Banging The Boss’s Wife, Chapter 2

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Carol lay there, trembling with anticipation as I knelt there between her widespread legs. She once again cried out her need. “Please, Daniel! Oh, please hurry and eat my pussy! Oh, I have been dying to have someone go down on me! Please, please!” As I looked down on her bare, dripping slit, I could see how true her words were; sweet woman-honey oozed out from between those fat puffy lips beckoning me to taste her. I licked my lips and nestled down between those creamy thighs and prepared for the feast of a lifetime.I didn’t just dive in and begin munching like some young high school kid on his first experience eating the peach. I wanted to tease her a bit… make sure that she was good and juicy before I sopped up all that sweet goodness! With a stocking-encased thigh on either side of me, I picked one to kiss and I kissed my way up her silky soft inner thigh until I got a couple inches from her pussy then I quickly switched to her other legs and began kissing my way up that one. She whimpered and whined as I passed by her dripping eager pussy a couple times, each time she thought that this was it and she steeled herself for the experience she knew was coming. Carol pussy was drooling when I finally fastened my mouth to it and I greedily lapped up the sweet juices she offered me in abundance. When I slipped two fingers up under my chin and into her, she let out a guttural moan and began rocking her hips in time to my fingerfucking her. I kept licking and sucking her clit, her moans and squeals telling me I must be doing something she liked a lot.”Oh God! Yes! Oh, Daniel, that’s it! Oh fuck, baby, keep doing that right there! Oh right there, baby! Yes!I stole a glance up her squirming body and saw her hands mauling her tits, squeezing the pale globes and pinching and tugging on her hard erect nipples.Playing with her nipples sent a huge shudder through her and brought her closer to her orgasm. She continued tugging hard on one nipple while her other hand moved down to the back of my head, holding my face deeper in her wet hot pussy while she humped her hips at my face wanting to push my face and more importantly my tongue even deeper into her. Her tit hand alternated from one eager tit to the other, fondling each hard nipple. I tried to concentrate on bringing her the maximum amount of pleasure that I could, licking and sucking her clit as I finger-fucked her curling my fingers twisting them and trying various things to keep her off-guard.The Kadıköy Escort longer I ate her, the harder she held my head against her and the faster she rocked her hips. Her moaning got louder, longer and more desperate, echoing off the bedroom ceiling. Suddenly her second hand moved to the back of my head and she tensed up, arching her back up off the mattress. I knew she was there.”OH MY GOD! I’M CUMMING! I’M CUMMING, DANIEL! OHHH FUUCCCK MEEE!”It was just a second or two later when she let out a cry and, while I lapped up the fresh flood of juices, she bucked and convulsed through an incredibly intense orgasm, bouncing up and down on the bed and screaming out utter joy. When she finished and finally went limp, she let out a happy, contented sigh and she released my head. I straightened up and admired her lovely naked form.Carol was panting, sweat glistening in the room light as she recovered from her exhausted rapture. Her rosy-pink nipples, harder and more erect than ever now, called to me and I was tempted to crawl up and started to lick and suck them. But my cock was uncomfortably hard and insistent. It wanted a chance to play as well and it wasn’t going to be ignored for much longer.Carol also noticed my “condition” and was all too happy to come to my aid.”Daniel I want you to fuck me now. I want that hard fat cock buried deep in my pussy right now. Give it to me, Daniel, give me that cock hard and deep!””Carol honey, I just realized… I don’t have any… uh… protection. I don’t want anything to happen, you know what I mean?””Relax, honey, I have my tubes tied. I was sick when I was a child and the doctors told me I could never safely have kids. So I had my tubes tied before I started having sex so nothing would happen. I can’t have kids, honey. And if you are worried about STD’s I am squeaky clean, I promise that. As I’m sure you are. But if you are still worried about it, you can always cum in my ass!”I never even considered Carol to be into ass fucking! “You like anal sex?” I was dumbfounded.”Oh, yes! I love a nice hard cock up my ass! Feeling a thick, hard cock opening up my poop chute is such a turn-on for me! I tried it for the first time in high school from an old boyfriend and then I did it more in college. At first, it hurt some, but I soon got used to it and it was so hot! Allen and I used to do it from time to time, but I could never get enough. Now, though… Oh Kadıköy Escort Bayan please, Daniel please fuck my ass! I miss that so much!”I pushed her back down on the bed on her back and took her ankles lifting her legs and spreading them wide. Her wet slit and tight brown star peered up at me, both eager to accept my cock, it was just up to me to pick which hole I wanted to plug!”Hmm, two equally delightful fuckholes to pick from. A hot, wet pussy and a tight hungry asshole. Quite the conundrum, don’t you think Carol? Well, since it’s so hard to pick one, I guess I will just have to try them both! I’m going start with that hot little cunt and once you have me all lubed up and ready, I will see how tight that little butthole is. Sound good to you?”Carol about came right there on the spot! “Oh God Daniel, you are driving me crazy, baby! I don’t care which hole you use – my mouth, my pussy, or my ass, just pick one and fuck me, dammit! They are all yours, all my holes are yours to use. Just pick a hole and get to it, PLEEEASE!”Carol was literally shaking with need and humping her hips up into the air to demonstrate just how much she wanted me inside her.I took hold of the base of my cock and rubbed my cockhead up and down her slit teasing her lips and letting her feel what would very soon be plowing her depths. I rubbed between and over her fat swollen lips and spanked her pussy with my cock. Then to tease her some more, as well as add some lubrication to my shaft, I ran the length of it between her pussy lips.”Hump my cock, you horny little whore!” I wanted to see what she thought of dirty talk and it turns out my suspicions were spot on–calling her a whore and telling her to hump my cock made her squeal with delight and she immediately went to it rubbing herself on my shaft as best she could, given her position. She used her hands to press my cock into her slit so she could feel it more and so the veiny texture could rub across her aching, throbbing clit.I let her play with my cock at her entrance until it was slick and shiny with her juices. Then I looked up at her face while I suddenly pulled back and thrust forward without warning, burying myself completely in her slick hole in one quick move. Carol’s eyes got wide as saucers and her mouth dropped open in surprised wonder as she felt me plow my way to her core.”OH MY GOD! OH FUCK, DANIEL!”I didn’t hesitate for more than a moment. As Escort Kadıköy soon as she realized I had buried myself in her, I began pumping in and out of her hard, thrusting all the way in until my balls slapped against her ass and then pulling all the way out so I could make that entry all over again.I love watching my cock push aside a woman’s pussy lips to enter her pussy. And apparently, Carol liked the feeling of being opened that first time too because she groaned each time I speared her.After six or seven of these entry/exit strokes, I got down to hard serious fucking. I pumped in and out like a deranged oil derrick not pausing or giving her a chance to rest. I slammed into her so hard I could hear her grunt as I bottomed out in her, but she didn’t seem to care. Her eyes were closed and she was moaning and whimpering as I abused her pussy, fucking her for all I was worth.Going from not getting any sex to hardcore frantic animal fucking must have taken its toll on her because it didn’t seem like very long before she was crying out that she was about to crest.”Oh God, Daniel, I’m going to cum! I’m going to cum! Please make me cum, baby! Please make me cum! Please, I need to cum so bad!”I didn’t slow down or even miss a stroke as I continued pounding into her. My unrelenting assault pushed her over the edge and she let out a scream that I swore her husband could hear clear out on the back side of the golf course!”OHHH, DAANNNIEEELLL!”Once again Carol went into what can only be described as a cross between an epileptic seizure and an electrocution, bucking and writhing and twisting as the power of her orgasm wrung her out like a wet dishrag. She went through her contortions and convulsions as I kept pumping in and out, driving her orgasm to even greater heights and drawing it out.She finally collapsed back on the bed, gasping and gulping down huge mouthfuls of air as she tried to get enough oxygen into her burning lungs.I kept moving in and out of her, although at a slower, more sane pace, as she caught her breath and calmed her heart rate a bit. I didn’t want her to cool down too much, just enough so that she could continue–I wasn’t finished with her yet!When I saw that her breathing had become more regular I asked. “Are you ready to continue? I still have another couple of holes to fill!”Carol smiled “I was hoping you weren’t finished with me. Where to next, lover?””Well, you did say something about loving the feeling of a hard cock up your ass. I’ve still got the cock if you have the ass!”Carol threw her legs apart and up over her head. “Come and get me, baby!”I moved in and got ready to “get her”, but before I did, I wanted to do a little preliminary softening her up. So I surprised her by licking her puckered brown star.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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