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The beep of the text message wakes me up and I realize that I fell asleep on the couch in front of a movie. I blink a few times, then look at the phone and see that you have asked if you can come over. I’ve teased you in the past how you never need to ask, but I know that you like to make sure. I send back a quick “come on over!” and I get up and look around quickly to make sure that everything is at least kind of presentable. There isn’t a lot to fix, so I spend most of the 15 minutes puttering about the house – a few minutes to roll the blankets back into place (although whether they will stay there or not depends on you), a couple of times, there are scraps of paper that I throw into the trash – but it doesn’t take long before I see you roll into my driveway.

Smiling, I open the door and stand in the doorway. Your grin as you step out of your car is contagious and even if I wasn’t in a good mood, I would be now. I step out of the way as you walk up to the door and you smile as you walk through. I follow, shutting (and locking) the door. You step into the dining room and set your purse down on the table, turning to catch me just as I’m walking up behind you. There aren’t any words before you take the step up to me and wrap your arms around me. Leaning slightly, our lips touch each other and everything seems right again.

Moments turn into minutes and we separate just enough to smile again, my arms wrapped around your waist, yours draped over my shoulders. Your smile goes up from your mouth through your eyes and whatever fatigue I had been feeling earlier is gone. We stand there for a few minutes, exchanging small talk about the day and other bemusements. Eventually, we pull away from each other, each going our own direction – you get a glass of water and I kill the lights in the front room and walk to the hallway, waiting for you with a smile when you turn away from the sink.

I can see the grin in your eyes before I turn and walk back to the bedroom. Looking around for casino şirketleri a minute in one last check, I step out of the way as you take a drink and then set the glass on the end table. You turn back to me as I step closer, sliding my arms under yours and pulling you to me. My lips touch yours, then move down your cheek, down the side of your neck. As you shift your head back, you close your eyes and sigh. I keep kissing you as I slide my hands down your side, pressing them against your hips, moving them down so I can squeeze your ass and pull your groin to me. Although it’s not like you need any encouragement as just the hint gets you to grind hard against me.

I pull my hands up, moving them under your shirt. Your arms go up as I lift away from you and after I clear your hands, I drop your shirt off to the side. As you relax your arms, I kneel in front of you, kissing your chest, then your stomach, licking as I go. As I rest on my knees, my hands move to your jeans and I undo the buttons holding them together. You giggle for a second, resting your hand on my head as you watch. After I can pull them apart, I curl my fingers inside the waistband and pull down – making sure to take your panties down at the same time. As they land on the floor, you step easily out of them and move to the side. I turn and follow, leaning in and licking, kissing, teasing you.

You step back from me, moving closer to the bed, and when your legs bump up against the mattress, you let yourself sit and you spread your legs wider. I lean in without moving over you, my arms sliding under your legs – lifting them and spreading them even more. You have to drop your head back against the blanket as I put my tongue against your clit. I don’t press it too much, instead, teasing it before moving down and licking up and down between your lips. I can hear you react as I start licking around and inside you – not moving quickly, not suddenly, just consistent. Up and down, then around. Again. … again. casino firmaları You start to twitch on the bed and I have to reach up, keeping my arms under your legs, until I can reach your arms. I close my fingers around your biceps and hold on tight, letting you flex. Your back arches as you pull and shift and you let your body go wild with all of the nerves firing.

I hear you call out my name, but I don’t change what I’m doing. Licking at you, running my tongue up and down and over your button, then back down and over and between your lips … you tighten up, your lower back and ass all the way off the bed as your arms and legs flex … and then suddenly, you scream, your legs squeezing my head and then a shudder passes through you. I stop focusing and start licking your thighs, kissing your bare skin, running my tongue where you aren’t quite as sensitive … As you take a minute to re-focus, I lean back long enough to slide my jeans and shorts off, then I climb up and over you. You open your eyes, smiling, and your hands start moving again.

We kiss and grind against each other for a minute, then you push on one of my shoulders. I play along, rolling onto the bed. You lift up, moving to your knees as you take your bra off and drop it somewhere off the bed. As you straighten out, you pull at my shirt and I lift off the bed enough for us to get it off together. It ends up flying somewhere against a wall, not that either of us are paying attention.

Naked, you move to return the favor from earlier, and I watch as you lean down and take my shaft in your hand. I can see your grin as you run your tongue over it. Getting comfortable on the bed, you move your fingers down closer to the base as you put your lips over the head of my cock. I gasp then jerk slightly, flexing as you slide your mouth around me, down me … you start moving your hand up and down with your mouth, and as you squeeze me, lick me, you can feel me getting even harder, you can feel my dick twitch güvenilir casino in your hand with every heartbeat. Sucking, teasing … and as my breathing gets louder, you smile at how much you are getting me worked up. You decide you can’t wait any longer …

You lift up, moving over me. My eyes are watching you as you move your legs to either side of mine. Keeping one hand at my shoulder, you move your other hand down and hold me steady as you set yourself against me. You can feel my cock against you and then you focus on my eyes as you slide down over, around me. I fit inside you very well and you set for a moment, just watching as you squeeze me. I gasp slightly, then you stop teasing and lift up. Flexing your legs you move off of me and then back down. I lift up hard and with each push, you can feel me deep inside you. Harder. Faster. I can feel how wet you are as I slide into you again and again.

My hands run over your body, up your sides then back down to your ass, then up to your breasts, cupping them, squeezing them. You moan and keep lifting. As amazing as it feels, there is a moment where you stop and start grinding, moving your hips over me, shifting back and forth. It’s a different sensation, and you enjoy watching me react. When you stop, I wrap my arms around you and squeeze you to me. We roll, and now you’re on the bottom. You smirk, but then your eyes close as you gasp when I slide out of you slightly and back in deep. Taking a moment to lift off of you, I run my arms under your legs and l force you to curl up a little. Putting my hands back on your forearms, I lift off of the bed. Resting on my knees, I can flex better and now that your ass is just off the mattress, I start to drive into you. Easily at first, just moving back and forth, and then harder. Slower, but deeper. Again. You start to moan and gasp as I push into you over and over. Your hands struggle to find something to hold onto as your entire body shakes, and as I slide into you yet again, your eyes close and you scream out my name.

I stop moving deep inside you, and you hear the quiet gasp as you feel my body tremble. Inside you, you feel me spasm. And again. My eyes open and I look down into yours. As our smiles widen, I lean down and kiss you.

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