Beach, Bed and Beyond Ch. 03

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The note left for me on the nightstand by Daniel, my mature lover, was sealed in an enveloped addressed to “Paul.” I was about to rip it open when something more demanding got my attention.

Even before I turned 18, I usually awoke with a “morning wood” hard on. This morning I had more than enough reason to be aroused: The memory of a weekend of sex, anticipation of more to come next weekend, and the lingering sensation of Daniel’s hand sliding over my naked ass as he exited room 201 of our motel sex haven.

I grabbed my cut 7.5-inch cock midway up the shaft and stroked. Usually I would go slow, work my cock close to climax, back off and repeat the process until the urge to blow my load was overwhelming. But Daniel had reminded me that I had only half an hour to vacate the room so I worked my cock with determination. I pushed hard on the down stroke, watching my cock head flare and precum ooze from my piss hole. I imagined Daniel’s beautiful cock in my mouth or deep in my ass as I went over the top. My hips thrust upward and I moaned softly, felt my cock pulse and watched four strong blasts of cum fly through the air and onto my chest and stomach. More cum leaked from my cock head, slid over my hand and down my shaft.

My cock relaxed and after a minute’s revelry I rolled out to bed, cleaned up, got dressed, stuffed Daniel’s note in my back pocket and left room 201 just before check out time for what I never imagined would be the last time.

The next day, Monday, I reported to my construction job. Jim, our middle-aged crew foreman, called out using the nickname he’d picked for me: “college boy.” I wasn’t really a college boy, but I would be once summer was over. My construction job met two goals, most importantly paying a good wage to help me with tuition. Another benefit was building a stronger body, filling out my slim frame with muscle and tone. It proved a natural and surprisingly effective technique, and far more profitable than pumping iron at a gym.

“What’s up chief,” I asked Jim, enjoying the familiarity our crew had build during two months of working hard as a team.

“Come see me after your shift is over,” Jim said. “There are things we need to talk about.”

Damn, had I done something wrong and not noticed? But before I could strap on my yellow hard hat I noticed the trace of a smile on Jim’s face (or was it a leer?) as his eyes seemed to roam over my body.

Jim’s request was on my mind throughout the hot work day. What could he want?

My crew mates and I often rolled our eyes at Jim’s ultra-macho image. He used a big-buckle belt to hold up his jeans and talked about “going commando.” His low-cut shirts and muscular forearms proved he was a hairy guy. He drove a Ford F-250 4×4 sporting an “Always A Marine” bumper sticker. He bragged about doing two combat tours in Vietnam, something that struck a cord with me as my dad was killed in ‘Nam when I was a baby. My mom never recovered…helping explain why I’d been pretty much on my own for years. Jim called his ex-wife “a cunt” and complained about the white-collar “faggots” bahis siteleri who ran the construction company. Despite his homophobic bravado, we all liked him. He was fair to everyone…whites, blacks, Hispanics…and he stood up for us if his boss made unreasonable demands. The only thing Jim didn’t tolerate was laziness. He fired or transferred anyone who goofed off and as a result we had the best crew in the company.

The work site was nearly empty when I knocked on Jim’s construction trailer door just after quitting time. He opened up and motioned me to sit in the ratty leather sofa he’d salvaged somewhere. The ancient window air conditioner kept the temperature barely below the 87 degrees it was outside. We were both hot and sweaty.

“I’ve got some good news and some questions for you, college boy,” Jim said as he sat looking down at me from the edge of his cluttered desk, his prominent chest hair sprouting from under his shirt. “I had my doubts when I hired you kid…figured you might not be up to the pace I set. But you’ve done well, and I see you’ve bulked up, too.”

“Thanks Jim, I appreciate the opportunity you gave me and it’s been good working for you,” I said looking up from the soft sofa.

“Our crew has kicked ass on this project and even the gay boys in the front office recognize it,” he continued. “There’ll be a nice bonus for all of us at the end of the summer. Should help you pay tuition at that faggot Ivy League school you’re going to next month. (I had a partial academic scholarship to Dartmouth College and, yes, I sure could use the bonus.)

“Now, the other thing I want to talk to you about. Fuck it’s hot in here,” he said, interrupting himself. He leaned over and gave the noisy air conditioner a rap. “Damn piece of shit,” he groused as he pulled off his sweat-soaked shirt.

He could see I was taken aback by what I saw. I knew he was a bearish guy, but it was impressive to see his chest in the flesh. He had a slight but firm belly, broad pecs and dark cherry-red nips peeking through a forest of hair. I quickly moved my eyes back to his.

“I got a call yesterday from someone asking a lot of questions about you,” Jim said. “He said he’s a recruiter. Kind of mysterious. Wouldn’t say if it’s about a job, enlisting in the service, maybe giving you another scholarship at your fairy college.”

Jim’s next words shocked me. “Said he name was Daniel. You know him?”

Before I could fumble out an answer, Jim continued. “He wanted to know if you’re a hard worker, if you show up on time, get long with the other guys, if I thought you could be trusted. Don’t worry, I gave you an A+ on all counts.” He added with a grin, “I want people who work for me to succeed, even if they’re going to be a college puke.”

“Gee, thanks Jim, I appreciate that,” I said, still looking puzzled.

“Something else this Daniel asked me, something he said was especially important. He wanted to know if I thought you can be discrete.”

Jim stood up and stepped in front of me, so close I had to look straight up over his hairy stomach and canlı bahis siteleri pecs to look into his eyes.

“Well boy, can you be discrete?”

I would have freaked out had this happened at the start of the summer, before I met Daniel and became comfortable in close quarters with a man. I knew now that whatever happened between Jim and I would be mutual. I even felt I had the advantage, knowing that Jim was compelled to make this move to satisfy desires that I had the power to grant or deny.

Not waiting for an answer, Jim unbuckled his leather belt and snapped the button on his jeans. My heartbeat pounded at the sound of his zipper being lowered to his crotch. Good to his word, Jim did indeed go commando. His male musk from a long day of sweaty work was overwhelming.

Experience would show me the infinite variety of male genitalia. Jim’s was only the second I’d come to know intimately and it was curiously different from Daniel’s and mine. Contrary to his macho image, Jim was not terribly well endowed. Clearly his cock was much shorter than mine…about 5.5 inches, more in line, I would learn, with the average man. Another difference: He was uncut. The pink tip of his cock head peeked out of his slim semi-erect shaft. A thick forest of pubic hair blended into his bearish fur and his trimmed balls hung down in two very distinct ball sacks.

I reached up and pushed down on his foreskin, watching it peel back over his cock head.

“Suck it baby, suck daddy’s cock.”

Jim’s words struck me with unexpected force. I suddenly realized that he indeed was old enough to be my father, an erotic image I held as I took his cock into my mouth. His smaller girth and shorter length helped me to take all of him. I couldn’t do that with a fully erect Daniel. I buried my face down to his thick pubs as I gripped his muscular ass cheeks and pulled him toward me. His cock head felt so smooth and soft rubbing against the back of my mouth.

“Yesssss,” he cried as he grabbed the back of my head and fucked my face. His free-swing balls contracted and his urgency made me think he would quickly flood my mouth with cum, but instead he pulled out, reached down, jerked me to my feet and ordered me to strip. “I want a piece of that college boy ass!”

Jim threw two thick moving van pads onto the narrow trailer floor while I quickly peeled off my sweat-soaked cloths. He told me to “get on all fours and show me that ass” as he kicked off his work boots and jeans.

“Oh baby,” he said as he knelt behind me and admired by smooth, pale ass. “What a beautiful pussy.”

I was grateful for the experience with Daniel…learning to pleasure his thicker, longer penis…as Jim forced his cock deep into me with none of the preliminary fingering Daniel always gave me. I pushed back as he pumped my ass and he worked himself into a frenzy, peppering me with a string of prerogatives: “college cunt,” “pussy boy,” “fucking faggot.”

He screamed out “yessss” over the roar of the air conditioner as I felt his raw cock flood my ass full of his cum. He collapsed his canlı bahis heavy body on top of me, whispered “awesome” in my ear and rolled over next to me. Exhausted, we both slipped into a deep sleep.

I don’t know how much time passed before I started to regain consciousness, passing through as blissful dream. I imagined being on my back, my legs spread wide, my inner thighs being softly caressed, my balls gently massaged, my ass hole slowly fingered and my stiff cock sucked by a warm mouth. All those sensations continued as I fully awoke and the loud hum of the air conditioner made me realize where I was. I looked down between my open legs and to my astonishment saw Jim as the source of my pleasure. He released my cock when he realized I was awake, smiled at me and said “welcome back baby.” He slid up between my legs, kissed my hard nipples and for the first time kissed my lips. I instinctively raised my arms over my head and he dove into my pits, kissing and biting them with surprising tenderness. I wrapped my legs and arms around him as we kissed and I felt his cock grow hard against my abs. Gone was the macho aggression, replaced by a startling tenderness.

For the first time Jim used my name: “Paul, you are awesome.” He got to his knees, straddling my chest. I expected him to lean forward and slip his cock into my mouth. Instead he reached back, took hold of my stiff cock and without hesitation pushed it into his ass. The shock of entering a man for the first time was stunning. I had no time to resist or object, not that I wanted to. Jim seemed to have tears in his eyes as he slowly rode my cock and moaned with obvious pleasure. I fell into a rhythm, thrusting upward as he slid down. The world seemed to melt away. My only awareness was the bliss that flowed up the shaft of my cock. Jim, too, seemed in a world of his own.

I surprised myself with the strength I had to roll Jim over onto his back, my cock never fully disengaging. I looked down and saw Jim’s eyes roll back in his head as he encouraged me “fuck” his “hot man pussy.” Clearly Jim was no stranger at taking cock. He handled mine with ease, not something a virgin or novice could do. Looking down at this powerful man made subservient to my youthful manhood was a powerful aphrodisiac. I rammed my cock home, loving the feel of my balls slamming his hairy ass cheeks.

“Fuckkkkk,” I screamed as I climaxed, nearly fainting with the blissful sensations I felt. Fully spent, I collapsed on top of Jim, surprised at feeling spread between us the warmth of the cum he too had spilled during my orgasm.

“Paul, Paul, please,” Jim whispered. “This has got to stay between us. You can’t tell anyone. Please,” he pleaded.

I smiled, kissed him and whisper one word: “Discrete.” I saw him smile and felt his body relax as we both enjoyed the afterglow of our amazing male bonding.

Back in my rooming house I enjoyed a long, hot, badly needed shower. Finally, I had a chance to read Daniel’s note. I went to the closet and fished it out of my khakis, flopped down naked on my bed and ripped open the seal. Would it solve the mystery of why he had called Jim? I had no idea it would do that and much more, including a change the course of my life.

But I’m not sure any of that interests you. Let me know if you care to read a Chapter 4.

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