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Driving along the highway the spring scenes slide by as Natasha’s mind plays over the plans she’s made for the night to come. For several weeks she’s been noticing that Jeffrey seemed very distant, almost dead toward her emotionally. Each time she would attempt to speak on the subject, he would just shrug the comment off and go about daily chores as if nothing were wrong.

Hurrying home from work, her fingers tap impatiently against the leather steering wheel at every red light. The inability of not being able to get to the house soon enough nearly driving Natasha crazy. Hurriedly pulling into the driveway after what seems an eternity of driving, she parks the car and dashes into the house fighting with the key and lock in her haste.

Laughing at herself as she stumbles into the silent two-story home, Natasha leans against the front door sighing softly at the feel of sturdy comfort in the home and how much she loves this house. It had at one time belonged to her grandparents, it was her home away from home during the long hot summers when her parents would travel Europe leaving her behind at grandma and grandpa’s for months out of the year. So many good memories ghost through the halls and rooms of the old Victorian style home. Natasha sighs with contentment and slowly moves away from the old oak door dropping the ring of keys into the glass tray on the hall table, the tinkling sound echoing through the large foyer in protest of the unexpected intrusion.

Hurrying up the winding polished staircase, Natasha quickly strips out of the clothes she wore to work and starts a hot shower, checking the time she rushes through the shower. Quickly drying her skin and dressing in the silk low cut black top and new form fitting jeans laid across the bed. fixing her long dark hair and makeup, she takes a last look in the mirror before heading downstairs. Smiling at her reflection in the old mirror she then moves her feet quickly down the hall and back down stairs.

Going into the kitchen, Natasha starts preparing the specially planned meal for the evening. Checking the cake baking in the oven she sniffs at the rich aroma of chocolate teasing the air.

Smiling to herself, she carefully stirs the rice and turns the frying chicken. Knowing this to be Jeffrey’s favorite of foods, she had carefully planned the meal of home fried country chicken with rice, noodles, gravy, and seasoned mashed potatoes.

Placing the finished dishes into fire glazed crockery serving containers, the table waits with a setting for two. Her grandmothers’ blue pottery dinnerware adorning the shining cherry table with white and blue taper candles illuminating the slowly darkening room, ,making the perfect accent to the pottery resting on the table.

Removing the cake from the oven, she mixes the necessary ingredients for the rich chocolate icing. Stirring each ingredient lovingly by hand, Natasha checks the time yet again. Her hands begin to shake nervously as she realizes that time is quickly escaping her.

Dumping the cake onto the pedestal-serving platter, she touches it lightly testing its coolness. Groaning softly to herself she wonders if the cake will cool enough to frost before Jeffrey arrives home.

Finishing the ingredients to the icing, she carefully begins frosting the double layered chocolate cake. Slowly stroking the icing onto the cake layers, she smiles as the frosting glistens in the candlelight. Licking her fingers of the chocolate cream, her head jerks up at the sound of a key turning in the door lock.

Grinning, she gently sets the glass-mixing bowl in the porcelain sink. Moving silently on bare feet into the hallway, Natasha leans casually against the doorframe to the kitchen, glancing into the darkened den a slow smile crossing her lips as she sees the flickering illumination from the oil lamps burning against the mirrored mantel over the low burning fire place. Everything perfectly in place for the evening planned.

So almanbahis adres she thinks.

Entering into the house, Jeffrey’s met by a grinning Natasha. Stopping in his tracks with the key still in the door and his hand resting on the metal handle he looks into her smiling face as his mood darkens immensely,

“What’s up Natash?”

Moving from the doorframe, she walks silently up to him. Taking the key from the door she pulls Jeffrey into the house by his unbound necktie. Pushing the heavy wooden door shut behind him, Natasha gently forces his body back against the door leaning her weight against his lean frame to trap him against the carved surface of the door. Raising her face to his, he reluctantly lowers his lips to her kiss. Feeling the love course through her lips, he groans softly. Wrapping his arms around her back, he pulls her closer to him feeling her body yield into his.

Breaking the kiss, Jeffery draws a deep breath through his nose and lets it out slowly. Trying to calm the erratic beating of his heart, he looks down into Natasha’s loving eyes. Pulling her back against him, he rests his chin against the top of her dark head.

Listening to his heart beat, Natasha smiles slowly.

“I have a surprise for you baby.”

Looking up at Jeffrey, she smiles warmly into his face.

“Really? I thought I smelled something good cookin’ in here.”

Laughing at his jibe, Natasha punches his mid-section playfully.

Taking his hand she leads him into the kitchen. Stopping in the doorway he nearly freezes to the floor. Fighting the sigh that threatens to escape he slowly enters the room and takes the seat offered to him.

“I thought maybe we needed some time together, since we’ve both been working so much lately and with you have been putting so many late hours in at the office. I just thought maybe..”

Grinning wickedly she lets her breast rest against his arm.

Catching the breath in his throat, Jeffrey glances at the obviously tightened nipple beneath the black silk material. Sighing audibly he rises from his seat, taking her hands in his.

“Natasha, I need to talk to you.”

Looking into his face, her heart tightens in her chest. Tears pool into her hazel eyes, shaking her head the tears begin sliding down her cheeks. Sliding her hands from his, she folds her arms over her middle.

“So, it’s really true? I called my best friend a liar, and you were really seeing someone else?”

Shaking his head slowly in affirmation of her question, Natasha claps a hand over her mouth to keep from crying out. The tears sliding unchecked down her cheeks. Seeing Natasha’s’ tears

Jeffery reaches out to wipe them from her face and she viciously slaps his hand away from her body.

“I only came here tonight to tell you it was over, I’m leaving Natasha. I’m sorry honey.”

Turning her back to him, the sobs threaten to overwhelm her control. Hot tears slide down her cheeks and burn her eyes. Closing her eyes against the pain, the tears wet her long lashes forcing her wipe away the salty trail left on her face.

“Get out Jeff, leave me alone.”

“Natasha, I’m sorry.”

Turning on Jeffrey, Natasha snarls vehemently at his remorse over her broken heart. Screaming out her hurt she grabs a crystal wine goblet from the table and hurls it at Jeffery’s head, the glass crashing against the wall barely missing his head. Dodging the shattered pieces, Jeffrey hurries up stairs to pack his belongings.

Listening to the sounds of his footsteps on the upstairs wooden floors, the tears trail against Natasha’s already wet cheeks. Counting the steps as he slowly descends each one until reaching the bottom, the familiar creak of the wood under his weight telling Natasha where Jeffery is with each step. The pain of her broken heart burns her chest

as she hears him step on the bottom landing, the sound of his canvas duffel

bag almanbahis adresi being set by the door causing her to gasp with each tortured breath taken.

Setting the duffel bag on the landing at the bottom of the stairs, Jeffery

walks quietly into the kitchen. The sound of crunching glass under

his shoes forcing him to cringe. Kneeling beside Natasha, he

reaches down to place his warm hand on her shoulder.

Looking up into his shadowed face, her eyes shine with unshed


“Natasha, I truly am sorry. I do love you.”

Rising he leaves her in the middle of the kitchen floor, among the crystal debris of her shattered heart.

Listening to the sound of the door quietly opening, Natasha hears the sound of a key being placed onto the entry table. The soft click against wood making the final cut to her shredded heart, hearing truck starting, and the soft crunch of tires against the gravel drive signal the end of what Natasha thought would be the beginning to happy ever after. Slowly bringing herself to her feet, Natasha moves through the shattered glass to stand in the hallway of the once happy home, her pain and frustration evident on her tear stained face. She fights the tears that threaten to spill over already wet lashes. Taking a deep breath, she continues to try and control the turmoil within her heart as she listens to the deathly silence of the ancient home.

Slowly walking into the den, Natasha picks up the phone receiver and dials a very familiar number. She listens as the sound of each ring echoes against her pounding head, as she waits for the phone to be answered the glitter of the diamond ring still on her finger brings the unwanted tears flooding over the brim of her control. The sound of a familiar voice answers the insistent ringing line. “Hello?” Being unable to utter a syllable, Natasha heartbreaking sobbing on the other end of the line tells him who has called.

“John, he’s left.”

The soft sigh on the other end tells Natasha more than she ever wanted to know.

“I’m on my way honey, I’ll be right over.” The phone clicks softly in her ear as she gives into the hurt cutting from the depths of a shattered soul.

Entering the silent home by way of the back door, John finds Natasha crouched into a kneeling position in the dimly lit room, holding the dead receiver against her chest. Slowly raising her head to the sound of crunching glass, Natasha watches through tear swollen eyes as a shadow walks slowly through the quiet house into the room that has become her prison.

Coming to her, he kneels next to her on the floor and gently removes the hand piece from her white knuckles and pulls her body against his chest letting the phone fall to the floor at her knees . The sobs again wrack her slim body as she clutches the material of his shirt, a gentle hand slowly stroking through her long hair.

Waiting patiently for Natasha to quiet, he places a finger gently under her chin to raise her tear stained face to look at him. Rubbing the salty tears away with his work roughened thumbs, John kisses Natasha quickly on the nose, smiling into the shining green eyes he loves so well.

“You knew this was coming Natasha, I tried to warn you.”

Shaking her head in agreement, she sniffs slightly and wipes her nose on the offered handkerchief. Shamefully toying with the corner of the white linen square, she lets her head hang staring blankly into her lap. “I know you did John, I just can never seem to listen.” Clucking his tongue softly John kisses her softly on the cheek close to her ear, leaning into his kiss her heart begins to pound as new feelings wash over her. Rubbing her face against his mouth Natasha feels his breath fan against her ear, and the soft feel of Johns lips on the sensitive shell shaped lobe. As her breathing becomes slightly labored, she feels the flick of Johns’ tongue against her flesh, her hands tighten their almanbahis adresi grip instinctively on his crisp dress shirt. John’s hot breathe whispering against her ear.

“I’ve been waiting for this for a long time.”

Pulling slightly away from him, she looks into his deep blue eyes, now dark with passion.

“Waiting for what John, for Jeffrey to leave me?”

Nodding his head in affirmation, she smiles shaking her own head, soft curls swaying gently around her oval face. Softly touching her lips to his, her breath a warm tease across his beautiful bow shaped mouth. As Natasha opens her mouth for the kiss, his lips take away any coherent thought as a soft moan slips past her lips as the kiss deepens and his strong hands slowly begin to trace the outline of her bare breast under the silk top.

Pressing her body against his, he can feel a dampening between her legs. Breaking the kiss he pulls her close in an attempt to compose his erratic behavior.

“Please John, don’t stop now.”

As her whisper tears away the last remaining thread of composure, he rises swiftly pulling her to her feet and lifting her into his strong arms to move further into the darkened den. Moving stealthily onto the couch, his body covers hers with a searing heat making his desire prevalent as his cock presses against her flat stomach. Kissing a trail down her face, his mouth teases the space between her softly mounded breasts, his mouth hungrily devouring a hard nipple through the silk of Natasha’s blouse forcing a soft gasp from her lips.

Raking her fingers through Johns’ thick hair she forces his mouth harder into the soft mound, his hand tickling a trail down her stomach to the snap on the jeans. Working the jeans open, he’s delighted to find that Natasha wears no panties to keep his fingers from touching her very core.

Quickly trailing into the moist slit of her cunt, his long fingers torment the hardened clit as he seeks the wet hole of her desire. Finding Natasha a more than wet and very tight, Johns animalist growl sends Natasha into a climax as she arches against his hand, pressing her cunt against John’s palm as her soft pleas send him over the edge.

Tearing his mouth away from her breast, he quickly jerks the pants from her body to leave her only in the black blouse. Seeing the shiny slickness of her pussy Johns mouth nearly waters with need. Lying against the couch Natasha watches as he rips his clothing from his lithe body exposing his rigid cock, thick and long to her hungry eyes. Covering her body once again with his, she raises her legs to accommodate his hips. Feeling John’s seeping cock head slowly enter into her wet pussy, Natasha rocks her hips into his entrance. The moan against her shoulder making her shudder with desire and need as she feels the entire length of his cock fill her, her muscles contract around his shaft to draw him deeper into her hungry body.

Arching against his body Natasha feels John’s hard cock ram against her cervix, gasping softly as he begins the hard rhythm of fucking her warm body. The whispers fill his ears as she begs for more, harder. As John pleasures his body in hers; he can feel the climax claim her and her cunt muscles begin to milk his cock. Natasha can feel the beginning climax throb into her body, his hot seed shooting deep into her womb. Forcing her pussy muscles to milk his cock, she again feels another climax building within her forcing a cry from her throat as flashes of light swarm in front of her eyes.

Breathing labored, John collapses heavily on top of Natasha, resting against her sweat-dampened body as their breathing slowly returns to normal. His hand caresses her forehead, cheeks and lips as her teeth tease his fingers and her lips place soft kisses against his palm.

“I’m sorry Natasha, I took advantage of you. Can you forgive me?”

Smiling easily Natasha shakes her head as her hand caresses his back.

“No John, I wanted this. I have wanted you for years, just to stubborn to admit it.”

Kissing her with gentle slowness, John repositions their bodies into a more comfortable setting on the couch, drawing a blanket over their chilling bodies to snuggle into one another as they fade off into sleep.

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