An Unexpected Gift

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Most everything about my life could be classed as normal. I have a boring low paid job and the only minor exception to my normalcy is that I live with my sister, not being able to afford a place of my own. Life was looking bleak at home with my parents and things started to fall apart. Fortunately my sister offered me a room in her house at a dirt cheap price compared to local rent prices, I couldn’t refuse.

Life got a little easier and I began saving money at a decent rate. The one surprising bonus of living with my sister was I piggybacked on her social life. Her friends were always coming round to see her as she lived quite centrally in our home city. Her house was in constant use, a hub for all meet ups and parties.

One Sunday I found myself in the house alone. I made the most of my brief freedom by watching the daytime adult channels on the TV but couldn’t build the urge to start masturbating, a fortunate choice as I spotted my sisters closest friend, Coleen, through the net curtains walking up the foot path. I flipped the channel a couple of times and made for the door.

I have had a crush on Coleen for a couple of years, since before I moved in. Now I live with my sister I see her frequently and having her so close so often increased my affection for her. The problem was she never ever looked at me in that way. I had always held onto hope but after a frank conversation with my sister one day I came to realise I had no chance with Coleen.

I took a deep breath before opening the front door. When I did I found a vision of loveliness! One of the things I found so attractive about Coleen was her choice of footwear. Never in all my years had I seen her wear something I don’t find sexy. Normally she wears trainers, something I have always liked on a lady, but when she was going out and about she would wear the sexiest high heels. The kind normally worn by glamour models in their sexy photo shoots. Today she wore my favourite footwear for a lady. Ankle boots! I couldn’t tell you why I found them so unstoppably sexy. Put ankle boots on any woman and I find myself many times more likely to see her as a sexual object. Something just clicks deep down.

I came back to my senses quickly as I realised I had been staring at her body and boots.

“I’m sorry. You wanna come in?”

She smiled her slightly lopsided smile.

“Thank you.”

She stepped past me and I closed the door. It took a considerable amount of self-control not to check her arse out as she wore a black skirt that clung to her every curve. If she looked round as she walked into the living room I would be caught dead to rights. My worries and caution meant little however as she walked straight into the living room without looking back and sat on the couch. I followed trying to think of something to say.

“Is Tara here?” She asked her eyes already glued to the TV.

“Nope, out. Said she wouldn’t be back until about three.” I checked the clock and found it was only two o’clock. “You are welcome to wait.”

She checked her phone.

“Ok, thanks. I will.”

I couldn’t put my finger on it but something about her tone was off. I guessed that she was pissed off with her boyfriend casino şirketleri again, it had happened quite a lot lately. A relationship problem was always my sister’s thing. If I got involved I would just make a fool of myself or make her hate me. I couldn’t think what to say so I went with a classic.

“You want a cuppa tea?”

She looked at me for the first time, the slightest smile showed on her face.


I left for the kitchen and busied myself making two giant mugs of strong tea. That she liked her tea just as I did was one of the few things I knew we shared in common. After a good five minutes of brewing I picked up both mugs and headed back into the lounge. Before I rounded the corner I noticed the TV was silent. Turning off the TV was an unusual move if she was staying for an hour and in my next three steps I saw why she had done it.

What I saw right then and there will never leave me. A picture of perfectness that is seared into my brain until the very last day of my life!

I found Coleen, object of my unwanted attentions, kneeling on the couch with not a scrap of clothing on but her ankle boots. Her face buried in the cushions and her beautifully rounded, bare arse pointing directly at me.

She had clearly been recently waxed as there wasn’t a hair to be seen. I glared at her pussy lips, dark red and waiting. My eyes were drawn to her butthole as she held both her arse cheeks apart, presenting and slightly stretching her wonderful arsehole.

The mugs of tea nearly left my grip. My cock was sent into turbo mode, working its way to erect as fast as it could go.

For safety’s sake I put the boiling hot mugs down on the table and my eyes shot back to my wonderful gift. What else could she mean? The gesture was as plan and obvious as it could have been. She had heard me walk back into the room and still she hadn’t said anything, I knew what I was going to do. I took control!

“Wait right there and don’t move a muscle!” A command that I hoped to the Gods she would obey. I forced myself to walk upstairs not run as I didn’t want her to hear me running, seeming as desperate as I actually was.

I took a condom from my room and some lube that I hadn’t had course to use with a lady in almost a year. I made my way back down stairs and found her exactly as I left her. My cock, now painfully erect, twitched at the sight of her fuck holes. I positioned myself behind her wondering where to start. For all I knew this was a one-time deal so I wanted to make the most of it.

I knelt behind her putting her stunning backside right in front of my face. Her ankle boots hit me in the chest. I gently place my hands on her calves and shifted her legs apart just enough to get closer.

I stroked her shapely and smooth legs upwards around the outside. The contours of her body led my hands to her superb hind quarters and I squeezed the arse I had fantasized about for so long.

Her hands still reaching round and holding herself exposed to me. My fingers edged closer to her perfect cunt, my nose drinking in the smell of her already moist pussy.

I toyed the edges of her lips but found myself unable to resist any longer casino firmaları as I buried my tongue deep into her.

She was wet and salty and I drove my tongue into her and flicked it about, trying to reward her for what she had done for me.

She made her first vocalisation since I found her like this as she moaned. It drove me to work her slit harder. My nose rubbed up against her arsehole for a little while before I decided to change tracks. I pulled my lucky tongue out of her and played one handed with her glorious pussy as I wiped my face.

I returned my face moments later and placed a delicate kiss directly onto her brown hole. She gasped in the most positive way and I took it as the go ahead to work her rectum.

I pushed my thumb gently into her and listened to her breathing. I worked it in deeper and deeper, slowly and only a part at a time until I had it knuckle deep. My cock twitched in protest and I thought the time had come. I extracted my finger a lot quicker than it went in and wiped it on my trousers. Her whimpering sped my actions as I dropped my trousers to the floor and worked the johnny onto my cock. I placed a generous amount of lube on myself and gently fingered some onto her waiting arsehole. She twitched at it coolness but still she didn’t say anything.

I positioned myself behind her and took a deep breath. Partly to steady my nerve and partly as a warning to her. A sort of last chance to say something.

She didn’t.

I aimed my dick into her arsehole and pushed gently. I was almost running a fever at the amount of resistance her tight hole gave me. Even with the lube it took some time to work myself into her at a good depth.

I pumped my hips gently not wanting to hurt her if this was her first time, her heavy breathing turn to gasps and finally to moans and I took one low rumbling moan as my go signal for full penetration.

I drove every inch of my cock as deep as it would go and she screamed. Possibly the sexiest scream the world had ever heard, and I was the only one to hear it!

I brought up my pace to moderate and realised I already had the inclination to cum. I pushed my mind and thoughts well out of the perfect moment my body was experiencing and pumped her with a slightly slower pace. Allowing the building orgasm to subside.

Throughout it all she hadn’t said a thing. I glanced at the clock and saw we only had fifteen minutes before my sister was due home. I had been tonguing and fucking her arse for almost forty minutes.

With great reluctance I pulled my cock out of her well worked arse and pulled the johnny off.

I caught myself before I continued.

“No more condom.” I stated. Her only response was to readjust her hands to present herself openly once more. I dipped my tongue into her perfect cunt once more, I wanted to remember the taste when this was all over.

I ran my hands over her perfect legs again, this time my hands made their way across her back and under to her hanging breasts. Feeling the softness of her bust and flicking my finger over her erect nipple.

I kept one hand on her breast as I made my way closer with my throbbing cock. The time for waiting güvenilir casino was over, I pushed into her pussy for the first time.

A feeling I won’t ever forget. She was beautifully wet and my cock slid into her all the way to the hilt, she moaned and I revelled in the sensation. If her pussy was all ready for me I wasn’t going to mess about as time for fun was slipping away from us.

I have never thrust into a woman as hard as I did that day. I held onto her round hips for grip and pounded her with every last piece of energy I had.

She screamed and moaned in perfect timing with my movements and I saw her white creamy cum on my cock as I looked down.

The sight of my cock bareback in the woman of my fantasies and covered in her cum was too much and I felt my orgasm begin.

I didn’t think about anything at the moment of ecstasy. Every single cell of my being lit up with fire as I felt line after line of my seed shoot into Coleen’s pussy. I buried my cock as deep as it would go on instinct, drawing her hips backwards into my own.

My orgasm subsiding I left my cock inside her for a little while. After everything she had said not a word. It was the defining sexual moment of my life so far, and I would be surprised if it ever got any better than this, and I hadn’t seen her face for a single second of it.

Finally I pulled my spent cock out of her. I pulled up my trousers and saw my semen start to slowly dribble out of her well fucked pussy. She wasn’t pushing it out, it was simply gravity doing its work.

I glanced away from this magnificent sight and it was nearly three o’clock. She still hadn’t moved.

“I am going to reheat the tea.”

I left the lady as I found her. Knelt over face first onto the couch, hands spreading her pussy and arsehole wide open. I picked up the now cold tea and went back into the kitchen.

Whilst the tea microwaved back to drinkable my mind reeled at the magnificence of my life! The microwave beeps signalled the end of my time out and I returned to the lounge carrying the tea as before.

Coleen sat on the sofa exactly as I left her the first time. Fully clothed and still sexy as hell. My limp cock twitched as I thought it may look similar but as she sat there, being beautiful without trying, my semen was working its way inside her pussy.

I placed the tea on the table next to her.

“There you go.”

She glanced at me, this time a full and broad smile. I smiled back so wide I must have shown every tooth!

“Thanks.” She winked at me and we both sat and watched rubbish TV in silence.

Not three minutes after we started my sister came home, she and Coleen got down to girl talk and I said goodbye and went to my room. Still floating in a world of ecstasy.

Later I considered her boyfriend and the fact I had aided a woman in cheating on her partner, something I would never normally do. But the situation was so far from normal I shrugged it off. She broke up with him not long after but she didn’t turn up on my doorstep again, as I hoped.

She never mentioned it to anyone as far as I know. I have a decent friendship with her at the moment. I suppose someone working your pussy and arsehole for an hour is bound to break down walls. We chat far more openly and I always have that feeling, I see a sparkle in her eye that tells me I might get the chance to go again whenever the mood strikes her and the timing is right.

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