Helping Mom Move Ch. 05

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An hour prior to Monica taking her sons anal virginity, Gabrielle was just locking up at the store. She had texted her sister to ask how the date was going but had yet to get a response. Knowing that he sister was usually prompt with her responses, she figured the date had gone either really well, or not so great and was already over. On a whim, she decided to drive by her sister’s place on her way home and see if she was around. Being pretty close with her, she welcomed herself in when she noticed her car, parked alone, in the driveway. Assuming that the date went south, she guessed that she could enjoy a glass of wine and catch up with her sister and nephew.

Upon entering the house, Gabrielle found the first floor dark. She headed to the stairwell, expecting them to be in their respective rooms when she heard muffled, but distinct sounds of moaning.

“I can’t believe she brought a guy home, Jeff must be with his dad this weekend.” Gabrielle thought.

She was curious though, and not having the most traditional boundaries, she wandered up the stairs to see if she could catch a glimpse of the new guy.

Gabrielle crept to her sisters’ room and peaked around the doorframe, which was cracked ever so slightly. She saw Monica from behind, she recognized the lingerie she was wearing from the store earlier that day, but in addition to that was a black harness that Gabrielle recognized as likely being attached to a dildo. Gabrielle felt flushed as she never expected her sister to be so bold as to peg a man, let alone so early in a relationship.

“This guy must be pretty kinky.” she thought. Gabrielle starred in awe as she watched her sister pump in and out of this guy’s ass. She found herself being extremely turned on by the scene unfolding in front of her.

Gabrielle reached down the front of her pants and began to gently rub her clit. Anxious to see who this guy was she peaked further around the door frame. To no avail, all she could see was his hands, pulling his legs up, allowing her sister to slide into his ass. She could also see his enormous cock, which Monica was stroking as she pumped into him. Gabrielle’s mouth watered at the site of the veiny monster. “I’d do anything a guy wanted if he was packing that tool.” She thought.

“Ohh fuck baby, take my cock!” She heard her sister moaned as she slowly pumped in and out while stroking his cock in sync. Gabrielle could tell she was getting off on this and it turned her on immensely. She moved to fingers below her clit and began to finger her soaking pussy while she watched. Gabrielle couldn’t believe how wet she was, it crossed her mind that the noise from her wet pussy might alert the couple of her presence and the thought of being caught excited her even more. She inched further into the doorframe trying to see more as she moved her free hand up her shirt and began pinching her nipple.

Gabrielle’s universe was suddenly shattered when she heard the mystery man yell in a very familiar voice “ohhh mom, I’m going to cum!”.

The sudden and unexpected realization that Gabrielle was watching her sister fuck her own son, and that her denizli escort son had a baseball bat for a cock made her cum instantly. She quickly pulled her hand from her shirt and bit the heel of her palm to keep from making any noise. She backed away from the door frame and continued to finger her sopping cunt as she continued to cum. She could hear her nephew and sister cumming just feet away from her and it only heightened her pleasure.

It took Gabrielle a few moments to gather her thoughts after she came down from her orgasm. Her first instinct was to run, but the hesitation allowed her to focus on how turned on she still was.

Gabrielle made a bold decision, took a deep breath and walked in her sister’s bedroom to see her sister wearing cum covered lingerie that she had gifted her earlier this afternoon along with a pink rubber dildo. Her nephew was lying next to her with his huge cock deflating in post coital bliss. They both had their eyes closed.

Gabrielle crept to the foot of the bed, took her shirt and bra off and cleared her throat. Monica and Jeff both jumped with terrified looks on their face when they saw Gabrielle standing there topless.

“You two look like you’re having fun.” She grinned. “I hope you don’t mind if I join, I mean I won’t tell if you won’t.”

With that Gabrielle crawled onto the bed.

“Gabrielle, what the hell are you doing!?!?” Monica shouted.

“I should be asking you, but after seeing this cock, I can’t blame you.” Gabrielle said as she reached up and grabbed the base of her nephews swollen dick.

Jeff was frozen with fear, but his body reacted to the sexy naked women grabbing his young cock and it began to harden.

“This is so wrong.” Monica said, but he eyes were fixed to Gabrielle’s hand as it began to move up and down her son’s cock.

“Monica, I need this probably more than you do!” Gabrielle said and inched closer to her nephews’ cock. She leaned forward and took the head in her mouth while looking directly into her sisters’ eyes. Gabrielle took Jeff’s cock deep into her mouth, making herself gag and drool around his pulsing member. With her free hand, Gabrielle pulled her pants off and began rubbing her wet pussy.

Gabrielle took her mouth of the cock and gasped for air. “Fuck Monica, this thing is huge! How can you even handle it?”

Monica’s arousal began to beat out her initial shock. “Trust me I didn’t think I’d be able to at first.” She smirked.

“I’ve never enjoyed anything so big, and it’s so hard!” Gabrielle exclaimed to her sister.

Jeff was beginning to roll with what was going on as he missed the feeling of his aunts’ mouth on his teenage cock.

“Aunt Gabby, your mouth felt so good, you’re more than welcome to keep sucking me.” He said.

“Haha, oh I am?” Gabrielle replied. “I think I need to do more than just suck it, that is, if your mom will let me.” Gabrielle turned to Monica and stuck her lip out in a pouty ‘little sister’ way.

“Hmmm I guess I should share the wealth.” Monica said.

Gabrielle moved up the bed and straddled denizli escort bayan her nephew. She leaned forward, positioning one hand on his chest while she moved her hips up. Then, using her free hand, she grabbed Jeff’s now rock-hard appendage and sank down on to it. Her sopping pussy helped the beast slide deep inside her as Gabby’s eyes rolled back in her head. She had never felt so full, she couldn’t even imagine how her sister, who was a bit smaller than her, had been able to take such a massive cock.

“Ohhhh fuck, Monica.” Gabby moaned, and she sank fully on the mast. Her fingers digging into Jeff’s chest.

“You feel so tight and wet Aunt Gabby.” Jeff coaxed her on.

“Fuck this is so filthy” Gabby responded.

Monica sat back and watched as her sister began to hump her sons’ giant cock. His cock glistened as it withdrew from his aunt’s cunt, Gabby’s pussy looked stretched to the max as she sank back down. Monica reached out and began to fondle Jeff’s balls, feeling them bounce with each thrust up into his Aunt. Jeff was encouraged by the touch of his mother and grabbed Gabby’s ass with both hands. He pulled her down hard onto his cock with each thrust while Gabby began to lose control. Gabby’s chest was pressed against Jeff as her ass bucked up and down, her pussy swallowing his rod.

“Jeff, I’m going to cum baby, fuck me hard!!” Gabby yelled.

Jeff grabbed her ass harder and began to fuck his aunt relentlessly. Each thrust bottomed out in her tight hole. The constant assault on her pussy felt heavenly to Gabby and her orgasm crashed over her stronger than she anticipated.

“Ohhhh fuckkkk!!” Gabby yelled through clenched teeth as her pussy spasmed and squirted all over Jeff’s swollen cock. His groin was covered in the cum from his aunt’s pussy, Jeff could feel his mom massaging the liquid onto his balls.

Jeff was in heaven while Monica stroked the base of his cock, he relaxed the thrusting while he let his Aunt recover from her climax. He took the time to further explore his Aunts sexy body. Reaching up to feel her luscious tits, then back down and feeling of tight muscles of her ass. Jeff grew bold as his Aunt wiggled her ass into Jeff’s pawing hands. Jeff moved his hand between his aunt’s sexy cheeks and used the pad of his finger to massage her tight little asshole. Jeff wondered if she’d let him take her ass as she reacted to the new sensation.

“Mmmm that feels good tiger, don’t get your hopes up though, I’ll need to work up to taking something that big in my back door.” Gabriel giggled.

“Well I think mom has something that’d be perfect then.” Jeff responded, looking down at his mom who was still wearing the pink strap on. “What do you think mom? Could you help Gabby’s ass get ready for my cock?”

Monica was on her knee’s already applying more lube to the pink dildo. She was devouring the site in front of her and the lust showed in her eyes. “I’d be happy to baby, mommy will do whatever you need.”

“Fuck, are you two talking about double teaming me?” Aunt Gabby responded. “This is definitely escort denizli a night of firsts.”

With Gabby still sitting on Jeff’s cock, Monica moved behind her. She smeared some lube onto her sister’s asshole and gently pressed her thumb inside.

“Oh, Monica that feels amazing.” Gabby whimpered.

Monica continued to massage her sister’s asshole until she felt it was sufficiently lubed. Monica inched forward, grabbing her sister’s waist with one hand and the tip of the dildo with the other. Gabby felt the cold rubber press against her anus and her pussy gushed with anticipation. Jeff could feel his Aunt’s pussy leaking around him.

“Are you ready Gabby?” Monica posed.

“Oh yes, fuck my ass already.” Gabby groaned into Jeff’s chest.

Monica advanced the rubber cock and the head slid past her sister’s sphincter. Gabby’s ass stretched as Monica pushed her hips into her sister. Jeff could feel the pressure against his cock as his Aunts asshole was filled and began thrusting into her pussy. As Jeff moved in and out of his Aunt, Monica fucked deeper into her sister’s ass. Gabby reached back and pulled her tight ass apart to coax her sister. Monica advanced the last inch and was buried in Gabby’s ass. Monica felt the harness rub her swollen clit as she ground the dildo her into her sister’s butt.

“Ohhh fuck you two feel so fucking good!” Gabby moaned as Monica and Jeff fucked her simultaneously.

Jeff began to thrust harder, bouncing his Aunt up and down on his cock. The feeling of his mom’s dildo invading Gabby’s ass made her incredibly tight.

“Fuck mom, I can feel you fucking Gabby’s ass!” Jeff exclaimed.

“Oh baby, and I can feel your big dick moving against my cock.” Monica replied.

Monica picked up her pace and slammed the pink cock in and out of Gabby’s tight asshole, she became mesmerized watching her anus grip the cock as it withdrew from her butt. The feeling of the harness and the base of the cock grinding into her sensitive and engorged clit was pushing Monica towards an orgasm and she fucked harder trying desperately to reach it.

“Ohh fuck, mommies gonna cum!” Monica yelled, and she bucked wildly into Gabby’s ass.

The intense feeling of her pussy and ass being fucked and used was pushing Gabby towards her own climax. Her body began to tense as the pair had their way with her. Jeff, meanwhile was beginning to feel his balls contract as his Aunt slid up and down on his meaty cock.

“Fuckkkkkk I’m cumming!!” Monica came first as she pounded her clit against the dildo. Her cunt released a torrent of cum that sprayed her sons cock as it invaded Gabby’s pussy. Gabby and Jeff felt the warm liquid cover them and they followed suit.

“Ohh fuck, Take my cum Aunt Gabby!” Jeff howled as his balls emptied loads and loads of hot cum into his Aunts pussy. Gabby felt his cock spasm as the warm liquid filled her to the brim.

“ughhhh!!”. Gabby groaned incomprehensibly as the feeling of her sister fucking her ass while her nephew filled her pussy pushed her over the edge. Gabby’s entire body convulsed on the two members as she rode out her orgasm.

As the three came down, their bodies each glistened with sweat and cum, they collapsed onto one another on the bed.

“Monica, I would have never imagined in a million years that the night would turn out like this.” Gabby panted.

“Me neither.” Replied Jeff.

“That goes the same for me.” Monica laughed.

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