Overnight Sex Change

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My name is Rob. I am…. Was a very attracted boy. I have always had my way with the ladies since I was in 8th grade. I lost my virginity in the 8th grade too.

Now, the summer after my 2nd year of college, I’ve had more girlfriends than I could count and most of them ended by me after we had sex for a 3 or 4 times. So you can say that I broke a lot of girls’ hearts over the years. But I was an adventuress 18 year old who did not care.

It was summer so I was going wild with a lot of parties, in my new house that I own with 2 girls I know and my other guy friend. There was a lot of parties, drinking and sex keeping us busy on those long hot summer days.

My story begins the morning after a great party. Of course I had sex with a smoking hot blonde that apparently left before I woke up in the morning.

It was at least 12:00 and everyone was at work already, so I was home alone. I had the worst migraine and I felt funny all over. I got up very slowly and walked to the bathroom with my eyes closed and took out a couple of aspirin and gulped them down quickly.

When I closed the door to the medicine cabinet and looked in the mirror I saw a beautiful blonde standing in front of it. I looked around and saw no one else there but the room did look a little bigger than I remembered it was. This was the worst hangover I ever had.

I turned on the shower and went to the toilet. When I went for my dick IT WASN’T THERE!!!!!! I let out a very girly sounding shriek.

I started freaking out, feeling all over my crotch. But all I felt was smooth shaven skin and a slit. And that’s not all; I also had perky breasts with dime-sized nipples hanging off my chest. I felt my head; it was blonde and long, hanging down to my perky breasts.

And what had happened to my washboard stomach Pendik Ukraynalı Escort and my muscle toned arms that were now skimpy, smooth and hairless. I checked my butt and it was big round and hairless as well.

What had happened last night? Am I still drunk? Am I dreaming?

I tried closing my eyes and opening them but it didn’t work. Then I tried slapping myself out of it. But, I was this hot blonde that wouldn’t go away. I splashed cold water on myself but it didn’t do anything. I jumped in the cold shower, and that only made my nipples hard.

I decided to just accept after a half hour of trying to snap out of it. I just turned up the heat of the water. I went soaped up and went exploring my new feminine body. It felt weird to do this and when I soaped my breasts, it turned me on. I kept caressing them and just felt so alive. No wonder girls loved this.

I pinched and pulled my nipples. I was ecstatic in ecstasy. I went to go down and pull jerk off my cock but forgot I didn’t have one. At least my state of mind had not changed at this point. But I did start to caress my vagina. It was amazing. I quickly found my clit hard and sticking out. I rubbed it in small strokes. WOW, this was amazing, no wonder all my girlfriends loved when I did this and asked me to do it.

I was moaning loudly at these new sensations filling my body. I felt my pussy tingle and I moaned out loudly (good thing no one was home) as my I felt my first female orgasm. My legs fell limp and I had to hold on to the towel rack to steady myself, and so I wouldn’t fall down. I just stood there in pure bliss, huffing and puffing. Wow maybe this new body wasn’t so bad after all.

When I finished washing the rest of my body I got out of the shower. I took a towel and without even Pendik Üniversiteli Escort knowing rapped it skillfully around my chest like I had been doing it all along. Uh oh, not good, now I was unconsciously doing feminine things. Then another thought hit me. I didn’t have any girl clothes, which meant I had to take some from my roommates.

I decided that Jenny was the closest to my size boobs (I would say about 33b cup) so I went to her room. I looked in her top drawer and went through many panties before I found a white lace thong. It felt funny having the small piece of string in my butt, but I toughed it out. Next was the bra. I took a black push up bra that matched the panties. I knew it was a push up because a lot of my ex’s showed me them, I also new how to clasp the bra because of my ex’s (Kudos to them). When my boobs were snug, I checked to see if there were any block skirts to match the lingerie. I found one and but it on. I also found a tight black button up blouse that was a little tight but I thought, ‘what the heck I might as well show off my new shapely body. I didn’t want to have a challenge with high heels so I just grabbed some nice sandals.

Now to tackle my hair problem. It wasn’t dried from the shower, so I had to use a blow drier it. I put it in a pony-tale that I found on Jenney’s dresser. It took some time to put it in but I finally got it right.

I wrote a note and put it on the fridge (god now my handwriting was girly). I rewrote it in my usual sloppy handwriting. It said that I was going to visit some old friends and would be home late and that old bullshit. But when I grabbed my keys and wallet I realized that I had no pockets. I ran upstairs and grabbed one of jenny’s old handbags and left threw my wallet in my room, deciding that Pendik Vip Escort it’s not that girly.

When I emptied out my wallet I saw that my drivers license picture also changed to fit my new girly figure. The name was different too; it said my new name was Alyssa Jensen. Wow this is getting freaky. How did this shit happen?

I went with and left my house quickly not wanting anyone to see me leave. I hopped in my car and went to town. I found a parking spot and just started walking and thinking about what was I going to do.

I started to notice that my walk had changed too. My hips were swaying back and forth. Then I looked up and I saw men, older men, staring at me chest and body up and down. Now I know how girls feel like when I look them up and down. This really creped me out. But somehow this turned me on.

I started to look at some of the guys on the street and see if they were hot or not. Then I thought oh god now im getting turned on by guys now, what is happening to me. Does this mean I’m gay now?

Well whatever it was I was going to need some girls clothes if I was going to survive in this new body. So I went into a Victoria Secret store. That is when I met the hottest guy I ever saw.

I was looking at some bras and that is when he came over. His name was Jake. He was looking for some lingerie for his apparent girlfriend (he was lying) but he didn’t know her size. He saw me and said I looked about the same size as he. So I picked out some thing that looked my size and said here.

But he didn’t stop there. He wanted more. He said that he wanted to know how it would look on her and if I could model for him. I didn’t know how to react. I mean her was the first guy to come up to me and ask if I would model lingerie for him. I got horny right away and immediately became wet in my panties. I just said nodded. He asked me to pick out what I thought would be sexy. I picked up some sexy outfits and followed him to the changing room.

The room was empty (probably because it was getting late and the store was closing soon). He followed me into the cubicle.

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