Afternoon Delight

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“I need a shower.”

I say as I get out of bed. “Will you help? I’m so tired I can barely move.” With a smile, you follow me into the bathroom, pulling two fluffy towels from the closet as you pass.

I start the water, nice and warm, and slip behind the curtain. You follow me inside, gathering me in your arms, bending to press a kiss to my temple. You then lean my head back, pressing your lips to mine, your hands cupping my face. I purr from the back of my throat before you lift your lips from mine.

You bend my head farther back, drenching it in the spray of warm water coming from the shower head. Reaching for the berry scented shampoo, you suds my locks into full lather, massaging my scalp with strong, sure fingers. I fall forward against you, leaning into you, using you for support. I am jelly when you touch me.

You rinse my hair, keeping the suds from my eyes and then apply a coat of hair conditioner before rinsing that too. You then reach for the shower gel ~ cherry blossom ~ and work it into a loofah puff. Your hands follow a sure path, wiping the sweet scented suds over my shoulders, along my full tits, your fingers grazing softly across my nipples, drawing them into tight almanbahis adresi little berries. I sigh and can feel my pussy beginning to dampen at the slightest erotic touch from you.

Your hands trail across my soft belly, down my thighs and, as you kneel to reach my legs and feet, your face presses into my mound of brown curls.

For now, I feel your hands trail up the backs of my legs and you drop the loofah puff and cup my plump little ass as you bury your face further into my curls.

Dear god, I’m going to lose control if you keep that up ….

You press me back against the wall of the shower stall and spread my legs. Your tongue flicks lightly over my clit ~ you are there for no more than a taste ~ to make certain I am ready for you. I am.

You stand, pressing your form against my sudsy body, my arms circling your neck, my mouth searching out yours. There, I find the slightest, faintest taste of me from before. I lick at your lips, biting gently, my tongue dancing with yours.

And there, with your arm bracing against the wall of the shower, I drop to my knees, the water flowing over us like rain. I take your hardening cock into my mouth. I need to make certain almanbahis adresi you are ready for me.

I lick you slowly, take you as far as I can, and then back out again. I lick the tip, tasting your precum there, and gently squeeze your shaft, thirsty for more. Your cock complies and I suck off the sticky fluid there. Your free hand is at the back of my neck, rubbing, massaging, urging me on but at the same time keeping me from going too far. You don’t want to cum this way … not yet.

“No!” is your ragged whisper, just before you are taken over the edge. You push away and pull me up at the same time, your breath coming hard and fast.

You look into my green eyes, hold my gaze for a moment, before pushing me back against the wall. Before was slow ~ this time it’s too urgent.

You push me up, brace me between the wall and your body, my feet no longer touching the shower floor. You spread my legs, hold me there and in one swift move shove the entire length of your cock inside my tight folds.

I cry out at the contact, fighting the sweet pain that rips through my middle. You pull back about three quarters and then ram your cock inside a second time. I clutch your shoulders, almanbahis adresi my nails digging into your skin, leaving small pink half moon shapes there. I cry out, my body shuddering, so close to climax I am unable to fathom how I got there so fast.

You take me … fucking me hard and fast. Your lips are at my ear, words coaxing, reassuring, blessing, cursing. I can feel my release building, and I am desperate for it to arrive.

“Please” I beg you. I beg you over and over for that release. Your pace quickens, your body shifts, and all at once I am plunged over the edge into a series of throbbing pulses, crying out in relief.

In that moment, my cries beckon your own release. You give it to me, shouting with relief. Unloading shot after shot of warm fluid, coating the inside of my pussy, marking me with your scent. Your hips jerk, pushing in deeper and deeper still, not wasting a drop.

We pant, clinging to one another for many moments, before you lower my legs and release my body.

No words are spoken as we finish cleaning up, the water cooling quickly. You step from the shower first and then offer me a hand, and a smile, wrapping me in the great, thick towel and drying my skin.

It’s early in the afternoon ~ the whole day lay ahead of us. It’s cold out, but the fire is warm and we curl under the comforter amongst the pillows. Finally catching our breath, you kiss me lightly and pull me close.


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