The Pool Party

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I could blame it on the alcohol. I could blame it on the heat of the moment. I could blame it on a man’s (or a woman’s) weakness. But it somehow won’t cover up the truth of what happened. But I guess I better back up a bit.

My name is Scott, my wife is Beth. We’ve been married close to 30 years, now. We’re in our late 50’s (Beth a year younger). Kids are grown, moved out, having kids of their own. Being close to retirement, we’ve been looking at enjoying ourselves more like all the other baby boomers.

Guess you could say it started last year when Beth emailed me: “Hey! Are you still interested in going to a nudist retreat?” Duh! Is the Pope Catholic? Now keep in mind I had pestered her years before, perhaps back when our love life was a tad more randy, about visiting a place that showed pictures of folks without their clothes on, doing the sun, swim, and volleyball stuff. “No! Are you kidding me! Are you just looking for a chance to get laid, or get me involved with something kinky? Well, not on your life, buster!” So. I thought that was settled years ago. And now this comes, from where? Evidently some sort of seed was planted. It just took a couple decades to work its way up to get noticed.

So unsure of what we were getting into, we picked a place that offered “14 miles of trails” besides their other amenities. If nothing else, we could get into hiking, since we walk for exercise as it is. Once we were there, though, it turned out better than we ever thought possible! Besides finding ourselves to be more slim and fit, comparatively speaking, than we ever thought of ourselves, everyone we met was not only comfortable in their nudity, but friendly as all get-out. What warmed our hearts was to see entire families there, naked, having a good time. It still took a while to put our fears to bed, but while we discreetly checked out other people, we noticed that they did the same. For me, it turned out that what I thought was a small dick turned out to be a little beyond average. For Beth, the men got to appreciate the fact that she was a true blonde (mixed with a little grey), even though about half the women there shaved their pubes. Also that she was in the minority of those who didn’t have floppy boobs, and even fewer that had the nice pointy nipples that always seemed to scream “Suck me, please!” So when Beth noticed that she was being noticed, her self-esteem went up a thousand fold. And the way the guys snuck stares at her, it seems her age was the last thing on their minds.

So after our first trip, Beth was sold on nudism. One thing we didn’t like was the cabin we rented. Although nothing more than a mini-barn with amenities, we decided to do the tenting routine. Which, with an air mattress, isn’t all that bad. After that, we played tourist to go visit other retreats, meet new folks, make new friends, and enjoy the sun, pool, hot tub, and whatever that group had on their calendar for that weekend.

Now fast forward to last weekend.

We had been to Lost Lake Resort before. It was relatively close and the couples there made you feel like you were old friends. We had arrived late Saturday morning, pitched our tent and set up camp. Another tenting couple were down a ways, almost out of hearing distance, which gave us a fair amount of privacy. Having shed our clothes, we grabbed our towels and camp chairs and proceeded to the pool. It wasn’t even noon and the temp was in the eighties, so we were looking forward to rinsing off and having a naked swim. So on the second time of sitting out until the sun forced us to cool off in the pool that a couple in the next chairs izmir escort over asked “Are you staying later for the pool party?”

“Yes,” Beth answered. “We’re staying over tonight.”

“Well, good! You won’t want to miss it! They’ll have food and music and karaoke.”

With the sun setting lower, we left our chairs and went back to camp to get out of the sun and grill up some dinner. By the time we got back to the pool, there was a dj blasting some old rock and roll with folks wearing some semblance of clothes for the occasion, sipping discreetly on beverages of the canned or plastic bottled variety. After a bit of enjoying the music, we went back to fetch our own version of alcoholic enjoyment. As the evening wore on, the effects of the sun and the alcohol soon took its toll. I’m happily blitzed, enjoying the music to glance over at Beth, who was standing, swaying to the music, doing a strip-tease with her shirt! First she would take a side and slip it over her shoulder, exposing her breast. Then flick it back up. And then do the same on the other side, all the time while moving her shoulders to the music. Uh-oh. The woman looks like she’s in horny mode. Look out! So before some other men might notice how wound up she was getting, we danced some. If I had cared to notice, I would have seen several pairs of eyes watching in rapt attention. Instead, I chose not to see what kind of crowd we were drawing. Evidently, Beth was into her cups more than I knew, when I saw her stagger back to her seat. Instead of leaving right away, we stayed and finished the alcohol we brought, and by then, were two sheets to the wind. It was time to get back to the tent for some good old fashioned sex.

When Beth stood up and started weaving on her feet standing still, I saw the beginning of a problem. Then when I stood up and did the same, it was one of those “Oh shit! I think I must’ve been drinking” that only the astutely alcohol-muddled can surmise. So with my arm around her waist, I escorted her out of the pool area, as only the blind leading the blind can do. But it was at the fenced gate, there were two steps down that started her falling and tipping me in the process. Which, needless to say, brought concerned folks over to make sure that neither of us was hurt.

“Are you sure you’re all right?” the gal who introduced herself as Monica asked us, after a couple others helped us back on our feet.

“Sure, we’re fine! Just trying to help my wife back to the tent. Seems she’s a little tipsy.” I said with a straight face as sober as possible. (Well, I could try for that effect, couldn’t I?)

Evidently, Monica must’ve been some sort of co-ordinator at the retreat, or at least well-known enough to get assistance as if it were a direct order. “Mark! Brian! Why don’t you two help escort them back to their tent to avoid any more stumbling, ok?”

Keep in mind we’re at a nudist retreat. Monica had a body to die for. I was quite willing to come back later to tell her we made it to the tent ok, just so I could get to know her better and oogle such a lovely set of knockers. So I turn to see who she was speaking to. Mark was about six foot three, with a moustache, broad shoulders, and hung like a horse. Brian was more my size and happy to help out, with the both of them pretty much guiding Beth towards the camping area, occasionally putting their arms around her waist to help keep her upright, as I walked alongside to show them where our tent was. With that, she simply put her arms around the guys’ waists and pulled them closer. Silly me thought it was escort izmir to help keep her upright at the time. But now that I think about it: her drunk and keeping her hands off two good-looking naked guys helping her home? Not on your life, if I knew her!

There was less than a quarter-moon out, but enough light for me to help pick our way through the trees to where the tent was. Beth had been singing to herself “I, I, I, I, I, Just wanna rock ‘n’ roll allll niiiight….,” but quit when she realized she was standing next to the picnic table and the tent. “Oh! Well! Here we are! hic!” She had let go of her arms around both Mark and Brian and stood facing Brian, look up at him and said: “May I thank you, kind sir, for escorting a lady back to her castle?” And with that, stood up on her feet and wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him one of those hot, wet, intense kisses I knew she was capable of. Evidently, Mark returned the favor, for they were stuck like that for several minutes. Brian just looked at me and sheepishly hunched his shoulders.

“Oh, YESSSsss!!!!” Beth let out, as they broke their kiss. “And what have we here???” she said. I looked and saw her hand around Brian’s erection. God, the guy had to have somewhere over eight inches and big around as a summer sausage! And there my wife, Beth, was, happily and slowly pumping away on it. “Oh, yesss!!! I LIKE that! Do you like that?” she said to Mark. Mark looked at me with this worried look on his face. What was I to do? It seems as though my wife had already pried the lid off Pandora’s Box and was the proverbial kid in the candy store when it came to drunk sex. Only it was some other guy’s dick in her hand at the moment. So I just kinda shrugged my shoulders, smiled, and nodded to him that it was ok.

His response was to bend down and kiss Beth furiously again, which she returned with enthusiasm. As she continued to slowly stroke his erection, he squeezed and fondled her breasts, pinching her nipples with one hand while he cupped and squeezed her ass with his other hand, pulling her closer against his body. Moaning, Beth broke the kiss, panting. With drunken lust in her voice, she said “Give it to me, I want it, give it to me now, fuck me, fuck me NOW!”

I had found half of a leftover drink on the picnic table, downed it, and with great decision said “Come on, guys, let’s take it in the tent in case someone comes by.” While all this was going on, I noticed Brian fondling himself and stroking his dick, watching the two of them. Wanting some action himself, he was the first in the tent.

Now mind you, although the advertising, paperwork, and every printed item related to this specific tent said it was a “four-man tent,” there was no way in hell that four adults could ever fit in there, except as cut-up body parts. So after Brian went in, Beth followed, and immediately flopped down on the rolled-out sleeping bags. Mark had started to enter the tent, surmised the situation, and simply fell to his knees, spread Beth’s legs, and proceeded to lick her clit, while his feet still hung outside the tent. Peering in to see if there was any way I could fit inside, Brian was on his knees with his dick in Beth’s mouth, pumping like there was no tomorrow, with Beth nodding her head as much as she could to meet his strokes. Moaning and thrashing her legs from being stimulated at both ends, it wasn’t long before Brian let out something between a moan and a grunt and let his load off. I watched Beth’s throat muscles work, swallowing all of it, thinking “I always wondered what izmir escort bayan it looked like from this angle when she did me like that.” Spent, Brian crawled over Mark and Beth, stood up, gave me a sheepish grin and said “Thanks, man!” and slowly wandered off, probably back to the pool party to find his wife.

When I checked back in the tent, Mark was on top of Beth, pounding away. Her heels were dug into Marks back to pull him in further. It was like he was trying to bruise her pelvis, pounding his dick into her the way he was. And Beth was loving it! In time with the rocking motion from the incessant pounding her pussy was taking, words would escape her with short breaths: “Fuck…me. Fuck…me. Oh…yes! Fuck me,… please!” And in between pants: “Give it to me! Harder! Fuck meeeee!” She was so loud, I’m surprised someone didn’t come investigate what all the noise was! My dick got harder watching her breasts bounce up and back on her body while Brian’s ass jackhammered into my wife’s pelvis for all it was worth.

With that, Mark made a noise somewhere between a moan and a bellow, arching his back and spewing his seed into her as deep as he could go, “Arrrrgh!” and fell on top of her. With her legs still around him, Beth wrapped her arms as well and kissed him long and deeply. Heaving deep breaths, they both layed together like that for a while. Finally, he pushed up off the air mattress, I heard him say “Thank you, dear. You’re wonderful!” Beth simply smiled in contented bliss. There was a slight ‘pop’ as Mark’s now-soft dick came out of her pussy, as he lifted himself off her, getting on all fours and backing out of the tent.

Standing up outside the tent, Mark looked me squarely in the eyes: “You okay?”

Shit. What a loaded question. Am I ok with what just happened? Am I ok, alcohol-wise? Am I ok with two men we never met before having just fucked my wife? Am I ok with the ramifications of how this might affect our relationship? Am I ok with still even liking her tomorrow morning, after pulling this stunt? I sighed. “Yeah. We’ll work it out. Don’t worry about it.” With that, he grinned and shook my hand. “Thanks. She’s a wonderful girl.” “Yeah,” I said. “And a great piece of ass.” Which made him grin even wider. To which he turned and ambled off. Probably to find his own wife for some inspiring seconds.

I let out a long breath I didn’t even know I was holding and went inside the tent, zipping up the flap for what had turned out to be a long and, to put it mildly, very unique evening. Beth was zonked out, slightly snoring like she did when she drank too much. “Damn!” I said to myself. “I bet the girl won’t even remember what a good time she had!” Guess I shoulda taken pictures. But cameras at nudist retreats are frowned upon, so didn’t have one handy.

It was late. I had way too much alcohol myself, and wondered if even I would even remember what happened the next morning. As I curled up next to Beth, she snuggled in as close as possible. Smelling like sex made my raging hard-on all the worse. So I simply rolled her over to give her more of what she wanted tonight while I found my own release. Her lips automatically found mine, her tongue exploring my mouth with wanton lust like never before. As I entered her pussy, it was no longer the tight, moist haven that I was used to entering. Instead, I found it stretched out, filled with cum from another man. Which made it all the more slippery as I took my turn, bucking into her with desire, wanting to add my jism to her already over-flowing honey pot. As with any couple that’s been together a while, the automatic settings were in place, with Beth coming again as I emptied myself into her. Thing is, I don’t think she even woke up enough to know. Part of her must have, for she had a big smile as she snuggled back into me.

“Pool party?” I thought, falling off to sleep. I think we’ve had enough ‘pool parties’ for quite a while.

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