Another Love (Part 23)

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Things were tense in the house, Jade walked through the dining room and into the kitchen barefoot wearing just a t-shirt and knickers.  I sat in the lounge watching a film as there was no sport on at that time of day.  Besides a few platitudes first thing in the morning, we were hardly talking to each other at present.It had been this way for about two weeks so far, we had not fallen out, but Jade was busy with her dissertation and getting ready for final exams which were making her stressed, tired and very irritable. I, on the other hand, was being selfish, I knew I was being selfish, but I wanted to do fun things at weekends and above all I wanted intimacy.  We had not had sex for nearly three weeks, and I was feeling it.We had already had one minor argument when I tried to suggest that we go out for a meal and a few drinks the previous weekend.  I followed Jade into the kitchen and coming up behind her slipped a hand around her waist as she stood waiting for the kettle to boil.  She patted my armed and allowed me to nuzzle her neck, Jade hummed and bent her head over to mine.“How is it going?” I asked.“Slowly,” she responded.“How about you leave the learning for a bit and come and join me on the sofa.”“No, I need to get back to my books, it going to be another long one,” she rubbed her eyes.“Jade, you need a break, you are going to make yourself ill.”“No, no I need to get this bloody thing finished then I can concentrate on the final exam.”“OH, COME ON.” I was exasperated.“NO, you come on, this is important to me, you have had your career, you lived your life, YOU never went to university, what do you know about it, I can’t take a break and I won’t take a break until I finish, understand.”With that, she turned quickly and practically ran back to the office to continue studying.I was annoyed and frustrated, grabbing my coat I left the house slamming the front door loudly.  Jumping in my car I screeched off the drive and headed into town.  I had no idea where I was going or why.I wandered around the city centre for an hour, feeling hard done to.  I knew where she was coming from, I did understand how important her degree was to her it was her future, her career.  I also knew that she needed to rest and enjoy herself a little otherwise she would burn out and it would all have been for nothing.Suddenly feeling thirsty I went into a coffee shop and having purchased a drink sat down to continue brooding on the problem.“Hello fancy seeing you here, where is Jade?”I looked up, Hannah was standing holding a takeaway cup of coffee in her hand.“Hi, Jade is at home studying.  She is always fucking studying at the moment,” I knew the tone of my voice sounded like I was pissed off and I was. “I’m sorry that came out wrong, I’m just feeling a bit off it at the moment, how are you anyway?”“I’m good thanks for asking.”“How come you aren’t studying at the moment?”“I am,” said Hannah as she pulled the chair out opposite me and sat down, “I coming to the end of my master’s, but I am just taking a break, starting to feel a bit tired so thought I would walk into the centre and get a coffee.”“See that is my point, Jade hasn’t taken a break for weeks now, it is not healthy for her.”Jade patted my hand, “we all learn differently, Jade is extremely intelligent, she is also desperate to live up to the expectations of her parents.”“I know, I know, it’s just so frustrating at the moment.”“Ahh, you poor thing, are you feeling left out are you sexually frustrated at the moment, is your young hot girlfriend not putting out at the moment because she is thinking of the future?” she patted my hand as she mocked me.I scowled at her, “ok, ok point taken, I know I am being unreasonable, but I am right it is not healthy, she had been holed up for weeks now in our study, have you seen or spoken to her.”Hannah thought for a moment, “well, no, but.”“No buts, that is my point, I know this is important to her and that it will dictate her future with or without me but at the same time if she suffers burnout or a breakdown then it really will have been for nothing.  Christ, you know what she is like once she sets her mind on something there is no getting through to her.”“Have you talked to her?” Hannah asked looking concerned.“Course I fucking have,” my frustration and anger was growing, “I’m am sorry again, I am just being selfish in six months this will all be behind us, guess I shall just have to wait.”There was a long pause, but Hannah didn’t say anything, “I might book a holiday for us both for after she graduates, take her away for a week.”“That is a good idea, wish somebody would do that for me.”“No boyfriend at the moment?” I asked.“No, the last one was too interested in getting pissed and playing his PlayStation.”“Well, he was a dickhead then, you are a catch for any guy.”“Flattery will get you everywhere,” Hannah laughed, “Hey you wouldn’t fancy buying a third ticket would you, I will carry the bags.”“As tempting as that is I think Jade might have something to say if I start inviting her friends to accompany us,” I lowered my voice before adding, “regardless of what we have done together in the past.”“I know I was joking,” said Hannah, “however, if Jade doesn’t fancy the holiday I wouldn’t mind.”“I will bear that in mind,” I laughed, “think it is time I went home.”I stood up and then leaned down and kissed Hannah on the cheek, “thank you, you have put things in perspective, I am just being stupid, selfish and.”“You were just being a typical male,” Hannah interjected.“Hey, that is sexist don’t tar all men with the same brush.”“I know,” Hannah smiled, “tell Jade I was asking after her.  I was being serious about coming on holiday with you, you know.”“I know you were, and it is not going to happen.  Do me a favour and message Jade I am sure she would take time away from her studies to talk to you.”Hannah nodded and I left the coffee shop and went home.The house was quiet when I got in but could hear the faint sound of music coming from the study.  I got myself a drink, went to the lounge and started to scroll through the TV channels looking for something to watch.I must have dozed off because I was awakened by the sound of the front door closing.  I rubbed my hand over my face and tried to revive myself when the doorbell sounded.I stood up and went to answer it.Opening the door, I was confused to find Jade standing on the doorstep wearing her long trench coat.“Jade, what are you doing out here?”“Sorry you are mistaken, I am not Jade, I am Suzie.”“What?”“Your girlfriend phoned me and asked me to pay you a visit, she said she had been neglecting you recently and that I was to attend to your needs.”As soon as she said those last words she open the front of her coat to show me that underneath she was dressed in just a black bra, black knickers with matching stockings and suspenders.I suppressed a smile.“Well, you had better come in then.”  I stepped back from the door and Jade seductively walked back into the house.I closed the door and Jade let her coat fall to the floor.“Your girlfriend said she was sorry, but she had to study and that I was to entertain you this evening and attend to your every need, and she meant your every need.”She turned and I watched her shapely arse covered only in a tiny thong walk down the hall, she looked over her shoulder at me and crooked a finger seductively at me to follow her. I stepped over the coat on the floor, contemplating for a brief second whether I should pick it up before deciding to leave it and follow Jade into the lounge.When I entered Jade was standing in the centre of the room with one hand on her hip, one leg straight with the other out at an angle, the effect was that of a seductress awaiting her prey.“My what a lovely house you have,”“Jade, what are you doing?” there was a puzzled and bemused look on my face.“I have told you my name, I am Suzie.  Is Jade your girlfriend, the one who called me?”I decided to play along with her little game, “Yes she is, but she has been so busy recently that we have hardly had any time together.”“She said that on the phone when she hired me, she also said that you know how to give a girl a good time.”“If she says that then it must be true, I have never had any complaints.”“That is good, well I am your plaything for the evening where do you want me?”

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