All in the Family Ch. 03

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Weeks passed since Mary had seduced the two men in her life into making love to her. From that time to the present they have overcome and accepted the adjustments the family had to make. To pass the days and nights after college classes and work, an evening could be shared either with her father or brother but never together, yet. One weekend Mary was able to escape to her friend Rachel’s house for another round of incestual orgy fun. After coming home she suggested that the three of them go over there for the weekend but her father refused, he was still not comfortable sharing his new relationship with his family outside of the house.

On this particular night however, Mary sat home alone, her father was working late at the office and Jamie had gone to a classmate’s house to work on a project. Mary did not find herself in despair; she unearthed her collection of hardcore porn. Settling on the couch in the living room she started the video, leaning back Mary loosened her silk robe just enough to expose her breasts. Lifting a hand to one she began to fondle the nipple unconsciously while she watched the woman on screen suck the man’s cock while another man stood behind her and fingered the woman’s pussy. Mary brought her other hand up to fondle and massage the other breast, working herself up so she could play with her pussy when it was hot and wet. She took her time, wanting her orgasm to be explosive.

After the love scene had ended on the television Mary got up to change DVD’s, she had gotten an idea of what she wanted to see next, because the first time she’d seen it she couldn’t get enough of it. Mary had decided she wanted to witness it in real life and eventually be part of it. After the weekend at Rachel’s both had come true but now she had, had a new goal. Mary had become almost comfortable with gay sex, she’d seen Rachel’s brothers do each other and Rachel’s father had joined in until they had cum. After having a brief rest they had started again then they asked Rachel, her mother, and Mary to join in. Mary was content and happy. Now Mary wished that she could get William and Jamie to fuck each other then, Mary thought, William might consent to going to Rachel’s house for the weekend.

As Mary refocused her thoughts to the T.V. screen one hand slipped down in between her thighs which were spread open and her feet were propped up on the coffee table. The other remained at her breast, teasing both nipples. She found her pussy hot and wet with anticipation. Mary moved two fingers over her clit, rubbing in a circular motion, slow and steady, her hips moving in a şişli escort rocking motion, fucking the air. Gradually the orgasm bloomed inside her, the men on the television quit sucking each other’s cocks but one began fucking the other, the man’s legs propped upon the other mans shoulders exposing his ass to the average sized but fat cock. Mary reached for the dildo that she had brought downstairs with her. Like every penis she’d had, be it real or fake, it was over average. The dildo was blue, her favorite color, it spun around when turned on and it had bumps along the shaft that was designed to further stimulate the pussy. Mary clicked it on and she inserted it inside her steamy twat, moving it in and out, fucking herself to the same rhythm as the men on the television screen.

“Oh,” Mary moaned as her final climax built.

“Why are you playing with that thing when I could fuck you better?” Jamie’s voice whispered in her ear as he stood behind the sofa.

“Because you weren’t here when I got horny,” Mary replied, never breaking her rhythm with the dildo.

“I’m here now,” Jamie stated, moving around the sofa to stand in front of her, completely naked.

“Then what are you waiting for?” Mary asked, slight annoyance in her voice.

“Nothing,” Jamie answered as he got down on his knees to have access to her juicy pussy. He dove in face first, flicking his tongue all around her folds, running it along the tender part of her inner thighs, coming back to probe his tongue inside her hole, all the while his fingers tickled and gently probed her ass.

“Oh man Jamie you’re good!” Mary exclaimed as the building climax finally exploded inside her at Jamie’s touch. Jamie cleaned up the juices as they streamed out of her pussy.

When he finished Jamie looked up into Mary’s face and grinned, “My turn.”

Looking at Jamie, Mary’s grin spread across her face, “Sure thing, it’s only fair.” Mary slid off the sofa as Jamie laid on the floor, crawling up between his legs about to take his dick into her mouth.

“No baby, bring that ass here.”

Mary changed positions, straddling Jamie’s head, giving full access to her ass.

“That’s better,” Jamie responded, sticking out his tongue he touched the tip of her asshole, flicking and licking the entrance. “You like that baby?”

“Mmm, yeah Jamie, that feels wonderful. Did I ever tell you that you have a great tongue?”

“No, now are you going to suck my dick or talk all night?”

“Jackass,” Mary answered, she lowered her mouth to his dick which stood erect. She engulfed the tip, mecidiyeköy escort grazing it with her teeth then biting down a little to cause him some pain.

Jamie stopped playing with her ass, “Ouch.” His body tensed up as he hissed under his breath. “Bitch, what did you do that for?”

Mary leaned back up, “You should really treat me nicer.” Smiling, she bent back down again and began sucking his dick, deep-throating when she could.

“That’s it baby, damn you’re good,” Jamie praised, unable to play with her ass because of the pleasure she was giving him.

Mary moaned around his dick in response, never breaking her pace. Jamie resumed his work, this time moving towards her pussy. He brought a finger up to gently insert in her asshole, once all the way inside he pumped her, gradually increasing his speed. His tongue probed her pussy again, her rhythm in his dick slowed, even stopping at times.

“What’s the matter Mary?” Jamie asked with a smirk.

“Oh man, please Jamie please, fuck me? I- I can’t take it anymore,” Mary pleaded.

“What are waiting for? My dick’s right there so sit on it and fuck yourself.”

“You’re a jerk you know that? Right now though I’m too horny too care,” Mary slid her way down till she was able to sit herself on tip of Jamie’s dick. Once situated Mary began bouncing up and down, her hands came up to cup her breasts.

Jamie lay back, enjoying the feeling of getting fucked by his sister, “Turn around baby, let me hold those for you.” Jamie brought his knees up after Mary turned around, she leaned forward and resumed her pace while Jamie held her breasts, and he leaned up to take one into his mouth.

William walked through the front door after a long day at the office; the sounds of moans in the living room drew him there. Looking at the television he watched two men having sex, William briefly wandered if this could be Jamie’s tape. This thought was quickly disputed by the dildo lying on the sofa, from there William saw Mary rocking steady on Jamie’s penis and Jamie holding Mary’s ass firmly and putting a finger in her entrance. William suspected Mary had already seduced Jamie as well but never caught them in the act until now. A small part of him knew he should break them up and stop the whole thing between the three of them, but watching them right now overrode any moral thoughts he had; instead he stood watching them and the men on screen. William felt his penis began to twitch and come to life, he wondered what he should do but his penis was growing in his pants, causing them to tighten istanbul escort them considerably, so he decided to join the crowd so he got naked and quietly sat on the sofa.

Jamie caught the movement out of the corner of his eye, peeking over Mary’s shoulder he saw his father, naked, sitting on the sofa tugging on his hardened dick.

Jamie whispered in Mary’s ear, “Hey babe, dad’s here, do we stop or what?”

Mary replied happily, “Hell no, we invite him to join.” She looked over her shoulder, stopping her movement and smiled, “Come on daddy, join us.”

William started to decline and suggest breaking it up with intentions of having Mary meet him in his room but then he thought better of it, “Okay sugar, where do you want me?”

“Any where you want to be.”

William slid off of the sofa and crawled over towards them, but with Jamie there he wasn’t quite sure where to begin. Mary noticed her father’s problem and turned to Jamie, “Jamie baby, mind if I turn back around?”

With a playful reluctance he agreed and Mary turned around to bring William’s cock in her mouth. She was fabulous at multi-tasking as she fucked Jamie and sucked off her dad at the same time.

“Baby I can’t take it anymore,” William breathed out heavily after a while. “I’ve got to fuck you baby girl.”

Mary stopped all movement, looked up at her father and agreed, “You’re right, let’s go back to the sofa.”

William sat down first so Mary asked, “What hole do you prefer daddy, my ass or my pussy?”

“Pussy, if that’s okay with you Jamie?”

“That’s fine, let’s hurry up, I’m blue balling here.”

Mary took her place on top of her father, leaning over him to allow full access to her mouth and breasts while Jamie gradually inserted his dick into her asshole. “Does that feel good Mary?” Jamie asked.

“Oh yeah, it feels great.”

Jamie slowly began moving his dick in and out, testing the waters until he built up a pace where William could join in. While William fucked Mary he held firmly to one breast, massaging it and his other hand slipped under her hood to her clit, rubbing it as well.

“Oh this feels so wonderful! I’m going to cum anytime now! Oh!” Mary moaned loudly.

Jamie and William’s pace became almost frantic as they neared their own moment of cumming. Jamie finished first, with a few hard strokes he spilled his seed in her asshole, after pulling out he collapsed on the floor. Mary cried out as her orgasm ripped through her, William joined her till all their juices leaked out of her. Mary fell to the other side of William, unable to move farther. William pulled her to his side and into his arms, falling asleep. Jamie got back on the sofa but the only spot left was next to William so he took it anyways. The three of them eventually fell asleep, exhausted by vigorous and passionate sex.

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