exploring her sweet sex. He slid it alongside her fingers and into her as she slowly came down from her ecstasy. She almost immediately removed her digits, and left him to lap, lick and penetrate her expertly.

She moved her hands up to her heaving breasts, and tenderly caressed the soft warm globes, and tweaked the stiff nipples enjoying the cool of her palms on her hot flesh. Within a few minutes Benito had worked her back to the point of climax, and just as she began to shake, and juices flowed from her now aching pussy he drove three fingers deep into her, and her world became nothing but a screaming orgasm.

Electra lay a trembling, ecstasy wracked form on the soft leather. Her pussy throbbed, and her breasts heaved. Benito got to his feet, and positioned himself next to her head. Gently taking her head with one hand he turned her pretty face towards his throbbing cock.

She willingly opened her mouth wide to accept the monster. He pushed more, and more of the hot shaft into her straining orifice, and began to rock backwards, and forwards as he slowly fucked her throat. She could feel the massive head stretching her airway as he pumped into her. He could hear Electra gagging on his meat, and it pushed him to fuck her mouth more vigorously until she couldn’t take any more, and pulled away from the glistening pulsating member.

Electra sat up, and turned over onto her knees, and leant forward onto her hands so her warm round buttocks were presented to Benito. Her soaking pussy ached for his cock, and she could feel the cool air on her swollen lips. Benito reached down, and spread the sweet lips with one hand as he gripped the base of his rampant cock, and guided it toward the awaiting entrance.

Electra gasped in shock, and delight as she felt the thick broad tip force its way past her tight folds, and begin to gradually penetrate her. She sucked in great mouthfuls of air as Benito built up a steady rhythm gradually increasing in speed. She reached down between her perspiration covered thighs to feel the cocks massive girth stretching her skin around the entrance of her sex so that she was unable even to slide a finger in next to the invading member.

She reached further still to find that the throbbing shaft was only around half way inside her. She thought she would die with pleasure as she groaned, “more, give me more of that delicious cock.” Benito instantly thrust the huge rod deeper inside the tiny velvet like pussy, and she screamed with delight as she took the extra three inches. She could feel that there was still another three or four inches of the monster dick to take, but could tell she wouldn’t be able to take it as her sex was full to the point of bursting.

Instead she began to fuck herself back onto it, increasing smooth rotations of her hips as she did so. She could hear Benito’s breathing getting heavier, and heavier with every movement of her curves. She could feel the cock twitching, and throbbing deep within her as she continued to ride the beast. Benito gasped “don’t stop baby, ride it, milk it.” She obeyed, and within a minute he wailed that he was about to cum.

Electra slid off of the huge dick, and spun round to take his load on her face. She grabbed the pulsing shaft two handed, and continued to wank it as the first jet of cum shot from it and hit her on the forehead. She didn’t let go as Benito hosed her face with jet after jet of hot creamy cum. She felt the silky liquid shower her face completely, it ran down over her eyes, nose, and cheeks until it dripped from her chin down onto her milky white breasts. She was absolutely covered in Benito’s jism and she loved it.

With big gleeful eyes Electra looked up into his face, and said “you are without doubt the best fuck, and the best cock I have ever had. Thank you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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