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AlmostFor almost every sissy I’ve encountered who discovered their true calling in life as an adult rather than as a teenager, this was their first actual move toward serving superior cocks. Sissies who discovered themselves as teenagers were almost always taken by horny men or teenage jocks. But it seems fledgling adult sissies have a harder time getting started down the road of cum addiction, and glory holes are where they all seem to get their first taste of cock. Imagine having fantasized about cock for months, prancing around your bedroom wearing clothes you hope a real man would find attractive, shoving any remotely cock shaped object you could find deeply into your newly discovered hungry hole, practicing for hours and hours sucking a dildo, almost getting yourself off just by sucking on it, thinking about the taste, the smell, the throbbing, and ultimately the hot creamy reward associated with sucking a real one. Finally you can’t take it ankara rus escort any longer, you simply MUST serve REAL cock. You hate yourself for it, but the instinct to submit to an alpha male is just too strong to be ignored. You search on the web for a glory hole location. You drive there, sometimes hours away (imagine driving hours just to suck cock), since you’re such a sissy you probably approach the door of the adult book store three or four times, each time turning away in disgust at yourself. Then, as you’re forcing yourself to approach it one more time, a strong aggressive looking real man walks in just in front of you, and you can’t help yourself, you follow him in. You hang your head in shame as you shuffle past the attendant, and quickly duck into the first booth you come to. You turn on some insignificant porn so you won’t be hassled, and then sit on the bench, staring at the hole in the wall ankara rus escort bayan next to you, dimly aware that your future will eventually come poking through that very hole. Your pussy hole continually spasms rhythmically, your mouth salivates as if a steak dinner had been set in front of you after a week without food, and you wait and you wait. Then you hear him. He’s not like you, you instinctively sense, just by the sound of his heavy footfalls on the floor approaching the booths, by the strong confident manner he opens the door next to you, by the urgent sound of his zipper before the door is even closed behind him, by the aggressiveness you sense just from his movements in the booth next to you, by the growls as his movie starts, by the determined need imparted as his feet firmly settle facing your common wall, and then there it is: your future, your purpose. Purple, dripping, throbbing, rus escort ankara urgent, angry, commanding attention and respect. Thrust through the hole with absolute confidence it will be welcomed on the other side. You gasp like a teenage girl. This is the first time you’ve ever seen a hard cock in person before. It’s even more entrancing than you thought it could be. How could you have denied yourself this incredible pleasure so long? How could it have taken you 30 years to realize this was what you were meant to do? You moan as you sink to your knees and your life as a sissy officially begins.I’ve had this scenario described in an almost identical manner to me by a number of sissies. Each time I hear it, I am envious of the man on the other side of the wall, almost certainly sensing his cock is creating a sissy, a faggot, a butt slut, a cum addict, and his chest must swell with manly pride at creating another warm welcoming mouth for real men to enjoy. His good deed for the day. I know mine would. Pushing a sissy to embrace his inner need to please cock is one of the most satisfying sexual acts I can think of. And every time I encourage a sissy to serve men, either directly in person or via my written words, I feel I am doing a good deed for real men everywhere.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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