Amy’s Affair

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As Amy lay staring at the stark ceiling, she pondered how she ended up here. Her mind searched for the lost hours in which she had lost all concepts of time, reason, and propriety. A sound startled her and she looked to her left. There lay a man. A beautiful man, he was tall and handsome. Seth’s features were chiseled and deep. His eyes were dark and warm, and engulfed every inch of her. As she was drowning in the deep wells from which he looked upon her, suddenly the events of the evening rushed forth. In an instant she relived the ecstasy of this forbidden encounter.

They had started with coffee. It was innocent meeting. After all they had 7 years to catch up with. They had been friends in college, but their lives had pulled them in different directions. She was married with 2 children and he was an entrepreneur who was doing quite well for himself. They smiled and flirted with each other. This had come so naturally, they had always had quite a bit of chemistry, but circumstances had never allowed them to explore the heat they had felt between them.

Amy loved how Seth remembered her. Seth had always fantasized about Amy and she knew it. She wondered if he still thought of her the same way as she thought of him. She was eager to tell him about all the crazy things that had happened after she had lost touch with him. He had always been a great listener and did not disappoint her this time. He countered her flirtatious banter with a sharp wit that had left her wanting him even more. She told him of her adventures as an exotic dancer. This peaked his interest, and he prodded her for more stories from her wilder youth. A wicked smiled crossed her face and she told him she would have to give him a lap dance some time. He chortled a bit, and Seth mentally made plans to take her up on this offer.

They stayed at the coffee shop for hours recounting the years to each other. Time was cruel and had caught up with her. She told him she had to go and meet some family for dinner, but that she would call him before she left town the next day.

A few hours later, dinner was done and she picked up her cell phone. Her heart raced as she dialed the number. She felt like a silly little school girl as she considered hanging up before it rang. Her heart stopped beating as soon as she heard his deep velvety voice on the other end. Amy thanked him for the coffee date and told Seth she would call the next time she was in town. He asked her if she had some time to get a drink before she had to go back to the hotel. She was flushed by his invitation, but accepted without hesitation. They planned to meet at a small bar a few blocks from his house.

She looked in the vanity mirror of her car and thought she really wished she had time to put on some make-up, but that she didn’t want to be late to meet him. She brushed a fresh coat of lipstick across her full lips and ran her fingers through her long auburn hair before pulling it up and securing it with a clip. This would have to do she thought.

She arrived at the bar a few minutes later and Seth was waiting in the parking lot to meet her. She took his arm as he placed his strong hand on the small of her back and led her in and to a quiet little table toward the back. They each had a couple of drinks and chatted. The air was as sexually charged as the conversation. She licked her lips and bit on bursa escort the end of her manicured nail as she thought about how good he would taste. Amy could already feel her self becoming tipsy and thoughts of ravaging Seth had filled her mind. As if Seth was reading her mind he suddenly rose and offered her his hand. She knew what he was going to say. She had already agreed with out even hearing him ask.

She followed him to his beautiful home. He was doing quite well for himself she thought as she scanned the layout of his house and grounds. He opened the door and she followed him in to the elaborately decorated home. There was framed art and antique furnishing in every room. He led her to a lovely sitting room. There was a large window with a view to the forest outside, and a fire place that lay empty. There were at least a dozen candles strategically placed around the already softly lit room. The couch and two overstuffed chairs were covered in soft brown suede and complimented the world traveler theme of this room. A large framed map was the focal point on the butter cream painted wall. Yes, she thought, he has done quite well for himself. “So, what about that lap dance?” Seth asked unabashedly. Amy blushed.

“Well, there’s no music.” She replied trying to sound coy. He picked up a slender silver remote and the room was instantly filled with a hypnotic seductive rhythm. Her body began to move without thought. Yes, Amy had become quite uninhibited by the drinks she had earlier. She was ready to dance for him. “Sit down.” She pointed to one of the overstuffed chairs. He obeyed and settled himself comfortably in the chair. She placed her self in front of him and began rolling her hips from side to side to the beat of the music. Seth had always imagined what it would be like to have the object of his college desires standing before him ready to please him. He smiled as he was really enjoying this. She giggled lightly and then was able to compose herself.

She had always loved working at the strip club. She was such a sexual creature and even though she had not moved her body like this in many years it came back so naturally. Amy knew how to turn Seth on, and a confidence that she had been lacking returned to her as it had never left. She took her hands and placed them just above her full “C” cup breasts, then slowly slid her hands down, highlighting the silhouette of her body. She pushed past her thighs and then returned her hands back to breasts, this time cupping them. She moved slowly forward without breaking Seth’s eye contact. She reached him sliding her knee gently between his and pushing his leg to the side. She took another step forward and pushed his other leg to the side with her opposite knee. She was now standing right in front of him as she unbuttoned her silk blouse slowly while still rolling her hips.

She reached up and took out the clip that held her hair and then ran her hands through the silky strands as she rolled her neck forward. Her long auburn locks spilled on to him and she lowered her self to her knees. He loved seeing her in that position. How Seth wanted her to take his cock into her mouth. She bit her lip as she realized just how close she was to his cock. Her hair fell onto his legs as she worked upward in a controlled motion stopping to gently rub between his thighs with her lips. He tensed as she caressed bursa escort bayan his tight pants.

She pushed up and pressed her breasts into him. Finally standing once again she shed her shirt and stood there in her bra and short skirt. When she placed the sharp heel of her black strappy sandal onto his thigh he responded by running his hand up her calf. He could see the lace at the top of her black silk thigh high stockings. Amy knew she was driving him wild; he had always been a leg man. The silk slid underneath his fingers as Seth swelled hard under the confines of his trousers. When he reached for her thigh she playfully kicked his had away. She smiled a coy smile and shook her head and finger no.

She straddled him pushing his thighs back together with hers. She grinded her hips on him, teasing his already erect cock. He pushed his hips up at her and she felt how well endowed he was. She rolled her neck once again, this time releasing her breasts as she dropped her bra to the ground. Amy tossed her head back and her hair flew past his face. The sweet smell of her coconut scented shampoo tickled his nose. He stiffened as she began caressing the soft creamy flesh that was now free. The room was cool and her nipples became hard before his eyes. She leaned into him pressing her cheek to his. His course facial hair tickled her delicate skin. She loved the way it felt and pressed even closer. She moved toward his ear still grinding her hips into him. She was getting wet and whimpered lightly as she nibbled his earlobe. He inhaled deeply as his desire was getting the better of him. She pressed her cheek to his again this time slowly guiding her lips to his. She lightly brushed his mouth with her blood red lips. She let a moan escape and bit down onto his lip.

Seth no longer could stand the temptation and reached for her. He wrapped his strong arms around her body and pulled her to him while simultaneously sucking her into his mouth. His tongue pushed into her open mouth. She met his kiss and fell into him. She had not remembered ever being kissed with this much passion and her pussy was dripping with the river running between her legs. She moaned softly again as he pressed his monument to his desire into her moist panties. He stood and lifted her in one smooth motion and swept her to the couch. He set her down and knelt between her thighs. She was already quivering at the thought of his touch. He pushed her thighs apart and touched her. Then he bent down and kissed her black silk panties before tugging them off. She was already panting and writhing with anticipation. His fingers moved into her slowly and lovingly. He gently parted her succulent folds and caressed her swollen clit. She trembled and sighed deeply begging him to come into her.

At last he began to taste her. His warm tongue pressed into her pussy and she almost came immediately. She entangled her fingers into his long dark hair. He took his time enjoying every moment. Each whimper fueled him to thrust his tongue deeper into her warm wet hole. Massaging her clit he made her come; Amy arched her back as she poured all over his face.

He looked at her as she lay panting trying to catch her breath. Amy had always been such a fantasy he could scarcely believe what had just happened. Amy realizing that there was no going back beckoned him closer. She reached up to his belt escort bursa and began undoing the buckle. As Seth stood in front of her she looked up into his warm dark eyes. They gleamed as she put her fingers on his zipper and slowly releasing the teeth one at a time. She grabbed the top of his designer pants and boxer shorts and pulled them down unleashing his amazing cock. He was well endowed, however, not ridiculously huge.

She began greedily taking him into her mouth. She really enjoyed sucking cock and thought of it as an art. She loved the taste and smells; she loved how his eyes began to roll back as she ran the tip of her tongue on the underside of his impressive muscle. Starting at the base of his shaft and she slowly inched up to the ridge of his head. Then she looked up at him as she rolled her tongue tracing the outer rim of his bubble gum pink head. She kept eye contact with him until she opened her eloquently shaped mouth wide and covered his cock. “Uhhh!” Seth moaned loudly. She sucked gently as she bobbed up and down. Seth pulled her hair and held it up so he could watch her work. Amy wrapped her hand around the base of his cock and began to massage it up and down and she caressed his balls with her tongue. As she pumped him faster he pulled her hair harder. She returned to sucking his rod and he released her hair.

He grabbed for her supple breasts and pinched her perky nipples. Amy let out a muffled scream of surprise as she gagged on him. She abandoned her hold on him and looked up at him as she returned to pumping him with her delicate hands. Seth stepped back and finished removing his pants while Amy sat anxiously awaiting him to make the next move.

Seth pinned Amy to the back of the couch and began kissing her. He ran his hands all over her, stopping at her wet crack to tickle her clit again. She moaned and then begged him “Oh Seth, please…please take me.” Amy was breathless and desperate to have him please her with his pulsating cock.

“Spread wide for me.” Seth commanded. Amy did as she was told and he dropped to his knees. Seth grabbed his cock and guided it to her eager wet pussy. He plunged into her.

“Ohhh, yes.” Amy called out. She raised her eyes to his and Seth smiled a devilish smile. He backed himself out of her then grabbed both of her thighs and pulled her until her ass hung off the edge of the couch. He ran his hand up her black stocking again and then pushed her skirt up even higher on her waist. Seth slid his shoulder under her knee and went in deep. Amy let out a shrill squeak of delight as he rode her deep and slow. With each stroke she was closer to climax, and so was Seth. Small droplets of sweat were forming along his brown and his expression became more intense. She knew he was close and let herself come fully. Seth began to pound her hard as she came. Amy screamed out as gushed all over his cock.

Seth was not far behind. He slid in and out of her slippery pussy. His body was welling up with an energy that could no longer be kept in control. As he pushed inside Amy he could feel the waves of release beginning to break. He panted hard he pulled out of her and sent hot jets streaming across her breasts. His salty musk filled the air, and Amy looked down to see his milky cream sprayed on her.

He pushed himself off of her and took a seat to her left. They both heaved heavy sighs as he wrapped his arms around her. The couch was comfortable deep and they both lay where they had ended. Amy drifted off in complete ecstasy, and soon she would awake to her real life and wonder if this was just a dream.

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