End of the Beginning Ch. 02-03

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The relieved pair headed to the shower. Matthew leaned over to turn on the water. Jamie realized she would have to remove her wig or it would be ruined. Matthew looked over at her inquisitively. “It’s a wig; I have to take it off.” Jamie answered to the unspoken question. “I hope you don’t mind, my hair is still growing back.”

“I figured as much. It’s ok, I want to see what you look like without all the frills. I mean, I liked you before and you clean-shaven. I don’t think that will change.” Matthew replied encouragingly. Jamie nodded and removed her wig, revealing an inch of stubble. Matthew smiled sweetly. “You still look beautiful to me.”

Jamie beamed at Matthew. She was fully exposed now, and was relieved that Matthew felt that way. Matthew motioned and Jamie followed him into the steamy water. “Can I ask you something Jaime?”

“Anything” she replied.

“Well, I thought you were straight. What happened back there that changed you? I mean, I love the change but you must admit it’s dramatic.”

Jamie sighed. How was she going to answer that? She elected to tell the truth. “Well, I will tell you truth if you promise not to judge me by it. I was confused keep in mind.” Matthew nodded for her to continue. “Well, remember Chloe? The one who is marrying Josh?”

“Of course I remember them, they got together right about the time you left if I remember right.” Matthew said.

“Well, that was probably my fault. She was doing laundry and… and I forced her” she blurted out. “I mean it’s just so hard being in there, you know? And she was so condescending and, you know?”

Matthew was going to reach for the soap when she admitted this, but he just froze and looked at her. “You raped her! Ok, ok, I am going to be calm about this. I get the feeling there is more than that. She never reported it right? But she did have that mark around her neck. I always thought that falling asleep was an excuse. So I am going to let you continue before I shove you out of here. Continue.” he commanded. Jamie felt a rush of excitement as Matthew took on a more forceful tone.

“Well, Josh found us, and he forced me. It opened my eyes, and I just couldn’t stay there anymore. So I left and started new. Mom understood. I don’t think Dad would if he were still alive. He died when I was real young. I barely remember him. Oh, if I could only tell you how it felt to be so overpowered. It was exhilarating! Nothing ever felt so right to me. I… I went there tonight because I wanted to tell Josh I was in love with him. But now I don’t think I am, or ever was. I mean he was my first and all but…” Jamie felt relieved to tell someone else what happened. Whatever happened now was up to Matthew.

Matthew took a moment to think about this. He pushed Jamie on the wall, leaving her soapy back pressed against the shower wall. He placed his hands flat against the wall, pinning her in place as he leaned in closer. “So you like to be forced. You like pain and feeling helpless. That fits.” he growled. “I think, someone needs to learn some things about raping girls though.”

Matthew propped a foot on the side of the tub, making an l-shape with his leg. He grabbed Jamie and threw her over his knee, steadying her with one hand. The water from the shower hit her face constantly, blurring her vision. She shivered in fear and pleasure. Matthew spread her ass with his other hand, and inserted his middle finger. He could feel his juices leaking out of her. He grinned evilly to himself and wiggled his finger around feeling inside her to see what her reaction would be. Jamie moaned as if on cue. Matthew slowly withdrew his finger. Her whole body was responding to him, and he felt himself getting hard.

“Now for your punishment. I think making your ass bright red will teach you a thing or two.” Matthew sneered. He had not seen this side of himself in some time.

Jamie was startled. Her mother never even laid a hand on her. She started to struggle in spite of her resolve to let him do whatever he wanted. “If you struggle it will be worse.” Matthew warned. She was on the tips of her toes, water streaming in her eyes. There was not much she could have done to stop him. He was a lot bigger than she was. With that realization she calmed down, but not by much. She whimpered as he brought his massive hand down hard, rocking her whole body. She would have fallen if it not for the hand steadying her. Again she struggled to get away, already feeling the heat from his first hit.

He brought his hand down again, leaving another print on her white cheeks. Jamie groaned. “Please stop,” she whimpered pathetically.

“Did you just beg me to stop? I will stop when I damn well please.” With that he peppered her exposed ass with several explosive smacks. Jamie added her salty tears to the streaming water. She felt so overpowered, so exposed and even with the heated pain she felt herself getting hard. “I knew it, you slut. You are a pain slut.” Matthew suddenly stopped. He ran his fingers over her ass, feeling the heat rising from her reddened diyarbakır escort cheeks. Jamie sniffled back her sobs.

Matthew placed her back on her feet and looked at her, but she refused to meet his gaze. “On your knees bitch” he commanded. Matthew moved to block the water with his back. “You don’t deserve me. You damn sure don’t deserve to be fucked. But in time you can earn it. Understood?” Jamie nodded. “Good. Now after you suck me off, I expect you to swallow and thank me for gifting you with my juices. Get to work. NOW!”

Jamie’s reply was to lunge forward after his swollen manhood. She placed her arms around his waist but he slapped them away. “Don’t fucking touch me. Clasp your arms at the small of your back. I will let you know when you can touch me.” Jamie complied with alacrity and opened her mouth leaning forward. Matthew grabbed the back of her head and pushed her down on his throbbing cock, lodging it in her throat. She gagged, but began sucking it, making slurping noises. Her tongue instinctively found his sensitive spots, making Matthew moan with pleasure. He had never got to use such power before, his old flames never letting him go this far. It was thrilling for him. It felt right.

Jamie inwardly struggled. Was this what she wanted? It did not take her long to decide that yes, she liked this. She wondered if it could continue past this evening. She reveled in the taste of his cock, loving it. She had never swallowed a man’s cum before, she wondered if she would be able to tonight, and what he would do if she failed. Putting that thought out of her mind, she focused on the task she had been given.

Matthew seemed to sense her thoughts were elsewhere, so to remind her of reality he pushed her head farther, forcing her to take his entire length. She tasted his sweet and salty juice, just the precum, but she loved it. She didn’t have time to sample the flavor for too long, as his thrusts got more pronounced. They moved in rhythm, Jamie struggling to keep her pose. She slurped at his long glistening cock. Matthew pounded her mouth, making her jaw hurt. She could feel his meat throbbing inside her moist mouth. “Mmmmm yeah that’s it. Suck it baby,” he moaned.

Jamie felt him pulsating inside her mouth. She knew he was close to spilling his juices for her. She thrilled in that, knowing that she could get a man to this point. She closed her eyes and gave it all she had, gulping and suckling. Matthew threw back his head in orgasmic lust, cumming in her sweet mouth. Jamie gagged when the spurt hit the back of her throat. She struggled as he refused to withdraw from her mouth, his lust dripping down her chin. Anger swept through his veins. “You dare,” he rasped. “You were allowed to swallow my gift and you spit it back at me. What is your excuse?” Matthew demanded.

“I… I…” Jamie stammered.

“I will teach you not to insult me. First, I expect you to clean me up.” He threw the bar of soap on the shower floor where she kneeled. Unsure of what to do she blinked in confusion. “Pick up the soap and clean me off. I suggest you do this quickly so you don’t anger me further.”

Jamie reached for the soap and stood up. She began soaping him down, making sure not to miss a spot. When she had finished the front, he turned around and let her clean his back. She rubbed down his sleek muscles, admiring him to herself while he had his back turned. When she was finished he turned to her again. “Now clean yourself up. You have three minutes to be out of that shower. I will meet you back in the bedroom. Enter on your hands and knees. Oh, and before I forget, I have a new name now too. You will call me Sir.”

Part 3

Six months later Jaime and Matthew had moved. Matthew got stationed at Ft Stewart in Savannah Georgia as a tank engine mechanic. It was easy for them to blend in there, being well away from Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland. No-one else from their class went to Ft. Stewart so it was easy for Matthew to keep his sexuality under wraps.

They were headed to lunch at a quaint little seafood restaurant. Matthew stole a glance at her when they were stopped by a passing tour group. “Nice” he said. He copped a feel of her breast. They were now small Cs from the breast augmentation she had gotten. Before her surgery her boobs had become mid size A’s, but were not full because they were grown purely with hormones. Now she had breasts that made most women jealous; her doctors had done a very good job. He thought of how ravishing she looked in her new green sundress. “Spread your legs” he commanded. Without a thought of the daylight or passersby, she did as she was told. He reached under her skirt. “I think that clit is still shrinking. Three inches now?” he asked.

“Yes Sir. The doctors say it will probably shrink to two or maybe less within the year Sir,” said Jamie respectfully. She had learned much over the past few months. She was making a good slave. Neither of them could remember a time when they had escort diyarbakır been happier.

“Now remember your manners at lunch. I would hate to have to punish you when we get home. I want this to be a good lunch.”

“Yes Sir,” Jaime replied meekly. He had given her many rules, and she tried to follow them. They had been shopping dozens of times for new toys and whips. They had massed enough to fill any dungeon. Matthew had threatened her with the cane if she screwed up today. She hated the cane, but still learned to take it with grace.

The lunch was almost perfect. Matthew ordered for her, and let her know when to start her meal. He told her when she had enough, yet they remained discreet enough not to alert other patrons of their arrangement. She made one mistake during the whole lunch. She had forgotten her decorum and not called him Sir. It was only once, but he pointed it out to her.

“I knew it. One little lunch. Tell me, how can you be so bold as to forget my name?” Matthew demanded. Jamie sat in stunned silence. She was unsure of how to answer. “Answer me,” he growled.

“I… I just got carried away Sir. I promise never to forget your name again Sir. Please forgive me Sir.” Jamie answered.

“Oh, we will make sure you never forget again. I have something special planned when we get home.” He would have made her regret the transgression where they were, but he was trying to keep a low profile.

When they reached the apartment Jamie did as she knew was expected of her. She stripped as soon as the door closed barely crossing the threshold, dropped to her knees and clasped her hands behind her neck. Matthew walked to the bedroom not glancing at her. He returned to find her shivering by the door, head bent down in submissive fashion.

He loomed over her small frame, his shadow dwarfing her. She wanted to cry out, to tell him she was sorry but knew that would only cause more anger. She tried to hold her composure but knew there was going to be no grace today. He reached down and grabbed her hair, pulling her to a standing position. She whimpered in spite of herself.

Matthew pulled a pair of nipple clamps out of his pocket and released her hair. Instinctively she put her hands behind the middle of her back grabbing her arms so that her breasts were shoved forward. He clamped her hardened nipples and led her to the center of the room by the chain. When he had her in a suitable position, he placed the chain in her mouth.

Matthew stood back to admire his work. Jamie stood taut before him, back arched, arms crossed behind her. Unsatisfied he tilted her head back and stared at the front of her. Her breasts were stretched to their fullest extent. He flicked her tortured nipples lightly, watching her jump with each light touch. Pleased with her pose he returned to the bedroom to select an instrument to spank her with. He ran his fingers over paddles and whips, trying to decide what would fit the occasion. He selected an old favorite, a thick leather belt. He liked the sound it made and he could have her screaming for mercy in no time. Plus it would leave reminders for days. As a last minute thought he grabbed a small flogger.

He sauntered back into the living room with tools in hand. Jaime had not broken her pose. Matthew laid the belt on a nearby table. He ran the flogger through his hands as he positioned himself in front of her. He lightly smacked her left breast, watching her jump in response. He smiled slowly and menacingly and hit her right breast. She jump and screeched by accident, causing him to sprinkle her abdomen with hits that fell a bit harder than the others.

Matthew grew tired of this rapidly and replaced the flogger with the belt from the table. He looped it and spread her legs to shoulder length to keep her steady. He drew back swung. The first hit landed with a thud that echoed through the apartment. Jamie cried out in pain. Matthew swung again, catching her ass and lifting it at the same time. Jamie struggled to stay on her feet and hold the chain between her teeth.

Again and again the blows fell. Heat spread through her as her desire grew. Tears flowed down her cheeks. Matthew moved to her more tender thighs. He drew back and let the belt fly, catching her off guard. She dropped the chain. Anger burst in Matthew. “March in place,” he insisted. Jamie lifted her legs higher and higher in attempt to please him. Her sobs did not sway him. Her face was red and puffy from crying and exertion. Her thighs and calves were stinging from the constant blows. She was welted from the heavy belt. Her breasts felt as if they had weights attached to them from the pinching clamps.

Abruptly he stopped. In surprise Jamie stopped marching. She realized her mistake but it was too late. He smacked her several more times. “When do you stop marching? Answer me,” Matthew demanded.

“When you command me Sir.”

“Did you hear me say you could? Because I don’t recall telling you that you could. diyarbakır escort bayan For that you spend the night on the floor. Fuck up again and you will spend the night hanging from the ceiling. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes Sir,” answered Jamie.

Matthew faced her again. He thought of how lovely she looked with her breasts swinging and her face puffy. She was still sobbing, trying to catch her breathe. “You can stop now,” said Matthew.

“Thank you Sir,” Jamie answered respectfully. “Thank you for taking the time to correct me Sir.”

Matthew smiled. She had learned swiftly what was expected of her. “Now go to the bedroom and bend over the bed and spread your ass for me. I am going to fuck you. If I thought you deserved lube I would use it. Now go.”

Jamie dropped to her knees and hurried to the bed. She did as she was told, bending over and placing her hands on each cheek spreading them wide. Matthew followed her. He unzipped his jeans and withdrew his hardened cock from his boxers. He ran his fingers over her newly developed welts causing her to moan and sniffle. He rubbed his cock between her cheeks, teasing both of them. “You are not allowed to cum,” he told her.

“Yes Sir,”

Matthew smiled at her reply. She had learned. Too bad she would sleep on the floor tonight. Maybe he would wake her for a midnight fuck. He thrust his stiff organ into her resisting hole. Over the months she had loosened but she still cried out in pain. It was not often that he entered her dry. He paused inside her, feeling every rippling muscle, listening to her sobs.

Slowly he slid in deeper, feeling every crevice. It was his favorite thing about fucking her dry. He could feel everything. He thrust harder, burying himself deep inside her. He decided to cum quickly, to spare her tonight. Matthew pulled out and thrust back in, feeling his balls slap against her reddened thighs. The friction was already driving him crazy!

Matthew squeezed her hips and pulled her body toward him with his next plunge. Jamie’s cries of pain turned to moans of joy as he fell into a natural rhythm. The sound of their heated bodies slapping together echoed through the apartment. It took Matthew no time to become lost inside her, and his hot semen rocketed into her ass.

He slipped out quickly. “Hold it in” he commanded. He walked to their toy box and pulled out a medium sized rubber butt plug. “I am going to let you sleep with my gift inside you,” he whispered seductively to her, inserting the plug. She turned and fell to her knees, frustrated from not being allowed to release, but feeling whole and gratified.

“Thank you Sir,” she uttered kissing his outstretched hand.

“You were a good girl tonight. I am giving you a blanket and pillow to sleep with. At the foot of the bed as usual.”

Matthew grabbed a soft comforter he kept for such occurrences out of the closet, and threw it and a pillow from the bed on the floor. He smiled sweetly watching her make her pallet. Yes, he might wake her up later.


Matthew stayed awake late reading. Jamie had been asleep for a couple of hours; her light breathing was the only sound in the room. Matthew put his book on the nightstand and dimmed the light. He rose from the bed and looked over to her sleeping form. She looked like an angel to him sleeping there, and he was inspired to do something for her.

He kneeled down beside where she lay and cooed her name. Blurry-eyed she awoke and smiled at him. He lifted her gently, freeing her from the blankets and lay her softly on the bed. She looked at him inquisitively. “No rules now, you are free until the morning,” he answered knowing what was on her mind.

Her smile radiated her happiness. She would never want to be totally free of him, but these moments were rare. There had only been one other. It was a time when she could openly express her love as could he.

He slid into bed next to her, and admired her nude figure lying against the satin sheets. He traced a finger down her softened jaw line, and tilted her head toward him. The two embraced passionately, kissing softly. Matthew broke the kiss and moved to her slender neck. She sighed with pleasure as he found the most sensitive spots close to her shoulder. He kissed and licked his way to her right breast, toying with the tender nipple. He caressed her yielding skin and suckled her tender nipple.

He moved to her left breast and gave it the same soft treatment. He traced circles on her stomach with his fingers, raising goose bumps there. She sighed softly, her every muscle responding to his gentle touch. He sprinkled her abdomen with tender kisses, extracting a giggle from her. She always got ticklish when touched to lightly for so long.

Matthew rose above her affectionately moving her over slightly to the center of the bed. He resumed kissing her, flicking his tongue around her navel. Slowly he worked his way to her ‘clit’ suckling her slightly.

Jamie quickly stopped him. “Grab the other blanket,” she cooed. Matthew leaned down and grabbed the older blanket, and they arranged under her. Matthew knew that this was to protect the dark satin from the juices that the plug held back. He slipped it out releasing the trapped liquid. Jamie muttered a protest. She liked nothing more than holding his essence inside her.

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