Allan and His Mom Pt. 02

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Allan and His Mom
by Allan and his Mom
as told to Oediplex

Part 2

Explorations, Examinations and Explanations

It was great to heard Mom’s history while observing at her. She was laid on her stomach, propped up on both elbows so I could watch her almost naked body. The rolled down bikini panties exposed an inch of her ass crack and it was eye-popping. I invited Mom to go to water and when she grabbed the bikini top I suggested she go topless. After a kick look around to check if we were alone she stood up bare breasted and holding my hand we headed to the salty cold water.

When we were with the water by our waist level I couldn’t resist and holding her by the waist I brought her body against mine. She answered by placing both hands around my neck and we exchange a kiss, her small hard tits poking my chest. When I tried to lower her bikini panties she objected saying that would be very embarrassing if someone saw her naked there. Back on the sand Mom stretched the towel out under the sun.

“Mom, it just my feeling or you and Sis have some sort of friction?”

“No, it is not just a feeling, in fact we faced some problems when you were in United States.”

“What kind of problem?” I insisted.

“Her husband, back then her fiancé, caught me with another man in a parking lot.”


“For sure he spilled out the story to her. Once she told me she was going to spend a weekend out with him. I suggested that it wasn’t proper. I said she was on the verge of getting married and they could wait a little bit more to be by themselves. She answered in an unsuspected angry tone saying that I should better take care of my own life than meddle with other’s life. When I said that she doesn’t have the right to talk to her mother in such way she got more pissed and almost shouted that I was the last person she would expect to talk about that kind of subject.”

“A married woman that is found kissing a man in a parking lot doesn’t have moral authority to reproach other people, your sister continued to rant. Besides she was going out with her fiancé and not with another man. It wasn’t difficult to put the things together: I was dating a man and we met in a bar faraway enough (at least we believed) to give satisfactory coverage. After talking for some time we went back to his car and drove to a motel. Against my will my friend started kissing me and probably her husband saw us.”

After a long stay on the sands we decided that was time to go back home and fix the lunch. And Mom gave me another great surprise: in the back of the house, at the kitchen’s outside wall there was a water reservoir on the top of four eleven foot tall concrete columns. It was used to store water since the city system wasn’t good enough to provide safe supply water for that far and the new development. At the base of the columns the builder had built a shower to avoid people stepping in the house with the beach sand in their feet.

To provide some privacy they had built walls on both sides of the lower part of the columns. There was no door since the view from the back was obstructed by the garage and the two guest rooms built in the back of property. The area between the main house and the back complex was supposed to have had a swimming pool which was never put built. To my delight Mom removed the bikini and gave me a full exhibit of her naked body while she took a long shower.

After I did the same we met in the kitchen to work on our lunch. We talked all the time and to me it was hard to restrain my excitement. It was not because she was wearing sexy clothes, as a matter of fact it was the opposite: she wore an old and large man’s shirt coming down to her mid-thighs and a cutoff underneath. But after seeing her semi-nude at the beach and deliciously naked during her showering, my batteries were fully charged again.

After we finished with dish-washing I asked: “What are you doing now?”

“I’m thinking in rest a little. And how’s about you?”

“Nothing, I don’t have any plans. Do you mind if I join you.” Mom smiled and agreed. Once again I quickly close all doors and windows and rushed to her room. With the windows closed the room was in a cozy semi-darkness. Mom came out of the bathroom and readily removed the shirt and cutoffs remaining only in panties. I was still in my shorts but promptly I got rid of them. In silence we hug each other and I could feel the subtle scent of Mom’s body lotion. We start kissing and I removed her panties leaving Mom stark naked.

We hugged each other and she put her mouth close to my ear and whispered: “I want to ask you something…” Her voice unmistakably denoted she was bashful in what was to come next . . .

“What is it?”

“I want you to kiss… the way you kissed me the last night…I love being kissed…all over.” And I started again the pilgrimage over her body, starting from her mouth and going down unhurriedly. Giresun Escort The silence in the darken room was broken only by her moans that were growing in intensity as much as my mouth headed down her body. When I in the course of things reached her belly button, she was almost howling. Eventually I reached her sex pot and like in the morning it was over flood with her thick vaginal secretions. While I licked and sucked the throbbing clitoris I inserted a finger into her slit, finger fucking mom’s vaginal channel.

After I had it lubricated I moved the finger down touching her back entrance. My finger slithered without any effort up her anus and I begun to harmonize the suction in her clit with the anal finger fucking. At that moment she was panting and crying mercilessly. After working for such a long time on her clitoris and both openings her body at last begun to shake uncontrollably; as if she was receiving electrical shocks and with a long cry she stiffened straight. Her anus squeezed tightly my finger and then after a sequence of short gasps all her muscles loosened.

I wait for some moments and carefully removed my finger from her rear. She kept her eyes shut until her breathing had gone back to normal. I had moved back to her side and observed the changes in her facial expression. At a certain moment she opened the eyes, her face turned crimson red and she hastily put her arm around my neck and hid her face in my neck. It seems mom was ashamed of losing control of herself in such a passionate way. I put my arm around her body and patiently waited for her recovery. My hand slithered down her back and I begun massaging her bottom. We remain there in silence for long time, my rock hard prick poking her belly and my hand roaming over the magnificent fleshy globes.

“Do you know you have a wonderful butt?” I asked breaking the silence.

Mom giggled and answered: “When I was young, around fifteen years old I was very shy about my body: I believed I had a too large bum and too small tits.”

“A poor self-misjudgment; your butt is perfect in size and big tits tend to go obscenely down after a couple of kids and with aging. Your nipples are still pointing forward and not to your toes.” Mom giggled again and purred satisfied with the caress in her derriere. I decided to move forward in my planned new sexual experience and moved one finger down the deep valley between the buttocks. I touched and pressed the tip of my finger against the small aperture hidden in the deepest of the valley and asked Mom: “Tell me: do you use this place just for it primarily function or for something else as well.” It was a rhetorical question since I have read all Will’s letters and in many of them he mentioned their anal sex practices.

Mom whispered the answer in my ear: “Also for that kind of thing you are thinking, I use it.”

“And do you like it?”

“Oh yes! When it is done gently… Do you mind in fetching the jar of Lanolin cream in the bathroom? When I came back Mom was laid on her stomach exposing her beautiful derriere.

“Put some cream both on you and in my butt.” She said.

I split her ass cheeks and for the first time I had the chance of seeing her anus. The somewhat naturally opened sphincter was surrounded by a large light brown frame. Instead of the usual protruding and puckered ring Mom’s anal opening was almost deprived of wrinkles. With the finger deeply shoved in her rectum I massaged and lubricate her rectal passage. She expressed her approval by means of loud moans and a subtle sway of the rump.

Eventually I decided it was time to replace the finger with my prick and leaning over Mom’s body I pointed my dick to her ass and started pushing. I’m not an ungifted man when it comes to prick size: It is seven inches long and relatively thick. For the traditional vaginal sex it is okay, but many women don’t even like to think about having me inside her butts. So, to my surprise, after offering an initial resistance, Mom’s sphincters relaxed and her anus easily engulfed the glans. Still based on my previous experience I waited for some moment till her sphincters got used to the invader. Depending upon the woman it can take from few seconds to several minutes. In the case of my mother it was clear she didn’t need any time. Even so, I carefully shoved my dick in her rectum, until I felt my lower belly pressed against her butt.

Then I began to push back my dick in her rectum ’til only the knob remained inserted in her anus. And I started again the long dive in her entrails. Mom responded to my pummeling in her ass by moaning and sensually raising her body from the mattress. With a growing excitement I increased the tempo of my stroking in Mom’s rectum. My dick slithered smoothly in her back entrance and the feelings are hard to describe.

Mom was an expert, better saying an artist of anal sex: when I was shoving it down in her entrails she relaxed the muscles and when I pulled it out she contracted the muscles. It was like having Giresun Escort Bayan my prick shoved in a machine that vacuumed and massaged my tool simultaneously. Never in my life had I had as much pleasure as I had ass-fucking Mom. I grab her tits holding her body securely riding her by then frantic motions with her bottom.

She had her face over the mattress, the eyes shut in an unmistakable mask of pleasure. Every stroke with my tool was responded to by my mother with a backing at me, combined with a swaying of her derriere, a combination synchronized to perfection, result of years and years of enthused anal sex practice. My previous experiences with two different women shown that they need to have vaginal stimulation to reach anal orgasm. Mom had both hands placed around her head which mean she was having pleasure exclusively from her anus.

The pace of my thrusts was frantic, my belly slapped her butt with a loud blast, like I were slapping her rear with my hands. After having had sex in the morning I was able to pump for a long time before the usual feeling indicating that I was on the verge of gushing a cum load, where my nuts start shrinking and then swelling to the point of burst out. I held her tightly pressing my body against hers like trying to shove my dick up to the last hundredth of an inch in her bowels. Motionless over Mom’s body I felt the flow of jism being spurted in her entrails.

“Don’t move, let it there, I want to feel it inside me.” She whispered. And as much as my dick was softening inside her rectum the massage she produced with the rectum increased its intensity. It was unbelievable, beyond any description, what Mom was able to do with her rectum! In addition her sphincters weren’t so tight to the extent of making my half-stiff cock uncomfortable while lodged in her entrails. When it was fully loose only the knob remained trapped inside her anal ring. Eventually I moved back, Mom unclasped her sphincters and my dick was free of its love prison.

I took Mom in my arms and kiss her tenderly. Once again she nested her head in my chest and I heard her giggling.

“Why are you smiling?”

“I was thinking about the fact I always was fond of young men. What I would never realize, even in my wildest dreams that I would end up in the bed with my own son!”

“And what is wrong with that?”

“You know very well what people’s consensus on the subject is. Personally I don’t give a damn; we are doing it and end of paragraph. It’s like many other things; most of the people have a façade for the society and a completely different private life. One good example is your father and I. How many people would even conjecture about the kind of agreement we have? Just for one moment forget about everything that rules the relationship between mother and son and tell me: what is the difference between having sex with several men and with my own son?

Let’s suppose for a moment you have been raised separated from me and didn’t know I’m your mother. All of a sudden we met few days ago and without knowing our close relationship we fell in love for each other or merely decided to have sex. Let’s go a little further and assume you become aware of the fact I’m your mother? Do you believe that there would be reason for desperation, feel guilty to death like in a Greek tragedy? I don’t think so, maybe we might put an end in the relationship, may be not, depending in the way we perceive the situation. Providing we keep it under secrecy I believe it is only a matter between you and me.”

“And when we return home, how it gonna be?” It was a question that had been startling me since the first time we had sex.

“I’m not sure. The only thing I have for sure is we need to be very prudent. With your father around we can’t take any risk. Certainly we will have the Fridays but it would be very risky to spend the whole night together. Can you imagine if, for any reason, and it happened already a couple of times, he returns earlier than expected and surprise us naked in the bed? I don’t even like to think about! And there is another fact we need to face: we both have our lives; expectations. You are young and certainly will be looking for girls of your age. I don’t think that would be good for both of us to tie our day-by-day lives exclusively to each other.”

It was a clear message: Mom wasn’t willing to have me as her son and lover on an exclusive base. And believe me I understood her position; to be honest I never foresaw our relationship with a high degree of commitment. But on the other hand I didn’t like to see it as some sort of ‘summer adventure’ that we would put an end to as soon as we return back home. I was determined to continue having sex with Mom as much as it was mutually pleasurable and possible. And I would need to work with all my skills to succeed.

I held her tightly in my arms and soon we fell asleep. I woke up at the dusk with Mom still cuddled in my arms. She immediately opened her eyes and after stretching Escort Giresun our bodies while exchanging kisses we finally decided to get out of the bed. After showering we decided to go to the city to have dinner at sea food restaurant we had been to before.

It was another nice dinner that stretched for a long time. After that we decided to stroll in the almost desert promenade. At night the place seemed to be the retreat for young sweetheart couples who occupied the few benches exchanging hugs and kisses protected by darkness resulting from the combination of the leafy century old trees and the feeble illumination provided by few scattered light poles. The large paved alley bordering the river was almost empty since it didn’t provide the same shelter as the square behind.

I put an arm over Mom’s shoulder and she reciprocated by putting her hand at my waist. Like all other sweethearts around strolled easily the whole promenade. I held Mom by the chin and raising her face had begun to kiss her lightly on the lips. In spite of being already eighteen years old that was the first time I felt like flirting with a girl. Up to that date I had the two relationships in US. With the Dutch girl and the sergeant’s wife; the first was special and with the second one it was merely sex. With the Dutch girl I went a couple of times to the movies but was some sort of friends partying together. Now this was something new for me; I was there hugging and kissing a nice girl notwithstanding the fact she was my own mother!

Anyway it was something new and wonderful and surely mother was also enjoying the moment. It was an unusual situation: we both knew that once back home it would be very difficult, if not impossible, to enjoy moments like that. There, in a small city, unknown by the passersby we weren’t mother and son, we were a couple of sweethearts. Of course under the sunlight it would certainly look odd a woman in her early forties dating a teenager: but protected by darkness, no one could notice our age difference; we were a couple like all the others. After having fun at the city we rushed back home for another exciting sex session.

Nevertheless there was still a missing piece in our sex game: in spite of the fact that I had eaten Mom’s cunt several times. She always demonstrated an unsurpassed pleasure in having my mouth sucking and licking the aperture that brought me out of her body to this world she never had even mentioned her intention of reciprocate that kind of pleasure. At the time, this was I believe, by the end of our first week there we were still in the process of discovering each other.

Mom told me later that her decision was to let me take initiative so she could see how far we would go in our sexual life. At my side I had a better knowledge through the letters Will wrote to Mom, but there was still the psychological barrier. One thing was what Mom did with other men; completely different was her willingness in doing them with her own son. It was just a matter of go ahead and to do the things, but at the time I hadn’t the knowledge about Mom’s opinion on the matter. Going back to the oral sex subject I decided to try to discover why she hadn’t even touched my dick.

One thing I learned was Mom’s willingness to talk about her past life when we were at the beach or in the bed, especially after a sexual session. I learned as well that on the beach she was more open to tell me about facts like her arrangement with my father, the problem with my sister, the men she had taken to bed or even stories related to her two best friends, the ones that shared Mom’s fondness for sex. The moments in the bed were dedicated to more intimate subjects, always involving sexual activities and her adventures.

Along with the fact that she was then dating her own son, my mother was proud of her past adventures and didn’t feel any embarrassment in telling them; and in me she found an avid listener to her sexual stories. Now, many years afterwards I have learned what I had at the time was some sort of audio voyeurism. At the same time her narratives, together with Will’s letters were the safe guides for my sexual advances.

During the summer season it was pretty common for it to rain at least sometime during the early evening. It was a quick shower, may be half an hour and the soon the sun was shining again. One of those days we were on the beach and suddenly the sky became overcast and a wind blowing from the ocean got stronger and colder making our stay on the beach very uncomfortable. We hastily packed our stuff and went back home. By mid-afternoon it had begun to rain, not the customary strong tropical downpour but a light and cold thin rain that seemed to stay for a long time. We had our usual nap and when we woke up the stormy weather remained the same.

We were washing dishes after dinner when there was a power shortage and we suddenly were in absolute darkness. We spent almost a full matchbox up to I would be able to find one half spent candle in a drawer and I took a mental note to next day buy some packs of candles and a flashlight. To save the remaining few inches of candle we still had we decided to sit-down at the hammock in the porch. The air was fresh and at least we had some dim light from the cars passing along the distant highway.

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