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About Me & Who I’m Looking ForI don’t have any friends, keeps me out of trouble. I think its my lips that make me smile but i could be wrong. I’m proud I don’t have a job, gives me time to help out some poor k**s that don’t have a father. k**s are the ones who will be here when we are dead and we need them to be smart and do the right thing. I love helping people and being kind to anyone in need, I spend most of my time working for people for free, cause I have more money then I could spend in three life times. my dad died and left me alot of money but that’s a story for some other time.I have two cars and one truck that I love and would cry if anything ever happen to them I mean i would lose it if someone would try to hurt my stuff you know what I’m saying? I’m kind of crazy about my stuff but we have to love something in life and seeing how there is no women in my life to take care of me and I have to take care 1xbet yeni giriş of myself I’m going to love my cars and trucks as if they where my k**s.I do have alot of money though seeing as that’s all you girls really care about, and don’t try to lie to me and say you don’t care about money cause I don’t want you to start off the rest of our lives on a lie, I don’t lie and I don’t need you to lie to me I can lie to myself if I really need to, but I don’t think I need to for some time cause the last girl I was with lied to me every min of every day and I could only take so much of that before I lost my cool and slapped the living hell out of her, and made her face look like she had been run over by a mack truck or something big like that cause she looks like living death right now and the doctors can’t do nothing to help her cause lets just say she is messed up for life.That’s why I’m not to be 1xbet giriş messed with, and I might be the most badass street fighter in the world cause I have got some mad skills, and no one, I mean no one cold take me on even a bad day, witch I don’t have so good luck with that happening. There are some things in my life i need to fix but It’s going to take a strong women to do them for me cause I’m not going to do them for myself. Just cause I don’t have the time or will to change them so if you like working for the man I’m the man you have been looking for.A long time in my past I lived with a guy and he was like a slave to me but It’s ok cause he was a white guy just like me so I don’t think anything is wrong with that, but what do I know we will let the judge have the last say in that matter, if they ever find the guy, he’s quit good at playing hide and seek and we have been playing for about ten or 1xbet güvenilirmi so years now and i still can’t find him.I’m looking for a woman that can hold her breath for a long time, and stand on one leg for about an hour at a time. Someone that would do anything for me and i mean anything, somethings i would want you to do might brake the law but I brake the law all the time and as long as they don’t know I’m braking the law you can get away with it. I need a women with a big heart, so if anything ever happen to me I could take hers and keep living, she wouldn’t live but that’s how life works some people live and some people die so i could live, cause I’m the greatest person in the world.Just ask me if you think I’m telling you a lie, I will tell you how great I am and that’s what this life is all about, me, that’s the meaning of life, me. So in closing you see how great I am so why would you pick any other loser from this site, I could smite them from the face of the earth with just one look, so please pick the best and pick me so I don’t have to hunt you down in some dark ally way and make you beg for something you never wanted in the first place!!!

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