Bachelor Party Ch. 02

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“Get up!” you bark at me, and I am slightly startled by your unusually harsh tone, so I immediately respond. I walk over to where you are still sitting and you motion for me to sit back on your lap.

“Enjoy yourself?” you ask me. I nod in agreement, and you feel my wet pussy, proving me honest.

“Well, that’s good. But you disrupted our game with your constant noise and outbursts. And for that, you must be punished,” you tell me, with a cruel grin on your face that I have not seen many times before.

“This is how it will go. You will get a good spanking, which you so fully deserve, from all of us. You will get twenty on your ass by hand, Jake will take care of that. You will then receive ten more by Mark’s belt on your ass. After that, ten more on your ass, with our paddle, and I will do that. Then we will move to your breasts. You will receive twenty by hand there. Tim, that’s your job, then ten by Don’s belt. Is that understood?” you ask me.

“Ye….yes,” I reply timidly, very much afraid that I will not be able to handle all of those blows. You lift me off your lap and leave, I assume to retrieve the paddle, and sure enough I notice it in your hand when you return. We have only used it once or twice before, so I am still getting used to how it feels on my ass. No one has ever used their belt on my ass, let alone my breasts.

“Oh yeah, one more thing,” you say, coming towards me. I see you remove a pair of my panties from your pocket, the purple pair you had kept a few weeks before. “Just to ensure you do not trouble the neighbors as you troubled us during the game, I think I’ll stuff these in your mouth,” you tell me, wiping them first on my wet pussy, then shoving them into my mouth.

I am able to taste my own juices on them, as I attempt to Escort bayan adjust to the intrusion. You tear off a piece of duct tape and tape the panties firmly into my mouth, so that there is no chance of me getting them out.

Everyone stands, and you lead me around to the back of the couch. “Bend over!” you tell me forcefully, and I lean over the couch back, my head and arms resting on the cushions. Jake steps up behind me and kicks my feet apart, so that my legs are now spread.

My bare ass and wet pussy are on view for all to see, and a fresh wave of humiliation rushes over me. Jake trails his hands through my moist folds, then is gone, and I wait for the pain to start.

I do not have to wait long, and I feel his hand come down hard on my left cheek, then my right. He pauses for a second to let the pain sink in, and then rains down four quick blows, all over my ass. I wonder how I am going to endure all this, and Jake shows no mercy.

“That was light compared to the rest, bitch,” he informs me, and pauses again to let his words have the full effect. He then hits me with his full force, and I scream with pain into my gag. Now I know I am in trouble, as he hits me three more times with the same amount of force.

I attempt to block everything out of my mind and think of something else, but it isnt working. I cannot recall what came next, but all of his blows hurt like hell. I think that he is done, because he pauses for a long time, but am brought back to reality sharply as his hand comes down hard right on my wet pussy.

I scream to no avail into my panties, as tears begin to run involuntarily down my cheeks. “Twenty,” he says, then laughs cruelly. He steps to the side, and Mark takes his place behind me.

I hear him taking his belt Escort off, and smacking it into the couch a few times, just to scare me. “I have no mercy, little slut, so brace yourself and have fun,” he says, then brings his belt down hard on my ass.

I am completely astounded by how much it hurts, and before I realize it, he brings it down again on the exact same spot, harder this time. By now my tears have returned, and I clench the cushions of the couch in my fists, trying to regain composure. He lashes his belt on my ass, moving all around, hitting every available spot, including the area where my ass meets my thighs.

The tears are flowing freely, but soon that phase is over. Mark grabs my head by the hair and pulls me slightly upright. “That’s how I treat sluts like you,” he whispers to me, then lets me fall back down.

Then you step up behind me. I feel a cool breeze on my tender ass as you blow on it gently. The cool air feels good. “Your ass is so fucking red,” you inform me. “Just looking at it is making my cock grow. I can see Jake’s hand prints and Mark’s belt prints. So fucking hot.”

I then feel your tongue on my ass, cooling the welts that have formed. I relax at the good feeling, when suddenly you stand up and hit me with the paddle. I am shocked back into pain, and brace myself for the rest of the blows. You make sure to cover my entire ass, not leaving a spot unreddened.

For your final blow, you hit me right in the middle of my ass, low enough that the tip of the paddle hit me lower than I expected, just missing my pussy. Before I have time to recover, you grab my hair and stand me up.

“Go kneel on the couch, facing the back,” you instruct me, and I comply. You come behind me, but I do not know for what purpose. Tim steps Bayan escort up in front of me, and grins at me menacingly. He tweaks my nipples, then lands his first blow. I am able to tune out the pain by now, and before I realize it, he is finished.

I feel hands on my thighs, and realize you are trying to get me to spread my legs a bit. I comply, wonderiing what is going on.

Don steps in front of me, and his look is evil. “This is gonna hurt like hell, bitch,” he glares at me, then spits onto my breasts. This humiliates me more than anything previous.

I am bracing myself for his blows when I feel something at my wet hole. Startled I look down to see what the intruder is when Don’s first blow lands right across my nipples. It is all I can to not to buckle over in pain.

I realize that the thing invading my pussy is the handle to the paddle you so recently used to cause me pain. Now you are attempting to cause me pleasure with it.

Don makes sure that I cannot tune him out, and pauses for great lengths between hits. His aim is perfectly planned, making sure to inflict the most pain and taking advantage of the bite marks he had already left earlier to cause even more pain. All the while you are fucking me with the paddle, and I cannot decide whether I am in heaven or hell. One end of my body hurts like hell, and the other feels so heavenly.

Don takes his final blow on my tender breasts, and steps back to admire his handiwork. “Oh yes, very fucking nice,” he exclaims, then twists my nipples violently and painfully.

Unable to handle any more, I collapse, which shoves the handle of the paddle all the way inside of me, and I jerk back up to kneeling position. You laugh and remove it, bringing it around to my mouth and telling me to clean it off. I do so until it is as clean as I can get it, then you remove it from my mouth. I slump onto the couch, embarrassed, in pain, and very turned on. I have no idea what is coming next, but I have a feeling this night is far from over…

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