After School Special: Jenna’s Screwed

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Jenna looked at the young man, wide eyed and scared.

Nate spoke, “Jenna, I’m gonna fuck you so hard baby.”

Jenna wanted to refuse it, but she was so exhausted from the previous gang bang. Her pussy was wet, she couldn’t fight it anymore. But more than that, deep down she knew she liked being a little slut to her two older brothers. They loved to fuck her, pump her cunt and squirt in it, and she liked the way she felt. Why deny it? She stood up.

“Okay, you wanna fuck me, that sounds good.”

Paul shook his head, puzzled, “What?”

Jenna smiled sneakily, and whispered, “Paul, you fuck my tight little ass, Nate will give it to me in the snatch, and Brenden, my big thick brother is gonna let me blow him.”

Brenden stood there, heaving, naked, ready for more. “Oh yeah baby….” he trailed off.

Nate sauntered over, waggiling his dick in his right hand. Paul looked at his sister, and said, “I’m not hard, get me hard sis.”

Jenna knelt down between Paul’s spread knees. Without saying a word, she placed her little hand on his huge cock. It was limp, but she stared up at him, never losing his gaze, and stroked casino oyna it softly. She wrapped her hand around it a little tighter, it jumped. She pumped her fist on it harder and harder, it was growing a little erect. She licked her lips, tilted her head, and flicked the tip with the end of her tongue. That was it for Paul, he got hard right then. She giggled, stood up, and slowly began to drop her ass onto Paul. Knowing it wouldn’t fit in that very tight hole, she asked Paul to spread her ass cheeks. He obliged, and put his hands on her supple buttocks, and she slowly slid down. Still wet from earlier, lubrication wasn’t an issue. Jenna hurriedly shoved her ass down on his cock. They both let out a vicious moan as his member was sucked in by her ass.

Nate, already stiff, was ready to poke little Jenna’s pussy. He got up in front of Paul, now ass fucking his own sister. He pulled her legs out, Paul adjusted himself in her asshole, and Nate rested Jenna’s feet on his shoulders. He began to slide his cock into her. He pounded her heartily, and Brenden sat off in the corner, beating off watching his sister get banged. Paul lurched his hips slot oyna up, getting deep into his sister. Nate responded and pushed forward hard, both of their pricks deeply engulfed her spasming sex box. It felt so good, she was soaking wet.

The act went on for over 10 minutes more, and Jenna was quivering all over. Tits shaking, nipples hard, and pussy gripping down. Her ass was clenching and un-clenching in response to Paul’s forceful fucking. He nibbled on her neck, and bit her ear lobe. He yelled,


Jenna grunted, and bucked backward HARD. She was on the verge of an orgasm, and could feel Nates hard prick jerking violently inside of her velvety hole. She knew he was ready to cum to. She moaned, Nate groaned and Paul muttered obscentities. Just then Brenden yelped, and a hot load of jizz sprayed onto the floor. Breathing hard, he laid back. Jenna felt it in her tummy and rolled her head back, pressing her long blonde hair into Pauls face.

“I’m cumming, I’m cuuuummmmmmmmmmiiiinnnnnnggg” she roared.

Nate shot off, his sperm exploding. Paul rocked hard twice canlı casino siteleri more, and blew his load. The cum was completely enveloping her. Her clit felt like it had deflated from all the hardcore action. Nate held himself inside of her for a second then pulled his now noodle-like dick out of her. He walked away, off to the bathroom Jenna assumed. Paul pushed her up, and slid his rigid cock out of her ass. She “ow’ed” a little. Man was she sore. She laid back, naked on the sofa. She closed her eyes, and drifted off to a very pleasant sleep.

The boys sat around, dicks in their hands. They were completely soft, but they couldn’t even believe that the sex was that amazing. Paul looked lovingly down at his baby sister and slowly stroked her tummy. He slid his fingers to her pussy, and frigged her clit as she slept. Brenden sat down on the sofa near her face, and caressed it like a skilled lover. He looked at his cock, wiped his fingers on it and lovingly rubbed his finger tips all over her lips leaving traces of his now luke-warm cum. Nate smiled, as he usually did and enjoyed the spectacle.

Jenna slowly woke up, and smiled at her two brothers treating her quite like a piece of meat. No fear now…she loved the attention.

“Mmm…thank you so much boys.”

Nate began to walk over as she spoke..

It was going to be another amazing day.

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