A Weekend of Servitude

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Thank you Susurrus for the help editing this monster.


Richard Michael Quail, Rich to his family and friends, Mr. Quail to his associates and adversaries, sat quietly at the round high top table beside his sexy, buxom wife and sipped on a fine 18 year old single malt scotch. They were both well dressed: she in an expensive blue designer dress which did little to conceal her voluptuous curves and barely covered her tan, shapely legs; he in a black, perfectly tailored Italian silk tuxedo with a black bow tie and a pressed red silk handkerchief for a splash of color.

His eyes discretely scanned the crowd for familiar faces. He looked calm and at ease, but inside he was tense and nervous. His heart raced as the wheels in his head turned.

A pretty blonde cocktail waitress stepped up to the table and placed a fresh glass of wine – a dry and full bodied cabernet sauvignon – in front of his wife. It was her second glass of wine since they’d sat down in the bar and she’d had two more at dinner.

Tatiana was nervous like her husband, but she looked it. She wished she had a cigarette to calm her nerves. She’d quit several years earlier but in times of stress she still craved the calming effect of nicotine.

Tatiana was a pretty, American raised, Eastern European woman with a wide nose, full lips and big, beautiful blue eyes. Her dark hair was strikingly short yet stylish and her make up was, as always, flawless. She wore little jewelry: a pair of large square cut diamond earrings and a silver chain with a matching diamond which dangled in the valley between her large, natural breasts. A platinum wedding band and a three-carat engagement ring completed her dazzling, but understated, accessories.

“He’s late,” Tatiana said softly. Her voice shook with uncertainty and her hand trembled as she raised her glass to her painted red lips and took a large sip of wine.

“He’s here,” Rich said as he looked out into the crowd of about twenty five patrons inside the bar at the Four Seasons. “He’s watching us.” He had identified three people who may have been the man they were to meet. He’d seen several pictures of the man’s naked body but none had showed his face or head.

“What if it’s a scam?” Tatiana asked nervously. She was inherently leery and cautious. It was a product of her strict upbringing as well as her parents’ experiences living in the Communist Soviet Bloc in the 60’s and early 70’s, before they’d managed to escape. They had sought asylum in the UK and then emigrated to the United States before Tatiana was ten. Despite spending 30 years in the United States Tatiana still had the same thick accent as her parents.

Richard watched an attractive, dark haired man in his mid-thirties rise from his table. He’d been sitting with friends and was not one of the three that Richard had identified as possibilities but he knew instantly from his strong build that this was he man they were there to meet.

“He’s coming,” Rich said softly under his breath.

“Where?” Tatiana asked, her head moving quickly from side to side.

“Behind you. Don’t look, just stay calm,” Rich said as adrenaline coursed through his body.

“How’s he look?” Tatiana asked. Her heart thumped in her chest and her cheeks felt warm. She couldn’t believe what they were about to do. She and Rich had talked about it for years but they’d never gone past the talking stage, out of fear of the repercussions.

“Good. You’ll like him,” Rich replied with a bright white smile. His high cheek bones, strong jaw and perfect teeth formed a warm, friendly grin which hid his trepidation. He’d perfected the smile in the boardroom, where he’d been a dominant force for fifteen years. Richard was an alpha male in everyday life, but only Tatiana and a select few knew that it was a facade.

“Mmm,” she purred softly. “Do you like what you see, Piggy?” She and Rich had monogamously dabbled in the BDSM lifestyle for nearly a decade. They each identified as switch, but both preferred the submissive role so they took turns assuming the dominant position. Tatiana was better at faking it than Richard but he tried.

“He’s very attractive,” Rich replied as he watched the man stop at the bar for a fresh drink. He had broad shoulders and a narrow waist. His black dress slacks clung to his taut ass and he had short, thick wavy hair.

“Are you sure about this?” Tatiana asked. She had her reservations but was ready to take the plunge. “Last chance to back out.” She smiled knowingly and nodded.

She knew her husband well, better than anyone, even himself. She knew the internal struggle he was having. He’d been raised Catholic and she Russian Orthodox. They had both cast aside religion years earlier but found it difficult to ignore the teachings from their formative years. Rich had bisexual tendencies and had been curious about it for years. He steadfastly maintained that he was not attracted to men and had no desire to have a romantic relationship with a man. Nor could he see himself kissing klasbahis yeni giriş a man, but he was intrigued by the thought of sucking a cock and perhaps being fucked and those had been his dominant fantasies for almost a decade.

Tatiana had wrestled with her own bi curiosity when she was in college. She had feared that she was gay during the mid nineties, when homosexuality and even lesbianism was much less accepted. She had experimented with and even had a discrete long-term relationship with a woman while in graduate school. While she loved the soft sensuality of Sapphic sex she preferred the hard pounding of heterosexual copulation and she tended to connect with men better than with women.

“Hello Tatiana,” the man said as he sidled up to the table and placed his hand on the curve of her hip. She was a full bodied woman with wide hips but a trim waist. She’d been thin as a teen but like her mother, after child birth, had developed a woman’s hourglass figure.

“Hello, Sir,” the pretty brunette said as she looked up into his smoldering dark eyes. He was a very attractive man, with a chiseled face and a few days’ growth on his strong jaw. She knew his name was Jonathan, but he’d been very clear that both she and her husband were to address him only as Sir or Master, unless otherwise instructed.

Jonathan bent down and kissed Tatiana’s full lips. Her body tensed and her lips tightened for a moment before she relaxed. Her lips then parted and she welcomed his tongue into her mouth. His hand moved brazenly from the swell of her hip to her bare thigh and she sighed softly into his mouth.

They kissed deeply while Rich watched with wide, eager eyes. He had never seen his wife in a passionate embrace with another man and his mind was reeling. He and Tatiana had, however, had a threesome with another woman once while vacationing in the Caribbean. It had been very enjoyable, but the opportunity to repeat it had never presented itself again.

Jonathan slid his hand up Tatiana’s smooth thigh, pushing the hem of her short blue dress higher until he touched the neatly trimmed patch of fur above her recently waxed pussy. She instinctively parted her legs, offering herself to him, and he pushed two fingers against her swollen labia. His fingers parted her lips, breaking the seal, and her juices soaked his hand.

“You’re very wet,” he teased as he slid two fingers into her willing cunt.

“Yes, Sir,” Tatiana moaned in a deep, raspy tone. Her nipples stiffened and her chest flushed pink. Her breathing deepened and she felt a knot in her belly as his palm rubbed against her small, hard clit. It had been over a week since either she or her husband had climaxed. Jonathan had insisted that they refrain from sex for that long before they met.

Jonathan pulled his fingers from Tatiana’s pussy and she whimpered like a scolded puppy. Her big breasts heaved and she looked up at him with lust-filled eyes as he stepped back and finally paid attention to her handsome husband.

Rich felt a shiver run down his spine. A faint whiff of his wife’s arousal assaulted his senses and his mouth began to water. His dick grew semi-erect in his pants as he looked into Jonathan’s dark, sexy eyes. He felt oddly attracted to the younger, wavy haired man and it unnerved him. He was not gay. He loved women and he adored his beautiful wife, but unfamiliar desires swirled in his whirling mind.

“Your wife’s pussy is soaked,” Jonathan said matter-of-factly. He held his glistening hand up as proof, then stepped beside Richard.

“It appears so, Sir,” Richard replied as he sized up Jonathan. His nostrils flared as the rich aroma of Tatiana’s succulent juices filled his head. His dick grew harder and strained against his zipper.

Richard was a well-endowed man with a thick shaft and a bulbous head. He shifted in his seat to try to alleviate the pressure in his pants as he gazed up at the strikingly attractive younger man. When Richard realized he wanted to kiss him, he shook his head to clear such a taboo thought from his twisted mind.

At Richard’s response, Jonathan reached out and smeared Tatiana’s juices onto her husband’s lips. When he pressed the pads of his fingers a bit harder, Richard opened his mouth, letting the other man’s digits slide inside. The briny flavor of his wife’s juices tickled his tongue and a low, involuntary moan rose from his chest.

Richard sucked for several long moments with total disregard for his surroundings. His head moved slowly forward and back, the other man’s long fingers touching the back of his throat repeatedly, making him cough and gag. Richard had often sucked on a strap-on cock affixed to his wife’s hips and instinctively mimicked this technique on the man’s hand. His cock wilted slightly as he focused on Jonathan’s fingers but still remained semi-erect while he diligently cleaned his wife’s juices.

“You do that well,” Jonathan observed as he pulled his hand away. Saliva coated Richard’s lips and he looked up with a soulful klasbahis giriş gaze.

“Thank you Sir,” Richard replied earnestly. Jonathan’s praise was welcome, but he spoke loudly so others could hear, causing Richard’s cheeks to flush.

“Your talents will be useful later on my cock,” Jonathan said fitmly, with a devilish grin. Several of the people surrounding them sat at their tables in stunned silence, their mouths agape.

Jonathan, unlike Richard and Tatiana, lived locally, just a few miles outside the city. He knew the area well and was aware of the Four Seasons’ conservative clientele, despite being located relatively close to Dupont Circle, a notoriously LGBT friendly area of town.

“Yes, Sir,” Richard replied quickly, his voice cracking, betraying his excitement. He shifted nervously in his seat, his cheeks burning from embarrassment while his tongue circled his lips, tasting the remnants of Tatiana’s juices. His heart pounded fiercely in his chest as if it might explode at any minute.

“Get up. Let’s go,” Jonathan said abruptly. “The car’s waiting.” He helped Tatiana from her chair, slipping an arm around her trim waist and brazenly resting his hand on her big round ass as he led them outside to a waiting Town Car limousine.

Jonathan sat with his back to the driver and stretched his legs as Tatiana and then Richard, climbed in. He then knocked on the partition and told the driver to slowly drive to his home.

“Suck my cock,” Jonathan said calmly. He looked expectantly at Tatiana and then to Richard, making it clear to them that he expected them both to satisfy him.

Tatiana quickly slid between Jonathan’s thighs and unzipped his pants. She could feel his warm throbbing manhood through the expensive fabric and her hands began to tremble with excitement. It had been over twenty years since she had touched another man’s dick. She’d seen hundreds of digital images of cocks, including Jonathan’s. They had been trading pictures with him online since they first met on a popular fetish website and she was anxious to see it in person. She knew from the pictures that he had a big dick, even larger than her husband’s and she couldn’t wait to feel it.

Rich watched his wife fish Jonathan’s cock from his pants and then joined her on the floor. His eyes widened and his mouth gaped as it sprang into view. He had never seen another man’s erection in person before and was surprised at how beautiful and awe inspiring it was.

Rich had struggled with his bi curiosity early on. He managed to accept it in the context of a threesome at first, but recently admitted to himself that in the right situation he could have a gay experience, without a woman present.

Tatiana opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around Jonathan’s cock. The salty taste of pre-cum filled her mouth and she moaned wantonly. Bobbing her head slowly at first, her pace quickened, her lips sliding farther down his rigid pole with each stroke.

Jonathan made eye contact with Richard and smiled. He had dominated couples together before and enjoyed the dynamic greatly. He liked watching men’s faces as their wives surrendered to a superior alpha and he saw Richard’s angst grow as Tatiana feasted on his bigger, thicker cock. It was not just the size of Jonathan’s cock that made him a great Dom. It was his calm, yet commanding, demeanor.

Richard’s stomach churned. He was used to being in charge around other men. He’d been willing to relinquish control to his wife and had fantasized about doing so with a guy, but until then, it was merely fantasy. His cock grew painfully hard in his pants and he continued to look up into Jonathan’s dark, sexy eyes. He felt the urge to kiss him again and shook his head to erase the thought. He wanted to look away and watch Tatiana perform but was unable to break eye contact with Sir Jonathan.

Jonathan had been very clear in his email before they met. He advised the couple that once they left the meeting place that they were his property and would show him the utmost respect. They were to look downward until he initiated eye contact and then, they were to maintain it until he decided to end it. They were both to obey him without question or delay and any act he requested was to be done enthusiastically until completion, or until released from that task.

Both Rich and Tatiana had agreed to his terms verbally and in writing. They also had voluntarily agreed to forgo a safe word. They had spoken to Jonathan dozens of times via text and on the phone, so he knew their limits. He agreed not to exceed them, but assured that those limits would be pushed to the brink.

“You like my cock, don’t you, Tatiana?” Jonathan asked in a deep, masculine voice. He had a naturally dominant presence and it was easy for Tatiana to submit to him.

“Yes, Sir,” Tatiana replied with a heathy coating of saliva on her lips. It dripped to her chin as she looked into his unyielding eyes. “You have a beautiful cock.”

“Thank you, my Pet,” Jonathan klasbahis güvenilirmi praised. He brushed the back of his hand across her cheek, then grabbed her chin. “It’s better than your husband’s isn’t it?”

Jonathan enjoyed pitting a wife against her spouse and watched expectantly as she wrestled with her response. He knew from their conversations that Tatiana was very much in love with her husband. She and Rich had been married for twenty years and they were happy, but something was missing in their sex life. He knew almost everything about the couple. Among other things, that they were wealthy, had two teenage children and lived outside of Chicago in a large suburban home.

“Yes, Sir, you have the most beautiful cock I have ever seen,” she answered sincerely. Her hand glided up and down the slippery shaft and she licked her full lips as she gazed into Jonathan’s pretty eyes. She had talked extensively with him, both with and without Rich present and it was clear that they had great chemistry.

“Let your husband taste my cock,” Jonathan said calmly. He had plenty of experience with men. He had learned at a young age that most men, when they were comfortable, would succumb to bisexual urges. He’d been the first cock for countless married men. Some were good, some were bad, but they were all enthusiastic and with proper training, they almost always gave better head than women.

Richard stared at Jonathan’s cock with his mouth open wide. It was simultaneously beautiful and foreboding. The fresh, manly smell of Jonathan’s body wafted over him and he breathed deep, drawing it into his lungs. He was as turned on as he’d ever been with anyone, and he shuddered as he lowered his lips to the big throbbing slab of meat before him.

“Suck it deep,” Jonathan barked. He had been warm, yet firm with Tatiana but with Richard he would not be so nice. He grabbed the older man’s head and eased more and more cock into his throat, holding it deep until tears streamed down the man’s cheeks.

Richard was a good-looking man near fifty. He had a handsome face with brilliant blue eyes and thick, salt and pepper hair. He was in great shape for a man of his age, with taut, well-defined muscles on his long, lean frame.

Richard gasped for breath and dove back onto Jonathan’s cock. It tasted delicious and felt amazing in his mouth. He wondered why he’d waited so long to indulge in such a fantastic yet taboo act. He’d never much cared what people thought about him, but for reasons unknown he had been afraid to admit his bisexuality to himself for most of his life.

He sucked furiously on Jonathan’s big dick for several long minutes. He could hear his wife and Jonathan kissing passionately above him and her soft whimpers left no doubt that he was working her tight pussy into a lather. His jaw ached and his lips felt raw and chapped when Jonathan ordered him off his big, delicious cock.

Richard quickly complied and backed away from the wet, glistening manhood. A slight salty flavor danced on his lips and he sighed softly as he savored it.

Meanwhile, his wife swung her shapely, tan leg over Jonathan’s lap. She, at his command, guided him inside her tight, dripping hole.

A low, guttural moan rose from her chest and her hips writhed as he filled her like no one ever had before. Richard had the biggest dick of any man she’d been with until that moment. He was a shade over seven inches long with nice girth, but Jonathan was significantly bigger and she started to bounce, thrusting her cervix against the head of his wonderful cock.

“Sit back and watch how a real man pleases a woman,” Jonathan commanded in a confident and adamant tone. His hips thrust in smooth steady strokes and Tatiana whimpered and moaned.

Jonathan pulled the top of her sleeveless dress down, bearing her big DD breasts. He had instructed her not to wear a bra or panties and she had agreed excitedly. She rarely went out in public without a bra because of the size of her breasts and her large, prominent nipples, but she was several hundreds of miles from home and aside from Jonathan, she didn’t know anyone here.

Jonathan squeezed Tatiana’s swollen nipples hard, twisting and pulling them as he thrust his hips upward. His pelvis slammed against hers and she squealed with an intense combination of pleasure and pain. She liked pain. She loved having her ass slapped hard. She liked nipple torture, including clamps and hot wax. And she adored being choked, and not just for show.

Jonathan, as if reading Tatiana’s mind, gripped her tender throat with both hands and squeezed hard, seriously restricting the flow of air into her lungs. Her eyes widened and she bucked wildly. Her aroused and panicked body slammed hard against his. She felt wild and ravenous, like she was losing control. It had been more than twenty years since she’d had fresh cock, and it was liberating.

“You like that, do you?” Jonathan asked firmly. He released her throat and smacked her big, juicy ass, making it jiggle and shake.

Tatiana squealed, “Yes Sir. I like pain.” She smiled and did several kegels, squeezing his big, hard dick as she moved languidly, savoring the feel of him inside her. She had often fantasized about other men and she was thrilled to make those fantasies reality.

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