A Job Well Done

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You lay me back on your desk as you kiss your way up my stomach and push my shirt and bra up over my incredible breasts. Then, staring into my eyes you proceed to drag your tongue all over my tits, but you’re careful to barely avoid my nipples, which are getting harder by the second. Your soft tongue feels incredible on my skin and I am dying for you to suck on my breasts. You glance up into my eyes and you can see how desperate I am for you to take them into your mouth.

Finally I can’t take the exquisite torture any longer.

“Ohhh, suck my nipples,” I groan as my back arches and I push my aching breasts closer to you, dying to have your mouth on my sensitive flesh.

Sensing my desperation, you slowly move your tongue down and ever so lightly flick one of my swollen nipples with your hot wet tongue while you take the other one between your fingers and begin to gently rub it.

“Ohh, yes!!” I moan softly as I feel a current shoot down my body to my smoldering pussy. You wrap your lips around my nipple and begin to lightly suck while your tongue continues to swirl all around it. I am running my hands through your hair as you slide my nipple from your mouth and move to your other heaving breast. The feeling of having my tits in your mouth has your rock hard cock straining against your jeans. My tits feel so good that you could lick and suck them for hours, but we both have other things on our minds at this point.

You push my bra and my shirt up and over my head while you drag your tongue up to my neck and begin to kiss and lick my sensitive skin. Our lips meet in a passionate kiss and your throbbing cock is pressed hard against my pussy, only separated by a few layers of clothing. My mind races ahead and I dream about how good it will feel when your naked cock is rubbing against my wet pussy.

I run my hands under your shirt and feel your hard chest and abs as our tongues continue to dance. You’re rubbing your hard cock against me and I’m letting out soft, contended moans.

After what seems like hours you finally break our kiss and begin to once again work your way down my body, sliding your tongue across my soft, warm skin. You kiss and suck my nipples once more before slowly sliding your way down my stomach to the top of my skirt which is already riding high on my legs. You run your tongue along the edge of my skirt and then slide it into my belly button as I slowly gyrate my hips.

You continue to kiss and lick my stomach while you run your hands up the insides of my thighs and over my steaming pussy. You can feel its heat and wetness through my panties as you slide the zipper of my skirt down and then begin to slowly work it down my hips, gradually revealing my aching pussy, which is barely covered by my tiny white lace panties. You pull off your skirt and, taking my leg in my hands, you begin to kiss your way up my calf, past my knee and across my inner thigh, you take in my sweet scent and I’m already dreaming about feeling my naked pussy on your tongue. You make your way right up to my pussy and slowly run your tongue along the sides of my panties, over and over, as my moaning intensifies. Every now and then you let your tongue slip under the edge of the silky material and lightly graze my outer pussy lips, which causes me to groan impatiently. You slide your hands back up my body and begin to gently squeeze my firm tits and lightly pinch and rub my excited, swollen nipples while your tongue continues to mercilessly tease my hot, damp pussy.

Looking up into my face you can see that your teasing is having the desired effect. You see lust and wild abandon in my eyes as I watch you playing with my tits while I thrust my pussy toward you, trying to feel more of your tongue on my sensitive skin.

“Oh, God!!” I moan desperately as your tongue continues to slide along the edge of my panties. “Lick my pussy!!” I plead as I reach down and pull my panties to the side, finally revealing my soaking wet pussy. You stare mesmerized by its beauty as I press my pussy towards you, begging you to lick and suck my luscious lips.

Smiling up at me, your cock is throbbing and your heart is pounding as you sink down towards my waiting pussy.

You run your tongue along the sides of my pussy getting ever closer to my gorgeous lips. I can’t believe you’re about to lick my pussy. You reach out and graze its wetness with the tip of your tongue.

“Ohhh,” I moan as I watch intently as your tongue hovers at the base of my sopping pussy before you slowly sink it in and drag it up the full length of my wet lips, stopping just before you reach my swollen clit.

“Ohhh, fuck!!” I groan as I throw my head back and collapse back on the desk, my body writhing with passion. Over and over again you lap at my dripping pussy, loving my taste and the feel of my wet, slippery juices on your tongue and mouth. You are letting out contented moans as you lick my gorgeous pussy, and the sounds you are making seem to reverberate all the way through my body, heightening my bahis firmaları pleasure.

Finally, as you drag your tongue once again up my wet, soft lips, you end by flicking my engorged clit. I let out a loud gasp as I feel your tongue on my most sensitive spot, then you return to lapping my pussy which seems to be getting even wetter, before once again returning to my clit. Over and over for what seems like hours you keep me right on the verge of release, lapping at my pussy and flicking my excited clit.

I reach down to squeeze my breasts and pinch my swollen excited nipples while your tongue continues to torture my steaming pussy. Finally, I can’t take it any longer and when your tongue once again finds my clit my hands grasp your hair and hold you in place. You look up into my eyes with your tongue and hot mouth poised above me.

“Ohh, please!! Suck my clit!” I groan pleadingly.

You are more then happy to oblige as you can’t wait to watch me cum. You begin to slowly circle your tongue around and around my hard clit while I rub and pull on my juicy nipples. You lick my swollen clit roughly before taking it between your lips. As you begin to suck and swirl your tongue around my delicious clit, my body begins to thrash and writhe beneath you. You have to bring your hands up and encircle my stomach and hips to keep me in place as you continue to bring me to ecstasy with your mouth. I feel a flood building up within me and my head is starting to swim as the first waves of orgasm approach. My pussy is absolutely drenched now and my clit is a hard, swollen nub between your lips as your tongue continues to slide around and around. My body begins to quiver as my powerful orgasm approaches.

“Oh yeah! Yeah! Uhhhhh, Yeah! Ohhhh, I’m gonna cum!” I moan loudly as your tongue flicks all over my luscious clit. Then, just as I’m nearing release, you bring two fingers up and plunge them deep into my hot, slick pussy while you furiously tongue my clit.

“Ohh fuck!!! YES! YES!! UHHHHHHHHH!!!” I scream as you pump your fingers in and out of my tight pussy as my body starts bucking and my pussy explodes in a shattering orgasm. My pussy is gushing and you are eagerly sucking up my delicious juices as I ride through wave after wave of an incredibly intense orgasm.

My mind is in a fog as I slowly come down from your orgasmic high. You slowly slip your fingers out of my soaked pussy and slide them into my mouth as you continue to run your tongue over my trembling pussy, licking up every last drop of my delicious juices. I start sucking on your fingers, loving the taste of my own pussy in my mouth, and your heart starts to pound as you imagine that it is your cock in my mouth. I look at you with a devilish gleam in my eyes as I swirl my tongue around and around your wet fingers.

You stand up and grind your hard cock against my pussy as you lean down and slip your tongue into my mouth. Your hands start to rub my swollen nipples again as we kiss passionately. I kiss my way over to your ear and nibble it and slide my tongue into it while you continue to rub your cock against my pussy, separated only by a few layers of clothing.

“Ohh, baby, you are so gorgeous,” I groan into your ear. “Your cock feels so fucking hard.”

I push you up, turn you around and shove you back onto the desk. Standing between your legs I start to unbuckle your belt and unfasten your pants as I say, “Yeah, I think I need to do something about that.”

I slide your zipper down and work your pants down to the floor. Your raging hardon is forming a huge tent in your boxer-briefs, and you are dying with anticipation as I slowly slide them down until your cock is finally released. I moan excitedly as I look at your naked cock.

“Ohhh, shit!! This is gonna be good!” I groan as I wrap my hand around the base of your thick, 8-inch cock. It is already as hard as steel, and as I gently squeeze the base, even more blood is pumped into it causing it to swell to its maximum size. You’ve never been so hard and so big. Your head is engorged and is dark purple and every vein wrapped around your shaft feels like it is ready to burst. Your head is swimming as you look at my naked body – my beautiful tits with luscious, suckable nipples; my flat stomach, glistening with a sheen of sweat; my toned, sexy legs and my dripping pussy.

I begin to slowly stroke your cock as I gradually kneel between your legs. Then, I reach down with my hot, wet mouth and proceed to slowly drag my tongue the whole length of the underside of your cock.

“Uhhhhh,” you groan loudly as you feel my tongue on you, over and over, running it up and down your shaft, coating you with my hot, wet saliva.

I can see the affect I am having on you and smile wickedly as my tongue continues to dance over your throbbing cock.

“Do you want me to suck on your big cock, baby?” I purr as I begin to tease your swollen head with the tip of my tongue. Your cock is already pouring out precum and I take it with my tongue and smear it all kaçak iddaa over your head, making your cock wetter and wetter.

“Ohh, yeah!” You groan as I begin to kiss your head with my luscious lips.

“Mmmm, you taste good. I can’t wait to taste your cum on my lips.”

Finally, I begin to slowly slide your cock into my mouth. You can’t believe how hot and wet it feels. Over and over I slide your hard cock into my wet mouth. It is so wet that my saliva is actually dripping down your shaft. I am in heaven. I’m moaning contentedly as I suck on your cock. I begin to increase the tempo and start stroking you with my hand as well and you begin to lose control. You can feel a huge load of cum building in your balls, just waiting to explode.

Your breathing quickens and I sense that you are nearing the point of no return. I slide you from my mouth and begin to flick my tongue all over your head as I continue to furiously stroke your hard shaft with my hand.

“Are you gonna cum for me, baby?” I whisper in between licks. “I want you to cum all over me.”

You’re getting close now. You can feel your huge load poised, ready to spurt as I once again plunge your cock into my mouth. I am so excited that you see me reach down and thrust my fingers into my dripping wet pussy.

“Ohhh, fuck!!!” you moan as you watch me finger fuck myself while my tongue swirls all around your throbbing cock.

“Uhhhh, I’m gonna cum,” you groan as you feel a huge load surge up your shaft. I slip your cock from my mouth and continue to stroke you as your cock bursts and shoots a huge stream of cum straight into the air.

“Ahhhhhh!!!” You moan as you feel the ecstasy of release as your cock gushes forth load after load of hot cum, splashing all over us.

“Ohh, fuck yeah!” I moan as I quickly wrap my lips back around your bucking cock as you continue to cum again and again. I then slide you from my mouth and point your pulsating cock at my tits which you proceed to cover with more cum as you watch me licking my lips and tasting your cum.

“That’s it, cum on my tits, baby,” I say encouragingly. You can’t believe how much you are cumming. Looking at me you realize it’s all because of how fucking hot we are together. Finally, you’re spent as I slowly continue to gently stroke and suck on your cock, milking every last drop from you.

You look up and see that I am running my tongue over my lips. “Ohh, baby!! That was so hot,” I say as I stand between your legs and rub my cum covered tits. “I hope you saved a little for my pussy,” I say with a grin as I lean over to kiss you.

I climb up onto the desk, straddling you with one leg on either side as I pin your cock against your stomach with my steaming pussy. “You need to recover quickly,” I say as I begin to rub my dripping pussy up and down your wet cock. “I can hardly wait to feel that big cock in my tight, little pussy,” I whisper into your ear.

I begin sliding my wet pussy against your cock which is still wet from my saliva and now slick from my juices. I can’t believe how good your hard cock feels sliding against my dripping pussy. I am grinding my hard clit against your cock and quickly nearing another orgasm as we rock back and forth on your desk. You love watching my big tits bounce in front of your face and you reach out with your tongue and greedily slurp my excited nipple back into your mouth. Your hands are gripping my firm ass and enjoying the incredible softness of my skin.

You begin to gently scrape your teeth over my sensitive nipples while your mouth and tongue continue to envelop my delicious tits. You run your fingers further down my ass until you come once again to my drenched pussy. You begin to play with my wet lips while I continue to grind my clit against your thick shaft.

“Ohhh, yeah!!” I groan as your fingers dance all over my tingling pussy. Your mouth can’t get enough of my tits and you’re going hungrily from one to the other, sucking and rapidly flicking my hard nipples with your tongue.

My body starts to tense and you can sense that I am getting close to another orgasm. You grab my hips and start rocking me up and down the full length of your cock, grinding my clit and my pussy against your drenched shaft. It takes all the willpower you can muster not to plunge your cock deep into my pussy. We both look down and watch as my sopping pussy slides back and forth against your rock hard shaft. It looks so incredibly sexy to see your big thick cock sliding against me. The sound of our wet flesh pressed tight against each other is intoxicating.

“Ohhhh, shit!! You’re gonna make me cum again,” I moan loudly as I grind my pussy hard against you and start quivering and shaking as another orgasm racks my body. Our lips meet again in a hot, wet kiss and our tongues intertwine as I moan over and over as my orgasm floods my senses and my juices pour out of my throbbing pussy, drenching your waiting fingers and cock.

We finally break our kiss and I slump against your chest with a look kaçak bahis of reckless abandon on my face. You bring up your wet fingers and slide them into your mouth, licking and sucking my delicious juices from them.

“Mmmm. Your pussy is so sweet baby,” You whisper into my ear. “I can’t wait to feel my cock in your hot, wet pussy.”

I smile at me with a wicked gleam in my eyes. “Oh, are your finally ready to stick that big cock into my tight, little pussy?”

“Ohh, yeah!” You growl hungrily.

“You mean…no more teasing?” I say as I run my tongue up your neck, over your chin and across your lips. “No more making me cum with your tongue or by sliding your cock against my pussy?” I whisper as I slide my tongue into your ear. I’m torturing you and we both love it. Your cock is steadily pounding as more and more blood is being forced into it at the sound of my sultry voice. As I tease you mercilessly with my words and my tongue I reach down and slide my hand around your wet cock and start slowly stroking it.

Just then your phone rings. You reach over and pick up the receiver as you continue to stare at my incredible body poised above you.

“Hello? Oh, hey babe,” you say, cringing as you hear your girlfriend’s voice on the other end of the line. I have raised myself up slightly, positioning my luscious pussy above your rock hard cock, with a playful, sexy look on my face. Taking your shaft in my hand, I begin to slowly drag your head across my juicy, wet pussy. My soft, silky pussy feels so incredible on your head that you nearly drop the phone.

“What’s that hon?” you manage to gasp as you’re struggling to breathe much less talk coherently to your girlfriend. “Yeah, I have a minute,” you somehow manage to say while I rub the head of your cock back and forth against my hot, dripping pussy. I’m biting my bottom lip and have the most incredibly sexy look on my face, as I continue to slowly torture you. Having you on the phone with your girlfriend as I am about to sink your cock into my steaming pussy has me unbelievably excited and my pussy just keeps getting wetter and wetter.

I bring my other hand down and drag two fingers the length of my sopping pussy, and then slowly bring my fingers toward your mouth.

“What’s going on?” you manage to ask your girlfriend just before you slide my fingers into your mouth. You are in heaven as you suck on my fingers while I continue to slide your swollen head between my wet lips.

“Uh, hmm,” you groan in response as I slide my fingers in and out of your mouth and you lick my delicious juices from my fingers.

“What time am I getting off today? Oh, maybe a little early,” you groan as I position your head right at the entrance to my tight, hot little pussy. I smile and let out a soft laugh while I wiggle my hips a little and you can feel my wet lips part slightly as you head starts to slide in. Your need to be completely inside of me is overwhelming and you are dying to drop the phone and grab my hips and thrust my pussy down onto your thick, long cock until you are buried to the hilt. I just keep grinning seductively at you while I hover above you with the tip of your head between my silky lips.

Leaning closer towards you I whisper, “Are you ready for me to fuck you now?”

Your mind is becoming clouded with lust as you struggle to think straight. “What’s that? Oh, sorry babe. I’m just a bit distracted right now.”

I rock my hips a little more and you can feel the rest of your head sliding into my tight pussy. “Do you want me to sink my tight little pussy down on your cock while you’re talking to your girlfriend,” I whisper sluttishly.

You nod frantically and I ever so slowly start lowering my pussy down onto your shaft, taking you inside of me inch by inch. As you feel my velvety, hot pussy slowly parting to allow your cock to slide in your mind starts swimming. “Ohh, fuck!!” you groan, momentarily forgetting that you’re still on the phone.

Your girlfriend’s voice quickly brings you back to reality. “Oh, nothing babe. I just forgot I’ve got a project I have to finish.”

I smile wickedly and say a little too loud; “Yeah, you’ve got to finish burying your cock in my pussy!” as I continue to ever so slowly slide more and more of you cock inside me.

You try to cover the receiver and give me an exasperated look as you quickly try to come up with an explanation. “Uhhh, that’s just one of the other attorneys who is hear to work on the project. Yeah. Well babe, I better go.”

You look up and my face is a mixture of ecstasy and concentration as I work the final few inches of your big cock into my hot, wet pussy. Finally, I grind my pussy down and you’re completely in, stretching and filling me completely. It feels so good its taking all your self-control not to let out a loud moan. “Ohh, fuck!! That feels good,” I hiss.

You can feel my inner muscles clenching around your cock and you are in heaven. “I love you to, hon” you manage to say through clenched teeth. “See you tonight.” you quickly hang the phone up and stare up into my eyes and finally let out a long, low moan as your eyes travel down your trembling body until you focus on the beautiful sight of my pussy stretched around your cock.

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