A FRENCH VILLAGE (A Tale of the War) – PART 2

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A FRENCH VILLAGE (A Tale of the War) – PART 2A FRENCH VILLAGE (A Tale of the War)- PART 2There are men who are very lucky to have the wife they have. Georges Renaud was one of them. He was a very ordinary man, with an ordinary background in accounting, very limited schooling and a very plain body. His wife, Isabelle Renaud, on the other hand, was a beautiful, smart, cunning, interesting and scholarly individual. She also loved sex , which her husband didn’t care for. She promised herself, early on in their marriage, that she would “help” her husband get promoted inside the civil service so that they could be well-off and at the same time, so that her husband would be so busy and happy that he would not have time to see or know how often she cheated on him. Isabelle was truly bisexual. She actually had no preferences. She fucked both men as well as women with the utmost pleasure. Her magnificent body and her exceptional humour and conversation were the envy of many and a close to obsessional attraction for many others.——————————————————————————————————Annie Brissaud (briefly introduced in Part 1) was kneeling in front of Madame Renaud trying to measure the circumference around her lower thighs, then around her knees and her ankles as she was wrapped in a silk garment which had not yet been given a form. She was preparing a special long dress which would hug her body all the way down but allow her also to walk freely. “I think that with enough pleats I can give the impression of tightness but the dress with open up as soon as you will walk.”, said Annie looking up at her customer“Thank you my dear, I am anxious to see the finished product”, said Isabelle with a smile“Thank you, Madame Renaud, for choosing me for this dress”, gushed Annie who loved dealing with customers who were rich and loved to show off new dresses.“Oh Annie….please call me Isabelle”, said Isabelle putting her hands over Annie’s shoulders and helping her to her feet. “If you wish…Isabelle,” answered Annie pretending to blush. Annie unwrapped the silk sheet which covered Isabelle’s body. The dressmaker wore a simple cotton flowery dress and nearly nothing underneath. Isabelle had a lovely aerial view of Annie’s small upturned tits as she was on her knees. This happened accidentally on purpose when the straps of her dress had fallen off her shoulders as she gesticulated. Isabelle was taller than Annie by about 6 inches and her long curly red hair was quite a contrast to Annie’s straight short black hair. Both women were breathing more heavily as Annie came to the end of the silk wrapping. She stopped before it uncovered Isabelle’s body, but the younger woman took her hand and had her finish the job. Isabelle stood in front of Annie in her short white panties and small white bra which was more a support than a cover. “You are very beautiful’, gushed Annie who stood with her eyes at the level of Isabelle’s barely covered nipples“Thank you, Annie. So are you. And I am not the only woman who thinks so or at least thought so’, slowly articulated the redhead, obviously referring to Geneviève“It was a long time ago”, whispered Annie“Do you still like women ?”, said Isabelle shaking her red hair and undoing her braAnnie stepped back, and with one swift movement, slipped her loose dress over her head. She was naked except for her tiny panties. Isabelle knelt in front of the shorter dressmaker and kissed her tummy. She could see the round damp spot in front of her silk panties. She pulled the panties down around Annie’s ankles and buried her nose in her black bush. She kaçak iddaa nudged Annie’s clit with her nose and licked her pink protruding lips with the tip of her tongue. Annie was screaming softly. Isabelle got up slowly and picked up the smaller woman like a feather and lay her on the long couch. The redhead slipped off her own panties and straddled Annie’s body head to toe. Annie was suddenly very active and pulled Isabelle by her asscheeks and glued her mouth to the redhead’s lovely cunt. The two lovers adjusted slowly to each other’s length and managed, as lesbians of experience, to connect mouth to cunt in a way which satisfied both. The passion with which they licked and sucked at each other’s hairy triangle showed that they had both been waiting for this moment for months now. For the same reason, it didn’t take long for both women to gush a strong orgasm into each other’s mouth and face. Sex for not over for either of them. Annie knew the tall redhead was the dominant woman and she set herself on her back with her legs wide open, letting Isabelle know she was ready to be taken. Isabelle stretched over her lover, first fitting the two cunts together, then stretching herself so that her nipples slid in turn between Annie’s open lips. Isabelle moved down a bit and the two women finally tongue kissed, tasting each other’s cunt juice, drooling, spreading the sticky liquid all over each other’s face. Isabelle started moving her long body over her shorter lover, lowering herself at times and stretching herself at other times, tits of difference sizes rubbing, and, of course, wet and ready cunts rubbing up and down and sideways, cries of joys emitted by both lovers. The two lesbians embraced tightly and came into each other’s open cunt. A spectator would have noticed a slight movement of the hips but nothing else. All was happening in invisible and intimate territory. Later the women cuddled, nearly on top of each other, on the narrow couch. “I have to ask”, started Isabelle, “Have you continued with women after Geneviève ?”There was some hesitation. Then Annie finally answered.“There was a long period of time when I didn’t have any sex at all. Maybe two years. Then when I became a dress maker, I found out there was a lesbian network. There are many lesbians of all ages in this work. I found partners in other cities, even in Paris. I had sex with different women twice a month on average but nobody from here or Vichy.”, blurted Annie, then catching her breath. “I promise to be discreet”, said Isabelle, “This is only between you and me”. “Thank you. I don’t know how realistic a promise it is. Everybody seems to know everything in Vichy. But thank you, if you could keep it to yourself.”, said Annie smiling“I hope we can do this regularly, if it’s not too much to ask’ , said Isabelle“I would like that very much”, Annie had time to say before Isabelle kissed her on the lips. The women couldn’t part, and Isabelle mounted her new lover once again, driving both to a screaming orgasm. Annie had a thought for Geneviève as she was putting her clothes back on. She would be jealous, a thought which made Annie happy.—————————————————————————————————————The store was closed but Geneviève and Monika had their hand in each other’s panties and were kissing passionately. Tessa’s superior officer was a woman of nearly 60 if not more, she was dark haired, had an expressive face with flat cheekbones and a wide forehead. Her nose was small but you noticed it. Her hair was cut short and very curly. Geneviève could tell us that she had a very kaçak bahis bushy triangle and a large thick clit which could stand erect very quickly. The storekeeper had not seen her bare ass but what moved under her skirt gave a good impression. Monika had dropped in with the official car to pick some special food, but the two lesbians wanted a fingering session and went into the back store to have it. Tessa had told (she didn’t call it a warning) Geneviève that Monika was a bit weird, one would say “kinky” today, and loved play acting, watersports, asslicking, and young ladies in their late teens and early twenties (although she also slept with mature women). She was a sex addict, even more than Tessa, which said a lot. Monika told Geneviève exactly how she wanted to have sex with Marion and the storekeeper had to write it all down not to forget a detail. What we need to know for now is that it would take place on Sunday afternoon, which was supposed to be sunny and warm, and outside in a specific part of the countryside, in a small forest, near a creek. Monika, who was quite high up in the military, would even have soldiers posted so that this part of the forest was closed off to any stray walker. Geneviève was impressed. Marion was to arrive a few hours earlier on Sunday morning. Geneviève oversaw the arrangements with Marion. Two young ladies, one German and one French, who were “colleagues” of Marion were also involved.It was quite a show. Fortunately, the soldiers were posted on outside roads and were not seen nor could they see what was happening. God only knows what they were told the threat was ! In the middle of the small forest, there was a huge boulder and behind the bolder, that Sunday afternoon, one would have found three beautiful totally naked mature women: Geneviève, Tessa and Monika. All wore slippers to help walk in the woods. At one point, the ladies behind the rock nudged each other and pointed into the distance. A young woman dressed in what looked like a sheer night gown was walking slowly across the woods. She stopped a few times to pick up flowers. It was Marion. Suddenly out of nowhere appeared two young naked ladies. They were Marion’s age. The three nymphs stopped in their tracks and examined each other. The two intruders surrounded a willing Marion and started kissing her breasts and her face. Soon hands were touching vulvas and asscheeks. The group decided to keep on walking in order to find a suitable place for some mutual exploration of young female bodies. They heard twigs crack, leaves ruffled and turned around. They screamed and put their hands over their mouth as they saw Geneviève, Tessa and Monika only a few yards behind them. The young ladies knew what the older naked women wanted. Marion decided to be brave and took a step forward. She bent her knees slightly, spread her legs and put her hands to her cunt as she spread her lips. She let off a stream of thick piss in the direction of the trio of advancing lesbians. Her two girlfriends stood next to her and did the same. Instead of discouraging the aggressors, the sight of young girls pissing drove the lesbian cougars into a sexual frenzy. Not even waiting until the streams stopped, the three sex-hungry cougars rushed the girls and carried them kicking and screaming into the bushes. Of course, Monika had jumped Marion, her two colleagues dealt with the other girls. There were no preliminaries, no seduction, no violins. The three much bigger and stronger cougars pinned their prey to the warm leaf-covered ground without much of a resistance. Greasy lipstick was smeared all over the kittens’ face, already illegal bahis wet cunts met dripping wet sparsely hair-covered pubic bumps, large soft tits completely flattened over small upturned hard tits. The girls were being fucked into the ground. The smell of piss was still hovering over the fucking couples and excited everyone. Moans, groans and screams filled the still forest for quite a while before it subsided and turned to whimpers. The women were so busy enjoying their mutual lesbian pleasures that they were completely oblivious of the short clicking noise, that of a shutter closing. One thing was for sure. The scene had been immortalized in a series of photographs. Everyone later got back to Geneviève’s store and were quickly smuggled inside without anyone seeing anything. They had already seen what they wanted anyway.—————————————————————————————————————–A young farmhand, walking towards the forest in search of a possible friendly meeting was stopped, then attracted by the sight of a German jeep. He was nearly 20, wore a summer cap and light shirt and trousers. He knew the two soldiers were looking at him, so he entered the woods for a few feet only and started pissing on a tree. One of the young German soldiers left his rifle with his colleague and approached the Frenchman. He stood next to him and started pissing on the same tree. They exchanged a few words, half German, half French. The other soldier watched with interest. The Frenchman took off his cap and walking a few yards into the forest, followed by the soldier who had also taken off his cap. The two men hid behind a tree and began grabbing cocks, still sticking out of their trousers, and kissing. Trousers were dropped around their ankles and the Frenchman crouched and started to suck German cock. Eyes closed, the soldier waved to hies colleague. When cocks were good and hard, the two men got on all fours, the soldier, who was behind the Frenchman, buried his head between the smooth white buttocks. The other soldier left his position and joined the two other men. He knelt behind his colleague, pulled his own trousers down and started licking his ass. The three men formed a choo-choo train. The first soldier climbed on the Frenchman’s back and slid his hard cock inside his ass. The other German soldier got on top of his colleague’s back and started fucking him. In a nearly-deserted small forest, a few yards from a closed gravel road, three men, two in uniform, were ass-fucking their brains out. French-German relations were never better.————————————————————————————————————– Annie was shocked. Her head resting on a pillow at the head of the bed, she was looking at photographs. Annie was lying naked and covered by only a thin white sheet. Then she laughed.“How did you get these ?”, she asked“That, my love, I can’t tell you, but I have some friends in the German military. There are the same rivalries between the Germans are there are between the French”, answered Isabelle, lying naked next to her lover.Annie could clearly recognize Monika, Tessa and, of course, Geneviève. The young girls she didn’t know. ‘I’ll keep them hidden until I need them”, said Annie, kissing Isabelle on the cheek.“I would only take them out after the war, if I were you’, warned the young womanAnnie didn’t answer. She put the photographs into a brown envelope and locked them up in a drawer.“If you had to pay for them, I’ll reimburse you”, said Annie“I didn’t pay for them. I got my ass invaded by a German cock instead”, laughed the young lesbian“You promised me something special”, added IsabelleA blushing Annie got up and took Isabelle by the hand. She led her into the bathroom and closed the door. TO BE CONTINUED

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