A Quiet Evening

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It was almost midnight when Barry stood to leave. We had managed to finish off the better part of three bottles of wine. He had been here since about 7 PM. The evening didn’t actually turn out as planned. A mutual friend, Elizabeth, and her sister were also supposed to come by for a couple of drinks. But one of those family crisis, that aren’t so much a crisis the day after, happened and they canceled. I’d only known Barry for a couple of months. We hung out a few times, mostly with Liz. I liked him and when Liz had told me he was bi I never gave it much thought, but it did peak my curiosity about him.

Even though Elizabeth and her sister canceled when Barry arrived I offered him a glass of Chardonnay. We talked most of the evening, interspaced with drinking more wine. I had been on a health kick, so was eating pretty light and keeping my system clean with lots of water. This was a bit more wine than I was used to. And I suppose it was the wine that drove most of the conversation. While we never mentioned sexual orientation, although we both admitted wanting to fuck Liz, I found myself sort of flirting with him and he with me. When Barry decided to leave I was a bit concerned that he had too much to drink. He assured me he was OK. It was when I opened the front door that things changed. While we were enjoying a nice quiet evening of wine and conversation, it had been snowing like hell outside. There was probably 4-5 inches on the ground. I told Barry not to worry; he could spend the night and fight the weather in the morning.

I really didn’t feel like making up the futon couch so I told him we’d share my queen size bed. He smiled and promised to behave. Turning off the living-room lights we headed back to the bedroom. We both started to undress, the wine eliminating any self-consciousness. Barry stripped down to a pair of boxes and slip into the left side of the bed. After I had taken off my shirt and was pulling down my jeans, it dawned on me that I was wearing a pair of white, cotton briefs. They were actually very brief, thin and tight fitting. Once I stepped out of my jeans I realized that stretched as they were the briefs clearly outlined my cock and balls. Barry looked at me canlı bahis as I approached the bed and said “nice underwear.” I just smiled and turned out the light, slipping into the right side of the bed.

I lay on my side facing away from Barry and settled in, now more nervous than before at sharing the bed with Barry and at the same time wondering if anything would happen. I remembered some of the flirtatious comments we had made and the gentle hug he gave me when we thought he was leaving. But as nervous as I was, I realized I wanted something to happen. I just didn’t know what I’d do.

We both lay quiet for what seemed like an hour, but in reality was about 10 minutes. I felt Barry turn toward me and then I felt his hand. He rested it on the top of my left thigh. Nothing happened for a few seconds, and then he gently caressed my thigh, bringing his hand up to the thin cotton of my briefs. I laid still. His hand moved down across the thin cotton of my briefs and gently caressed my ass. I stirred slightly, but he didn’t remove it. Then, he moved down to my bare thigh below the band of the briefs. His touch was soft as he bushed his fingers along the back of my thigh then back up onto my ass. Gently still he moved over my hip to the front. His fingers found the outline of my balls and my semi-hard cock. I still didn’t move. He continued his soft exploration of my thinly covered cock. I felt myself getting hard, so I eased away. His hand returned to my ass and he gently moved across the thin cotton. I pulled away and quietly got out of bed and went into the bathroom. I didn’t say a word.

Shutting the door, I turned on the bathroom light and looked at myself in the mirror, than, taking a deep breath I took off my underwear. Reaching into a draw I pulled out a condom and some lubricant. I left them on the counter and shut off the light. The room was completely dark as I slipped back into the bed and again laid on my right side away from Barry. Nothing happened for a couple of minutes. I began to think that my sudden movement had been taken as a signal to stop. Then his hand returned to my thigh. He left it there, gently moving his fingers in a circle, just brushing my skin. Then he moved bahis siteleri up to where my briefs had been. His hand stopped and he took in a deep breath realizing I was nude. His had then moved to caress my bare ass. His touch was soft and it was making me hard. He moved it slowly across my cheeks, even letting it explore the crack between them. One of his fingers gently pushed toward my asshole. I gently shifted and his hand returned to my hip. Then he moved it to the front of my body. Reaching over my hip he found my hardening cock and ran his fingers over its length. I felt the pre-cu ooze from the head of my cock. His fingers ran though the wet. Then, just as my cock was becoming rock hard he moved his hand back to my ass. Gently he caressed my cheeks again, only now, when his fingers explored the crack, the one that had been lubricated by my pre-cum found my asshole and gently entered. I found myself moving my ass toward his hand has his finger moved deeper. Then, as suddenly as it entered, he pulled it out. I lay still. It was gone for just an instant, when it was replaced by two fingers. Both fingers moved deep within me. Barry moved forward, his body no close to mine. I could feel his hardness beneath his boxers. He whispered in my ear, “You have a great ass.” I moaned approval. Then he added, “I want to fuck you.” I turned my head toward him, his two fingers still inside me, and kissed him on the mouth, my tongue darting between his lips to find his.

I rolled onto my back causing him to remove his fingers from deep inside me. His hand quickly returned to my hard cock as I continued our deep French kiss. Again his fingers left my cock, after being again lubricated by my pre-cum, and found my waiting rectum. Again, he slid deep. With his fingers probing me, he broke off out kiss and moved down to my waiting cock. His lips embraced it and I arched my hips to meet his bobbing head. As he worked his fingers and mouth I wanted him more and more. I managed to moan something about the bathroom and the condom. He didn’t stop for another minute or two, then leaving my ass and cock unattended he slipped out of bed. Once up he pulled the rest of the bedclothes off me and turned on the light. He was bahis şirketleri still in his boxers; I was lying on my back completely naked. He went into the bathroom, fumbled around for what seemed like forever, than returned with the condom, but without his boxers. Naked he approached the bed, again on the left side. He climbed up on his knees and moved to my head. Reaching out I grabbed his hard cock and pulled it to my waiting mouth. I engulfed it, caressing it with my tongue and took it deep into my wet mouth. Has I sucked him he drove his fingers into my ass, now there were three. I was ready. I let his cock fall out of my mouth, but held on and slowly lick it before letting it go free. “Fuck me now”, I said.

Barry moved between my legs. As he opened the purple package I slip a pillow beneath the small of my back and my ass, spreading my legs wide as I did. Once the condom covered his 7 inches, I felt Barry apply the wet, cold lubricant to my hot asshole. Then I felt his cock. He hesitated briefly then thrust slowly, firmly but gently forward. Prepared by the exploration of his fingers, his cock slid into my ass. At first I felt pain, but that was quickly replaced by fullness and a pleasure as he slowly pistoned into me. I found myself thrusting my hips up to meet his cock as he drove into my ass. I moved one hand down to feel his hard cock; with the other I grabbed my own hard member. My legs were now wrapped around his nude body. I stroked my cock as he drove into me. He was still pumping, faster and faster, as I shot my load over my stomach. I continued to thrust my hips in time with his pushes into me. As I climaxed I dropped my hands above my head. “Don’t cum yet” I pleaded, “Cum in my mouth”. Barry pulled out and slipped the condom off. He moved, again on his knees, to my face and pushed his hard cock into my mouth. I sucked him again, although it didn’t take long. He shot his hot semen into my mouth, and then as he pulled out, all over my face. It was thick and warm. I swallowed what was in my mouth, than licked my lips. Barry still knelt beside me. I reached up; my face covered cum and licked his cock clean. Then I collapsed back on the bed. Barry, too, fell back on the bed. His head ended up toward the foot of the bed. I reached out and gently caressed his now semi-hard cock.

It was going to be hard to tell Elizabeth how the evening went. I wondered if next time she’d join us.

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