Bad Week For Mommy – Chapter 2

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Bad Week For Mommy – Chapter 2I want to THANKS to ALICE522 @ XHAMSTER to correct and edit my text:Bad Week For Mommy CHAPTER 2In our home, the routine I established is that she has to be in bed by 10,00 pm. I expect her to be fresh showered, and pussy thoroughly washed and smelling sweetly. When I want her shaved she must be fresh shaved, her hair must be done, and she has to be dressed according to my specifications. One day, I might want her to wear only her stockings, another I want her in her baby-doll pajamas, another yet I want to see her in a pantyhose. From time total nude I want her totally naked and sometimes I even I want her to be dressed in her payamas. Like every day she begged me to approve of her appearance prior to going to bed. She was wearing her black stockings and high heel shoes She looked perfect, but instead of telling her so, I looked sternly at her. “We have to discuss your attitude today, Mommy!” She froze upon hearing those words. “Today you were bitchy and disobeyed my explicit orders!” I let my voice rise in intensity. She meekly lowered her eyes. “How dare you discuss my decisions about when you have to be at home, slut! And how dare you to discuss my decisions at the presence of other people?”She trembled halkalı escort and got on her knees in front of me.”I m pretty sure it is my fault – I spoiled you too much, bitch! But it is never to late to correct this! And you Mommy – you are not too old to be punished! Oh, no – you are not and will never be too old for severe whipping!” I paused for effect, letting the fear of not knowing exactly what was coming next build in her. “And now Mommy, bring me the whip. Not flogger, I want to teach you with the fiberglass fishing rod! It is the new whip for naughty Mommy!””May I speak, Master,” she whimpered.I knew she wanted to beg for mercy or to protest, but I would have none of it. I felt my cock stiffen as I thought of whipping my nearly naked mother. I took her chin and raised her head. “Not one single word! I dont want to hear any excuses and lies from you! All that is allowed from you is screams, and cries!”I saw tears in her eyes, and her lip quivered. “But we dont want to disturb people around us, do we? So take your 2 pairs of skimpy knickers from the drawer and put them into your mouth! And lie ON the bed Mommy! You know the position!”Yes, şişli escort of course she knew the position – I rolled blankets and put a pillow on the top. She lay across thse so her ass was raised high into the air. I came to her put my both hands on her ass cheeks, squeezed them. Islowly moved my hands to her upper legs and roled her stockings down. “We don’t want to ruine those stockings, right Mommy? Stockings are good, and you are the one who shall be hurt!” I took the fiberglass whip in my hand and taped her bottom 2-3 times and say: “Oh, I m think there is no need to tell you to keep your hands away of your ass!”I bring the cane up and then smartly bring it down onto her ass. It makes a satisfying whack, and I immediately see a welt. She whimpers and tears flowed with the very first blow. After about 25 strokes I stopped. I had made her count them, but I did not tell her how many strokes I intended. I heard the disappointment in her voice when I continued after 10 and also after 20. She almost gave up at 25, but I stopped. She was in pain, her face was reddened by tears, was whimpering and begging. Her ass radiated heat and the view on her ass, criss-crossed with angry red lines made sarıyer escort my hard cock throb. I touched her pussy and found her already wet. I found her clit and rubbed it with my fingertip, and her whimpering changed to moans of lust. I removed the knickers from her mouth. Through her sobs and tears she asks why was I so severe this time. And she was right – I had not been so severe in a long time. “I realized I have been far too lenient. This weekend I will have to be much more severe to regain control. You will realize this whipping was nothing. When we are through, you will truly be the obedient slave. I do this out of love. A disobedient, surly, smart-mouth slave is not good for herself or for her master. When we are done, you will not even want to disobey me.” I had my fingers in her cunt. She was very wet. “This week – today s discipline for the rest of the week will teach you to not to discuss my decisions EVER AGAIN! Especially not at the presence of other people.! And next week I m going to repeat all the whippings from this week – to be sure the lesson is learned well!”I thrust 4 fingers into her cunt. They made a slurping noise. “I hear your pussy begging for your dear son’s cock. Perhaps I will fuck you, maybe in the cunt, maybe in the ass. But, when you act like spoiled teenager bitch, you will be punished like one. Mommy dearest, you are GROUNDED for 2 weeks!” With that I drop my pants and mount her from the rear, thrusting my my cock deep into her cunt.” “Tomorrow morning you will phone call your lady friends and tell them you are GROUNDED!”………….Continue…

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