A Surprise 4 Mom

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Summary: Son gives mother best present ever: 9 hard inches in 3 holes

Note 1: This is a Holiday 2016 Contest Story so please vote.

Note 2: Thanks to Tex Beethoven, Robert, Dave and Wayne for editing this story.

Note 3: Also this story is a bit of a milestone as it is the 300th story released by me (minus two poems). So I hope you enjoy it and stay with me as I hope to hit 400 sometime in 2018 (wow, that is a long time away… although as I have learned in writing 300 stories in 6 years … time does indeed fly). I hope you enjoy a story that just seems right to be number 300… LUV JASMINE.

A Surprise 4 Mom

“Oh yes,” Sarah moaned, as her husband fucked her from behind, “pound me, Baby Boy.”

“You like my big cock, don’t you Mommy?” Gerald, her husband, role playing as her son, questioned as he slammed into her.

“Oh yes, son, Mommy loves when you use her as your personal fuck toy,” Sarah declared, near orgasm… pretending to be fucked by her son her greatest turn on… the idea of incest with the young man she had raised from a baby so taboo it always got her off.

“Come for me, Mommy,” Gerald ordered, knowing his wife was close and that she craved being told what to do when they were in the bedroom.

“Come inside me, son,” Sarah ordered back, the idea of her son really ejaculating in her cunt always adding to the forbidden sin of fantasy incest.

“On three, my Mommy-slut,” Gerald instructed, close to coming himself and always able to hold back a little to erupt simultaneously with his beautiful wife… he too somehow turned on by the idea of his son, his own flesh and blood, fucking his wife.

“Yes, son,” Sarah moaned, “you’ve got Mommy so close.”

“One,” Gerald began the count, continuing to slam into her as hard as he could, wishing he was bigger than five inches and knowing that his son’s nine inches would really drive her wild… something he’d noticed after a ball game last summer when they were both naked in the locker room.

“Mommy can’t hold back much longer,” Sarah moaned, beginning to bounce back to meet her husband’s hard thrusts, wishing he was as big as her college boyfriend who, at seven inches, had really filled her in a way her husband just physically couldn’t.

“Not yet, Mommy,” Gerald said, “don’t you dare come until I give the order.”

“Yes, son, I’ll obey,” Sarah moaned, even as she kept bouncing back like a horny slut… loving the role playing of being a submissive slut to her son… so different from her day-to-day high intensity job as a lawyer.

“Two, you filthy incest slut,” Gerald counted down, knowing the name calling really got his normally prim and proper wife revved up.

“Oh yes, son, fill Mommy’s cunt with your yummy cum,” Sarah moaned, the idea of having her son come down her throat, all over her face or in her cunt the nasty kink that always got her off like crazy.

“And Three, come now, Mommy-slut,” Gerald ordered, as he let his balls erupt and spew inside his wife’s heated box.

“Yes, Emmett,” Sarah screamed, as her orgasm erupted through her the moment she was given permission to come… trained like the Mommy-slut she desperately fantasized being.

Wife and husband, portraying mother and son, came as one.

Meanwhile, outside their door, stood Emmett himself, who had arrived home just a few minutes earlier from college, hoping to surprise his parents. But he was the one who was surprised as he listened to his parent’s role playing with him as the star sex object. He furiously jerked off listening to his mother begging for him to fuck her.

He, like so many other teenage boys (he would be turning nineteen in March), had fantasized about fucking his mother ever since he had learned how to jack off.

His mother was a MILF among MILFs, with huge tits, great legs and a sweet face… looking a lot like Audrey Hepburn, with a body and voice like Marilyn Monroe.

Emmett’s mom was a lawyer who always wore professional attire, even continued to wear it once she got home, often walking around in sheer nylons all evening… which had made Emmett a leg and stockings guy… so much so that he would only fuck girls who were wearing them… thus why he always brought back MILFs to his dorm room or screwed them in their homes (he had fucked a MILF in her home while her two children slept; he had fucked a MILF in her garage while her husband and four kids were in the house… awake; he had fucked a MILF while her daughter, whom he had fucked a few hours earlier, slept in the next room with his cum still draining out of her pussy onto the towel she was sleeping on that night).

Girls his own age seldom wore nylons, while women in their forties often did. Plus, older women knew how to please him: besides wearing nylons (thigh highs, stockings and a garter or pantyhose), they sucked cock better and more willingly, they were nastier in bed and they were grateful for nine inches of hard muğla seks hikayeleri cock that could reload a few times in a row.

A couple of college girls Emmett had dated wore nylons for him, but only Angie actually liked them and this is why she was his current girlfriend… although he still fucked a MILF a week… which Angie did know about (even being a part of his first threesome a couple of weeks ago where the MILF ate Angie out while he fucked both the MILF’s pussy and ass in her living room).

Emmett furiously jerked off, coming into a handkerchief just a few seconds after his parents seemed to finish, before he quickly scurried out of the house, not wanting his parents to know he had heard them… wanting time to process this shocking information and figure out what to do with it.

His greatest fantasy was suddenly a possibility… one he had never fathomed being more than that… a fantasy… one he often role played in his head as he pounded some MILF in nylons.

He drove around for a few minutes, replaying the shocking revelation, hearing his mother’s nasty words, his cock already hard again.

He pulled into the driveway, got out again, and headed into the house making sure to slam the door loud enough that his parents would hear him as he called out, “Hello!”

Sarah, who was just draping a nightie over her head, gasped, “Emmett’s home.”

Gerald was already in his pajama bottoms and as he grabbed a robe he joked, “Thank God he wasn’t here fifteen minutes ago.”

Sarah laughed, even as her face went red, “Oh my God, could you imagine?”

Gerald joked, “If he had been, maybe you could have gotten that dp you’ve wanted forever.”

“Gerald!” Sarah gasped, even though that was her other fantasy… getting double penetrated by her husband and son… that was all it was though, and all it ever could be… a fantasy.

“What?” Gerald shrugged. “You know you want his dick plowing your cunt or your asshole.”

“Oh my God!” Sarah again gasped. “It’s one thing to role play, it’s another to actually do it.” But even as she said it, her cunt tingled.

“You guys awake?” Emmett called out, wanting to see how they covered, or if they even would. It would be a dream come true… literally… if they invited him in to join them!

“Yes, honey, we’ll be right down,” Sarah called out, as she put on a robe… leaving her thigh highs on.

Gerald, really enjoying teasing and rattling his lawyer wife, a woman who couldn’t be rattled in court no matter what the other side’s unexpected ploy might be, added, “You could just go downstairs without the robe.”

“Gerald, you are so bad,” Sarah purred, knowing the next role play session would be based on tonight and include a nice big dildo role playing as her son’s cock as she got double penetrated.

“So says the mother who wants to be her son’s… what did you say a few days ago… cum bucket,” Gerald finished as he opened the door and headed downstairs, thinking he may get to shoot yet another load tonight.

“Gerald!” Sarah gasped one more time, even as some wetness gushed into the panties she’d just put on.

Emmett’s cock was still hard as his dad walked into the living room and said, “You’re early.”

“Good to see you too,” Emmett joked.

“Sorry, we weren’t expecting you today,” Gerald explained, coming and giving his son a quick hug.

“Yeah, I thought I would surprise you,” Emmett said, as his mom walked in wearing a robe and still wearing her nylons.

Sarah gave her son a big hug, leaning into him and even feeling the bulge in his pants pressing against her taut belly.

Emmett purposely flexed his cock in his jeans as his mom hugged him and said, “Well, son, it’s the best surprise ever.”

Emmett thought to himself, ‘trust me it isn’t’, as he asked, “Did I interrupt something?”

“What? No,” Sarah answered, still rattled by almost getting caught and by the definite feeling of her son’s cock poking into her stomach a moment earlier.

“Well, you’re in a robe and nylons,” Emmett pointed out, glancing down at her blue painted toenails displayed beautifully in the sheer hosiery. ‘And I can smell sex’, he thought, but didn’t say out loud.

Sarah stammered, “Um-I….”

Gerald saved her, while attempting to open up the door for the slim possibility of an incest threesome, something that oddly turned him on even though it shouldn’t, “We just finished.”

“Gerald!” Sarah gasped, her already red cheeks of guilt and excitement going a new shade of red.

Emmett laughed, “Mom, I know you two have sex… I’m assuming that is how I was created.”

“Oh, God,” Sarah said, overwhelmed at where the conversation was going.

“Those are the words you often scream,” Gerald added, always one to push the limits with sexual innuendo, although this example was rather blunt.

“Gerald!” Sarah gasped yet again, even though she thought the actual declaration should be, ‘Oh, God, son!’

Emmett decided to push the envelope a bit too, an idea to seduce his delicious mom already formulating in his head, “Plus, I just hope when my future wife is in her forties she’ll look as good as you do.”

“Emmett, why thank you,” Sarah replied, the compliment going right to her hoohoo.

Gerald joked, “I still look pretty good too.”

“Yes, Dad, you’re a fine specimen,” Emmett quipped.

“Be careful, you’ll likely look like me in twenty years,” Gerald joked.

Emmett would never have said this before the revelation of under an hour ago, but he quipped, “Except with a much bigger penis.”

“Emmett!” Sarah gasped in complete shock, even though she knew this was true from her husband… her son was reportedly quite well hung.

Gerald responded with a defense, like a man would, “I just came out of the pool that time. It was cold in there.”

“So did I,” Emmett countered to his dad, even as he looked at his mom to see her reaction.

Sarah joked, “I never thought I’d be listening to a conversation of my two men having a dick length competition.”

Emmett countered, “Which I would win.”

Gerald said, “On that note, I need to use mine to take a piss, and as big as I am, I can’t reach the bathroom from here,” and headed out, barely able to hold it in any longer… having not pissed since he deposited his load in his wife and for some reason usually having to pee right after having sex.

“Boys will be boys,” Sarah shook her head, by now really curious to see just how much bigger her son really was than her husband.

“Men will be men,” Emmett corrected smugly.

“Sorry,” Sarah laughed, as she deliberately took in her handsome, well-built son, head to toe. “You really are a man now, aren’t you?”

“That’s what the ladies tell me,” Emmett shrugged, continuing to push the envelope.

“Too much information,” Sarah said, covering her ears dramatically, feigning disinterest when she was really greatly interested.

Emmett continued, seeing how far he could push the envelope, “So you don’t want to know that it’s your fault that I only date certain women?”

“Pardon?” the mother asked, curious to know what her son meant by that.

“The honest answer?” he questioned, smiling, knowing he was venturing into uncharted territory for both of them.

“No, lie to me,” Sarah teased sarcastically, always hating dumb questions, which being a lawyer, she heard often.

Emmett took a deep breath before he took the plunge, “I only go after women in nylons, and that’s why most of them are older.”

“And that’s my fault?” Sarah asked incredulously, even though the nylon thing made sense… her husband’s fetish was silky sheer nylons. She also wondered, ‘Why would he be telling me this now?’

“Yes,” he nodded, glancing down at her nylon-clad feet. “You wear them every day, and girls my age usually don’t wear them at all, so I just go after older, more mature, sexy women.”

“Oh,” Sarah said, oddly feeling like her son was hitting on her, noticing he was staring at her feet. After a pause, she added, “Well, like father like son I guess.”

“Why? Does Dad only go after older women?” Emmett teased.

“He’d better only go after one older woman,” Sarah said firmly, even as she smiled when she said it. She clarified, “Your father has a nylon fetish too.”

“Oh,” Emmett nodded, realizing his obsessive nylon fetish may not just be because his mom wore them every day, but from his father’s DNA. He joked, saying as much, “So maybe it wasn’t just you walking around every day in nylons. I began noticing as soon as I reached puberty.”

“Are you saying your old mother got you excited?” Sarah asked boldly… pushing an envelope she’d never fathomed being able to push other than during fantasy and role playing.

Before Emmett could answer, his father returned and asked, “What did I miss?”

“Nothing,” Sarah said, frustrated by her husband’s impeccably bad timing.

“Yeah, we were just catching up,” Emmett said, unsure how he would have answered his mother’s question.

All three chatted about school, the holidays and other generic stuff for the next half an hour… all the while the mom and son were each thinking and stealthily doing lots of things:

I’ve fantasised fucking him/her for a long time. If I had the chance would I actually do it?

Sarah made sure to keep her legs and feet in her son’s plain view… wondering if his nylon fetish was a nylon foot fetish like her husband’s… who got hard just looking at her feet in nylons. She wiggled her toes often and studied her son’s reactions; it turned her on to be slyly teasing her son… she may not ever get to be fucked by him, but she could at least tease him.

Emmett’s cock was about to break through his jeans zipper, as it used desperate sign language demanding to be freed from its fabric prison. He tried to stay focused on the everyday conversations, but both his Mom’s feet in the sheer nylon and the memory of how his parents had been role playing earlier were controlling his thoughts and his dick. He tried to get it to silence the clamour down there, but no such luck.

Emmett couldn’t help but wonder if it would be possible for him to make the ultimate MILF conquest… the Holy Grail of MILFs… his own mom. The very idea would have seemed ludicrous a couple of hours ago, but now not only did it seem like a possibility, his mother seemed to be taunting him… teasing him as she kept her nylon-clad feet in full view at all times and even wiggling her toes often to make sure he was paying attention to them.

Gerald, meanwhile, was oblivious to it all, other than that he was hard again as he too stared at his wife’s sexy feet and was hoping for some more role playing once they got back in the bedroom. Harem slut would be fun.

Emmett, desperately needing to jerk off again, finally said, “Well, I’m wiped. I’m going to hit the hay.”

“Me too,” Sarah yawned, glancing at the clock and realizing what time it was. She still had one more day of work tomorrow and needed to be fresh… although that was definitely going to be more challenging now.

Emmett asked, noticing for the first time, “Why isn’t the tree up yet?”

“We’ve been busy,” Gerald answered.

“And we wanted to do it with you like we always have,” Sarah said, which was true… this would be the first Christmas he wasn’t living at home and Sarah was determined not to do anything festive until Emmett was home… she had even told Gerald it wouldn’t feel like Christmas until their son arrived home.

“Well we’ll do it as soon as you get home from work,” Emmett suggested, always enjoying putting the tree up with his mother… who, of course, always walked around in her nylon-clad feet, which had kept him hard throughout the tree decorating for years.

“Sounds perfect,” Sarah agreed. “I’ll try to come home after lunch. I have a brief court appearance in the morning I can’t avoid.”

“Okay,” Emmett nodded, “I don’t plan to get up until lunch anyways.”

“Oh to be eighteen again,” Gerald sighed.

Sarah couldn’t resist the opportunity, “Yeah, you used to be able to get it up more than once a night.”

It was Gerald’s turn to gasp. “Sarah!”

“What?” Sarah shrugged, even as she glanced directly into her son’s eyes for a timeless moment, “You’re often done before I am.”

“Well, that can be fixed,” Gerald said, standing up and taking his wife’s hand.

Emmett was jealous that his dad was going to get to fuck his mom… he wanted to fuck his mom.

As Gerald led Sarah away, she turned back to her son for a moment and favoured him with a sexy smile… hoping he read into it what she was thinking at him: ‘I’d rather have your young, hard cock’.


That night:

The son used his fleshlight (‘the most lifelike substitute available anywhere for a real mouth, pussy or ass’), as he slowly pleasured himself, pondering not whether fucking his mother was possible… but rather how to make it possible. Her teasing with her stocking-clad feet had convinced him that the naughty words he had heard from outside her bedroom wasn’t just role playing… it was a fantasy she was willing to make a reality. Even if she didn’t quite know it yet.

The mother got ass fucked by her husband while imagining it was her much bigger son reaming her back door and pondering if she would really be willing to suck or fuck her son if the possibility actually presented itself. That said, although she knew her son liked MILFs (and she knew what MILF meant and also knew from just looking in a mirror that she was one) and he liked nylons (and she always wore them) and he was definitely staring at her feet throughout the conversation (she had purposely tried teasing him and was certain she had succeeded in keeping him hard the entire time), she wasn’t sure that meant anything. He was eighteen, a guy, and got horny easily. After taking a load in her ass, only after coming from a hard ass pounding, she tried to fall asleep… but it was hard (just like her son’s dick had been when she hugged him).


Both his parents had already gone to work when Emmett woke up, having to shake his head to confirm that yesterday evening wasn’t a dream… but a crazy reality… his mom had role played about getting fucked by him and most likely did it on a regular basis. It wasn’t until he put more thought into it as he went to have breakfast a little after eleven, that he realized something odd… his dad went along with it, role playing being him as well.

That was somehow even weirder than his mom wanting to fuck him. It would have to be rather degrading to be forced to act like you were someone else while fucking your wife… and even more degrading to have to portray your own son.

Yet, obviously, he did it. He’d overheard his father speaking as if he was a son and not a husband, even being a rather dominant son. Those were no rote words required by a domineering wife, Dad was into it!

This led to another revelation… one almost as shocking based on the mother he thought he knew… she was submissive. She got turned on being called names and being dominated… which was at odds with her entire personality as a mother and a lawyer.

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