Anonymity Ch. 02

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College Student

This story is written as a continuation of “Anonymity” and does not stand on its own. Thanks to everyone who sent feedback. Please send a word or two back and let me know what you think.


“Ok. Your turn. Give me one more set.” Tom said as he rose off the bench. I moved from where I was spotting him. I giggled to myself at the thought of having to help him with his bench press. He was pushing 275 because he “wasn’t feeling very Olympic today”. As it turned out, my maximum bench press was what Tom warmed up with.

Working out sucks. The soreness, the tedium, the sweating. In fact, the only thing that is worse than staying in shape, is getting in shape. I would much rather read a book, watch TV, or stuff my face with empty calories than work out. I know I really should work out, but I don’t have to like it. The only reason I work out at all is because I know Tom is going to give me hell if I don’t show up.

Since leaving for college, I had gained ten pounds from eating fast food all the time, which brought me up to a grand total of 160. After two months of lifting weights with Tom, I had put on almost ten more pounds while loosing a belt notch in the process. I was also eating like a horse. I was beginning to see a difference, but I doubted if anyone else could. To his credit, Tom never said a derogatory word about what I could lift or how I was progressing. The fact that I showed up and the amount of effort I put into the workouts seemed to be enough for him.

I lay down on the bench, but after the workout so far I was weak as a kitten. Tom moved to spot me. “Alright, focus. Your mind lifts the weight. Just straiten out your arms.” I clenched me teeth and pulled the bar off the rack

We had become good friends outside the weight room, as well. We would usually spend Sunday afternoons with each other. All four of us would end up at somebody’s place with a bag of chips, a jar of guacamole, and some of “the hair of the dog”. The girls would talk about shopping, or whatever, and we would discuss politics, philosophy, religion, books, movies, music, and whatever else crossed our minds. We didn’t always agree, but we did always manage to respect each other’s opinion. It is amazing how being treated as equals by people you respect will bolster your self-confidence.

I pushed the weights off me once, twice, three times, and the bar came down for the fourth rep. All my focus and strength wasn’t going to get that bar to go up again. As the bar started to creep back down toward my chest, Tom’s fingers shot out and lifted the five or so pounds I couldn’t and we slammed the bar back into the rack. He had made a point of providing all the help I needed, but no more. “DAMN fine workout. Good job.”

I lay there gulping air like a catfish. Tom moved to the gym bag and pulled out a water bottle. I managed a sitting position, and looked up into the biggest Hispanic person I’ve ever seen. “You realize I could bench you AND that bar you were lifting.”

I turned to look at the weights, more to give myself a second to think. “Impressive,” I said, as I swiveled back around.

“Why don’t you put more weight on?” This moron wanted me to say something, and I was just wiped out enough to do it.

“I’m pacing myself,” I said, with my widest, shit-eating grin. I saw the dude’s face darken.

“Do yourself a favor, Mitch. Don’t underestimate him. Lord knows, I won’t do it again.” Tom took another drink from his water bottle. The look on Mitch’s face went from anger to confusion. Time to lighten the mood. I stood up from the bench and took a step toward Mitch.

“One hundred and sixty-eight pounds of rippling flab.” The crab flex I did was way over the top. The sound from behind me made Mitch grin, so I turned to see what had happened. Tom had started laughing at my comment and sprayed his mouthful of water all over the gym bag, and was now laughing with everyone else, me included.

“It’s bahis firmaları kind of like staring down an angry Chihuahua. Don’t mess with him, Mitch. He’s the reason I’m passing astronomy.” Tom picked up the gym bag and walked over to me. ” Come on, Hans. We’re done for today.” With that he grabbed my arm and, bending down, lifted me onto his shoulders without so much as a grunt.

As we left the workout room I pointed at Mitch. “You’re lucky he’s holding me back, or I’d be on you like blood spatter!” The room erupted in laughter as we left.

Once we cleared the weight room, Tom put me down. When we were out of hearing range, I asked, “What’s wrong with Mitch that he is such an asshole?”

Tom thought about it a second. “Let’s just say that Mitch reinforces certain negative stereotypes about athletes and leave it at that, shall we.” I realized that Tom had used up all his SAT words for the day.

“One more thing,” I asked. “Neither you nor I are taking an astronomy class this semester.”

“Mitch doesn’t know that,” Tom grinned.

We entered the locker room and gathered our stuff to leave. “Incidentally, I did read something interesting on the Internet that had to do with space. It’s an electric rocket engine.”

Tom looked down and knitted his brow. “Go on.”

“You take xenon ions and inject them in front of a metal plate with the same electrical charge as the ions. The charges repel each other, and the xenon atoms go shooting out the back of the engine.”

Tom looked up at me. “That doesn’t sound like a very powerful engine.”

“No, it’s not,” I replied, “but you can run it for months at a time. Look at it this way. If ten pounds of normal rocket fuel gets you 60 more miles per hour, ten pounds of xenon ions gets you 600 miles per hour.” I could see he was working out the implications of what I had just said.

“God, you’re a geek,” he finally said, with a smile on his face.

“The Internet is full of all kinds of crap,” I defended.

“Is that where you learned what you did to Jill?” I was surprised by his question. We had never discussed the bet before now. I nodded in the affirmative. “So, ‘fess up. What did you do to her?”

The subject was difficult, so I decided to just plow through and describe it as clinically as I could. Tom asked a couple of questions, but we were done by the time we got to our cars and headed our separate ways. After explaining it to Tom and thinking about it on the way home, I had an idea about some research I wanted to do on the Internet.


Sunday morning, I woke up with Karen in my arms. Luckily, I turned off the alarm before it went off. Sunday mornings were always big at the restaurant with the church crowd, so I was headed in early. Karen certainly seemed to enjoy the results of my Internet studies, and as a result was sound asleep. I managed to disentangle myself from her and stager into the kitchen to find some breakfast. I showered, put on my uniform, and slipped out of the house. I wasn’t looking forward to working this morning, but we were going over to Michelle’s this afternoon for our weekly get-together after I got off work.


Tom answered the door when we knocked at Michelle’s apartment. Karen gave him the customary hug and went to prep the snacks in the kitchen.

“S’up, Dog.” Tom’s wink reminded me that he had some information to try out last night. From the smile on his face, I was guessing things went well. I caught sight of Michelle coming toward me for our usual hug. She never failed to take my breath away. She was gorgeous. What’s more she treated me like a friend; something I was not used to from beautiful people. We lifted our arms for an embrace, when at the last second, she swiveled her head and planted a huge, wet, sloppy kiss on me. I dropped the two bags of chips I was holding and let my arms settle around her. That’s when she got serious. There were tongues, kaçak iddaa and moving lips, and moaning. I didn’t have much choice but to kiss her back. When we finally broke the kiss, I continued to hold on to Michelle until the room stopped spinning. Finally, I remembered to breath.

“I’m told I have you to thank for last night.” Michelle smiled a lascivious smile. “Thank you.”

“Uh…you’re welcome.” She slipped out of my arms, retrieved the bags of chips I had dropped on the floor and headed into the kitchen with Karen in tow.

“Looks like you need to sit down.” Tom pressed an open beer in my hand and went to occupy the easy chair. I took a swig of my beer and moved to the couch.

“I take it things went well last night?” In response to my question, Tom let a sly smile cross his face. I could hear the girls in the kitchen giggling about something.

“You could say that.” Tom went after a chip full of salsa. Again, more giggling from the kitchen. “What are they carrying on about?”

“I dare not even guess. I’ve stopped trying to figure out women. It can’t be done.” I took another swig of beer.

“Say the sooth, brother!” Tom encouraged. “Say the sooth!” Say the sooth? Oh, I get it. Soothsayer. It occurs to me that “dumb jock” is almost like a coat Tom puts on when he’s around his athlete friends. It’s probably easier than sticking out as someone who actually likes being an English major.

My ruminations were interrupted when the girls came in from the kitchen carrying more snacks. After Karen placed the bowl of chips and the dip on the table, she spun around and straddled Tom’s legs, her cleavage unavoidably in his face. “I hear you’ve been a naughty boy.”

Tom got his beer out of the way in time and using all of his willpower, pried his eyes away from Karen’s tits. “Me? No, I ain’t been naughty. I’ve been a good boy.”

Karen stroked the side of his face with her hand, ending up with a handful of hair. She jerked Tom’s head back and locked his eyes in her gaze. “Denying it just makes it worse. Don’t make me have to punish you.”

Tom found a place for his beer to rest on the side table. “Yes Mistress Karen.”

“That’s it, Asshole.” Karen grabbed the bottom of her shirt with both hands, and in one smooth movement threw it across the room. She grabbed Tom’s head with both hands and shoved his face into her D-cup cleavage. Tom didn’t seem to mind being punished.

Michelle had placed the snacks she was carrying on the table and turned to regard Karen and Tom on the easy chair, hands on her hips. “So just what the hell am I supposed to do while you fuck my boyfriend?”

Karen didn’t even turn around. “Ed, honey, show Michelle your new trick.” Tom’s hand was trying for the clasp on Karen’s bra.

Michelle turned to me in disbelief. “You’ve got a NEW trick?” All I could manage was to nod my head. “I don’t know. Am I going to explode?”

Karen answered while twisting around on Tom’s lap, keeping his hands away from unfastening her bra. “THAT is a definite possibility.”

Michelle turned back to me with her mouth hanging open. “Oh, my.” She walked over and perched on my lap. My arms slid around her waist naturally. She pulled my face into her intoxicating hair. I growled like a dog into her neck, and she shivered in response. “Will you show me your new trick?”

“I’d love to, but you’re wearing too many clothes.” She pushed me back into the sofa and stood up. As an evil smile crossed her face she began slowly working on the buttons on her top. My eyes left hers and waded down to her hands, as she took the time to work on each button. I began removing my clothes franticly. I wanted to get done with my clothes so I could concentrate on what she was doing. I was naked in moments. She was just removing her top, revealing the white lacy bra underneath. She wasn’t wearing shoes, so her jeans had no real impediment. That didn’t stop her from taking them off kaçak bahis agonizingly slowly.

“Do you like what you see?” I nodded. Forming words was a problem I wasn’t ready to deal with right now. I knew my hard-on was pointed right at her, but I didn’t care. Michelle removed her bra. She was performing for me, so I wasn’t worried about staring at her amazing body. I cast a thought at what I was going to do to that body, so I grabbed a pillow off the couch and dropped it on the floor, never letting my eyes leave her impending nakedness. She hooked her thumbs in her panties and slid them down her legs. When she stepped out of them, I stood up and pulled her to me, running my hands over her body. She leaned into me, trapping my dick between our bellies.

After caressing her ass and her breasts, I motioned toward the pillow on the floor. “Lie down on your back, please.” Michelle did as I requested with the pillow placed under the small of her back. I noticed that Karen and Tom had lost all of their clothes as well. Karen was still sitting on Tom’s lap, guiding his cock into her pussy. I returned my attentions to Michelle, parting her knees and moving my mouth to her right breast. I sucked and licked and nipped her breast as my right hand made its way down between her legs. I began rubbing my palm over her mons, while I continued working on her breast with my tongue. Michelle rewarded my efforts with all those lovely little sounds that women make when they are very happy. When I felt the moisture in her sex, I kissed my way down her stomach and settled in between her legs. I gave her pussy lips a big, long lick with my tongue before delving into the inner recesses. My tongue moved at random, first in her pussy, then on her lips, then across her clit. Once I had her nice and wet, I began concentrating on her clit while I inserted the pinky finger on my right hand into her pussy. Her breathing became irregular at the added stimulation. I worked my finger in and out of her, adding as much saliva as I could. One of the reasons I had selected the floor is that this maneuver tends to get messy. I withdrew my well-lubricated pinky from her pussy. She whined a little to let me know she was unhappy. That wouldn’t last long. I slid my slid my first two fingers into her sloppy slit, and at the same time, slid my pinky into her ass. She wasn’t complaining now. She bucked her hips and moaned urgently as I made little circles with my hand, all the while assaulting her clit with my tongue. I snuck my left hand back to jerk on my cock to keep it ready. Michelle began to claw at the carpet and I sawed my fingers in and out of her available holes. Her breathing was ragged, and as her climax hit, she levitated off the floor…Well, maybe she didn’t levitate, but she sure tried to. I have every confidence she would have made it off the floor if her orgasm hadn’t crested and come crashing down on her like a wave on the sand.

I lay still until she stopped thrashing, then I withdrew my fingers and moved up her body. I saw Karen in the easy chair with her knees in the seat and her magnificent ass in the air. She had that flush in her face and that dreamy look in her eye. I knew she had cum, and Tom was moving in behind her for his turn.

Michelle seemed unaware of me until I lodged my cock at her entrance and thrust all the way in with one stroke. The new sensation seemed to focus her as I began to move in and out of her faster and faster. Michelle had her orgasm, and now it was my turn. I was going to fuck the shit out of this bitch!

I got up on my hands and toes and went at her with full strokes, banging into her with every thrust. Soon, the muscles in my abs began to burn with the effort. Michelle started running her hands over my arms and chest, examining every contour of my new muscles, making me feel strong and powerful; a feeling I’m not used to. She started playing with my nipples, which is something that I usually don’t like, but didn’t seem to bother me very much right now. I pounded her all the harder trying to get her to stop. I didn’t last very long, but I didn’t have to. I emptied myself into her, and collapsed onto her soft sweaty body.

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