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AirBnB EncounterI arrived at the Airbnb late Sunday night, I’d been called down to Bristol to work on a hotel refurbishment, they were short on carpenters and needed my help. The house was in a leafy village just on the outskirts of the city. i knocked on the door and waited, I heard footsteps and then the door opened, standing there to greet me was the host. “Hey, it’s Joe Isn’t it, I’m Catherine, please come in. I followed her through the door and took my shoes off. She had brown hair that went down to her shoulders, and green eyes that matched her v-neck t-shirt. She was wearing thick black leggings. She gave me a tour of the house, as we walked round I told her about my work, she showed me round the kitchen and we made our way upstairs to my bedroom, it was small but homely, a pillow lay out of place on the floor, she picked it up and placed it at the head of the bed, as she leant over the mattress I couldn’t help but glance at her bum, the leggings tightly hugged her curves. “Ill let you get settled in, call me if you need anything”I unpacked my things, had a shower, and went straight to sleep. I woke edirne escort up early had breakfast and left. Our paths didn’t first day had been harder than I’d expected, my back pain had made the work much more difficult and I hadn’t slept much the night before. As I walked back up the garden path I felt utterly exhausted. I opened the door and walked through the hallways into the kitchen, straight ahead of me stood Catherine, she was wearing a pink and white dressing-gown, she leaned over the cooker and took something out of the oven, she lifted her head up and looked straight at me and smiled: “hey, how was work? Are you Hungry? I’ve made Macaroni cheeseI was starving hungry,it had been a long time since anyone had cooked for me. “that would be lovely, thanks, I’m really hungry”We sat down to eat at a small table in her kitchens, she offered me a glass of wine, I accepted. we fell into conversation easily, she knew nothing of me and I knew nothing of her until all but a day ago, but despite, or perhaps because of this, we spoke openly. I asked her about her work-what she loved about it, escort edirne what she hated about it, about where she’d like to travel too, and what her plans were for the house.We kept talking after we’d finished the meal, she poured the last drop of wine into my glass. I felt a little drunk. She stood up from her seat:“you’re more than welcome to come into the living room if you want”“I’d love too” I repliedI sat down on the sofa, she entered the room with two small glasses in her hands “would you like a glass of brandy”“yeah, sure”she sat down next to me, she was turned halfway towards me, her crossed legs at an angle to the sofa. My eyes wondered, travelling up her body to her eyes. Her top leg was sliding against the leg underneath it, as if she were enjoying the feeling of smoothness between them-she must have just shaved them in the shower. Her dressing gown was loosely tied at the front, above the knot the two sides of the dressing gown met each other, my eyes moved upwards and tracked the parting of the gown, I could see the upper part of her stomach and the inner-half of her breasts, the edirne escort bayan edges of the gown lay gently over her nipples. just below her neck her skin had become flushed and a little red, and her wine stained lips were redder stillAs I turned my body to face her I felt a sharp pain in my back, I winced noticeably. “Are you okay” she asked “yeah I’m fine it’s just my back, it’s a bit stiff”“I can give it a quick massage if you’d like, I’m qualified”“Qualified?” I said, smiling“well sort of” she let out a cheeky laugh“well, if you’re qualified”I took my t-shirt off and lay face-down on the sofa, she brought a chair from the kitchen and and sat next to me.“whereabouts is the pain” “it’s at the bottom on the left side”She pressed her palm down onto the area and slid it down my back as she pressed, she repeated this a few times. “how does that feel?”“it feels good” Then she started to squeeze and rub the side of my body, just above my hip. As she bent over me I turned my head round, I could see down her dressing gown “it might be easier for you to get on top of me, then you won’t have to lean over so much”She agreed. She put one knee either side of me and lowered herself, I could feel her skin against mine. I wanted to feel the smoothness of her legs, I reached around and ran my hand down her thigh……Message me if you want to hear the rest

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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