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Subject: No Plot, Just Filth Part Four Please give a few bucks to Nifty. No Plot, Just Filth Part Four Boy: Alexander Here is a brief tale of an interesting boy, interesting sexually, yes, but more interesting in that out of our two encounters he may have said a total of half a dozen full sentences; the quietest boy I ever knew. His name was Alexander and he was an acquaintance of Roberto, not a close friend mind you but friendly enough that he found out about what a visit to my place could lead to. I had seen Alexander from afar with Roberto and his girlfriend once or twice outside the “A-1 Market,” he wasn’t easy to miss; one reason, he was taller than Tommy. Alexander could best be described as long limbed with big bones that had yet to flesh out; his knees were large knots sticking far out of his shorts. I found out that he was only thirteen but he was already several inches taller than I was, six feet with more to grow. I remember when I knew that Alexander knew about Roberto and his visits. Alexander wouldn’t look you in the eye if you were just a person on the street; he was preoccupied with his own thoughts and purposes. Even when you knew him he didn’t make eye contact half of the time. But, when he did, Alexander had an intensity that was off putting; when attending to something he was focused on he was right there one hundred percent. Roberto, his girlfriend and Alexander were at the “A-1 Market,” probably getting cigarettes for Roberto’s girlfriend who, like certain teens generation after generation, thinks smoking an outward gesture of maturity, toughness, and cool. I was on the opposite side of the street heading home and gave a quick wave to Roberto when he saw me, a friendly acknowledgment nothing more. What I noticed this time was Alexander looking straight towards me. His gaze was unwavering and he had a half serious look on his face. His head turned as I walked past and I had to look away first. I knew why without it being said, he was considering the fact that there was a man in the neighborhood who would, and did, suck his friend’s cock. It wasn’t anything romantic, far from it; it was simply an assessment of facts. Our first of two encounters began in an odd way. I was heading home from work when I noticed Alexander and Roberto’s girlfriend outside near the “A-1,” but no Roberto. They were friendly enough to talk to each other without Roberto being around and I had a feeling that there might have been an attraction on Alexander’s part given her reputation as “sexually adventurous” to put it euphemistically. izmit escort About the time I neared, Roberto’s girlfriend headed off. I decided to talk to Alexander who was sitting on the edge of a low cinder block wall; he had ordered some sort of snack cake and was just finishing up. Now, Dear Reader, I am going to be honest about my motives. The excuse I had to talk to Alexander was that Roberto had left a jacket at my place but that wasn’t why I was interested in talking to him. It was impossible, if you had an interest in checking out other guys, not to notice that Alexander had a significant male endowment. His usual attire was either worn-thin trousers or, more often than not in warm weather, a long pair of denim shorts in which could be seen, hanging off to the left in the cheap fabric, a substantial prominence. I was interested in getting a closer look. Alexander watched me approach with a direct, unwavering gaze. “Hey, you’re Roberto’s friend, right?” The teen nodded slightly, his eyes steady. “Roberto forgot something yesterday and I need to get it back to him. You’re not going to see him later are you?” A pause. “Maybe.” “Could you could tell him he left his red jacket over at my place?” Another pause. Still no break in the boy’s steady look. “Yeah, sure.” “Thanks, uhh … what’s your name?” “Alexander.” “Really, my name is Alex too,” I said with delight at such fortuitous coincidence. “I know.” I gave a full up and down to my namesake on the wall before me. Alexander unflinchingly gave a slim smile at my obvious attention. “Hey, maybe, if you are going to see Roberto later, you could come over and pick it up for him? He might need it for school tomorrow.” “I guess.” “I’m heading home now if you want to come.” Alexander got up and we headed the half block towards my apartment. “I saw you talking to Roberto’s girlfriend; you got a girl too, Alexander?” “Naw.” “You’re kidding. I thought a handsome guy like you would have two at least!” Alexander smiled, at the compliment but also at my approach. We headed up the stairs. I decided on making a more immediate advance. “No girlfriend, huh? That can leave a guy hard up,” I stated leadingly with a commiserating sympathetic tone. I paused before the door to get my keys. I looked at Alexander’s face for a hint of interest; he betrayed none but didn’t turn away. I unlocked the door and we went in. Ostensibly heading for the jacket and with my back to the teen, I casually asked, “Have you ever considered other ways to have fun … you know …?” I turned around. yahya kaptan escort I looked directly at Alexander, he looked right back. The moment of truth. “Do you want to?” After a pause, the one word reply, “Okay.” “Come on over here.” I sat on the edge of the chair and motioned the teen close. The dirty denim bulge met me at eye level. I reached slowly and gently put my hand to fabric. It was warm. I looked up at Alexander. I pressed slightly and there was movement. We both smiled. My caressing hand elicited more movement, a throbbing swelling I could both see and feel. The bell end pressed round in the blue cloth. I went for the snap, unzipped the boy, and slid his shorts down below his knees. Most of his swelling cock hung out of the fly of his rumpled boxers. Alexander’s cock was a vision. Long, yes, but at the end of its four inch hanging length the head took a slight twist to the left, this put the ring of the boy’s foreskin, the type that doesn’t completely cover the tip, aslant at a jaunty angle. This gave the cock a half-ready quality in a relaxed state. I report this here, Dear Reader, as I wish I had had more time to study this icon of Priapus but it was not to be. Alas, Alexander came to my apartment but twice, however, the mental picture of his magnificent cock lives in my memory and this journal. I had to try to stuff the fattening cock back through the open fly before I could tug his boxers down. As soon as I did Alexander’s cock immediately finished inflating to its impressive length, jutting forward nearly eight veiny inches, bowing slightly downward in a weighty arc; the boy might’ve been named Rasputin rather than Alexander if you get my drift. His foreskin had pulled back halted by the prominent thick rim. I peeled it to reveal a massive red glans surrounded by a near purple-grey corona. Small white flecks of smegma became small clumps as I retracted Alexander’s foreskin fully. I went down without any sort of preliminaries. The teen gasped audibly. “Ahh! Ummff …” Some don’t like the fermented taste, or especially, gummy texture of smegma. I do, mainly because I sucked a number of older, uncut boys when I was a very young teen and I associate the yeasty taste with my season of rapidly burgeoning pubertal lust. Alexander’s generously proportioned meatball filled my mouth. I savored the salty taste, sucking the glans and rolling my tongue around the ridged corona, causing the boy to writhe in the torments of overwhelming sexual sensation. I changed things up. Opening my gebze escort throat, I slid the stout head back and down in a series of longer and longer slides. “Oh! Oh! Ohh!” I don’t blame the boy huffing and puffing as his snakehead was squeezed tight. I could see the teen’s stomach tightening trying to hold on during what was undoubtedly his first deep throat blow job. I’ll admit here that I didn’t quite get all of it down as the mid girth was quite an expansive oval. The finish, unfortunately, wouldn’t be far off and I wanted to be sure to taste his load. I slid back, all except for the last few inches and grabbed for his full, wrinkled nutsack. It was up and nearly in firing position. “Oh, jeez!” I bobbed and sucked. A final full swelling and the timeless exultant words of peak male ecstasy… “I’m … I’m coming!” I held still, jaw open, the fat cock on my tongue. There was a burst of thick cream. Another. The teen-rich taste filled my mouth. Full spurts came forth, seemingly endless, slowing slowly. I swallowed repeatedly to avoid spilling the robust seed. I waited, relishing the boy’s manhood in while Alexander softened somewhat. It wasn’t more than a half a dozen heartbeats before the teen got fidgety. “Um …” I knew from experience that some boys want to bolt as soon as their lust has been satisfied and Alexander was one of those boys. Fear of being “queer” or fear of being caught or embarrassment were usually the motives to leave in a hurried rush. For Alexander it was probably the latter. I let his juicy organ slide free of my lips. It glistened, distended and drooping before the teen grabbed for his boxers. Bending over, Alexander unintentionally knocked his forehead against mine in his haste to pull up his underwear. The gangly boy nearly toppled before he caught his balance in two backward steps, shorts still at his ankles, fingers caught in the elastic hem at his thighs, cock and balls swinging. “Sorry!” I rubbed my head. “I’m real sorry!” “Don’t worry about it, it was an accident.” Alexander shoved his genitals into his boxers and had his shorts up and zipped in no time. “I gotta go,” the teen said nervously, “I just remembered I gotta be somewhere now.” “Okay, Alexander. Don’t worry, you’ve got time,” I answered trying to calm the boy. “Yeah, uh … No! I gotta go.” He went towards the door and I got to my feet. “Let me show you out.” “No, you don’t have to.” He fumbled at the knob for an awkward moment before getting the door open wide enough to exit. The light shone on Alexander for an instant before making his getaway like a character in a Warner Brothers cartoon. “I gotta go.” And he was gone. I laughed on my way to close the door fully. Alexander, of course, forgot the jacket. Who can blame him? Copyright 2017. All Rights Reserved.

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